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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Orgulo

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 04/21/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        [  HOMEWORLD 2 GUIDE / WALKTHROUGH  ]  
    Guide author: Orgulo
    Guide version: 1.7
    Game version: 1.1
    System: PC
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
    	1.3 CONTACT ME
    	2.1 CAMERA
    	2.2 INTERFACE
    	2.3 AUTOSAVE
      3. SHIPS
    	3.1 MILITARY
    		3.1.1 FIGHTER
    		3.1.2 CORVETTE
    		3.1.3 FRIGATE
    		3.1.4 CAPITAL
    		3.1.5 PLATFORM
    	3.2 SUPPORT
    		3.2.1 FIGHTER
    		3.2.2 CORVETTE
    		3.2.3 FRIGATE
    		3.2.4 CAPITAL
      4. RESEARCH
    	4.1 LEVEL 2
    	4.2 LEVEL 3
    	4.3 LEVEL 4
    	4.4 LEVEL 5
    	4.5 LEVEL 6
    	4.6 LEVEL 7
    	4.7 LEVEL 8
    	4.8 LEVEL 9
    	4.9 LEVEL 10
    	4.10 LEVEL 11
    	4.11 LEVEL 12
      5. GAME GUIDE
    	5.5 LEVEL 5: GEHENNA
    	5.14 LEVEL 14: BALCORA
                              |    1. INTRODUCTION    |
                                  1.1 INTRODUCTION
    This is my guide / walkthrough to the classic RTS game, Homeworld 2. It's the
    first guide I've ever written for any game, and I've decided to concentrate
    mostly on tactics for beating the single player campaign. There is little or 
    no mention of the multiplayer game, so if that's what you're looking for help
    with, I'm afraid you won't find it here.
    The game version used when writing this guide was 1.1. If you are still 
    playing version 1.0, certain things in this guide might conflict with your own 
    game experiences, because patch 1.1 changed certain aspects of gameplay.
    I'm assuming that you own a legitimate copy of Homeworld 2 and its instruction
    manual, in which case it would be a waste of everyone's time if I sat here and
    typed out every stat on every ship, every detail of every option menu, and
    every name of every programmer. The guide is for people who have questions
    about conquering the single player campaign, the answers to which are not
    covered in the manual. This guide is mostly about Section 5, the in-depth
    walkthrough, and it is not meant to be a stat festival.
    Hopefully, you will have played one or both of the Homeworld games before and
    you will understand how to use the interface and perform all the most common
    tasks. If not, please play the game tutorial to learn how Homeworld 2 works,
    because this guide doesn't cover any basic lessons.
    I have made a section about certain things which have changed in the Homeworld
    universe since Homeworld and Cataclysm. You don't have to have played either 
    of those games to use this guide, though I can't resist mentioning them. If 
    you haven't played them, I definitely recommend giving them a try. Homeworld 
    has been my favourite game of all time since it came out; full of atmospheric 
    maps, captivating music and tons of different ships. Cataclysm was different 
    but no less fun; paring down the number of available single player ships but 
    packing in a heftier storyline, not to mention some pretty scary enemies.
    Having reached v1.5 of this guide and received lots of reader feedback and 
    tactics, I now have to point something out. Sometimes people will submit a 
    suggestion or ask a question important enough to make me rewrite entire 
    sections to fit the guide around it. I've done this a couple of times, but 
    most reader contributions are simply included as alternatives to my original 
    tactics. This allows me to avoid rewriting the whole guide every time I get a 
    suggestion better than the ones I originally came up with; but it does mean 
    that you, as a reader, should always check out the reader contributions before 
    you try my own tactics - maybe the contributors have come up with something 
    better (the bastards). The more options you have available, the more likely 
    you are to complete the game.
                                1.2 USING THIS GUIDE
    Please view this guide in a text viewer / editor with a set fixed-width 
    font, or else it might look a mess. I use Courier New, Size 10.
    Use the Find command (CTRL + F) with the numbered contents menu at the start 
    of the guide, in order to quickly jump to the section you want.
    I have put the main walkthrough section of the guide towards the end, after 
    all the other game information. This is not a design flaw - it's deliberate.
                                   1.3 CONTACT ME
    As the game is now quite old, and since I now consider this guide complete, I 
    have no intention of updating it in the future and will therefore no longer 
    respond to feedback.
                             |    2. GAME FEATURES    |
    This section describes a few of Homeworld 2's features, many of which are new
    to the Homeworld saga after Cataclysm. Most of them are worth using and some
    are indispensable. Not all the game features are listed here, just the ones
    that are new to Homeworld 2, or that might be worth mentioning over again from
    the previous two games.
                                     2.1 CAMERA
    The camera movement is pretty much the same as in Homeworld and Cataclysm, but
    there are one or two changes which you might want to configure for yourself.
    Edge of Screen Pan allows you to move the camera in any direction just by
    moving your cursor to the edge of the screen. This can get very frustrating
    however, especially when you are zoomed in on a battle. Disabling it will keep
    the camera similar to that of Homeworld and Cataclysm.
    The sensors manager is virtually identical too, but now when you double click
    on a unit in the sensors manager it no longer closes to focus on that unit - 
    it just zooms in closer in the sensors manager. However, double-clicking on a
    group number or pressing the corresponding number key twice in quick 
    succession will still close the sensors manager and focus on the chosen group.
    Units can be given all the same commands as they can in normal camera view,
    just like in Cataclysm.
    Pressing Home will always centre your view on the mothership, then any
    subsequent carriers / shipyards / battlecruisers you have. Friendly shipyards
    are also included if there is one in the level.
                                   2.2 INTERFACE
    The Homeworld 2 interface is much more in-depth than in Homeworld or 
    Cataclysm. Sometimes it can make the screen look cluttered, especially at 
    lower resolutions, so pressing Backspace will reduce it to various degrees of
    concealment. You can now select individual ships or groups of ships from the
    taskbar, just by clicking on the appropriate icon. This is extremely useful 
    for picking out a particularly damaged ship and sending it out of danger to be
    Another useful feature is the Recall window, which allows you to see every
    update in your commands or the game events. Keep an eye on it so that you know
    where new research features came from, or what Command wanted you to do after 
    a specific event occurred. Sometimes you can find yourself ignoring the 
    Command voices and instructions in the heat of battle, so check back in the 
    Recall window to remind yourself. Bear in mind that the Recall window is 
    purged when you reload a game or move to a new level.
    The Events button brings up a list of the six most recent events to have
    occurred in the current level. The list is pretty comprehensive, drawing your
    attention to pretty much everything you might want to know about. Click on the
    corresponding icon to quickly visit the place where the event occurred.
    The Objectives window performs a similar function. The primary objectives must
    be completed in order to advance the game, whereas secondary objectives are
    optional but may provide an advantage to your campaign if you do choose to
    tackle them.
                                    2.3 AUTOSAVE
    The game will now autosave before or after important events in each level, and
    denote each savegame with a unique, ordered name. I've included all autosaves
    by name in this guide, at the points where they happen throughout each level.
    Autosaves tend to be triggered by something you or the enemy has done, which
    means that quite often you can force the game to wait while you get your fleet
    sorted. If you don't want the level to skip to the next stage just yet, don't
    do the thing which will trigger the autosave. Sometimes it's unavoidable
                                 2.4 UNIT SELECTION
    There are a few nice additions to the unit selection process. Double-clicking
    on a ship (or squadron) will select all the ships of that type on screen, 
    which comes in very handy for quick grouping. Hold down A while you are 
    bandboxing units, so that only military units will be selected. Pressing CAPS 
    will select every unit on screen - useful for quick mass retreats or mass 
    Use groups to control your ships - numbering groups of ships from 1 - 10 (CTRL
    and number key while ships are selected) will make things far easier. I tend 
    to group similar units into groups: interceptors = group 1, resourcers = group 
    9, etc. Pressing the corresponding number once on your keyboard will select 
    that group, pressing the number twice will focus on that group. If the group 
    is scattered, the view will focus on the majority together.
    Bear in mind that grouped ships will move at the speed of the slowest unit in
    the group. This is another reason why I don't group dissimilar ships together 
    - interceptors are fast, but not when they're forced to move at the same 
    velocity as a much slower ship with which they've been grouped.
    The tactical overlay (TAB) can also provide a service, especially in big
    battles full of different types of ships. Use it to identify your vessels from
    those of the enemy, and also by ship type. Turn it off if it bothers you, but 
    it can be handy when there are lots of ships on screen.
                              2.5 TACTICS / FORMATIONS
    Ships can be put into three stances - passive, neutral and aggressive. These
    stances don't seem to have the same relative impact on speed and firepower as
    they did in the previous games - maybe I'm wrong - but they are still useful
    for dealing with enemies. Units set to aggressive will shoot at passing units
    even while they move towards a previously chosen target - very handy for 
    taking out enemy ships while you're on your way to somewhere else. Neutral 
    units will only return fire, and passive ships will never fire.
    Formations tend to only be useful when you have a group made up of various
    different types of ships. You will notice that the strike formations have much
    more effect when you group strike craft together with frigates, capital ships,
    etc. Putting five interceptor squadrons into a formation on their own will 
    make very little difference, if any. Since I tend to keep ship types separate 
    from each other, rather than grouping them together, I don't use the 
    However, you should choose a strike formation depending on what your target is
    and what the majority ship type is within your group. For instance, if you 
    have mostly capital ships in the group, you are probably intending to wipe out 
    a large group of enemy frigates or capital ships, or some major enemy 
    structure. In this case, the capital ships should lead the way, which means 
    choosing Capital Phalanx as your formation. This is obvious, but choose 
    whichever option corresponds with the type of group you have made. Formations 
    are also more effective when all ships are in aggressive stance, since they 
    will shoot as they move, while still maintaining their squadron shape.
                                   2.6 MOTHERSHIP
    As in Homeworld and Cataclysm, the surest way to lose the game is to allow 
    your mothership to be destroyed. Don't let this happen. The mothership has 
    some meagre defense turrets mounted on it, but it needs constant protection by 
    your military ships. As in Cataclysm, the mothership can be moved around - 
    albeit slowly - so use this to your advantage. The mothership is a very tough 
    structure, and enemy ships can be baited into attacking it, allowing you to 
    mop up using your lesser ships.
    Bringing the mothership into the middle of a battle can often do more good 
    than harm - it's a very handy docking point, an attractive decoy, another set 
    of (small) guns, the primary manufacturer of ships which can be ejected ready 
    to enter battle immediately, and a resourcing drop-off point. Take care of the
    mothership, but don't be shy about throwing it into the action.
    You can also set a rally point - a feature new to the Homeworld games - where
    new ships will gather once they leave the mothership or carrier which made
    them. Once there, they will perform their default action; harvesters will
    harvest, military ships will guard, etc. Keep control of the rally point
    though, especially if you're going to move your ship-building facilities.
    Sending new units halfway across the map is not always helpful if your
    objectives have been changed since the rally point was placed. There also 
    seems to be a bug with the rally point feature, as from game version 1.1 (see 
    Section 2.8).
    The mothership can also keep your ships locked up inside for protection and
    repairs. Use the launch manager to instruct your ships to stay docked inside
    (also works in carriers). Unfortunately, neither the mothership nor the
    carriers have a huge storage capacity, and only fighter and corvette class
    ships can be retained inside.
                                  2.7 CONSTRUCTION
    The Build manager is more detailed than in the two previous games, allowing 
    you to keep a close eye on everything you are constructing in your mothership 
    and carriers. The more ship makers you have, the faster you can build ships 
    and replenish your fleet. However, a construction yard must have the 
    appropriate facility on board before it can build that type of ship - carriers 
    must build a frigate facility before they can produce frigates, etc. The 
    mothership and the shipyard are the only two facilities big enough to produce 
    capital class ships, and only the shipyard can produce battlecruisers.
    There are production limits on all ship types, which can be checked by 
    pressing I for population info. If you press Q you can keep tabs on what units 
    and technologies are presently being built and researched.
    Make sure you have a decent mixture of all the ships you will be using - don't
    fill out all your corvette slots before you get the ability to make 
    minelayers, and so on. Unlike in Homeworld and Cataclysm, ship type thresholds 
    no longer impose restrictions on each other, which means that no matter how 
    many capital ships you produce, it will have no bearing on the number of 
    strike craft you can have, etc.
                                   2.8 SUBSYSTEMS
    Capital and super-capital ships now have subsystems, individual sections which
    are inexplicably attached to the outer hulls (why?! why!?) where they can be
    extra vulnerable to attack. However, unlike in Tachyon: The Fringe ("Hail to
    the king, baby"), attacking subsystems on enemy ships is easy in Homeworld 2 -
    just zoom in close enough and the game will identify each subsystem for you.
    Attacking these is an easy way to disable or slow down an enemy ship; for
    example, attacking the fighter facility on top of a carrier won't destroy the
    carrier, but it will temporarily remove its capacity to build fighters. The
    facility will soon be rebuilt though, so it's perhaps better to take out the
    entire carrier if possible.
    Subsystems on your own ships are just as vulnerable, so it's up to you to
    defend them. If they do get destroyed they can always be rebuilt (if you have
    enough money), but you should endeavour to make sure that enemy ships don't 
    get close enough to take down any subsystems. Again, you can keep an eye on 
    the health of your subsystems by zooming in. Subsystems - friendly and enemy - 
    will regenerate their health over time.
                                  2.9 MISCELLANEOUS
    The first thing that really bothered me about Homeworld 2 was the difficulty 
    of level 3, and then level 4. The previous two games had a steady progression 
    from the easy early levels to the more difficult later ones, but level 4 in
    Homeworld 2 was ridiculous. Then I read the release notes for patch 1.1 and
    installed it immediately. The patch made a huge difference, so I'd advise
    installing it if you're still on the unpatched version of the game. The patch
    can be found on your Homeworld 2 CD.
    Another feature I didn't like was the way the game automatically hyperspaces
    your ships out of each level once it's completed - something which didn't
    happen in Homeworld or Cataclysm. Homeworld happily let you take as long as 
    you wanted to click that hyperspace button (it was hell in the ghost ship 
    level, where the resources were scattered all over the map in tiny dots), and
    Cataclysm had its lovely 8x speed increase feature. So play Homeworld 2 at its
    own game, so to speak. Don't allow it to drag you into the next level until 
    you are ready, and if that means leaving one single enemy ship alive while you
    research a bunch of new technologies, then so be it.
    There no longer seems to be such a thing as a support frigate, which means 
    that to repair and replenish your fighter / corvette class ships you have to 
    return them all the way to the nearest carrier. For this reason, it's 
    advisable to keep at least one carrier grouped with some of your slower, 
    heavier ships (destroyers for example). The carrier will not have a hugely 
    detrimental effect on the speed of its group, since capital and super-capital 
    ships are already slow, and the presence of the carrier will make a massive 
    difference to the speed with which you can rebuild and deploy your smaller 
    ships in support of the bigger ones. Alternatively, try positioning carriers 
    around the map (in areas unlikely to be visited by the enemy) and use them as 
    docking / construction points. Keeping all your carriers stuck right next to 
    the mothership is a waste.
    I have a decent PC, but I still experienced heavy slowups in certain levels
    (Sacrifice, Derelicts). If this happens, try reducing your video modes to the
    minimum levels and reloading the map. If this still has no effect, try going
    back to the previous level, letting it finish in the normal way, sitting
    through the cutscene, then letting the next level load up. For some reason,
    this gets rid of the lag for me, though it helps to have a savegame made right
    at the end of the previous map.
    When writing this guide, I didn't use scouts. There are a few places in the
    game when the scouts' EMP ability probably would have been very useful, but I
    didn't try, because I prefer bombers and interceptors.
    A useful strategy when engaging in a large, prolonged battle is to combine 
    ship production queues with the rally point feature. Homeworld 2 allows you to 
    queue many ships behind the ones currently being made, even far beyond the 
    ship type limits. For instance, you can only have fourteen bomber squadrons 
    active in the field, but you can have a hundred more queued up in the 
    mothership's build list, just waiting to be ejected into the fray as soon 
    as one of your current fourteen bombers is destroyed. The same goes for any 
    other ship, which means that, as long as you have the resources available, you 
    can replace your destroyed ships with new ones very quickly, and use the rally
    point to send them right into the heart of battle if you so wish.
    The downside is that there seems to be a bug related to the rally point
    feature (at least in my patched game), which has the effect of making ships
    overlap, unable to move. I've had four bomber squadrons all placed in the 
    exact same spot, and none of them could move away because they were all 
    banging against each other. I had to scuttle them all and start again, 
    discarding the rally point. I don't know if this will happen to you, but watch 
    out for it. You don't want to build five destroyers only to have them get 
    stuck immovably to each other.
    Ships no longer have to dock in order for upgrades to be applied. What a life-
    saver! Remember the refugees mission from Cataclysm, where new upgrades kept
    appearing and you had to keep sending all your acolytes back home to get
    upgraded, while Beast missiles wiped everyone else out? Well, I do.
    Construction and research gradually subtract resources from your account,
    rather than taking a lump sum at once. This allows you to pause or cancel the
    ships or research in progress, at which point all the resources you have spent
    so far on the ship or upgrade are returned.
    Speaking of pausing, using the pause to catch your breath during a big battle
    is usually a good idea (though I'm personally too bloody-minded to use it). 
    While the game is paused, you can still pretty much tell your ships or 
    managers to do anything, and when you unpause the game they will carry out 
    your orders. Much easier than frantically clicking on a bunch of ships and 
    trying to catch a particular unit as it swoops by. This is especially useful 
    for setting rally points.
