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    Rush Strategy Guide by cyberjvh

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/25/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Starcraft II Rush Strategy Guide for use against Insane AI
     -Guide written by James Hague; aka Jimmy; aka Cyberjvh
                             READ THIS FIRST!
    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  It appears that with patch 1.1 the insane AI now deals 
    with rush strategies differently which makes most of the below mentioned 
    strategies useless against insane AI.
    However, they should all still work fine against very hard difficulty or less.  
    The Zerg suicide rush strategy still seems to work as described below.  And as 
    I've come to find it seems that this type of suicide strategy is commonly 
    reffered to as a "cheese" strategy or "cheesing."
    Also, my Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI strategy may still work but it appears there is 
    no longer a chance at building the spine crawlers quickly enough that the enemy 
    workers will stop attacking and thus in order for this strategy to work you 
    would have to follow the directions listed with the "Alternate possibility 
    strategy" provided, however I have not tested this with patch 1.1 and it is 
    possible that even with the alternate possibility directions this strategy may 
    not work anymore.  However, considering how the Zerg suicide rush strategy is 
    much less complicated and still works it is probably best to just use that 
    strategy when fighting insane Terran or Zerg AI.
    Table of Contents
    01)  Useful Info
      01a) Practicing these strategies
      01b) Achievement info
      01c) Human opponents
      01d) Speed victories
      02a) Common sense efficiency
      02b) Map choices
    03)  Protoss vs Insane Terran AI or Insane Protoss AI
    04)  Terran vs Insane Zerg AI
    05)  Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI
    06)  Zerg suicide rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI
    01) Useful info
    01a) Practicing these strategies:
    You may want to practice each method by playing through "Versus A.I." in the 
    Single Player category so you can pause the game in between reading my 
    directions.  However, you can only get the Crusher achievements through "Create 
    a Game" in the multiplayer category but can't pause the game this way.  So if 
    you want your practice to count for achievements in multiplayer you could set 
    the game to run on slow speed but this might not be as convenient as being able 
    to pause so you can take your time reading and then play with the game running 
    at a faster speed when you're actually playing.
    01b) Achievement info:
    I'm sure this guide isn't perfect but it should be pretty helpful for anyone 
    who wants to get the Insane AI Crusher achievement.  Even the AI on insane 
    difficulty isn't as resourceful as a human can be and taking advantage of the 
    limits of the AI can make getting the Crusher achievements a whole lot easier 
    and quicker.  Just make sure you create your games through "Create a Game" in 
    the Multiplayer category as this is the only way to get credit for the Crusher 
    Keep in mind the AI specific Crusher achievements are for 1v1 solo play so 
    doing cooperative play or working on the Outmatched achievements will not count 
    for the Crusher achievements that are based on AI difficulty.  If you do try to 
    get the Crusher achievements I recommend going straight for Insane AI crusher 
    as any wins you get against the insane AI will also count as wins against the 
    lower difficulty AIs.
    If you want to get the Medium AI crusher achievement you may want to use random 
    for your race selection because the medium Crusher achievement requires winning 
    at least 100 matches with your race set to random.  The medium AI Crusher 
    achievement also requires 100 victories using each race so medium Crusher 
    requires playing a lot more games than any of the harder difficulties.  For 
    example, if you get 100 victories using random race against insane AI with 34 
    wins as Terran, 33 wins as Zerg, and 33 as Protoss you will get the achievement 
    for completing 100 victories as random against medium AI but will still need to 
    complete 66 more wins as Terran, 67 more wins as Zerg, and 67 more wins as 
    Protoss against an AI of at least medium difficulty.
    Because of this you might want to instead get 100 victories against insane AI 
    with 50 as one race and 50 as another race if there is one race in particular 
    you don't want to play with and you're more comfortable controlling what race 
    you will use against the Insane AI instead of using random.  Then you could do 
    all of your random matches against the medium AI and by the time you get 100 
    wins using random races you would have approximately 83 wins for each of the 
    two races you used against the insane AI and approximately 33 matches as the 
    one race you didn't use against the insane AI.  Then you would just need to 
    finish off the remaining needed wins against medium AI opponents to get the 
    medium AI Crusher achievement.  You don't have to do it this way but it might 
    be a more comfortable method for people who want to control their race matchup 
    against the insane AI instead of using random. 
