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    Credit Usage/Upgrade Guide by Rossmacdaddy

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                            Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
                            Credit Usage and Upgrade Guide
                    Guide written by rossmacdaddy (SC2 - ArchAvis)
                    for distribution on GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
                                     Version 1.10
    Table of Contents
    I.	Introduction                                            [01.INTR]
    II.	Armory Upgrades                                         [02.ARMO]
     A.	 Base Upgrades                                           [2A.BASE]
     B.	 Infantry Upgrades                                       [2B.INFA]
     C.	 Vehicle Upgrades                                        [2C.VEHI]
     D.	 Starship Upgrades                                       [2D.STAR]
     E.	 Dominion Upgrades                                       [2E.DOMI]
    III.	Mercenary Contracts                                     [03.MERC]
    IV.	Laboratory Research                                     [04.LABO]
     A.	 Protoss Research                                        [4A.PROT]
     B.	 Zerg Research                                           [4B.ZERG]
    V.	Recommendations                                         [05.RECO]
     A.	 Armory Upgrades                                         [5A.ARMO]
     B.	 Mercenary Contracts                                     [5B.MERC]
     C.	 Laboratory Research                                     [5C.LABO]
    VI.	Frequently Asked Questions                              [06.FREQ]
    I. Introduction [01.INTR]
    The purpose of this guide is to help Starcraft II campaign players make good
    choices on how to spend their limited credits in the Wings of Liberty Campaign.
    As with any FAQ, these suggestions are my opinions and nothing more.  After
    repeated playthroughs of the campaign, I've come to realize which upgrades are
    helpful, and which are mostly garbage.
    If you haven't played the campaign, here is the first thing you should know -
    the credits you earn in the Wings of Liberty Campaign are not enough to
    purchase all of the upgrades available to you.  Here are the totals:
     2,030,000 from mission rewards and bonus objectives (includes secret mission)
       220,000 from excess research points sold to Mobius
     2,250,000 maximum credits per campaign playthrough
    II. Armory Upgrades [02.ARMO]
     A. Base Upgrades [2A.BASE]
       Projectile Accelerator                                        40,000 credits
        - Bunkered units get +1 range
       Neosteel Bunker                                               50,000 credits
        - Bunkers gain 2 additional capacity
      Missile Turret
       Titanium Housing                                              50,000 credits
        - Turrets gain +75 max life
       Hellstorm Batteries                                           80,000 credits
        - Turrets fire second volley of missiles for splash damage
       Advanced Construction                                         60,000 credits
        - Multiple SCVs can build structures faster
       Dual-Fusion Welders                                           80,000 credits
        - SCV repair twice as fast
      Terran Building
       Fire-Suppression System                                       90,000 credits
        - Structures auto extinguish fire and repair to 50% life
       Orbital Command Center                                       125,000 credits
        - Enables use of Scanner Sweep and Calldown: MULE abilities
                                        TOTAL FOR BASE UPGRADES     575,000 credits
     B. Infantry Upgrades [2B.INFA]
       Stimpacks                                                     50,000 credits
        - Marines take damage / Fire and move 50% faster for 15 seconds
       Combat Shield                                                 60,000 credits
        - Marines start with +10 more max life
       Advanced Medic Facilities                                     60,000 credits
        - Medics no longer require the Tech Lab add-on
       Stabilizer Medpacks                                          105,000 credits
        - Medics heal targets 25% faster and use 33% less energy
       Incinerator Gauntlets                                         40,000 credits
        - Firebats gain a 40% larger area attack
       Juggernaut Plating                                            85,000 credits
        - Firebats gain +2 armor
       Concussive Shells                                             70,000 credits
        - Marauder attack slows all units in target area
       Kinetic Foam                                                  90,000 credits
        - Marauders gain +25 max life
       U-238 Rounds                                                  60,000 credits
        - Reapers gain +1 range and get +3 damage to light armor
       G-4 Clusterbomb                                               75,000 credits
        - Enables use of anti-personnel charge with a large blast radius
                                    TOTAL FOR INFANTRY UPGRADES     635,000 credits
     C. Vehicle Upgrades [2C.VEHI]
       Twin-Linked Flamethrower                                      40,000 credits