                                 |    3. SHIPS    |
    Firstly, if you're looking for specific numerical stats for things like ship
    health / damage or technology costs or whatever, don't bother looking for them
    in this guide. There are two reasons why I didn't include these details in the
    1. You can find out stats for yourself just by playing the game.
    2. All ship stats (and pretty much all game stats) can be found in other HW
    guides out there (presumably), and I could either laboriously go through every 
    bit of the game again, just for the sake of having these stats in the guide, 
    or I could plagiarise someone else's FAQ, neither of which I want to do.
    Anyway, these are the ships which will make up your fleet. Everyone will have
    their favourites but all ships have their uses (except mobile refineries), and
    this section provides short descriptions of each ship's functions and
    Clicking on any single ship will let you see its role within the game. Each
    ship has had a role assigned to it, and these labels should give you a good
    idea of which enemies your different ships will be most effective against.
    Ships marked with H are only available for the Hiigarans, and ships marked 
    with V are Vaygr only. The single player campaign can only be played as the
    Hiigarans, but the Vaygr are available in multiplayer. The ship descriptions
    here are based on my experiences of them in the single player game, so if I
    omit any features which become available only in the multiplayer game, this is
    As far as I know, all capital and super-capital ships have the capacity to
    self-repair. Movers are the only other ships which have this ability.
    Finally, I've used the same sub-sections for the support ships as I've used in 
    the military section. I realise that a probe isn't really a fighter, and so 
    on. I've also bunched all super-capital class ships into the capital section 
    for the sake of it. The classes are more to do with size than function.
                                    3.1 MILITARY
    These are ships which are primarily used as combat units, to either assault
    enemies or defend against enemy attacks.
                                    3.1.1 FIGHTER
    These are the little insects of your fleet, and you'll have to rely on them 
    throughout the earlier levels. They get less and less useful as the game 
    progresses, but you should always keep some around, if only because of the 
    game's annoying fleet restrictions.
    They come under Fighter class, but really they're just recon ships. They have 
    great sensors and they gain the ability to ping an area to detect enemies 
    (though this will set you back 1000 RU each time you use it). This feature is 
    useful in about one single mission. Very fast and manoeuverable, but their 
    unbelievably crap weapons make it a given that you should keep them out of 
    combat. Later, they get the EMP ability, which allows you to shut down enemy 
    ships for a brief few moments, leaving them unable to defend themselves 
    against attack. For this reason alone, I've put them in the Military section 
    instead of Support.
    Interceptor (H)
    Fast, useful against enemy fighters, and good in support of capital ships or 
    frigates for that purpose. Not much firepower, however, and so they're little 
    use against any other type of ship, and should only be deployed in conjunction 
    with stronger ships. Feel free to use them as fodder and decoys later on in 
    the game, while your corvettes do all the real work.
    Best used against anything other than fighter class ships. Can do fantastic 
    damage to bigger ships and structures when compared to other early ships, but 
    use alongside interceptors or corvettes so that the bombers have some defense 
    against quick fighters.
    Elite Bomber (H)
    You get two free elite bomber squadrons in level 2. Make them last, because 
    they perform much better than normal bombers.
    Assault Craft (V)
    The Vaygr's interceptor. Similar combat stats make it the Vaygr's basic 
    fighter unit. Pathetically easy to delete.
    Lance Fighter (V)
    A nasty little ship which uses cutting beams to shred your corvettes, among 
    other things. They are also able to somehow disable the engines of your 
    carriers, making it easy for the infiltration frigates to move in. Destroy on 
                                   3.1.2 CORVETTE
    Their primary use is to provide a fleet with an advantage over enemy fighters, 
    but they're not much good against anything bigger than themselves. Useful in 
    the early stages of the game, but later you'll be using them to mop up behind 
    your larger ships. Virtually superfluous later on, movers and minelayers 
    Gunship (H)
    Fantastic against enemy strike craft, possibly the second best small ship 
    around for taking out enemy fighter groups. Armour is a bit rubbish but speed 
    is fairly good.
    Pulsar gunship (H)
    Slightly better than gunships versus strike craft because their pulsar beams 
    are instant, unlike the gunship's shells. Less good against bigger ships but 
    unmatched versus enemy fighters. Exact same speed and armour as gunships.
    Elite Gunship (H)
    You will get two squadrons of these in level 2. They're significantly faster 
    and stronger in attack than gunships, but otherwise they perform the same 
    functions. Like elite bombers, you cannot build these at any point in the 
    game, so hang onto them for as long as you can.
    Missile Corvette (V)
    These Vaygr corvettes are deadly against Hiigaran fighters and corvettes, 
    firing a continuous barrage of fast-moving homing missiles. Not particularly 
    strong otherwise.
    Laser Corvette (V)
    This is like a baby version of the Hiigaran ion frigate, drilling its own 
    smaller, weaker ion beams into the hulls of its enemies' ships. Pretty fast 
    and tough, and usually attacks in squadrons of a fair size. Definitely pay 
    attention to the health bars of all your sub-capital ships when these things 
    are around.
    They can deploy a field of mines in an area drawn out by the player, which 
    will home in on enemy ships and do major damage on impact. They seem to lay 
    far fewer mines than their Homeworld counterparts, and a bit slower too. They 
    have otherwise weak attacks and very weak defenses, so keep them out of the 
    way if they are not actively laying down mines. Mines are very good to 
    defend resource clumps against incoming resourcers or enemies attacking your 
    harvesters. Especially good in conjunction with gun platforms (for the three 
    or four mental patients in the universe who bother with platforms). Shitly, 
    you can only have five at any one time.
    To deploy mines, press N and move the mouse to assign the minelayers a 
    horizontal field, then use SHIFT to expand the field vertically. Minelayers 
    are one of those ships which polarise opinion - they certainly did in the 
    previous Homeworld games. Some people love them and some people aren't 
    interested, feeling that they're somehow lame. I'm one of the ones who love 
    slapping down some mines, but if you don't like them then just don't use them. 
    Mover (H)
    Movers are an odd mixture of combat ship and utility vehicle. Their armour 
    isn't as good as any other corvette, but they actually do more damage than 
    your frigates (!). They are able to survive intense radiation, and can also 
    salvage certain ships, which makes them useful (and in fact essential) in 
    certain levels. Movers can also self-repair, and they're cheap to build too, 
    making them a very valuable addition not just to your salvaging operations, 
    but to your battle effectiveness. Movers can only be built from the mothership 
    from level 7 onwards and you can only have ten at once.
    Don't overlook these things if you're having difficulty in certain later maps. 
    I realise you can't build enough for them to be able to mount any serious 
    challenge on their own, but they are an excellent complement to your frigate 
    and capital ship lines - far more useful than your corvettes, as long as you 
    can keep them alive long enough. If not then just build some more - they only 
    cost 200 RU each.
                                    3.1.3 FRIGATE
    Flak Frigate (H)
    Decent in groups with other frigates, and when supported by fighters and 
    corvettes. Not great armour (like all frigates) but can do a fair amount of 
    damage to opposing frigates and carriers early on in the game.
    Torpedo Frigate (H)
    They fire two homing missiles at a time, doing far more damage to enemies than 
    the flak frigate can.
    Ion Cannon Frigate (H)
    Another frigate, this time firing ion beams at enemies. They do much more 
    damage than flak frigates and slightly more than torpedo frigates, but they 
    also move and fire a bit more slowly.
    Marine Frigate (H)
    The Homeworld 2, Hiigaran replacement for the old salvage frigates. Send them 
    to grab enemy ships (frigate class and upwards). Unlike in the previous 
    Homeworld games, these salvage ships don't have to drag the captured vehicle 
    all the way back to the mothership any more.  They have about the same combat 
    stats as flak frigates, though enemies tend to target them as a priority. They 
    are needed a few times in the game to perform certain tasks, so you'll have to 
    build them at some point. 
    Bear in mind that marine frigates cannot capture ships of which you already 
    have the maximum allowed number - in other words, if you have already built 5 
    destroyers, you won't be able to capture a sixth from the enemy. And since you 
    will always have enough money to build all the ships you need, the marine 
    frigates are pushed that bit closer to being useless.
    Assault Frigate (V)
    These things can be taken down pretty easily by your bombers or corvettes - 
    just try not to hang around them for too long before killing them off. Their 
    quick-firing flechette shells can be deadly to your fighter squadrons.
    Heavy Missile Frigate (V)
    You will usually see these ships attacking you in long frigate line 
    formations. Keep your fighters and corvettes well away from them, and don't 
    approach them with anything smaller than a frigate.
    Captain Soban
    You'll meet Soban's character at various points throughout the game, but he 
    only comes under your control when you rescue him from level 12. Though his 
    existence is not crucial, and you can afford to lose him, keep him for as long 
    as you can when you do get him.
                                    3.1.4 CAPITAL
    Fantastically strong, powerful capital ships. Even one can ruin the enemy's 
    day. They self-repair when damaged and are equally effective against all types 
    of enemy ships. You can have a maximum of five in your fleet at once. The 
    downside is that they do not stand up well at all to enemy cruisers - one 
    cruiser can smear a destroyer all over the map in a very short space of time.
    The destroyer's big brother. It's slow, of course, and you can only have two 
    of them at once, and you can't build them until you get the shipyard, but 
    these frightening juggernauts are worth the wait. They can also be outfitted 
    with fire control towers, and are capable of building strike craft.
    Dreadnaught (H)
    Ludicrously powerful and extremely well armoured. It's very slow, predictably, 
    but it's such a major coup for your single player campaign that you can 
    readily forgive its snail-with-a-hernia speed. It's also an integral part of 
    the single player storyline (for a while), and therefore, like your 
    mothership, you cannot afford to let it fall. Its phased cannon array is the 
    second most destructive thing in the entire game, and it has a decent firing 
    rate too. Irreplaceable.
    Sajuuk Progenitor
    This is the ship you'll wish you had from the beginning of the game, though in 
    fact you only get it at the end. It represents your reward for reaching the 
    final level, and it's critical to the completion of the game. It replaces your 
    mothership, though you cannot build from it.
    It's basically the dreadnaught's dad. It's slower than a sumo wrestler passing 
    a bakery window, but it does absurd damage, and its health makes it, if not 
    invulnerable, at least the tank to end all tanks. It also has the snazzy 
    ability to hyperspace across the map in about thirty seconds, which is again 
    vital in order to finish the final level and the game.
                                    3.1.5 PLATFORM
    Gun Platform
    One clear benefit of these is that they're given their own space in the fleet 
    allocations, which means you don't have to hold some of your combat ships back 
    in order to protect your resourcers. They're also cheapish, though this 
    shouldn't much matter in a game with so much money.
    On the down side, once they stop moving they can't be moved again, and they're 
    not all that tough to begin with. Even if you build twenty to protect a 
    harvesting operation from enemies, your harvesters will eventually have to 
    move on, leaving the gunships completely obsolete. You're also unable to take 
    platforms with you to subsequent missions. 
    Ion Beam Platform (H)
    Same as gun platforms, but with ion beams instead of shells.
    Missile Platform (V)
    You won't encounter these very often, and when you do, you'll have the 
    frigates there to deal with them. Keep your fighters and corvettes well away 
    though, including your resourcers.
                                     3.2 SUPPORT
    These are the ships in the background - usually best kept out of combat and
    used to build more ships, research new technologies or perform other non-
    combat functions.
                                    3.2.1 FIGHTER
    These are a one shot chance to reveal a line of sight through an unexplored 
    area. Once they come to rest, that's your lot, so make sure you put them to 
    good use. Enemies will usually quickly detect them, and they will not take 
    long to collapse. They're very cheap, however, and they're even required on a 
    few occasions throughout the single player campaign.
    Proximity Sensor Probe
    These are similar to the basic probes, except they have the ability to detect 
    cloaked enemies. I can think of only one occasion during the game where these 
    might be needed, and even then I didn't use one. If they're useful to you then 
    great, but they weren't to me.
    Sensor Distortion Probe
    These are the opposites of the prox. sensor probes - instead of revealing 
    cloaked ships, they cloak revealed ships. Useful for deployment in the middle 
    of resource clumps, though I'm not sure they really have an effect on the 
    behaviour of the Vaygr ships in the single player game.
                                   3.2.2 CORVETTE
    Resource Collector
    The workhorses of the fleet, these ships will harvest resources and bring them 
    back to the nearest drop-off point (mothership, carrier, mobile refinery, 
    shipyard). They can also repair friendly ships, though they take a hell of a 
    long time about it, unlike their previous Homeworld incarnations. Salvaging is 
    no longer their job - that's been left to marine frigates, infiltration 
    frigates and movers. 
    Resource collectors have OK speed, but they're pretty weak in the armour 
    department. Keep them out of battle unless they're doing crucial repairs, and 
    make sure you protect any vulnerable resourcing operation, since the 
    collectors won't be able to deal with enemies on their own. 
    Another note about the resource collectors: remember that you get handed every 
    available RU in every level once you complete it, whether you actually told 
    your resource collectors to harvest or not. So if you have plenty of RU in the 
    bank, don't waste your resourcers on collecting more from the current level - 
    instead, use them as repair craft. Collectors carry a phantasmagorically crap 
    200 RU at a time. That's 200. Two. Hundred. Unbelievable.
    Command Corvette
    This is the Vaygr's answer to the Hiigaran defense field frigate, providing a 
    morale boost (apparently) to surrounding Vaygr ships. Taking them out of the 
    battle as soon as possible should make things a bit easier.
                                    3.2.3 FRIGATE
    Defense Field Frigate (H)
    Their defense field can be activated using the T key, providing a significant 
    reduction to the amount of damage that friendly ships within the field's 
    radius are likely to take. Once the field runs out of power, it shuts down to 
    refill the gauge. It won't turn itself back on automatically, so remember to 
    reactivate it manually. Later in the game the field can be upgraded to a 
    short-acting anti-radiation field, essential for the completion of certain 
    They also have some disadvantages; the poorest armour and speed of any 
    Hiigaran frigate, and a very irritating tendency to stay at the back of 
    battles. They have no offensive capability, so when you order the rest of your 
    frigates to attack a distant target these things won't move, which makes their 
    field useless.
    Infiltrator Frigate (V)
    Vaygr equivalent of the Hiigaran marine frigate, except it hovers next to 
    enemy ship hulls and fires infiltration drones at the ship it's trying to 
    overtake. Take them out IMMEDIATELY, unless you like donating your ships to 
    the enemy.
    Hyperspace Gate (V)
    These Vaygr waygates will crop up a few times during the game, and should be 
    taken straight back down as soon as you find them. They have no attack or 
    defense capabilities of their own, and they don't move once deployed. However, 
    they do allow the Vaygr to send reinforcements into the attack, without 
    bothering to build them from a carrier. Evil. Kill 'em.
    Mobile Refinery
    If there is a single more pointless ship in the game, I have yet to find it 
    (maybe the special probes). In the VERY SAME LEVEL as the one in which they 
    first appear you are given a carrier, which is frankly better in every 
    possible way (other than movement speed). Refineries are slow, weak and 
    virtually defunct anyway. If you build one, you should face the possibility 
    that you're an idiot from the inner circle of twats.
                                    3.2.4 CAPITAL
    Each carrier can have a maximum of two modules - advanced research, platform 
    control, etc - and you can have four carriers in addition to your mothership 
    and shipyard. Build all four as soon as you have the money, since they come in 
    immensely useful for fleet management throughout the game. Very decent armour 
    and some meagre on board defenses, but very slow-moving, which makes them 
    vulnerable to surprise attacks from enemy frigates or capital ships. Luckily, 
    they repair themselves over time if damaged, and they get the nifty fire 
    control tower upgrade at the same time as the mothership.
    Mothership (H)
    The most important ship in your fleet - lose this one and everything goes tits 
    up. Happily, it comes with a ton of armour, and enemies will take a long time 
    to bring it down. It can be moved around to keep it out of danger (or bring it 
    into some), but it should always be protected from any heavy attacks, just in 
    case. Midway through the single player campaign (level 7), it gains the 
    ability to build a fire control tower, which creates a large and powerful 
    defensive field around the hull. For more information on the mothership, see 
    section 2.5.
    The shipyard first appears in level 3, but you finally gain control over it in 
    level 9. It's basically the mothership Mk II, though with only half the 
    armour. Defend it like you would the mothership, as it's a critical part of 
    the single player campaign. It's also the only facility you'll ever have 
    capable of building battlecruisers.
                                |    4. RESEARCH    |
    This is a list of all available researches in the game, along with the level 
    in which you will first gain access to them. I've split each level's 
    researches into two sub-groups:
    Ship Type: These technologies will allow you to build the corresponding ship
    from the build manager. Certain ships can only be built from certain ship
    builders (battlecruiser from shipyard only, etc). For more information on 
    these limitations, see the SHIPS section of the guide.
    Ship Defense / Speed: These will boost the armour or speed capabilities of the
    Ship Upgrade: These will apply some new and unique feature to the ship's
    abilities. Unlike in the two previous games, your ships no longer have to dock
    or even halt in order for new upgrades to take effect.
    Levels which contain no new ships or upgrades have been left out.
                                     4.1 LEVEL 2
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Interceptor (Speed 1) Bomber (Speed 1) Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1) Pulsar
    Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1) Mothership (Defense 1, Speed 1) Resource 
    Collector (Defense 1)
                                     4.2 LEVEL 3
    Ship Type:
    Proximity Sensor Probe
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Interceptor (Speed 2) Bomber (Speed 2) Flak Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Collector (Defense 2)
    Ship Upgrade:
    Bomber (Improved Bombs): Bombers do much more damage to the subsystems on 
    enemy ships.
    Collector Repair: Gives resource collectors the ability to repair damaged
    friendly ships. Very slowly.