    01c) Human opponents:
    While these strategies probably won't work very well against human opponents 
    they might work on some inexperienced players who get caught off guard and 
    haven't had to deal with being rushed before.  But for the most part, don't 
    expect these strategies to work on human players.
    01d) Speed victories:
    The zerg suicide rush may be the fastest path to victory out of my strategies 
    but I haven't timed the typical times of each strategy so I don't know for 
    sure.  However, unlike the other strategies, the enemy AI doesn't always 
    surrender to a zerg suicide rush so you may have to destroy every enemy 
    building sometimes.
    02a) Common sense efficiency:
    As soon as any game starts you should of course immediately send your workers 
    to gathering minerals and start producing more workers as soon as you can.  
    Unless stated otherwise, all workers you produce should go straight to 
    gathering minerals so it's wise to set the worker rally point for your Nexus, 
    Command Center, or Hatchery to a mineral field.  If you have an scv building 
    supply depots make sure you have it set to return to harvesting minerals after 
    building by holding shift while the scv is selected and right clicking on a 
    mineral field.
    02b) Map choices:
    While I worked out all of these strategies using the Steppes of War map they 
    should also work fine on any small two player map where you know exactly where 
    your opponent's base will be located (Except for the Novice maps; These strats 
    will work on "Steppes of War" but not "Novice Steppes of War").
    03)  Protoss vs Insane Terran AI or Insane Protoss AI on Steppes of War map
    (A similar strategy can be used against insane zerg and may even be easier 
    against the zerg as they seem to be slightly slower in producing their military 
    units as they usually focus on making roaches, however zerg may take longer for 
    you to defeat because you can't build your structures on their creep and may 
    have to build a gateway and send in zealots to finish off their base, although 
    attacking the zerg hatchery with your probe will sometimes convince the AI to 
    surrender sooner if you've done enough damage to the zerg base with your 
    -At 8 supply used be ready to send your 8th probe to the enemy base as soon as 
    it comes out of your Nexus (produce another two probes right after the 8th 
    probe is produced so you will have 10/10 supply used before your probe arrives 
    at the enemy base)
    -Make your first pylon at enemy base just above the ramp as soon as your probe 
    -After pylon warps in immediately start warping in a forge next to the pylon
    -Keep producing probes and using chrono boost on your Nexus until you have 20 
    probes harvesting minerals. -As the forge is close to finished warping in 
    cancel production of probes as necessary to ensure you have at least 150 
    minerals for your first photon cannon.
    -After forge warps in immediately warp in a photon cannon near pylon (two if 
    you have enough minerals)
    -Keep creeping cannons and pylons towards enemy base until the enemy 
    04)  Terran vs Insane Zerg AI on Steppes of War map
    (A similar strategy can probably be used against insane terran and protoss but 
    you may have to send an scv to enemy base at 8 supply used instead of 9 to 
    start building soon enough.)
    -At 9 supply used be ready to send your 9th scv to enemy base after it's 
    -As soon as you send your 9th scv to enemy base start building a supply depot 
    at your base.
    -Keep producing scvs until your scv headed to the enemy base starts getting 
    -As soon as your scv arrives at the enemy base build a barracks just above the 
    ramp.  If you have to wait a few seconds to get enough minerals to build a 
    barracks that's fine but if you have to wait any longer than a few seconds you 
    spent too many minerals on building scvs and need to cancel one or more scvs.
    -After barracks is built immediately start training a marine and have your scv 
    start building a bunker but not too far from the ramp.  If you start building 
    too close to the enemy base before you have any marines inside the bunker the 
    enemy may attack your defenseless bunker.