                                     4.3 LEVEL 4
    Ship Type:
    Minelayer (Minelaying)
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
                                     4.4 LEVEL 5
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2) Pulsar Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2) Ion Frigate
    (Defense 1, Speed 1) Gun Platform (Defense 2) Ion Beam Platform (Defense 2)
    Ship Upgrade:
    Improved Torpedoes: Allows torpedo frigates and destroyers to launch improved
    torpedoes against capital ships.
    Enhanced Sensors: Scouts can ping the area to reveal enemy ships.
                                     4.5 LEVEL 6
    Ship Type:
    Defense Field (Defense Field Frigate) Sensor Distortion Probe
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Mothership (Defense 2, Speed 2) Carrier (Defense 2, Speed 2) Mobile Refinery
    (Defense 2)
    Ship Upgrade:
    Improved Manufacturing: Increases construction speeds in the mothership,
    carriers and shipyard by 30%.
    EMP: This is an upgrade for scouts, used to temporarily disable enemy ships.
    The bigger the ship, the more scouts are needed.
    Anti Mover Weaponry: This upgrades all your ships to greatly increase their
    combat effectiveness against the enemy movers in levels 6 and 7.
                                     4.6 LEVEL 7
    Ship Type:
    Destroyer (Destroyer Chassis)
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Flak Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2) Destroyer (Defense 1, Speed 1)
                                     4.7 LEVEL 8
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                                     4.8 LEVEL 9
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Ion Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                                    4.9 LEVEL 10
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Destroyer (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                                    4.10 LEVEL 11
    Ship Type:
    Ship Defence / Speed:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Ship Upgrade:
    Improved Defense Field: An upgrade for defense field frigates, which will 
    allow them to survive intense radiation (while the field is active). This 
    ability is necessary for the completion of the level.
                                    4.11 LEVEL 12
    Ship Defense / Speed:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                               |    5. GAME GUIDE    |
    This section will provide an in-depth walkthrough for each level, with the 
    best strategies and tactics I could come up with, as well as info on many 
    aspects of each level.
    Everyone's game will be different, so not everything that happened to me in my
    game when I was writing this guide will necessarily happen to you in the exact
    same way. Even given the obvious linearity of this game, there is almost 
    always more than one way to complete each level, and no two battles are ever 
    the same. These strategies worked well for me, but if you have a better one 
    then you should probably use that.
    I want to stress that my approach to this game is to enter each level with the 
    maximum capacity fleet. This is for two reasons: one, it's just my style of 
    play; two, this guide would be utter pish if I used the retire-and-rebuild 
    exploit. This exploit allows you to retire all ships before leaving each 
    level, so that the computer will scale down the size of the fleet awaiting you 
    in the next level to compensate, allowing you to max out your fleet again for 
    a huge advantage. If you want to do this go ahead, but this guide won't be 
    very useful to you. 
    I'll assume that you've filled out all your ship slots with the same basic 
    fleet as I'm using, so what works for me should also work for you.
    Good luck!
                        5.1 LEVEL 1: TANIS (GREAT WASTELANDS)
    Watch as the sweeping camera follows two resourcers bringing the precious Core
    reverently down to the mothership, and stowing it safely inside. Someone
    eventually switches Karan S'jet's microphone on, and we're ready to begin
    operational tests.
    This is an introductory level, designed to get you used to dealing with the
    constant commands coming from the mothership, as well as controlling your 
    ships and facilities. The Homeworld 2 saga also begins with the mothership 
    about to come free from the enormous scaffold and venture off into space.
    Take your lone harvester and begin harvesting the nearby supply crates, each
    worth 200 RU. Once one has been successfully grabbed, the game will allow you
    to build a fighter facility on the mothership. This will then lead to the
    availability of interceptors. Build one interceptor squadron and some drones
    will appear in the distance. Your harvester will meanwhile be increasing your
    resources, so build a handful of interceptors before destroying all of the
    drones. This will come in handy afterwards.
    Anyway, once the drones are gone, the Vaygr attack you for the first time.
    Oooo, some new Homeworld enemies - let's see what they've got!
    Well... not much as it happens. They send in a few bombers to attack the 
    Chimera station, but the station will hand you a free squadron of interceptors 
    to help you out with your defense. The bombers will focus solely on the 
    station, so none of your interceptors should receive any damage. Once the 
    Vaygr bombers are gone, more Vaygr appear, this time attacking your 
    mothership. We can't have that. The mothership will come away from its 
    scaffold while fleet command tells you that it's time to leave.
    NOTE: It's a pity that the launch of the mothership takes a back seat to the
    combat. In Homeworld the mothership launch was a prolonged event with gorgeous
    backdrops and incredible music, but in Homeworld 2 it's a hurried affair. Oh
    Build some bombers now that you can. You also get access to resource 
    collectors and probes.
    You have two minutes before the Vaygr send reinforcements - don't worry, this
    is plenty of time in which to take out the bombers and that single frigate 
    which is attacking the mothership and the Tanis base.
    Once the enemy ships are down, three hyperspace gates appear in front of the
    Tanis base. If the Vaygr send new ships, this is where they'll be coming from,
    so you have to take the gates out sharpish. Bombers are more effective than
    interceptors at attacking the gates, so take out all the enemy strike craft
    with your interceptors while your bombers work on the gates. The Vaygr
    concentrate their attacks on the two Tanis structures, which should make your
    job extremely easy.
    Once all three gates are gone and the enemy strike craft with them, everyone
    docks with the mothership. Yup, more Vaygr. But this time fleet command have
    decided enough is enough and they are deciding to run away and cry.
    NOTE: Interestingly, the Vaygr get to you by hyperspacing in. Despite the
    fact that you just destroyed the three hyperspace gates against that very
    eventuality. Pfff...
    All your ships autodock and the mothership hyperspaces the hell out of there,
    to the backdrop of Tanis being hammered by Vaygr destroyers and even a
    battlecruiser. Yikes.
    Fleet at end of Level 1:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 2 Bomber
    Utility: 1 Collector
    Level 1 Build Options:
    Fighter Facility
    Resource Collector
    Level 1 Research Options:
    A mothership is not much use without a crew, so we're here in the shadow of 
    the Angel Moon, ready to rendezvous with our prospective crewmates. But 
    wouldn't you know it, they're under attack. Typical.
    NOTE: If you've played Cataclysm, you'll notice immediate similarities
    between this level and level 7 from Cataclysm. There you had to protect a
    convoy of refugees (I think they were refugees) while they made their way from
    one side of a sector to the other, all the while getting attacked by the Beast
    and its horribly infective missiles. Except this time it's your own crew 
    you're saving, and so you'd better get on with it.
    There are six Bishop ships converging on your mothership, and at least four
    must make it without being destroyed by the Vaygr. There is also a carrier
    lurking somewhere in between the two sets of Bishops, which must be dealt with
    at some point.
    You don't have many ships at the beginning of this level, so I suggest you
    build another harvester straight away, then get to work on making more strike
    craft. A mixture of bombers and interceptors will be best for the trials 
    First of all, you can pretty much ignore Bishop One, the closest friendly,
    since it should reach the mothership well before it's destroyed. However,
    Bishop Two is also in trouble, and it's quite a bit farther away, so it should
    be a priority. But first, let's deal with that carrier, the source of all the
    misery. Send all available strike craft winging their way towards the carrier.
    When you are near enough to the carrier, the game will autosave, but not 
    before it tells you to focus your bomber attacks on the fighter production 
    facility perched on top of the carrier. Some enemy strike craft will 
    inconveniently launch from the carrier, so get your interceptors to take them 
    out while your bombers finish off the fighter facility. Once it's gone you can 
    ignore the carrier for now.
    While you were attacking the carrier, enemy strike craft will have surrounded
    most of the Bishops. Bishop One should be OK, but Two and Three will probably
    need help. Wipe out any remaining strike craft around the disabled carrier,
    then head over to whichever Bishop is closest. Bear in mind, the farther away
    an under-attack Bishop is, the more likely it is to need help. The Bishop 
    ships are pretty damn tough, which gives you a nice long time to send your 
    strike craft backwards and forwards. But you should be harvesting with both 
    your resourcers all the time, and building more and more bombers to back up 
    your initial strike squadrons.
    Here are the benefits which each Bishop brings to the fleet (in order of
    Bishop One: Mothership gains the ability to build a corvette facility.
    Bishop Five: Research -  Interceptor (Speed 1), Bomber (Speed 1), Mothership
    (Defense 1, Speed 1), and Resource Collector (Defense 1).
    Bishop Three: Improved sensors, ability to build scouts, appearance of Captain
    Soban's friendly ships.
    Bishop Two: Increased engine performance.
    Bishop Four: Two free elite bomber squadrons.
    Bishop Six: Two free elite gunship squadrons
    Captain Soban of the fleet Ferin-Sha appears once Bishop Three is docked. He
    brings two ion cannon frigates and two torpedo frigates. These will help 
    defend Bishop Six, and in fact the enemy will turn on him and his ships, 
    leaving Bishop Six to make its own way to the mothership unmolested. Clear 
    away any remaining strike craft hassling the other Bishops, and research all 
    the new technologies.
    Once Captain Soban's mob has destroyed the ships they decoyed away from Bishop
    Six, the game autosaves again.
    The forgotten carrier is making a run for it! A point will appear in your
    sensors manager, and the carrier will begin slowly moving towards it. You have
    to destroy the carrier before it can escape, so send any available craft to
    attack it (preferably bombers if you can spare them). Remember, only four
    Bishops need to dock with the mothership. It's quite nice to get all six
    though, so when you attack the carrier, use your free ships to make sure
    Bishops Six and Four (if Four hasn't yet made it home) are not being attacked
    to critical damage levels. Soban's ships will help you out with the carrier,
    and you shouldn't have any problems killing it off before it scarpers.
    Once your corvette facility is complete, you will be able to build gunships 
    and pulsar gunships. It will be too late for these to have any bearing on this
    level, but you can start building some if you want.
    New research can also be undertaken once the corvette facility is up:
    Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Pulsar Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Giggle with uncontrollable glee as the carrier is taken down, then listen to
    Soban tell you that basically the entire Vaygr fleet is out looking for you 
    and that you have to keep running, in order to buy the homeworld some time. 
    Soban's fleet will be looking for the nefarious Makaan, and will remain in 
    contact. Comforting.
    The crew transports then head back to base, mission accomplished (bring some
    frigging escort ships next time will ya!) and the mothership hyperspaces out 
    of there, on its way to Sarum.
    Fleet at end of Level 2:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 7 Bomber (5 Bomber, 2 Elite)
    Corvette: 2 Elite Gunship
    Utility: 2 Collector
    Level 2 Build Options:
    Corvette Facility
    Pulsar Gunship
    Level 2 Research Options:
    Interceptor (Speed 1)
    Bomber (Speed 1)
    Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Pulsar Gunship (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Mothership (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Resource Collector (Defense 1)
                       5.3 LEVEL 3: SARUM (FLEET STAGING AREA)
    Vaygr occupation of Hiigara is imminent, and the bombs are dropping. Makaan
    claims that he will spare the Hiigarans' lives if they return the second Core,
    but so far Hiigara is resisting the siege. They can't hold out for much longer
    though, and so the mothership is on its way to Sarum, where it will use a
    Hiigaran shipyard to help rebuild its forces and launch a counter-attack.
    As soon as you arrive, the Nabaal shipyard will warn you that it is under
    attack and needs your help. Command wants you to stage a resourcing operation
    at a nearby dust cloud, using new Mobile Refinery technology. Frankly, this is
    more trouble than it's worth, so do your best Lloyd Bridges voice and say
    'That's just what they'll be expecting us to do...'
    First of all, begin researching the two new items:
    Mobile Refinery (Defense 1), Proximity Sensor Probes
    There are three good reasons why you shouldn't waste your money on a mobile
    1. You're about to be handed a free carrier, all shiny and yummy.
    2. The game wants to manipulate you into harvesting in a particular dust cloud
    because it has plans for that particular dust cloud which you may not much
    3. They are crap; slow, weak and pretty much defenseless.
    So, instead, move your mothership directly forward until it reaches the
    asteroids just in front of the shipyard. Begin harvesting there. Also, max out
    your fourteen strike craft slots with a mixture of bombers and interceptors,
    and get them to attack the enemy ships annoying the shipyard. Now would also 
    be a good time to build lots of those new gunships, so again build a mixture 
    of gunships and pulsars to complement the two free elite squadrons you were 
    given in the previous level.
    The shipyard should have lost about half its health by now, but this is
    actually a good thing for the rest of the level. The longer it takes to heal
    itself once the Vaygr attackers are gone, the longer you have to prepare
    yourself for the latter stages of this level. So by all means take your time 
    in mopping up the Vaygr bombers, missile corvettes and the lone frigate. 
    Bombers are the best thing for dealing with the frigate, while interceptors 
    will make short work of the strike craft attacking the shipyard. Your ships 
    should sustain very little damage in this battle, and once it's over, leave 
    the shipyard to heal itself and send your own ships back to the mothership for
    repairs and reinforcements.
    ______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Beloved Spear <rndwill@aol.com>
    "A suggestion, should you be moved to incorporate it: There's a simple tactic  
    that changes level 3 from the first nail-biting, keyboard-pounding multiple- 
    reload hairball to "This is a cakewalk" central.
    When defending the Nabaal shipyard, monitor the progress of the battle  
    carefully.  After trashing the frigate, closely watch your units as they take  
    down the Vaygr fighters. When just one Vaygr fighter remains, drop your units  
    into passive stance and move them into a stand-down position a short distance 
    from the shipyard. That little Vaygr will still swoop and spit impotently at 
    the shipyard, but the yard will heal very slightly faster than the fighter can 
    damage it.  
    As the game is awaiting either the destruction of the shipyard or the Vaygr  
    recon fleet to move on to the probe/carrier scenarios, you've just bought  
    yourself the greatest luxury any Homeworld fleet commander could want: Time.   
    Max out your research. Build a full resourcing operation. Harvest RUs to your 
    heart's content. Go the fridge and get a snack. Max out your fighter and 
    corvette contingents...being sure to save enough RUs to build frigates.
    When you're good and ready, pop that little Vaygr. The shipyard will then be  
    fully repaired, and will spit out the carrier, which can promptly begin  
    building a healthy 6-7 ship flak frigate fleet. When the first Vaygr carrier  
    drops out of hyperspace to attack the resourcers, a portion of your huge  
    flotilla of fighters and corvettes will shred it and it's fighters without  
    breaking a sweat. When the Vaygr frigates...and the carriers...arrive, it's  
    party time! Your healthy frigate wall and a full complement of fighters and  
    corvettes will slaughter the infiltrator frigates, and you can capture their  
    assault frigates with your marines as just a wee bit of gravy. Move on the  
    carriers one by one...I tend to trounce the fighter production carrier first.
    Give it a try...after a half-dozen attempts, it was deeply satisfying to not  
    just win that level, but to lay a whuppin' on it."
    I gave this a try and it's another example of how the game can be manipulated 
    if you're aware of the triggers in each level. Your method is better than 
    mine, too, since it gives you the carrier and frigates much earlier, which can 
    only be good. It also draws attention to the unbelievable fact that a 
    friggin' shipyard has absolutely no mounted guns or defense ships...
    By the way, there weren't any snacks in the fridge, so I ate my grandmother. 
    Was that wrong?
    ______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    You can also research a new technology:
    Collector Repair
    This will allow resource collectors to repair damaged ships, including
    friendlies like the Nabaal Shipyard (though again, I advise against helping 
    the shipyard repair itself). Your strike craft and corvettes can dock with the
    shipyard for repairs, by the way, though you can't use it to build.
    A few more collectors would come in handy for building up those corvettes. 
    Keep harvesting while the shipyard's health bar climbs, and begin moving your
    fighters and corvettes over to that bank of asteroids which Command was 
    wanting you to harvest at the beginning of the level.
    At this point, you will be warned of three enemy probes being launched into 
    the area, which must be destroyed before they alert the Vaygr to your 
    presence. The first probe will stop pretty near the Nabaal shipyard, the 
    second will be in amongst the asteroids which were pinpointed at the start of 
    the level, and the third will be close to the asteroids next to the place 
    where you hyperspaced in at first (if the Nabaal shipyard is to the north of 
    your entry point, the probe will stop to the west of the first asteroid 
    If the probes are not destroyed in time, an enemy carrier will hyperspace in
    and begin lurking around near where the second probe was found, just waiting 
    to jump your harvesters with missile corvettes. Bet you're glad you didn't 
    head over there to begin with, eh? Eh? Exactly. Take it down before it does 
    any damage, and watch out for enemy harvesters in or around the asteroid field
    nearby. Even if you do destroy all three probes, it will just appear later
    rather than sooner.
    By now the shipyard should be almost repaired, and you should have a handful 
    of harvesters running around for resources. Make sure all your ships are 
    repaired and ready, because the upcoming battle is by far the most difficult 
    When the shipyard reaches a decent health level, it spits out a free carrier,
    which comes with its own frigate facility, allowing you to build flak frigates
    from it, as well as an advanced research module. You can also now build a
    frigate facility and a capital class facility on your mothership, along with 
    an advanced research module there too.
    New researches also appear once you get the carrier:
    Interceptor (Speed 2)
    Bomber (Improved Bombs, Speed 2)
    Flak Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Collector (Defense 2)
    Amid all these new upgrades there are one or two definite priorities. Start
    building a few flak frigates from the carrier, and research interceptor and
    bomber speed at the same time. All the other researches and facilities can 
    wait until later (queue them, obviously).