    -After you start building the bunker que a couple more marines to be trained at 
    the barracks.
    -After the bunker is built have the scv build another barracks and set current 
    barracks rally point to the bunker and move in the marine that has already been 
    -Send 3 or 4 scvs from your base to your proxy base outside the enemy base and 
    make sure all scvs you have at the proxy base have repair set to autocast.
    -Keep producing scvs until you have 20 scvs harvesting minerals and don't stop 
    training marines.  Don't forget to keep building supply depots as needed and a 
    total of four depots should be sufficient.
    -If you followed this guide well the zerg will usually attack your first bunker 
    when you only have two or three marines in it and you need to be ready to have 
    enough scvs to repair it and to repair eachother.
    -Make sure zerg don't get a drone outside their base to build a hatchery at the 
    nearby expansion area as they may be able to overwhelm you if they can produce 
    units both from inside and outside their base.
    -Keep creeping bunkers filled with marines towards enemy base without too much 
    spacing between each bunker or the bunker being constructed could be attacked 
    without any nearby bunkered marines to kill the attackers.  Also, try to keep 
    scvs behind the bunkers that are closest to enemy base as they are likely to be 
    attacked and will need repairs.
    -It may be useful to take a couple marines to try to lure the zerg forces to 
    your bunkers to keep their numbers thinned.  Also, if you get a chance to 
    attack one of their hatcheries for a couple seconds it should get the attention 
    of any zerg queens and you can easily lure the queen(s) to be taken out by the 
    marines in bunkers.
    -When you're sure the zerg have no military units or very few military units it 
    should be safe to unload all your barracks and send all your marines in to 
    finish off the enemy.  You should probably have at the very least 12 marines 
    before sending your marines in but I usually wait till I have 16 or more.
    05)  Zerg vs Insane Zerg AI on Steppes of War map
    (For obvious reasons this strategy won't work against Terran and Protoss 
    opponents as they won't have creep at their base for you to build upon.)
    (For any of the circumstances listed below, after you get a foothold in the 
    enemy base, you may want to send in two or three more drones to the enemy base 
    to morph into spine crawlers to help speed up your victory.)
    -Just focus on making drones and having them harvest minerals until you have 
    10/10 supply and wait till you have 200 minerals then immediately build a 
    spawning pool.
    -Create another drone as soon as you can to replace the one morphing into the 
    spawning pool.
    -Wait until that drone is created and then send three drones to the enemy base 
    and have them create spine crawlers on the enemy creep.  Details about where to 
    build and what to do are listed below based on difficulty level:
    [Very Hard]
    If you're playing against very hard or less difficulty you should be able to 
    build your spine crawlers within attack range of the hatchery without the enemy 
    sending its drones to attack the spine crawlers as they're morphing.
    Beating insane zerg with spine crawlers can be tough because the insane AI will 
    attack the spine crawlers that your drones are trying to morph into.  At first 
    I had to develop two different strategies for using zerg to beat insane zerg 
    which is why there is an extra section below labeled "Alternate possibility 
    strategy."  As long as you master this first strategy you probably won't have 
    to perform the strategies listed below that vary based on how the zerg AI could 
    Have your drones morph into spine crawlers at the edge of the enemy's base to 
    distance you from the drones that will come to attack.  Try to be quick in 
    getting all three of your drones to start morphing into spine crawlers because 
    the enemy will come to attack as soon as you start morphing the first one.  
    Having all three drones selected at once and holding the shift key to place the 
    locations for all three spine crawlers quickly works well.  If you get all 
    three morphing before the drones are able to attack they may just change their 
    mind about attacking and head back to gathering minerals making your job easy.  
    After they finish morphing into spine crawlers, if they aren't close enough to 
    attack any enemy units you will need to uproot them and have them move closer.  
    Then just let them do their business till the enemy surrenders.
    However, after your drones are morphing, if the enemy drones keep attacking, 
    you can follow the complicated directions listed below:
    Alternate possibility strategy
    Cancel morphing into the two spine crawlers that are being attacked by the 
    largest numbers of drones.  (If for some reason only one of your morphing spine 
    crawlers is being attacked then only cancel morphing that one.)
    If you cancel building the spine crawlers the enemy drones sometimes go back to 
    gathering minerals but sometimes they also attack your drones and you will need 
    to have your drones run away to survive.
     *[(Possibility A) Enemy drones attack your drones]
    If the enemy drones try attacking your drones then have your drones run around 
    in a large circle to keep the enemy drones distracted by chasing your drones 
    while your remaining spine crawler continues to morph.  (If there's a single 
    enemy drone attacking the spine crawler that is still have morphing in it 
    should be able to finish morphing but it will have reduced health when it 
    After your spine crawler finally morphs it should start attacking the drones 
    that are chasing your drones which should give your drones a chance to start 
    morphing into more spine crawlers.
     *[(Possibility B) Enemy drones attack the remaining spine crawler instead of 
    chasing your drones]
    If this is the case then you can simply get the enemy AI to waste its time that 
    it could be gathering minerals by doing the following.  Cancel the remaining 
    spine crawler from morphing, when the enemy drones turn around to start 
    gathering again wait for them to get close to their minerals, then morph in a 
    spine crawler again, wait for the enemy drones to get close to it again, then 
    cancel building it, and keep repeating the process while you continue to gain 
    resources at your base.  Some time during this process start creating zerglings 
    and a couple overlords.  Eventually the drones may stop trying to attack your 
    spine crawler as you morph it.  If so then go ahead and start creating all 
    three spine crawlers.  Otherwise you can eventually send zerglings in to take 
    out the enemy.
    06)  Zerg suicide rush vs Insane Zerg AI or Insane Terran AI
    (As far as I can tell this strategy can't be used successfully on insane AI 
    Protoss but probably would work against protoss on some of the lower difficulty 
    (This strategy probably isn't a good idea in anything other than a 1v1 fight)
    -Just focus on making drones and having them harvest minerals until you have 
    10/10 supply and wait till you have 200 minerals then immediately build a 
    spawning pool.
    -Create another drone to replace the one morphing into the spawning pool.
    -As soon as you have 100 minerals create an overlord.
    -Keep harvesting all the minerals you can until the spawning pool is finished.  
    As soon as the spawning pool is finished quickly start morphing all three of 
    your larva into zerglings.
    -Set the rally point (not the worker rally point) for your hatchery to the 
    middle of the enemy's base so any further zerglings you make automatically head 
    -As soon as another larva becomes available morph it into another pair of 
    -After starting to morph another pair of zerglings select all your drones and 
    have them return any minerals they've gathered to your hatchery and group them 
    up near your morphing zerglings.
    -Be ready to select all your zerglings and drones as soon as the zerglings from 
    the first three larva hatch and then send all of them to your enemies base with 
    the attack command.  Using the attack command is important because when your 
    units get there they will likely encounter at least one enemy military unit.
    -While your drones and zerglings are heading to the enemy base morph two more 
    larva as they become available into more zerglings.
    -Just basically kill all enemy units including workers before focusing on 
    destroying structures and be ready to take control of your additional zerglings 
    that you started morphing earlier as they arrive to the enemy base.  You should 
    continue morphing zerglings if you have enough minerals.
    -Prioritize killing military units before workers and prioritize destroying 
    structures that provide military units such as a gateway or roach warren before 
    other structures.
    -If you have difficulty killing all the workers that's fine, don't waste too 
    much time having your units run around chasing workers.  If there's only a few 
    workers left then just ignore them and focus on destroying the most threatening 
    military building.  If you're fighting zerg that would be a roach warren first 
    and then the spawning pool second.  You need to be quick as additional enemy 
    military units will be produced before you can cripple the enemy's ability to 
    produce military units.
    -In this type of rush don't expect the enemy AI to always surrender so 
    sometimes you will have to destroy every enemy structure to win.

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