    While the carrier is coming away from the shipyard, take all available
    offensive ships and surround the shipyard on aggressive stance. Your 
    mothership will come in handy if it's positioned right next to the shipyard, 
    especially if you've managed to build a frigate facility on it by this point. 
    It might also be an idea to send your new carrier all the way over to that far 
    off asteroid belt to continue harvesting out of the way, though I'd only do 
    this if my mothership had its frigate facility up and running.
    Vaygr ships will soon appear, converging on the Nabaal shipyard. Among them
    will be infiltration frigates, special ships designed to overtake opposing
    ships by dropping little leech-like robots onto them.
    At this point Command will come up with the idea of building marine frigates 
    to counteract the effects of the enemy infiltration frigates. But at 700 each,
    they will take far too long to build right now. Once you begin attacking the
    first wave of enemies, another alert will sound, this time informing you that
    three Vaygr carriers are inbound.
    This is a difficult battle because the three new Vaygr carriers are hovering
    just outside the viewing range of the shipyard, two of them making
    infiltration frigates (these will attach themselves to the station and slowly
    convert it to enemy control) and the third making multiple squadrons of
    fighters to annoy your ships. You have to simultaneously fend off the
    irritating fighters and make sure the infiltration frigates don't get their
    hands on the shipyard. A maximum of four inf. frigates at a time will be 
    trying to overtake the shipyard, and they can take a while to kill off.
    If you fail to stop the shipyard being overtaken by the enemy frigates, you
    will then be confronted by a five minute countdown (and an AUTOSAVE: SHIPYARD
    BOARDED). You must then bring the shipyard back under your control using 
    marine frigates before the timer runs down, or it's game over.
    As usual, the best strategy tends to be getting rid of the enemy ships at the
    source - destroy the carriers first, then worry about the remaining ships
    The best method I've found (after a million frustrated reloads) is to gather
    all your attacking ships into the one group, put them all on aggressive 
    stance, then just get them all to attack the nearest carrier (forget about 
    defending the shipyard for now - the inf. frigates take years to grab it and 
    you're about to halve the frigate output straight away anyway by taking down 
    the first carrier). You could destroy the frigate subsystem on top first, but 
    you're better off just taking the entire ship down, since the subsystem will 
    soon be rebuilt and you'll be back where you started. Use your corvettes and 
    bombers to slaughter the main body of the carrier, while your passive-stanced 
    interceptors deal with the strike craft defending the carrier.
    I would definitely recommend killing one of the frigate-making carriers first,
    then going for the middle one which is making the fighters. Once this one is
    gone, you can pretty much ignore the final carrier, since it will only be
    putting out two frigates every sixty seconds or so, which can be easily mopped
    up by your ships before they get anywhere near the shipyard.
    Finish off any remaining enemy ships trying to take over the shipyard
    (hopefully the blue gauge is not yet filled), then keep your fleet on
    aggressive and get them to guard the shipyard, allowing you a long time to
    rebuild your fleet and repair any damaged ships, etc. Pairs of inf. frigates
    will keep approaching the shipyard from the third carrier, but your guards 
    will take them down before they can do any damage. Killing off the third 
    carrier ends the level without giving you this period of recovery, so don't 
    destroy it until your fleet is back up to a satisfactory standard.
    Using this strategy also allows you to avoid wasting valuable time building 
    the very slow, vulnerable and rubbish marine frigates. In my experience, the
    frigates get targeted and destroyed right away, and they take too long to 
    make, especially under a strict timer. They also take ages to recapture the 
    shipyard if it is converted by the enemy, and you'll probably need four 
    altogether if you're battling the timer. So don't bother.
    Once your ships are happily guarding the shipyard, and the final carrier is
    still putting out pairs of frigates in a futile attempt to grab it off you,
    clear up any remaining researches and make sure your carrier and mothership 
    are up to date with their building facilities.
    NOTE: This level makes it pretty clear that the Vaygr don't actually need
    resourcers in order to build more ships - that third carrier will never stop
    putting out frigates, but I don't see their resourcers bringing them ore.
    Clearly the Vaygr resourcers are just there to deplete your own ore supply.
    You can now build carriers from the mothership if you have built the capital
    class facility. The carrier you were given comes with an advanced research
    module, but build one on your mothership too. I would also recommend filling
    out all fourteen fighter slots, but leave one or two of your corvette slots
    free, since you'll want to build minelayers in the next level.
    Once your fleet is up to scratch, kill off the third carrier and any inf.
    frigates that remain. This will trigger a savegame and a visit from the
    omnipresent Bentusi in their enormous harbour ship. Where the bloody hell were
    they ten minutes ago?! They could quite easily have wiped out you, the enemy,
    themselves and everything else just by farting or something, but they have an
    odd ability to turn up as soon you've done all the dirty work.
    Anyway, they tell you about how Sajuuk forged the three Cores to unlock the
    mystery of hyperspace. But then they got separated, one eventually being found
    by the Bentusi. The Hiigaraans' ancestors found the second Core, and they
    became as warlike as the Vaygr are now, until finally they took their Core 
    with them into exile. Makaan can only be defeated by Sajuuk, and Sajuuk can 
    only be awakened by bringing all three pieces of the Core together. You must 
    go to Gehenna and search among the asteroids.
    Fleet at end of Level 3:
    Fighter: 7 Interceptor, 7 Bomber (5 Bomber, 2 Elite)
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 4 Pulsar, 2 Elite
    Frigate: 5 Flak
    Capital: 1 Carrier
    Utility: 6 Collector
    Level 3 Build Options:
    Frigate Facility
    Capital Class Facility
    Advanced Research Module
    Flak Frigate
    Marine Frigate
    Mobile Refinery
    Proximity Sensor
    Level 3 Research Options:
    Interceptor (Speed 2)
    Bomber (Improved Bombs, Speed 2)
    Flak Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Collector (Defense 2)
    Collector Repair
    Proximity Sensor Probe
                           5.4 LEVEL 4: GEHENNA OUTSKIRTS
    Apparently, we're on our way to Gehenna, on the outskirts of which we have
    discovered a 'weak point' in the Vaygr defenses of an archaeological dig site.
    Ah, a good old hyperspace inhibitor level. Those Cathedral of Kadesh morons
    have a lot to answer for. This level is a bit of a mixture of two of my
    favourite missions from the original Homeworld, though it's far more difficult
    than both put together (unpatched at least). You must take down three sets of
    inhibitors attached to nearby asteroids if you want to reach Gehenna
    undetected. There's heavy Vaygr activity in the area, and their station is at
    the far end of the map, looking like someone stepped on a brown toadstool. It
    must be destroyed into the bargain. Right then.
    NOTE: In all likelihood, if you have tried it before reading this guide (or
    any others), you will have experienced major problems with level 4. Three 
    things before you even try to attempt to try this unreasonably hard level:
    1. Make sure your fleet is fully built and repaired from the end of the big
    battle that occurred in the previous level. You will be at a huge disadvantage
    if you just let the game hurry you into level 4 when you're not prepared.
    2. Patch the game! There is a patch on your Homeworld 2 CD which updates it
    from 1.0 to 1.1. In the release notes for the patch, we are told that level 4
    specifically has had its difficulty reduced, so obviously I'm not the only one
    who found it ludicrously tough. The patch makes a VERY significant difference
    to the level.
    3. Read the reader contribution below.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    MAG <broncopasler@gmail.com> 
    "Unfortunately, I have v1.0 of the game and was too lazy to update. This 
    brings me to the infamous mission 4: Gehenna Outskirts. I was pulverized in 
    the first 2 attempts of the mission, at various stages, but I did notice a 
    strange thing: the killer waves of frigates appeared only after saving the 
    game. Killing them, even if using mines, drains your fleet. In about 2-4 
    minutes, another wave comes and so on... doom is certain. Confirmed after I 
    played the mission without saving: only a couple of sporadic frigate attacks 
    and the usual small craft. So if you have v1.0, don't save in that mission and 
    all should be OK. Also, before destroying the last hyperspace inhibitor, make 
    sure you have a full fleet, mostly torpedo frigates if possible. You'll need 
    After finishing the game, I searched for some walkthroughs, because the last 
    time I played, I beat mission 4 from the first try. Begginer's luck back 
    then... I updated to v1.1 and replayed some missions, including 4. Saving only 
    causes your harvesting operations to be harrased, so it's still easier to just 
    play the mission without saving."
    I tried this in the unpatched game and it did work, though this is usually the 
    sort of thing that works for everyone except me. I had no trouble at all until 
    I reached the outpost at the end, but I did meet slightly more resistance 
    there than I did in the patched game. Overall this level does seem easier 
    without the patch and without saves. Without the patch but with saves is where 
    it all goes south.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    New research options become available:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Straight away begin researching minelaying and torpedo frigates - both will
    come in handy here. You can also now build a platform control module, which
    will then allow you to build gun platforms and ion beam platforms, and an
    advanced sensor array, which will greatly increase the scope of the
    mothership's local sensors.
    The gun platforms are only useful if you build a lot of them, and they're best
    used to protect your harvesting operations or your mothership. Just building
    one gun platform and expecting it to protect anything for long is pointless -
    if you really want platforms then build as many as you can (twenty maximum) 
    and keep a mixture of guns and ion beams set to aggressive stance around your
    weaker ships.
    Move your carrier to one of the nearby dust clouds and your mothership to the
    other one, and start harvesting. Meanwhile, take your offensive ships to the
    first asteroid and begin shooting at the inhibitors. When you approach them 
    you spot a hyperspace gate, and you also get a
    There are four inhibitors on each asteroid, and probably a few enemy fighters
    flying around them - nothing you can't handle. You will also find three
    hyperspace gates (one per asteroid), through which enemy fighters and 
    corvettes will occasionally appear.
    You should come across one or two enemy carriers while you're attacking the
    asteroids (and possibly one or two assault frigates), so take them out as soon
    as you find them. Use flak frigates and bombers to destroy the carriers,
    frigates, inhibitors and two of the gates, while your interceptors and
    corvettes mop up any enemy strike teams which hassle you.
    Your harvesters might get attacked by a bunch of fighters, so just dock them
    safely inside your carrier or mothership until you can get some fighters back
    to clear up.
    ______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Tuan Le Quoc <nghienviec@gmail.com>
    "Regarding Mission 4, I have the unpatched version and I agree that it's 
    insane, but not all that hard. I'm not into Mission 5 yet so I don't know what 
    expecting ahead as my fleet suffered heavy casualties. Anyway, in Mission 4, 
    you have mine layers so, you know, it might be lame but I managed to get 
    through by using my MS and the carrier as baits to lure that huge phalanx out 
    into an (ad hoc actually) minefield, while the rest of the fleet attacked the 
    starbase then, my fighters returned and finished them out."
    Damn, I dunno why I didn't think of this, since I do love my minelayers... I'd 
    say lameness goes out the window when the game throws that many vessels at 
    you, so no worries there. I guess this will be useful to people who don't have 
    the patch, for some reason or other. I still recommend patching the game to 
    v1.1, but thanks for the contribution.
    This tactic will be as unnecessary as the patch, however, if you follow the 
    advice MAG submitted to v1.5 of this guide.
    ______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Once you have destroyed two gates and all the inhibitors the game will
    autosave. It gives you a secondary objective when you find the first asteroid 
    that you have to capture one of the gates with a marine frigate, but this 
    wasn't the case after I patched the game. I just left one gate untouched and 
    this triggered the next stage of the level. But apparently, even if you 
    destroy all three gates, the game still progresses to your jump. Weird, but 
    don't worry about aggressive stanced ships taking out the last gate by 
    Anyway, whether you like it or not, once the game is saved your entire
    operation will be hyperspaced to within sneezing distance of the enemy station
    (with the exception of one single harvester in my case, which bugged me a fair
    bit). You are now in an excellent position to attack the base and finish it
    Send your carrier back to the nearest asteroid belt and continue harvesting. 
    Push everyone else forward, including your mothership, until you reach the 
    station. Behind the command station you should find an enemy carrier, a 
    shipyard and a couple of harvesters (there might be a few fighters too, 
    depending on how long you took to get there). Destroy everything except the 
    station itself, then retreat back to your mothership for some recuperation. 
    Once all the enemies are destroyed the level ends, so leave the station until 
    your fleet is sorted again. Build a few torpedo frigates to accompany your 
    flak frigates, and maybe a couple of minelayers if you haven't already. Make 
    sure your research is up to date and finish off the station at your leisure.
    Fleet at end of Level 4:
    Fighter: 5 Interceptor, 9 Bomber (7 Bomber, 2 Elite)
    Corvette: 3 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Elite, 2 Minelayer
    Frigate: 5 Flak, 5 Torpedo
    Capital: 1 Carrier
    Utility: 6 Collector
    Level 4 Build Options:
    Torpedo Frigate
    Gun Platform
    Ion Beam Platform
    Platform Control Module
    Advanced Sensor Array
    Level 4 Research Options:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
                                5.5 LEVEL 5: GEHENNA
    Gehenna at last. As the Bentusi told us, the Oracle is here, and we must
    recover it before the Vaygr get their grubbies on it.
    Another level reminiscent of Homeworld. Remember the dust cloud level, where
    you had to attack the command outpost, but your ships got damaged if they left
    the cover of the dust streams? Similar thing here, except that your ships 
    don't take damage outside the dust clouds. Instead they are given a small 
    amount of time to get back under cover before the Vaygr detect them. And you 
    don't want that.
    There is heavy dust in this region, which should cloak you while you search 
    for the Oracle around that asteroid pinpointed in the sensors manager. The 
    Vaygr are searching for it too, but they don't have a head start like you do.
    Unfortunately, there are three (why always three?) Vaygr garrisons in the 
    area, and all must be eliminated in case they detect you and sound the alarm. 
    Begin harvesting and getting on with the tons of new research options 
    available. You should have plenty of money left over from the previous level, 
    so get stuck into this lot:
    Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Pulsar Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Gun Platform (Defense 2)
    Ion Beam Platform (Defense 2)
    Improved Torpedoes 
    Enhanced Sensors
    Also, pretty soon after the level begins you will be given the capability of
    building ye olde ion frigates (the frigate of choice for eight out of ten
    frigate choosers). And the game throws in a couple of research upgrades for 
    Ion Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Building another three carriers would be a good plan too - might as well while
    you have the money, and you can quintuple (is that a word?) your construction
    and research speeds.
    Move your fleet up the left arm of the dust clouds, leaving one carrier behind
    to help with resourcing. Sooner or later an enemy probe will appear and you 
    will be detected. So much for that. Loads of enemy ships will appear - a 
    mixture of frigates, corvettes and fighters - to attack your fleet. Fend them 
    off and keep moving towards the first of the three enemy locations pointed out 
    in the sensors manager. Destroy any enemy ships hovering around the first 
    asteroid, then head towards the central one, all the time taking care of any 
    incoming enemies.
    You will be alerted to the presence of a shipyard lurking next to this
    asteroid, backed up by a carrier and some turrets. I'd advise taking out the
    turrets first, using fighters to take out any enemy squadrons launching from
    the carrier. Once the annoying turrets are gone, remove the carrier to get rid
    of the fighters. Then finally the shipyard.
    The shipyard is very tough, and it will be making lots of frigates. Some will
    be infiltration frigates, which may try to grab some of your frigates or even 
    a carrier. Make them a priority. There are also assault frigates coming out of
    the shipyard. You just need to keep battering away at the shipyard until it's
    down, using your carriers and mothership to replenish your depleted squad.
    Both the shipyard and the carrier will sometimes periodically disappear for a
    few seconds amongst the dust, and you may be given a message that one of your
    groups has 'defeated the enemy'. They haven't - the ships are just cloaked for
    a while. Wait for them to reappear and start hitting them again, or send in a
    probe to reveal them right away.
    I'd recommend having frigate and corvette facilities on two of your carriers,
    and a fighter facility on the third (the fourth carrier is still miles behind
    with your harvesters - don't worry, your harvesters should be safe while 
    you're away).
    Once the shipyard is down all you have to do to clear out the area is scout
    around for any remaining enemy ships. There will probably be a few harvesters,
    one or two scouts and some other fighter squadrons, but nothing dangerous at
    all. Keep an eye out for the gigantic asteroids pocked with dig site numbers
    and construction bases.
    The Oracle dig site is identified in the sensors manager, so once your fleet 
    is back up to scratch, send a marine frigate over there and dock with the
    Your marine frigate grabs the Oracle from the very asteroid the shipyard was
    guarding. The irony. Your ships then autodock quite fantastically quickly, and
    you hyperspace out.
    Fleet at end of Level 5:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 3 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Elite, 2 Minelayer
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 1 Marine
    Capital: 4 Carrier
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Level 5 Build Options:
    Ion Frigate
    Level 5 Research Options:
    Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Pulsar Gunship (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Ion Frigate (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Gun Platform (Defense 2)
    Ion Beam Platform (Defense 2)
    Improved Torpedoes
    Enhanced Sensors
                             5.6 LEVEL 6: KAROS GRAVEYARD
    The Oracle hijacks our navigational systems and we are forced to make an
    emergency exit from hyperspace. Where better to stop than the Karos
    ______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Benjamin Norris <falc786@yahoo.com>
    "I found something out while playing the karos graveyard last night. I figured 
    i'd annoy you first since your guide was the most recently updated. I tried to 
    send two minelayer corvettes to the last place the mothership ends up. A trap 
    for the movers and all. The first group came out and i'll be goddamned if the 
    movers didn't follow the minelayers to the other side of the damn map. Movers 
    speed 230, minelayers 215. They caught up to them eventually but there was 
    only 2:15 left on the clock, for the first jump. I sent out another minelayer 
    after the jump, two more movers joined the main group, and no more were 
    spawned. This kept up till after the last jump. But i had all of my fleet 
    intact, and about 20K in RU's saved up. Followed up with gun platforms and ion 
    platforms and started the next mission in better shape than the graveyard. 
    Which was a first. Not sure if its a fluke but its worth sharing. Try it out."
    Well, I tried this a few times, but with no luck. I then varied it: trying to 
    get the first movers to chase my faster strike craft; trying to send my 
    minelayers way over to the side of the map to give the movers a longer chase; 
    and trying to bring down all the first movers while they were chasing my 
    minelayers. I had no luck with any of these attempts: they ignored my strike 
    craft and headed for the nearest corvettes, at least until my strike craft 
    attacked, at which point the movers turned around and wiped my smaller ships 
    out; they didn't bother chasing my minelayers, and instead just headed for the 
    mothership; and whenever my strike craft got rid of some, more were spawned 
    from the same spot.
    I also tried getting my minelayers over to the final area and dropping some 
    mines, but not only did they manage to drop a mere three each before being 
    caught and killed, the mines never even went for the movers anyway.
    All of this leads me to believe that your method is a fluke, though if you 
    manage to do it again I'd be interested in a detailed description.
    ______________________________V1.2 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    MAG <broncopasler@gmail.com>
    "Regarding level 6, somebody in your walkthrough suggested that the movers can 
    be lured away. I remember I lured them away with 4 squads of pulsar gunships 
    set to evasive the first time, and did it again this time. It's frustrating, 
    though, because you have to periodically swing the gunships back to keep the 
    movers interested. Using this tactic, you can even lead on the drones in level 
    8, but not very much. Destroy 4 spawned drones and keep "entertaining" the 2 
    left ones (or even one) using evasive settings for as long as possible. Not 
    that 6 new ones would be a problem, but we're trying to save some pilots and 
    I gave this a go and it worked like a charm. I set my ships on Aggressive, so 
    that their speed would be low enough to keep the movers' attention, but still 
    fast enough to outrun them. As you say, I did have to keep moving my pulsar 
    gunships around and out of the range of the movers, but wide-ranged waypoints 
    went some way to solving this.
    While my gunships were flying around I just watched the timer and let the 
    first half of the level take care of itself. Excellent tactic if you use a 
    ship faster than the movers (231+). This is probably why I failed to get this 
    to work with the minelayers.
    My mothership and fleet did get attacked by regular pairs of movers after the 
    first hyperspace jump, but the main bunch of movers was kept occupied, and the 
    level was made far easier.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    NOTE: The original Karos Graveyard was one of my all-time favourite Homeworld 
    levels, not because it was a good level but because its atmosphere was 
    unmatched by any of the other levels, either in Homeworld or Cataclysm. If you 
    haven't played Homeworld, you will not have met the uniquely frightening 
    Junkyard Dog. If you have met him, then you probably never wanted to have to 
    return to the awesome Graveyard, but you're here now so you'd better change 
    your underwear and make a start.
    The Oracle is now in control of your hyperspace module, and it will take eight
    minutes to charge it for another jump. Meanwhile, you'll just have to sit 
    tight and brace yourself for any possible attacks. You are given some new 
    research to be getting on with:
    Mothership (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Carrier (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Mobile Refinery (Defense 2)
    Improved Manufacturing
    Defense Field
    Sensor Distortion Probe
    Start researching while you move your carriers forward to begin harvesting.
    Your mothership cannot move right now.
    NOTE: Once EMP research is done, your scouts will have the ability to disable
    enemy ships, leaving them totally vulnerable to attack for a short time. Until
    now, you probably haven't bothered with scouts, but they're well worth 
    building now if you like the EMP feature. I didn't bother with them while I 
    was writing this guide, but I have used them since and they're worth a try.
    It had to happen - the infamous junkyard dog had babies, and they're coming to
    get you!
    Horrible little insect-like ships emerge from one of the nearby scrap heaps, 
    to the sound of appropriately creepy music. Predictably, they attack the
    immobilised mothership in regular waves. To be honest, you should have little
    or no difficulty wiping these lifeless little things out. They are tough and
    can take a fair whack, but you should have enough ships by now to handle them.
    Your corvettes will probably take the biggest beating, so keep an eye on who
    needs repairs and who doesn't.
    While the combat is going on, the timer will be running down. When it reaches
    under a minute the mothership will hyperspace to co-ordinates unknown and the
    timer will disappear.
    Then the mothership will reappear in the centre of the map, alone and
    defenseless and still incapable of moving. A ten minute timer will start. Get
    your fleet over there post haste, including minelayers and any carriers that
    aren't helping out your nearby resource operation. Ships will stop appearing
    from the first of the hostile scrap heaps, but will begin to emerge from the
    two nearest the mothership's new location.
    At this point, the game draws our attention to a disabled alien ship in the
    distance, which must be salvaged with a resource collector - not a marine
    frigate - in order to find its weaknesses. Get a resourcer over there 
    immediately, preferably escorted by some interceptors, since the alien ship is 
    lightly guarded.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    brett hawk <repearness@yahoo.com> 
    "Hello, I am playing Homeworld 2 and on level 6, on the part were you have to 
    salvege the ship, I got a resource collecter over there but then what? Please 
    help me."
    Sorry, should have been a bit clearer here. Select your resource collector and 
    right click on the alien vessel. The resourcer should move in and attach 
    itself to the hull, and once it's done its thing you can let it head home 
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    NOTE: I have encountered a bug in this level, where the movers can never be 
    stopped if you don't get the alien vessel back to the mothership before the 
    ten minute timer runs out. 
    More and more waves of movers will be vectoring in and you will soon be almost
    overwhelmed. Again, your corvettes will probably take the most damage, so keep
    up a quick supply of ships from the mothership and any available carriers.
    Frigates are good against the movers, but also a bit slow. Bombers will be 
    very useful.
    Once the resourcer returns the alien ship to the mothership, another autosave
    Research takes a few seconds to come up with ideas, then ANOTHER autosave.
    You can now research Anti Mover Weaponry to help deal with these irritating
    little things swarming around your mothership in droves. Build frantically in
    the meantime - try bombers and interceptors, since in my experience corvettes
    just get eaten immediately. Once the research is done... you guessed it.
    Your ships will now find it a lot easier to take down the movers.
    When the timer reaches around two minutes, the mothership will hyperspace away
    again. Hopefully you got the alien ship back in time. If not, reload and try
    The mothership will reappear much farther up the map. The Oracle is focusing 
    on a particular derelict and you must defend the mothership while it moves
    incredibly slowly into position beside the derelict. Loads of movers will now
    be launching from the four nearby junk heaps, but if you keep building you
    should be OK, thanks to the antimover research. Bombers and frigates will 
    still be the best defense against the movers. Corvettes are practically 
    useless since they are destroyed the second they emerge from the mothership. 
    Interceptors will help out a little too. Mines don't seem to be attracted to 
    the movers, so keep your minelayers out of the way.
    Eventually, after several thousand years, the mothership will eventually get
    close enough to the derelict. The Oracle will contact the derelict and the
    movers will power down. Apparently there is a Progenitor relic elsewhere in 
    the graveyard and you have obtained the co-ordinates. We then regain control 
    of the hyperspace core and your ships are able to get the hell out.
    Since everything in this level seems to be preset, there is not much chance to
    rebuild your wrecked fleet at the end of the level. Since corvettes are the
    most affected, I'd suggest building them in your carriers but keeping them out
    of the battle. Your frigates and fighters are far better at dealing with the
    movers, and little rebuilding will be needed for them. By the time the level
    ends, you will have all your corvettes safely docked inside the carriers, 
    ready for the next level.
    Fleet at end of Level 6:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 5 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Minelayer
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Level 6 Build Options:
    Defense Field Frigate Sensor Distortion Probe
    Level 6 Research Options:
    Mothership (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Carrier (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Mobile Refinery (Defense 2)
    Improved Manufacturing
    Defense Field
    Sensor Distortion Probe
    Anti Mover Weaponry
                               5.7 LEVEL 7: DERELICTS
    We translate the Oracle's memory banks, and find that the wreckage we
    discovered is actually that of an enormous Progenitor ship. There is a
    dreadnaught - 'The Gatekeeper Of Sajuuk' - located in what used to be the aft
    section of this ruined ship, and the Oracle has given us its precise co-
    Well, you haven't found the dreadnaught itself, but you have located the
    engineering section of the Progenitor ship. However, the debris around the 
    area must be cleared before it can be investigated. But first, some research:
    Flak Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Destroyer Chassis
    Research these new techs and maybe build a defense field frigate (remember to
    press T to turn the field on during combat).
    Once the destroyer is researched you get more research options:
    Destroyer (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    You can also build a Fire Control Tower on the mothership and carriers
    (improves the combat effectiveness of friendly ships close to the mothership /
    carrier). Once it's built, use the tactical overlay to see two red circles
    around the mothership - this is the active field.
    First, send interceptors to the high derelict to the south. Movers will be
    detected inside, and you will be able to build a Mover Construction Facility 
    on the mothership. This will then allow you to build movers, the only ships
    capable of surviving the radiation clouds you'll soon be finding out about, 
    and destroying the derelict hulks. Send some fighters or corvettes to deal 
    with the two or three movers which emerge from the southern derelict. When you 
    get close enough to the derelict you should get a warning about radiation 
    emissions. This is why you are building the movers facility.
    Build ten movers (maximum of ten), send them to the southern derelict and
    destroy it. Don't get too close to the derelict with any of your other ships -
    even carriers will quickly be decimated by the radiation (visible in the
    sensors manager as brown circles around each piece of debris).
    Meanwhile you should get a priority alert. A Vaygr probe appears in the
    distance and heads towards you. It has to be destroyed before it relays your
    position to the Vaygr. Get interceptors over there quick - you should make it
    easily. Unfortunately, the Vaygr notice the probe's destruction and are 
    sending some ships to investigate. This might be a good time to set down some 
    mines around your mothership. And build those destroyers too.
    While you're building your ten movers, you should get yet another alert. A
    Vaygr carrier has appeared to the west and is using radiation shields to
    protect it from the derelicts. Soon you will be attacked by the Vaygr from
    Dock your harvesters in your carrier and send the carrier back to the
    mothership's protective circle. Get all your offensive ships (apart from the
    movers) to defend the mothership - mine the area heavily too. Meanwhile, send
    the movers over to the south-east derelict and destroy it. It will eject three
    enemy movers but they're easy to take out.
    From here on in, it's basically up to you what you do. A shipyard will vector
    in next to the derelict north of the one your movers just destroyed, bringing
    with it three or four destroyers. Another carrier will also appear to the
    north, to add more enemy ships to the ones that are still attacking you from
    the west. Both the carriers and the shipyard should be taken down to make this
    level much easier.
    Unfortunately, all three enemy ship makers are sitting in fields of intense
    radiation, which will shred your ships if they go into it. Losing a destroyer
    is no fun, believe me. I'd recommend taking all your forces towards the
    shipyard first, and sitting them just outside the radiation field. While your
    ships deal with any enemies coming out of the shipyard, send your movers in to
    destroy the debris around the shipyard, allowing your fleet to move in and
    destroy it once and for all. Destroyers can take the shipyard down without
    going into the radiation field, so have a few of those (max 5 if you can 
    afford it).
    Do the same with the other two carriers, and maybe leave your corvettes around
    your mothership to take out any stragglers. Again, minelayers are great for
    mothership defense. You will lose quite a few movers in this messy level, but
    they're cheap and take seconds to build. Keep producing movers to take out all
    the most dangerous debris, and get your fleet to remove the enemy ships from
    the area at the same time.
    There is a strong likelihood that your fleet will be heavily damaged in this
    level if you don't keep them all together for mutual support. It would be a
    great advantage if you moved your mothership towards where the shipyard 
    emerges from hyperspace. This makes it much easier to destroy the shipyard and 
    also sets up a good harvesting base to supply you with money to replenish your
    fleet. Futhermore, it means that enemy ships from the two carriers have much 
    farther to travel, giving you more time to build, etc. And harvesters from the 
    northern carrier will soon attempt to harvest the resources from the nearby 
    dust cloud, making it easy for you to destroy them immediately. Just make sure 
    you remove the debris before you relocate to here.
    Anyway, whatever you decide to do, once all the Vaygr are dead, get your 
    movers to skirt around the area and remove the debris while you harvest and 
    rebuild in peace. Removing the last piece of debris will end the level, so 
    don't do it until you're ready to move on. Incidentally, you only need to 
    destroy the pieces of debris which have been flagged in the sensors manager to 
    NOTE: Take a look at the armour of the huge piece of debris to the west. A
    shade excessive I think.
    Fleet at end of Level 7:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber 
    Corvette: 5 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Level 7 Build Options:
    Mover Construction Facility
    Fire Control Tower
    Level 7 Research Options:
    Flak Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Destroyer Chassis
    Destroyer (Defense 1, Speed 1)
                           5.8 LEVEL 8: DREADNAUGHT BERTH
    We learn that the movers are actually ancient Progenitor constructs, made by a
    people not indigenous to our galaxy. So, not the progeny of the junkyard dog
    then... Anyway, we've found the foundry where the three hyperspace Cores were
    first forged, so next we need to find the engineering section. Deeper into the
    sinister Karos Graveyard we go...
    You will arrive in the graveyard and will get a message from Command about
    power fluctuations coming from the dreadnaught's location. Scouts have to be
    sent in to investigate - good news for anyone who has filled out all their
    fighter slots with interceptors and bombers. Sigh.
    NOTE: I think the programmers made so many Graveyard levels just so they
    could get away with putting in those incredible backdrops.
    New research immediately becomes available:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    You should have money coming out of your ears after the previous level, so 
    it's up to you if you want to harvest now or later. Send a scout towards the
    dreadnaught, and a cutscene will activate. The Progenitor Dreadnaught will
    transmit a repeating message: 'The Keeper is aware, the Keeper understands, 
    the Keeper has seen the enemy'. Bollocks. Watch as the dreadnaught slingshots 
    out of the wreckage, looking rather cool.
    Six movers must be used to retrieve the dreadnaught.
    The dreadnaught will set up a hyperspace inhibitor field - a pattern emerges! 
    - while a strange ship hyperspaces into view in front of the wreckage and 
    spits out six drones before disappearing again. Meanwhile, the dreadnaught 
    retreats into the warmth and safety of the wreckage, leaving the powerful 
    attack drones to patrol the area. These things do more damage than your 
    destroyers, though they only have about a tenth of the armour.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    vasco cardoso <vasco_vc@hotmail.com> 
    "In mission 8 where you have to retrive the Dreadnaught, instead of sending 
    all your ships to defend the movers, send 10 movers, one of them will be 
    destroyed, six will get the ship, and the remaining 3 will fly above the 
    dreadnaught. Now the drones will fire but they wont do any damage to the 
    movers! and then when they get near the mothership, your entire fleet can take 
    care of them."
    I've somehow managed to lose all my HW2 savegames and so I can't check this 
    right now. If it works it works, so I'll take your word for it, thanks.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    I'd suggest engaging the drones before you send in your movers, since the
    drones will only annihilate the movers if there are no other ships there to
    distract them. Command recommends using torpedo frigates and pulsar gunships 
    to get rid of the drones; I just sent in everyone for the tits of it. 
    Meanwhile, get your movers to lift the dreadnaught out of there and tow it 
    home. Since the dreadnaught is being towed to the mothership, it would be a 
    great idea to move your mothership as close to the wreckage as you dare.
    While this is going on, that strange ship will keep appearing every time you
    destroy its six drones, and it will deploy another six, then another six, etc.
    The ship itself is completely invulnerable at this point, and even if it 
    wasn't immune to fire, it has incredible armour.
    However, once you start towing the dreadnaught away from the wreckage, this
    ship will begin to attack, which means you're in trouble. It does enormous
    damage - around four times that of one of your destroyers - and every so often
    it will hyperspace out of danger. When it returns within seconds, it will be
    completely healed. The only way to get it to disappear into hyperspace is to
    beat the crap out of it, so focus your attacks solely on it while it's around,
    then deal with any remaining drones while it's gone.
    The ship and its drones will follow the dreadnaught all the way back to the
    mothership, so escort your movers with a guard force made up of practically
    every ship you have. To be honest, despite the strength and invulnerability of
    the Keeper ship, this battle is not nearly as hard as it could have been. 
    While your offensive fleet is around, the drones rarely target the movers 
    attached to the dreadnaught, and even though the drones and the Keeper ship 
    can both do some serious damage, your fleet doesn't take the beating you would 
    expect. Making sure your destroyers don't get taken down by the Keeper ship 
    should be your biggest task - if the Keeper targets one it can quickly be 
    reduced to half health.
    Finally, the dreadnaught will dock with the mothership, science crews will
    transfer over and the game will autosave.
    Once the remaining drones are dealt with, research informs you that the Keeper
    can't be killed off with any weapon we currently have. Funny, because I 
    thought I saw it bugger off when I got it down to about a third of its health.
    Anyway, Command identifies Progenitor Power Modules nearby, which could cause
    the Keeper ship to overload if triggered. Probes must be dispatched to each of
    the pinpoints in the sensors manager to look for the triggers. Send a probe to
    the western point and it should find the triggers when you select it once it's
    in position.
    While the probes are looking around, science teams tell you that the
    dreadnaught's engines and hyperspace module are still operational, though
    they're still working on getting its other systems up and running.
    The probe finds the triggers and Command tells you that you have to send 
    movers in to salvage the triggers, so that they can be docked with the 
    dreadnaught's power modules. Get movers out there and grab each of the 
    triggers. They will then drag them to the three power modules and install them 
    (the power modules are those three banana-shaped things hovering near the 
    While all this has been happening, the Keeper ship should still have been
    emerging over and over from hyperspace in front of your mothership. But when
    your movers head off towards the triggers, it appears next to the power
    modules, and out come the drones again. Same as before - keep them away from
    your movers and get all your combat ships hammering away at them.
    Once the three triggers are installed, the modules power up and the distortion
    field is activated.
    Mwahahahahaaaa! Hyperspace is back up and the Keeper is trapped by the three
    blue beams which shoot out of the power modules. Hyperspace your way out of
    that one, arsehole.
    However, you must escape before the Keeper blows up. Time to go...
    Fleet at end of Level 8:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 5 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Level 8 Build Options:
    Level 8 Research Options:
    Torpedo Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    The good news: the dreadnaught's systems are compatible with our own. The bad
    news: most of them are offline. The Phased Cannon Array is still operational
    though. The dreadnaught itself is also apparently a control mechanism for some
    Progenitor artifact. Well, whatever it is, we're off to hunt Vaygr with it.
    Prepare to rendezvous with good old Captain Soban, as well as the Nabaal
    This is a serious siege level, where you must defend your objectives against
    multiple heavy assaults from all directions. Brace yourself.
    You arrive to find the Vaygr already attacking you from behind, which will
    reaffirm something you may or may not have been thinking about the Vaygr.
    However, they have other ideas when your new dreadnaught hyperspaces into the
    fray and uses its phased cannon array to wipe the skirting boards with most of
    their ships. Unfortunately, the dreadnaught sustains heavy damage in the
    process of the cannon misfiring, and it must be repaired toot sweet. Its
    engines are down too, so get some resourcers out there to repair it, while 
    your fleet takes care of the Vaygr destroyer and frigates.
    New research is available:
    Ion Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    Once the dreadnaught has been repaired a little by your resourcers, Command
    announces that the Vaygr are here, and are launching attacks on the 
    dreadnaught via hyperspace gates, which must be destroyed. The dreadnaught 
    must also head for the Nabaal shipyard to complete its repairs.
    Tons of Vaygr ships will converge on your fleet, looking to get at the
    dreadnaught. Five hyperspace gates will also appear. I sent a different ship
    group to each one; bombers to the west, frigates to the north, etc. You don't
    need to send your entire fleet just to take out one gate at a time. Send your
    heavier ships to the two northern gates, since this is where most of the 
    action is - bombers and corvettes should easily take out the other three, and 
    quite quickly too. The gates are the priority - leaving them open will, as 
    Command says, result in your being quickly overwhelmed.
    Next, the Nabaal shipyard materialises from hyperspace, ready to service the
    lumbering dreadnaught. Send it over there immediately, while the rest of your
    fleet fends off the Vaygr.
    The shipyard is now under your control, and can be moved around and used like 
    a second mothership (though it only has half the armour rating). It comes with
    every facility and module the mothership already has except a fire control
    tower, a mover construction facility and an advanced sensors array. You can't
    build the mover factory, but build the other two.
    At this point you will be under massive attack from all directions, kind of
    like in the sabotage mission in Cataclysm. Once the gates are gone it will get
    easier, but there will still be all types of enemy ships everywhere. Keep your
    fleet together as usual, and your counter attack will be at its most 
    effective. The shipyard will also be under attack, which is why it's best to 
    get the heavy mob over there pretty fast.
    Get the dreadnaught on neutral stance and make it dock with the shipyard.
    Repair the shipyard with resourcers if its health is low, and guard the
    dreadnaught with every combat vessel you have (don't worry about the 
    mothership - it's not a priority target for the Vaygr here).
    The Nabaal shipyard claims that repairs and analysis of the dreadnaught will
    take fifteen minutes, during which the Vaygr will continue to send corvettes
    and fighters in from three different directions. Just guard the dreadnaught
    with everything on aggressive, and bring your mothership and carriers in close
    too, and you should have no problems.
    After about three minutes, a priority alert will sound. Vaygr carriers are
    here, and you are surrounded. Do I need to tell you that the carriers should 
    be destroyed as soon as possible? Didn't think so.
    Don't worry, this is actually easy. A squadron of bombers alone should be
    enough to take out one of the carriers. I sent frigates to the second one and
    destroyers to the third. The dreadnaught and shipyard are tough enough to
    survive with the protection of your corvettes and interceptors while your 
    other ships are away. Given the comparative speeds of bombers, frigates and
    destroyers, I sent the destroyers to deal with the closest carrier (meaning
    that they could get back to the shipyard faster too), frigates to the one at
    middle distance and bombers to the farthest. This last carrier will give you
    the most trouble out of the three, but take it out anyway.
    Even once you've dropped the last carrier, enemy ships will still be appearing
    from the edge of the map. There's nothing you can do about cutting them off at
    the source, so just guard the shipyard again and deal with them as they come.
    When the timer reaches five minutes, two more Vaygr carriers come out of
    hyperspace. This time they're a bit closer to the shipyard, but their
    appearance does coincide with an attack by two destroyers and a load of 
    missile corvettes. Send your destroyers to take out the enemy destroyers, 
    while bombers or frigates attack the carriers. Also, replenish your by now 
    wrecked argosy via the mothership and carriers. Four hyperspace gates will 
    also appear on the four compass points, miles away from the shipyard. All of 
    them have to be brought down too.
    At about one minute remaining, Command tells you that Vaygr super-capital 
    ships are approaching and that the dreadnaught repairs had better be completed 
    pretty damn fast. Once the timer runs out, the dreadnaught comes away from the
    shipyard. Its phased cannon apparently suffered irreparable damage, though the
    ship is otherwise back to full combat readiness.
    Then the Vaygr attack again with a battlecruiser (!), two destroyers and a
    mixed bunch of frigates.
    Deal with the frigates first, since they should reach you before the others,
    then take out the destroyers and finally the cruiser. Focus everything on the
    cruiser and it should fall pretty soon, though you may lose a few frigates of
    your own. Bring your dreadnaught into the combat if you can be bothered
    watching it trundle around laboriously: it's worth it for the ludicrous damage
    it can do.
    Your remaining objective is to eliminate the rest of the Vaygr in the area.
    Beware of the three destroyers which could be en route. Deal with them, then
    skirt around for any hyperspace gates you may have missed, then wipe out any
    remaining enemy ships. You may have to do some serious exploring to find the
    last few Vaygr ships in the area, which will probably include a handful of
    resource collectors. Alternatively, build a scout and get it to ping the
    sensors manager. If you want time to rebuild before the next level, don't
    finish off the Vaygr until you're ready to progress.
    Once your fleet is back up to par, finish off the last enemy ship. At this
    point, Captain Soban appears and transmits an important set of co-ordinates to
    you. But a Vaygr carrier comes out of nowhere and swallows him up. Ooo, those
    sneaky Vaygr.
    You're done here, and it's time to mount a rescue mission.
    Fleet at end of Level 9:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 5 Gunship, 5 Pulsar, 2 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 9 Build Options:
    Level 9 Research Options:
    Ion Frigate (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                           5.10 LEVEL 10: KEEPERS OF SAJUUK
    Captain Soban's only been and gone and gotten himself nicked by the Vaygr. We
    intended to rescue him, but once again we're pulled out of sodding hyperspace
    (get that thing looked at) and ambushed by opportunists. But this time, it's
    not the Vaygr...
    As you pause to gape at the unspeakably beautiful backdrop, you may or may not
    fill your trousers at the sight of not one, but two Keeper ships hyperspacing
    in to attack. Apparently, they are the 'Keepers of Abassid' and the 'Servants
    of Sajuuk'. Possibly because 'Cheatmobiles' sounded less impressive.
    Get your new research underway before you get stuck in:
    Destroyer (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    The Keepers launch their drones at you and move in for the kill. Start 
    blasting them to bugritude with your dreadnaught, destroyers and frigates, 
    concentrating your fire on the Keepers themselves, rather than the pretty 
    ineffective drones.
    When you get one of them to about half health, it will vanish, leaving you to
    scratch your head in bafflement. It wasn't destroyed, so where did it go? The
    same will happen with the second Keeper, giving you a minute's respite.
    Send your entire fleet northwards, including carriers and the shipyard, 
    because the Bentusi will soon appear from thereabouts, offering to repair the 
    Tell your dreadnaught to dock with the Bentusi harbour ship, and harvest some
    resources in the meantime.
    Inevitably, the Keepers return before your dreadnaught can dock, and they 
    begin attacking you and the Bentusi. For any other ships this would be 
    suicide, but there are now four Keepers and together they can do some serious 
    damage, even to the massive Bentusi harbour ship. It's your job to defend your 
    old friends, so surround the Bentusi ship with everything you've got and focus 
    your fire on each Keeper as it approaches.
    Annoyingly, the Keepers are still doing their hyperspace-away-and-repair-when-
    we-reach-half-health thing, plus there is a ten minute (grrr!) time limit on
    the phased cannon repairs. To make matters a teensy bit worse, Command informs
    you that the Keepers seem to be getting stronger with every hyperspace jump.
    There's very little you can do here, other than fend off the Keepers as best
    you can. Use everything you have; minelayers, repairs, even movers (mines
    around the Bentusi ship or the shipyard make things a bit easier, though not
    much). Concentrate on the four Keeper ships as and when they appear, and just
    wait desperately for the timer to run down. Keep a close eye on your 
    destroyers and repair them when needed.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    MAG <broncopasler@gmail.com>
    "since you mention you were looking for a use of the Scout's EMP, movers and 
    drones are affected by it... if you can catch them. Frustrating. But against 
    the Keepers in mission 10... priceless!!! EMP the Keepers to buy time and save 
    some of your fleet."
    Excellent strategy this. My fighters were maxed out and I had no scouts, but 
    when I built some to try this I found that the EMP really is a life-saver. The 
    Keeper ships keep moving but they won't return fire, and they hyperspace away 
    quickly, as though they've been heavily damaged. Very useful trick to know, 
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Eventually, the dreadnaught's repairs will be done.
    The dreadnaught will come away from the Bentusi ship, but still the Keepers
    will attack, with no sign that they're feeling the effects of ten minutes of
    being shot at by every ship you have. Command gets desperate and suggests that
    the Keepers cannot be stopped. Well, not with that attitude, no.
    Then the dreadnaught reminds you what you're paying it for. Use it to fire
    pitilessly destructive ion beams at the Keeper ships, doing enormous damage.
    But STILL this is not enough to finally get rid of the Keepers. Looks like
    you're finished...
    Then the Bentusi come up with the idea of scuttling their own massive harbour
    ship, catching the Keeper vessels in the ensuing blast. Just before their
    systems go critical, they tell you that 'Sajuuk awaits, beyond the Gate of
    Balcora'. You hyperspace to safety, thankfully, and the Bentusi tell you to
    take their Core to unite the three. Ooo, presents.
    And finally, it's goodbye to the last of the amazing Bentusi. Sit back and
    watch the biggest Homeworld explosion yet.
    By the way, you don't get a RESOURCES COLLECTED message at the end of this
    level, but the RU will be added to your balance at the start of the next level
    Fleet at end of Level 10:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 3 Pulsar, 5 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 10 Build Options:
    Level 10 Research Options:
    Destroyer (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                       5.11 LEVEL 11: SACRIFICE (BENTUSI RUINS)
    The explosion from the Bentusi's kamikaze move has spat out their piece of the
    Core, which should still be intact and hovering around somewhere on the
    outskirts of the blast radius. The Vaygr will know all about an explosion of
    that size, however, and so our retrieval of the Core will probably not be
    without incident.
    Command detects the two containment units and the Core, all of which must be
    retrieved. But the area is hazardous as a result of the explosion, and probes
    must be sent to each of the Core fragments to do some analysis.
    New research options appear - it's the moment you've been waiting for:
    Once the ship is available, research these:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    The battlecruiser can only be built from the shipyard - the only structure
    large enough to cope - and you can only have two of them. You can also equip
    the cruisers with fire control towers, making both themselves and any nearby
    friendlies a bit more effective in combat. I STRONGLY suggest that you build
    the battlecruisers with no further delay.
    Take some time to do whatever rebuilding your fleet needs, then send a probe 
    to the eastern containment unit. When your probe is halfway there, it picks up
    dangerous particle emissions, which can be overcome by researching:
    Improved Defense Field
    At this point stop the probe. The game obviously wants you to probe the first
    containment unit right away, so don't. Instead shift your entire fleet into 
    the middle of the map, next to the Bentusi wreckage. When you're far enough up 
    the map, the Vaygr will arrive. I'm not sure if this is a timed event, running 
    from the start of the level, or whether it's triggered in some other way. But 
    they appear anyway.
    Don't try to salvage any of the pieces yet - it'll be much easier if you
    destroy the Vaygr first. The Vaygr are after the Core pieces too, and they 
    soon get one and take it back to one of their carriers. You have to kill the 
    carrier before it can enter hyperspace, but unfortunately the Vaygr have 
    three carriers and a shipyard with them, all of which are quite a long way 
    away and are being escorted by some serious bodyguards.
    Bring your dreadnaught and any battlecruisers you have into the action - 
    you're going to need them. The Vaygr have tons of ships guarding their 
    carriers and shipyard, including quite a few destroyers, tons of frigates, 
    millions of strike craft and corvettes, and even a battlecruiser. Not good. 
    You'll need everything you've got to deal with the Vaygr here, and you'll need 
    lots of support from your resourcers and ship builders. Keep the mothership, 
    carriers and shipyard around the Bentusi wreckage, while everyone else fights 
    the battle in front.
    The nearest (and perhaps easiest) fight to pick will be coming from the east,
    just ahead of the Bentusi wreck. There will be a carrier there, flanked by a
    bunch of destroyers and frigates, and lots of smaller ships. Take out the
    destroyers first, then the carrier, then everything else. Your dreadnaught
    should make this battle a joke if it can get there quick enough. Its cannon
    will shear through the carrier like a knife through a... big soft carrier.
    The gigantic Vaygr shipyard is located somewhere to the north west, and 
    is putting out frigates, corvettes and strike craft. I suggest taking it out 
    next, since the remaining attacks from the east are moving a little more 
    slowly. You might as well leave your dreadnaught behind when you attack the 
    shipyard, because when the shipyard reaches critical health levels it will 
    hyperspace to safety, leaving you to wipe away the strike craft and corvettes 
    around it. Your dreadnaught will take too long to get there and it won't make 
    any difference to the outcome anyway.
    Throughout these first few battles, you will probably still be worried about 
    that mystery carrier running off with the Core piece it picked up. Don't 
    bother worrying - the Vaygr take a phenomenal amount of time to get their act 
    together, and as long as you keep fighting and concentrate on finding and 
    killing the shipyard and carriers, there should be little problem.
    But you still have to find the carrier, and so it's fortunate that it's 
    heading towards you, bringing with it a fellow carrier, lots of destroyers, 
    shedloads of frigates, corvettes and strike craft, and - who could forget? - 
    that battlecruiser I mentioned earlier.
    As soon as you see the battlecruiser, hit it with everything, including the
    dreadnaught. Letting this thing live for any longer than is absolutely
    necessary is a very bad idea. Once it's down, take out the destroyers and then
    the two carriers, dealing with any smaller craft afterwards.
    Nothing much happens once the last carrier is down - just destroy whatever
    Vaygr forces remain in the area, then begin to rebuild your fleet, as I'm sure
    it's in a pretty pitiful state. I was lucky enough not to lose anything larger
    than a frigate (except when I accidentally let one of my destroyers pass right
    through one of the radiation clouds - don't let this happen!), but my smaller
    forces were almost entirely wiped out.
    Conduct repairs and rebuilding, etc. Meanwhile, it's time to pick up those 
    Core pieces once and for all. Send one resource collector to the first piece, 
    and get both units waiting just outside the radiation field (the orange, furry 
    looking area around the piece). Get the frigate to guard the collector, then 
    instruct the collector to grab the piece. As the collector begins to move, 
    turn on the defense field using the T key. It will protect both the frigate 
    and the collector from the radiation, and both ships should make it out before 
    the defense field runs down.
    The collector will then take the piece back to the mothership, and Command 
    will inform you that it was successfully salvaged. Do the same with the 
    remaining two Core fragments.
    When the third and final piece has been accepted into the mothership, the 
    level ends and resources are collected. It's time to find Captain Soban.
    Fleet at end of Level 11:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 3 Pulsar, 5 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, 2 Marine, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer, 2 Battlecruiser
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 11 Build Options:
    Level 11 Research Options:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 1, Speed 1)
    Improved Defense Field
    Captain Soban has the location of the Balcora Gate, and has been taken for
    interrogation to an outpost near Thaddis Sabbah. Command thinks they have
    discovered another 'weakness' in the Vaygr defenses - we've heard that one
    before - and has the idea of hyperspacing into the centre of a nebula to
    provide us with cover. So let's see where that gets us...
    Watch as the Vaygr transfer Captain Soban into a carrier (or is that a 
    cruiser?) heading for the outpost. Your fleet appears in front of a background 
    like sunset over the ocean, and Command tells you to assault the outpost.
    Start your research:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 2, Speed 2)
    ______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Clayton Mastaw <cjmastaw@yahoo.com>
    "hi, i just wanted to make sure you knew it was level 12 where people, 
    including myself, are encountering 6 battle cruisers, not 13. You have the 
    comment posted in 13 so I was just wondering if you had any advice for 12. I'm 
    about to just say screw it cuz there just doesn't seem to be a way around 
    These bloody cruisers again! Well, reading back over my guide, I see mention  
    of at least five cruisers (though admittedly I don't enumerate them). 
    Unfortunately, this isn't the problem. The problem is that I blasted through 
    this level heroically (read: luckily) when I was writing the original version 
    of this guide, so I never met more than five battlecruisers. Apparently, other 
    people are meeting six or more...
    Conclusion: you're going too slow.
    After several replays I've realised that the faster you do this level the 
    better. If you try to take it slow you are actually making it much harder on 
    yourself. I attempted to crawl through it bit by bit for the purposes of this 
    rewrite, and I ended up meeting about eight or nine cruisers, just like other 
    people are obviously doing.
    There are four friggin' facilities capable of building cruisers in this level 
    - you shouldn't be coloured astonished to find that the Vaygr have chosen to 
    produce a couple more while you're busy faffing about. Your only defense 
    against the arrival of more than the initial five cruisers is to zoom through 
    the map as though your life depended on it, which, in a way, it does. If you 
    want to meet five, maybe six, cruisers in this level, do everything as fast as 
    possible, with no hanging about. If you want to meet nine or ten or more, by 
    all means take your time.
    I probably should have realised that so many cruisers would necessitate a more 
    thorough walkthrough than one containing instructions like "Take them all 
    down". Inspired stuff, eh?
    ______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    I have now rewritten this entire section three times, after finding that all 
    the starting cruisers and destroyers were in different places each time I 
    replayed the level. Well, that's just effing marvellous, innit.
    Anyway, first things first: that big resourcing operation immediately ahead:
    Forty or more frigates sounds and looks worse than it is. Frigates (especially 
    Vaygr) are weak as hell in this game, unlike in Homeworld, and at no time 
    during any of my replays did my fleet have the slightest difficulty in 
    removing all of them.
    From the beginning of the level put all your destroyers, both your cruisers 
    and your dreadnaught up front. Guard them with your frigates, and guard your 
    frigates with corvettes and movers. Leave your bombers and everything else 
    beside your mothership and carriers, and get your resourcers to bandbox repair 
    your heavy ships. This will be the basic setup until you finish this map, 
    which uncomplicates things even further.
    Move your capital ships and their guards forward in a phalanx, and set 
    everyone on neutral, not aggressive. Sit halfway between your mothership and 
    the asteroid clump directly to the north. You should soon be attacked by the 
    first batch of frigates, and your combined forces should wipe them out within 
    about thirty seconds, with few or no friendly casualties. Get rid of any 
    smaller Vaygr strike craft and move forwards again, this time with everyone on 
    You will run into the resourcing operation, and if you wait long enough you 
    will meet another bunch of frigates. Clear out the Vaygr resourcers and 
    platforms until the frigates reach you, then same thing again: eliminate them 
    with total ease.
    Now shift your mothership and all its escorts up to just behind your front 
    lines and leave them behind this asteroid cloud. It's essential to keep all of 
    your ships together for the first half of this level.
    Next, those battlecruisers and destroyers:
    This is trickier, because every time I go back to this level the cruisers and 
    destroyers change positions and behaviour. Sometimes they attack, sometimes 
    they don't. Sometimes there are two destroyers hanging around near the first 
    asteroid field, sometimes they're much farther back. Sometimes I get attacked 
    by a lone cruiser before Makaan appears, sometimes I don't. I can't predict 
    what will happen to you, but you can take certain precautions, and keeping 
    your fleet together with your biggest ships leading the way is by far the most 
    At around the time you get rid of those resourcers, Makaan should appear and 
    begin talking bollocks.
    NOTE: Because of the randomness of this level, you may already have met one 
    cruiser and two destroyers by the time Makaan appears. The only way to deal 
    with these early, unexpected attacks is to keep your own big guns at the front 
    on aggressive, and keep checking the sensors manager in case you are indeed 
    being jumped.
    You used to have four facilities against you in the map before, and now you 
    have five, but don't panic. Push your cap. ships, frigates and corvettes 
    forward again, heading for the centre circle of the sensors manager. This is 
    the source of most of your current problems, and it will probably be well 
    guarded too (though exactly how many of the destroyers and cruisers will be in 
    there I can't tell). Keep the exact same formations as you were using to 
    attack the first resourcing operation as you head towards (but not yet into) 
    the middle of the map, with everyone on neutral again, in order to mop up all 
    the smaller craft which will be trying to give you grief.
    Bring your mothership and so on up behind your combat ships for protection, 
    and guard it with bombers, movers, etc.
    NOTE: Trying to come up with a sneaky strategy, I attempted to send one of my 
    cruisers north east and the other north west on solo missions to find the two 
    far off shipyards and destroy them early. I found both shipyards but the one 
    in the east was guarded by a Vaygr cruiser which destroyed my own. My other 
    cruiser had no trouble removing the yard in the north west, but unfortunately 
    this triggered an attack by every destroyer in the map on my mothership, and 
    most of my own destroyers got wiped out without the help of my two cruisers.
    I also tried attacking Makaan, but this forced the spawning of his escort 
    ships which you would otherwise only meet after you'd rescued Soban.
    Not worth it.
    Once your mothership (being the one with the best sensors) is far enough 
    forward to be able to see the middle shipyard sitting in the centre circle of 
    the sensors manager (presumably guarded by two destroyers), stop everything. 
    The shipyard will be spitting out smaller ships, though you may not see its 
    resourcers yet. You will also have at least two different sets of Vaygr strike 
    craft vectoring in from the north east and north west, coming from the other 
    two shipyards. Bunch all your ships together on neutral, but peel all your 
    frigates away (if you've lost some then rebuild quickly) and send them west 
    towards the nearby bunch of asteroids.
    NOTE: There may be more frigates coming in from the west. These are the guards 
    of the nearby carrier, so you might want to wait until they've reached you and 
    you've wiped them out before continuing.
    Get the neutral-stanced frigate line to delete the carrier and its pathetic 
    escorts, who can be found fannying about among the asteroids. That middle 
    shipyard might also be using this resource clump for its income, so just kill 
    off whatever ships you find. Do this fast, fast, fast, as Mr. Wolf would say, 
    then send your frigates back up to rejoin your main force.
    Now this is the part I think people are having trouble with. You must attack 
    that middle shipyard right the hell now, as well as removing as many of the 
    destroyers and cruisers around it as you can. I tried a few other strategies 
    but each of them wasted too much time - enough time for the shipyards to put 
    out more and more destroyers and at least two cruisers. I realise that 
    assaulting this central circle of the map is tough, but dealing with surplus 
    cruisers is even tougher, so suck it up.
    NOTE: From now until pretty much the end of the game, nearly every combat ship 
    below destroyer level is entirely expendable. You'll be relying almost 
    exclusively on capital ships from this point onwards, and everything else is a 
    mere support vessel. This means that if you can get away with using certain 
    weaker ships as decoys then you should, especially if you're up against 
    multiple cruisers.
    It also means that you can scuttle or retire enough of your superfluous 
    corvettes to make room for the one corvette type that is still really useful - 
    the minelayer. Five minelayers can make a huge difference to this most 
    difficult part of this level.
    Anyway, send in all your destroyers, both cruisers, your dreadnaught and all 
    your frigates to the north, towards whichever Vaygr ships are awaiting you 
    first. While they're moving in to attack, send some movers or corvettes down 
    to the western asteroid field (the one you just cleared out, not the one 
    farther to the north, next to the outpost) and put them on aggressive stance 
    so that they can clear away the resourcers who will definitely be trying to 
    operate down there.
    When your big ships do run into the first of the Vaygr heavies, make sure to 
    send your frigates in first. This is vital if you don't like losing capital 
    ships, and I know you don't. Send the frigates in just ahead of your big guys 
    so that the frigates (I used my frigates because they last longer, but you can 
    really use whichever of your smaller ships you feel are the cheapest or most 
    expendable) draw the fire and the cap. ships do the damage. You can run into 
    quite a few destroyers around this spot, and possibly up to three cruisers, so 
    stick everyone on aggressive and target any cruisers as soon as they're within 
    range. The shipyard is the lowest priority here, and the cruisers are the 
    Don't just steam in towards the shipyard. Move forwards until the first ship 
    is baited into attacking you, then stop while you deal with it; then move 
    forwards until you meet the next one, and so on. I know I said fast, but 
    there's a difference between "fast" and "stupid" (nothing, Linford; go back to 
    sleep). Make a save just before you head in, and reload from it if you lose 
    too many destroyers or a cruiser.
    NOTE: By this point the remaining shipyards will almost certainly be building 
    more cruisers, if they haven't built them already. This is where those extra 
    cruisers are coming from, so the quicker you move at this stage of the level 
    the better.
    Once this central area is cleared out (including the cap. ships guarding the 
    outpost) you'll want to shift your arse to take out the other two shipyards. 
    Send your frigates looking for the north west shipyard, while your cap. ships 
    go north east (if you have not yet met at least five cruisers, the ones you've 
    missed are almost certainly to the north east). Leave everyone else grouped 
    together in the centre circle for mutual safety, and start dropping mines 
    around the place, east of the outpost.
    If any of your ships ever get near enough to the outpost you will be given a 
    message about sending in a marine frigate to retrieve Captain Soban. Leave 
    this until every Vaygr ship is removed from the surrounding area.
    Once all three shipyards and the carrier are gone you can relax. Makaan is the 
    only one remaining, and if you can find and kill his resourcers he'll be 
    crippled and unable to build any more ships. This is your cue to repair and 
    rebuild your fleet, after which you can send in a marine frigate to get Soban 
    back. Select your frigate and right-click on the outpost and it should head 
    Three things which might be helpful here: move your mothership close to the 
    outpost; move your heaviest ships into a capital phalanx between Makaan's ship 
    and the rest of your fleet; start dumping more mines around this same spot.
    After a minute or so Soban will be rescued, and the outpost will blow up with 
    a weedy boom. Don't worry, this won't damage any ships you may have nearby.
    Makaan should be miles away from the outpost at this point, which should make 
    protecting Soban pretty easy while he wends his merry way back to your 
    mothership. You may have noticed that Makaan has apparently pulled a 
    battlecruiser, two destroyers, four assault frigates and a bunch of corvettes 
    and fighters from the depths of his arse, and is now moving towards Soban as 
    he makes his way home.
    NOTE: There's a critical bug here. If you engage Makaan and send him into 
    hyperspace before Soban has been returned to the mothership, the level will be 
    unable to end, and the objective will remain incomplete in the list. Have your 
    fleet ready for Makaan's intervention, but make sure Soban returns and you 
    receive the autosave before you pick a fight.
    You'll get another autosave when Soban has been slotted snugly into the 
    mothership, he will re-emerge, and it's time to ruin Makaan's day.
    Once Soban's been docked Makaan will stop moving, so you'll have to go to him.  
    Nothing new here: smack the cruiser first, then the destroyers, then the 
    frigates, then the corvettes. Makaan will occasionally cloak his ship for a 
    few seconds, but he hyperspaces away when you do his flagship enough damage 
    (though he actually scarpered as soon as I approached - I never even shot him 
    once). The worst that'll probably happen to you here is losing a destroyer, 
    thanks to that cruiser.
    Leave Makaan standing if you need to replenish your armada, then finish him 
    off when you're ready to progress. Soban tells you that Makaan't (god, that's 
    weak) has skedaddled to the Balcora Gate. Follow if you dare...
    Fleet at end of Level 12:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 3 Pulsar, 5 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, Captain Soban, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer, 2 Battlecruiser
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 12 Build Options:
    Level 12 Research Options:
    Battlecruiser (Defense 2, Speed 2)
                        5.13 LEVEL 13: BALCORA GATE (BALCORA)
    Makaan has disappeared into a cluster of black holes, only accessible through 
    a massive Progenitor Gate - the Gate of Balcora. But Makaan doesn't really 
    want us chasing after him while he searches for Sajuuk, so his goons have been 
    instructed to vandalise the Gate before we can use it. It's a race against 
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Chouru <oneofpureheart@yahoo.com>
    "I was just curious as to why you only had to battle 1 battlecruiser when 
    everyone else seems to be battle at least 5 or 6, sometimes 10... do you use 
    the retire and rebuild method? Or do you just have some weird thing going on? 
    I don't understand this, I am stuck on this mission because 6 battlecruisers 
    destroy all my frigates, destroyers and battlecruisers before they're all 
    dead, while my bombers, gunships, and movers are trying to save the power 
    generators, I'm gettin' owned, plus while all my ships are busy the only thing 
    defending my mothership is captain soban and a scout squadron. I'm just 
    curious as to why this mission is so easy to you when I can't even try to get 
    past it anymore."
    adrian ke <adrianke77@yahoo.com.sg> 
    "Hey, for mission 13: When I play i do get 6 battlecruisers to fight against, 
    much like that other guy mentioned in your walkthrough.
    There's a initial group with 1 battlecruiser somewhat nearer to the start 
    point, but right next to the enemy shipyard are another 4 or 5 of them. 
    Perhaps they get built by the AI as time in the mission passes?
    Incidentally I found that the mission can be completed simply by using 
    bombers/movers/other fighters to assault one frigate group attacking one of 
    the power generators (I used 14 bombers, 10 movers and 12 gunships set on 
    "guard" for antifighter cover, attacking the frigate group that was at the 
    generator nearest to the shipyard, which has the added effect of tying up the 
    battlecruisers near the shipyard as they try to attack the fighters/corvettes. 
    I micromanaged the bombers and movers to kill frigates, allowing the gunships 
    to attack at will in guard mode - they target fighter/corvette size craft 
    automatically it seems.)
    All the mission needs to be completed is to destroy one frigate group 
    attacking one generator, and destroy the shipyard, apparently. Then the 
    cutscene plays out.
    After the frigate group was destroyed, i moved in my capship/frigates, setting 
    them all to attack the shipyard, ignoring the 5 battlecruisers at first. The 
    moment the shipyard blew up, the cutscene to the next mission played.. and i 
    skipped it to avoid extra damage to my fleet.
    In theory i could rebuild the small craft and use those to attack the shipyard 
    after one frigate group is gone, thus finishing the mission without using 
    capships or the frigates. I'm not sure tho.."
    OK. I have now rewritten this section several times, but the following rewrite 
    was the first time I had ever met more than one cruiser. I went back, knowing 
    that people were obviously still having trouble, and restarted the mission 
    with a full fleet from the previous level.
    I realised that I wasn't taking a full fleet into this level in previous 
    versions of this guide - I was involuntarily missing half my frigates, for 
    some reason. This triggered the retire-and-rebuild exploit which led to the 
    absence of most of level 13's cruisers. My mistake, sorry.
    Anyway, this time I met ten (beat that) battlecruisers, which changed the 
    level a lot, and thus changed this guide. Based partly on adrian ke's 
    contribution (above) and mostly on my own strategy from v1.4 of this guide, 
    the following is the best I could come up with.
    I hope that this rewrite will solve people's problems, and that no-one ever 
    mails me about this level again: if I read or hear the word "battlecruiser" 
    one more time I think I might lose control.
    By the way, those cruisers are there from the beginning - I checked. There is 
    only one Vaygr facility capable of building cruisers in the level - the 
    shipyard - and for it to produce nine or ten battlecruisers would take a 
    phenomenal amount of time, which you of course don't have in this level.
    ______________________________V1.5 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    The Vaygr are attacking three generators, at least one of which must still be
    standing by the time the mission wraps up. They have tons of ships, including 
    at least one battlecruiser, a carrier, a shipyard, a few destroyers and a ton 
    of frigates and smaller craft.
    NOTE: You can see how much or how little health each generator has by clicking 
    on the Gate itself, then looking at the health bars of the three subsystems.
    As soon as you enter the level you will be under attack from two directions -  
    north east and north west. The north western bunch is pretty small - just a 
    few frigates and smaller craft. A tiny sneak attack will be approaching from 
    the north east, comprising three infiltration frigates on course to grab some 
    of your carriers. Set to aggressive, your ships should easily be able to 
    absorb both of these early attacks.
    Once this is done it's time to divide your forces in two: one group to hang  
    back in safety, and the other to get started on the Vaygr attacking the  
    Move your mothership away to the east, followed by your carriers and shipyard 
    - you won't be needing them here, and this will keep them safe from all those 
    cruisers. Keep your corvettes, strike craft, movers and minelayers near the 
    mothership, as the first few small Vaygr attacks must be dealt with without 
    the help of your large ships.
    Meanwhile, send your destroyers, cruisers and dreadnaught (escorted by 
    resourcers and all your frigates) angling directly down towards the group of 
    Vaygr frigates underneath the Gate (put your cap. ships on Evasive for the 
    speed, and send them in one big group, despite the fact that the destroyers 
    will be slowed down by the others). You may meet a single cruiser on the way 
    (in my replays sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn't). Engage it with 
    all of your capital ships if you do meet it, and heal up whichever ship the 
    cruiser decides to attack (almost always one of your cruisers).
    Those other cruisers (nine of them in my game) should not have bothered to 
    approach your fleet if you kept all of your ships far enough away from them. 
    If you send your capital ships straight down to the bottom group of frigates 
    in a straight line they won't pass close enough to any other Vaygr ships to 
    attract attention, and they should be able to attack the frigates in peace, 
    kind of. If you avoid the cruisers in this level they won't be a problem, and 
    it won't matter how many the game presents you with at the start. If you are 
    somehow passing too close to other ships on your way to the first generator, 
    use waypoints to steer clear.
    Another thing: while fighting these bottom frigates, make sure all of your 
    ships stay away from the popular area up around the middle generator. Swing 
    them around to the back of this lower frigate group, moving while attacking, 
    so that they're now east or north east of the frigates. This should keep them 
    far enough away from the cruisers and shipyard hanging around in the middle of 
    the map, and they will only have to deal with enemy strike craft. If you 
    attack with your ships moving around underneath the group of frigates at the 
    middle generator you will get far too much grief from the cruisers and all the 
    other Vaygr vessels.
    When your cap. ships do start hammering at the first group of frigates, keep 
    repairing your destroyers and cruisers, and bring in your dreadnaught and 
    frigates to help out. As adrian ke said, once the first generator is safe you 
    needn't worry about the other two being destroyed. Just kill off all of those 
    frigates at the bottom generator and you should save it in time, even if 
    you're having to fend off lots of Vaygr strike craft coming from the shipyard 
    If you lose that first generator, shift everyone upwards to the one in the 
    middle. In my experience this middle generator is the one which lasts the 
    longest, so save it for last and give yourself more chance of preserving any 
    one of the three. Going for it first is not an attractive proposition, as it 
    takes you too close to the shipyard and its guards, but keep it in mind as a 
    Anyway, if you move fast enough your big guns should easily manage to save the 
    bottom generator, at which point you get an autosave.
    When you approached the Gate you will have gotten a warning about the Vaygr 
    shipyard hovering around. Well, now that the Gate is safe, all that remains is 
    to wipe out that shipyard. When you see it you get a new autosave.
    Unfortunately it is heavily guarded, not least by almost all of the cruisers 
    you skipped earlier. It will also have a big bunch of frigates in tow, and 
    tons of strike craft flitting around.
    If you had attacked the shipyard from your starting position you would have 
    had to deal with all of those cruisers; but now that your ships are all 
    hanging around east of the bottom of the Gate you can attack the shipyard from 
    wherever the hell you like - ideally from the least difficult direction. The 
    time limit is gone and the Vaygr are doing nothing but resourcing in the 
    middle of the map.
    NOTE: Try not to move any of your capital ships too near the Gate - I did and 
    one of my destroyers got stuck, then it took years to pull away again.
    There are cruisers between your current position and the shipyard, and there 
    are also some cruisers between your mothership and the shipyard. Attack from 
    either of these directions and you will definitely meet cruisers, which you 
    don't want. But (assuming you hyperspaced into the bottom right of the map) 
    there are no cruisers on the "left" side of the shipyard.
    So move all your frigates and capital ships along the bottom of the map, out 
    of reach of the Vaygr cruisers' attention span, and stop them when they're 
    below and on the far side of the shipyard's position (blipped in the sensors 
    manager). Now move them up to a level plane with the shipyard, and finally 
    steam your assault force towards it to begin the attack. This is long-winded 
    but far more effective than just sending everyone at the shipyard with no real 
    plan. Ten Vaygr cruisers is way more than enough to wipe out your entire 
    force, so don't take the risk.
    If you approach from the shipyard's blind side - the side without any cruisers 
    protecting it - you can start battering at it before any nearby cruisers can 
    react. Send your frigates in a second or two before your bigger ships, so that 
    they can draw the fire of the cruisers and multiple enemy frigates near the 
    shipyard. As soon as the Vaygr open fire on the frigates you can move your big 
    guys in and smack the shipyard fast (ignore all the other Vaygr craft). It 
    won't take long if your dreadnaught, cruisers and destroyers are all hitting 
    it at once, and since your frigates are decoying the Vaygr cruisers you won't 
    lose any of your capital ships - I had the shipyard at half health before any 
    Vaygr cruiser got a shot off, and by the time the shipyard was dead I had lost 
    only a few frigates and all of my resourcers. This was OK, as I had more of 
    each queued up in the build managers.
    You then get yet more irritating cutscenes while your ships are under attack. 
    Skip through whichever ones you can to save your fleet from taking any more 
    damage or casualties.
    Done. Now, please, no more mails...
    Fleet at end of Level 13:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 3 Pulsar, 5 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer, 2 Battlecruiser
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 13 Build Options:
    Level 13 Research Options:
                               5.14 LEVEL 14: BALCORA
    We've played right into Makaan's hands, bringing him all three pieces of the
    Core which he's been after all along. But if he wants the pieces then he's
    going to have to fight for them. Or just pay us lots of money to go away
    Watch as the Vaygr heavies duck under the massive Sajuuk Progenitor ship and
    head towards your mothership. Three or four destroyers and a bunch of smaller
    ships are hoving into view, and to make it worse, your mothership has
    hyperspaced to the front of the fleet, leaving all your bigger ships slightly
    behind. Get them forwards and protect the mothership.
    This shouldn't be too hard, as long as you didn't lose too many capital /
    super-capital ships in the previous level. Once the first attack is dealt 
    with, watch out for another few Vaygr ships sneaking up on you from the south 
    west. Nothing difficult whatsoever.
    Command then identifies Makaan's flagship on the sensors manager, hiding 
    beyond the Sajuuk ship. Vaygr forces are rallying around Makaan, and it's time 
    to destroy this joker once and for all.
    But before you do that, you may have noticed a group of Vaygr off to the west.
    Well there's a shipyard hiding beyond them, and it will have to be destroyed 
    to ease your imminent suffering. Send your destroyers and frigates up there, 
    with some resourcers for repairs. There's a few frigates hanging around the
    shipyard, as well as one or two destroyers. Meh.
    I don't think the shipyard can actually be destroyed, but it can be sent
    fleeing into hyperspace by reducing it to about a third of its health, and the
    same goes for the two carriers accompanying it. Although I got a message from
    Command telling me that the shipyard was in fact destroyed, even though I just
    saw the friggin' thing vanish into the ether.
    Anyway, once that's done you can concentrate on Makaan and his cronies.
    Unhappily for you, Makaan is likely to have around six or seven 
    battlecruisers. Yes, that's battlecruisers. Along with a couple of carriers 
    and maybe one or two destroyers, not to mention his flagship. Oh and, by the 
    way, he also has his own dreadnaught.
    So take a while to rebuild your fleet as you see fit. Makaan's guards won't be
    producing any new ships (though one of the carriers might start sending out
    resourcers to the nearest resource clump), and you've removed the shipyard
    anyway, so take your time to plan it out.
    I've had success with placing a large minefield around the Progenitor ship,
    then baiting the Vaygr into moving towards the mines by sending in a few
    frigates. The frigates get destroyed immediately, but (depending on how big a
    minefield you lay down) the Vaygr take SERIOUS damage from the mines in 
    You could also try sending a whole lot of frigates in first to distract the 
    big guys, then hammer them from behind with your own destroyers, cruisers and
    But whatever you do, this will be a difficult battle. Keep repairing and 
    reload if you lose even one destroyer. Obviously, the dreadnaught should be 
    dealt with first, since it can do far more damage than the others. Next, take 
    out the cruisers two at time; target one with your dreadnaught and another 
    with everything else you have available. This should make this fight a bit 
    easier and quicker.
    Take out the flagship and carriers last. The flagship has huge armour but it's 
    actually a sitting duck without its escorts. If you need time to rebuild your 
    fleet AGAIN before the next level (and you probably will), don't finish the 
    Vaygr off until your armada is prepared. Taking out the last of Makaan's 
    guards and firing on the flagship will cause it to start releasing its own 
    strike craft.
    Once Makaan is damaged, you get an appropriately named autosave.
    Makaan's flagship will be putting out frigates and strike craft to attack you, 
    but leave your ships back on neutral stance while you repair and rebuild. Your 
    capital ships can deal with anything Makaan puts out. Don't worry about 
    rebuilding your fleet for the last level - if you're using my strategy you 
    won't need anything above ten bombers.
    Keep battering the flagship and Makaan eventually falls, with one last
    declaration of defiance. It doesn't do him much good, though - his ship
    explodes and the third piece of the Core is revealed. Lovely.
    Watch with a lump in your throat as your crew begin to abandon the trusty old
    mothership and transfer over to the Sajuuk ship. The mothership falls away
    towards the flames as the completed Core is brought over last of all.
    Fleet at end of Level 14:
    Fighter: 6 Interceptor, 8 Bomber
    Corvette: 4 Gunship, 3 Pulsar, 5 Minelayer, 10 Mover
    Frigate: 6 Flak, 6 Torpedo, 6 Ion, Captain Soban, 1 Defense Field
    Capital: 4 Carrier, 5 Destroyer, 2 Battlecruiser
    Utility: 10 Collector
    Dreadnaught - Gatekeeper of Sajuuk
    Shipyard - Nabaal
    Level 14 Build Options:
    Level 14 Research Options:
    Hiigara is by now under siege from the Vaygr, and the Hiigaran Navy are
    fighting a losing battle. But the Trinity has now been united, thanks to us,
    and we also have the yummy Sajuuk mothership into the bargain...
    The space above Hiigara is under serious attack from tons of Vaygr ships. The 
    Hiigaran defense fleet is putting up a fight, but they're outnumbered and 
    outgunned. They need to get themselves a Sajuuk Progenitor ship. Shouldn't be 
    too hard.
    This mission looks a hell of a lot tougher than it is, so don't be put off by 
    the chaos you see in front of you. Ignore the friendly ships. Ignore the enemy 
    ships. In fact, ignore most of your own fleet. You can theoretically do this 
    one with Sajuuk and ten bomber squadrons, and so that's how I'm going to 
    approach this level, just to show you how basically easy it is.
    NOTE: I feel a bit embarrassed at doing two previous versions of this guide, 
    neither of which included a walkthrough to this level. I thought it was going 
    to be much more difficult, so I spent ages trying unsuccessfully to build up a 
    hefty fleet before exiting the previous level. 
    Sod it, it's done now.
    Right. Take five bomber squadrons (build them if you don't have them), give 
    them a group number of their own, and send them over to the east of the map, 
    in evasive stance for the sake of speed. If you go far enough east you can 
    avoid the groups of Vaygr lurking around the area. Your ships should head for 
    the end of the asteroid belt, south of that blue blip to the north (which 
    marks the site of a Vaygr shipyard). From this waypoint, send them a bit 
    farther north, but don't go near the blip and be sure to avoid any red dots 
    nearby. Leave this first group of bombers sitting here.
    Take a second group of five bomber squadrons, give this lot a different group 
    number, and send them away to the west, to sit somewhere due south of the 
    westernmost blue blip. Any nearby Vaygr should be plainly visible on the 
    sensors manager - avoid them and leave this second group sitting here.
    Finally, send Sajuuk hyperspacing to the northern edge of the map, which 
    should be unoccupied and pretty lonely. There is a specific spot you should 
    aim to arrive at, but you can get a better feel for this from reloading if you 
    miss it the first time. Give Sajuuk its own group number.
    You should now have five bombers in the south-east, five bombers in the south-
    west, and Sajuuk lurking in the north. None of them will be under attack and 
    all of them will be waiting. Select Sajuuk and sit staring at it unmoving on 
    your screen.
    Incidentally, when I said ignore most of your own fleet I meant it. Even if 
    they do come under attack - which they probably won't - the attack will be 
    weak and easily dealt with by your destroyers and cruisers. They should be 
    safe; and besides, Sajuuk is your mothership now, not the shipyard.
    Now just wait until:
    Three big spidery missile platforms have appeared at three different places, 
    loading a great many missiles ready to be launched on the planet below. Your 
    objective has two parts: one is to destroy the platforms themselves, thus 
    stopping them from launching more missiles; the other is to take out the 
    missiles themselves before they disappear out of range.
    You should have been looking at Sajuuk, like I said, so cancel your way 
    through the frustrating cutscenes and pull-aways. The instant that northern 
    platform appears, start battering at it with Sajuuk's heavy beam (hopefully 
    you hyperspaced to a point close enough). The quicker you get started the 
    better, because you'll soon afterwards receive an audible warning that all 
    three platforms have begun simultaneously launching their payloads.
    Sajuuk is the only ship capable of destroying the platforms, so don't even 
    bother attacking them with anything else. It takes about five of Sajuuk's 
    heavy beams to kill off each platform, and it can meanwhile be firing at any 
    airborne missiles with its secondary beams. You must make sure you target each 
    missile before it gets out of range, since Sajuuk will otherwise ignore them 
    to concentrate on the platform. If you start on that first platform as soon as 
    it appears, you can take it out before it even manages to get one missile 
    If you want more good news, you don't even have to look at either of the other 
    two platforms if Sajuuk is quick enough at destroying the first one. They may 
    have started launching missiles, but they'll be moving slowly and may not have 
    even reached your separate groups of bombers yet. By all means, keep an eye on 
    them, but there should be no panic at this point.
    NOTE: Just a word about those missiles. You should, obviously, be trying to 
    catch as many as you can, and getting all of them is ideal. But if some do 
    slip through, Hiigara will lose more of its population with each impact. You 
    can keep an eye on the decreasing population at the bottom of the screen.
    I'm not sure how many missiles it takes to get the population to zero, but 
    it's not very many - no more than ten, I think. There is also a time delay 
    with each impact, representing the time it's taken them to drop from space 
    onto the surface. This means that you may not be safe if your population level 
    says 1.2 million or whatever - the game might just be waiting for the next one 
    to land.
    My strategy is designed to let you catch all the missiles, though this will 
    still be difficult if you're unorganised. Don't worry about one or two 
    missiles getting past your ambushes, but if you're letting great bunches 
    through then you've probably already lost.
    Once Sajuuk's gotten rid of the first platform, hyperspace it immediately to 
    one of the others. I recommend the one in the east, since, in my experience, 
    it launches more missiles than the one to the west, and is therefore the more 
    Get both sets of bombers to start on each missile that approaches them - they 
    fly in straight lines so it's no problem to predict where they're going - and 
    get Sajuuk started on whichever platform you chose next as soon as it's able.
    Now you can basically forget Sajuuk and open the sensors manager. It's much 
    easier to control both of your bomber groups from here. Every one of the 
    missiles will be shown vividly on the sensors manager as a red blip, and it's 
    the simplest thing in the world for you to target your bombers on each missile 
    from the manager, rather than from the main view. The map also lets you see 
    Sajuuk destroying the second platform, which will occur with a big explosion 
    and an autosave.
    You know what's next. Hyperspace Sajuuk to the last platform and start firing 
    on it. Use your far off bombers to wipe out the last of the missiles the 
    second platform may have launched before it exploded, then just forget about 
    them. Hell, scuttle the buggers if you like.
    From here it's just a case of letting Sajuuk do its thing while your other 
    group of bombers clears up any stray missiles coming from the last platform.
    As the last platform approaches its demise, you may be starting to worry about 
    all those Vaygr ships dotted around the landscape, including two shipyards and 
    multiple capital and super-capital ships. Well, don't bother. When the third 
    and last platform goes it takes its missiles with it, whether they're in the 
    air or not, and you've completed the mission and the game.
    Congratulations, now sit back and watch the suggestive end movie.
    NOTE: Karen is starting to look more and more like Genova, Sephiroth's mum, 
    from Final Fantasy 7.
                      |    6. CONTRIBUTORS / CONTRIBUTIONS    |
    Version 1.0 -
    25 June 2006 - Michael Sarich: Copyright Disclaimer
    Version 1.1 -
    Version 1.2 -
    21 July 2006 - Benjamin Norris <falc786@yahoo.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.6
    30 September 2006 - Chouru <oneofpureheart@yahoo.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.13
    Version 1.3 -
    01 November - Muse 
    Provided the soundtrack to my replays; Bliss, Space Dementia, Supermassive 
    Black Hole, Map Of The Problematique, Knights Of Cydonia, Sunburn, Hysteria, 
    Butterflies And Hurricanes... all amazing songs to listen to while playing the 
    Homeworld games
    01 November 2006 - Beloved Spear <rndwill@aol.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.3
    01 November 2006 - Clayton Mastaw <cjmastaw@yahoo.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.12
    Version 1.4 - 
    10 December 2006 - Tuan Le Quoc <nghienviec@gmail.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.4
    Version 1.5 -
    21 December 2006 - MAG <broncopasler@gmail.com>
    Contributed to Sections 5.4, 5.6, 5.10, and gave me headaches with all the new 
    21 December 2006 - brett hawk <repearness@yahoo.com>
    Contributed to Section 5.6
    21 December 2006 - adrian ke <adrianke77@yahoo.com.sg>
    Contributed to Section 5.13
    Version 1.6 -
    15 February 2007 - vasco cardoso <vasco_vc@hotmail.com> 
    Contributed to Section 5.8
                             THANK-YOU TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS
                        |    7. VERSION HISTORY / UPDATES    |
    Version 1.0 completion - 25 June 2006
    Version 1.1 completion - 06 August 2006
    Section 1:
    1.2 CONTACT ME - New section of the guide
    Section 2:
    Removed unnecessary paragraphs
    Section 3:
    Lengthened introductory paragraph
    3.1 MILITARY - Added description of Sajuuk Progenitor
    Section 5:
    Added missing index numbers to level names
    5.3 Level 3: SARUM (SARUM - FLEET STAGING AREA) - Added more information
    5.14 Level 14: BALCORA - Added more information
    Corrected spelling, grammar and formatting errors
    Version 1.2 completion - 05 October 2006
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    3.1.5 PLATFORM - Added note about platforms
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    5.13 LEVEL 13: BALCORA GATE (BALCORA) - Rewrote entire section
    Reformatted entire document to make it look less watery and weak
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    Version History / Updates is now Section 7, rather than part of Section 6
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    Version 1.3 completion - 03 November 2006
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    1.3 CONTACT ME - Added notes about reader emails
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    Reviewed / updated all ship descriptions
    3.1.3 FRIGATE - Added description of Captain Soban
    3.1.4 CAPITAL - Added description of Sajuuk Progenitor
    Section 5:
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    5.13 LEVEL 13: BALCORA GATE (BALCORA) - Alterations to reader contribution
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    Version 1.4 completion - 10 December 2006
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    Thank-you for using this walkthrough. I hope it helped you out, or at least 
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