        - Doubles width of the Hellion's flame attack
       Thermite Filaments                                            60,000 credits
        - Hellions do an additional +10 damage to light armor
       Cerberus Mine                                                 50,000 credits
        - Increases mine blast and trigger radius by 33%
       Replenishable Magazine                                        60,000 credits
        - Vultures can replenish mines for 15 minerals
       Multi-Lock Weapons System                                     50,000 credits
        - Goliaths can fire both weapons simultaneously
       Ares-Class Targeting System                                   80,000 credits
        - Goliaths gain +3 missile range and +1 cannon range
       Tri-Lithium Power Cell                                        75,000 credits
        - Diamondbacks gain +1 range
       Shaped Hull                                                   90,000 credits
        - Diamondbacks gain +50 max life
      Siege Tank
       Maelstrom Rounds                                             105,000 credits
        - Siege Tanks do additional +40 damage to primary target
       Shaped Blast                                                 140,000 credits
        - Shock Cannon does 75% less damage to friendly units
                                     TOTAL FOR VEHICLE UPGRADES     750,000 credits
     D. Starship Upgrades [2D.STAR]
       Rapid Deployment Tube                                         50,000 credits
        - Medivacs deploy loaded troops almost instantly
       Advanced Healing AI                                          115,000 credits
        - Medivacs can heal two targets at once
       Tomahawk Power Cells                                          80,000 credits
        - Wraiths start with +100 energy
       Displacement Field                                           125,000 credits
        - Wraiths evade 20% of attacks when cloaked
       Ripwave Missiles                                              75,000 credits
        - Viking missiles do area splash damage
       Phobo-Class Weapons System                                    90,000 credits
        - Vikings gain +2 missile range and +1 cannon range
       Cross-Spectrum Dampeners                                      80,000 credits
        - Banshees can remain cloaked for twice as long
       Shockwave Missile Battery                                    110,000 credits
        - Banshee attack fires multiple missiles in a line
       Missile Pods                                                 140,000 credits
        - Enables use of anti-air area missile attack
       Defensive Matrix                                             150,000 credits
        - Enables use of energy shield that absorbs 200 damage
                                    TOTAL FOR STARSHIP UPGRADES   1,015,000 credits
     E. Dominion Upgrades [2E.DOMI]
       Ocular Implants                                               85,000 credits
        - Ghosts gain +2 range and +3 sight radius
       Cirius Suit                                                  125,000 credits
        - Cloak no longer requires energy
       Psionic Lash                                                 100,000 credits
        - Enables use of psionic attack that deals 200 damage
       Nyx-Class Cloaking Module                                    125,000 credits
        - Cloak no longer requires energy
       *You can get Ghost OR Specter during the campaign playthrough - not both.
       330mm Barrage Cannon                                         130,000 credits
        - Improves bombardment cannon by adding area damage and stun
       Immortality Protocol                                         140,000 credits
        - Destroyed Thors can be revived in the field
                            TOTAL FOR DOMINION UPGRADES (Ghost)     480,000 credits
                          TOTAL FOR DOMINION UPGRADES (Spectre)     495,000 credits
                                  TOTAL ARMORY UPGRADES (Ghost)   3,455,000 credits
                                TOTAL ARMORY UPGRADES (Spectre)   3,470,000 credits
    III. Mercenary Contracts [03.MERC]
      War Pigs (3 squad limit per mission)                                0 credits
       - 4 Elite Marines with +65% Health and +35% Damage
      Devil Dogs (2 squad limit per mission)                         35,000 credits
       - 2 Elite Firebats with +80% Health and +25% Damage
      Hammer Securities (2 squad limit per mission)                  30,000 credits
       - 2 Elite Marauders with +25% Health and +20% Damage
      Spartan Company (2 squad limit per mission)                    40,000 credits
       - 2 Elite Goliaths with +33% Health and +33% Damage
      Siege Breakers (2 squad limit per mission)                     45,000 credits
       - 2 Elite Siege Tanks with +33% Health and +66% Damage
      Hel's Angels (2 squad limit per mission)                       45,000 credits
       - 3 Pirate Vikings with +45% Health and +40% Damage
      Dusk Wings (2 squad limit per mission)                         60,000 credits
       - 2 Rogue Banshees with +25% Health and +50% Damage
      Jackson's Revenge (limit 1 per mission)                        80,000 credits
       - 1 Pirate Battlecruiser with +30% Health and +33% Damage
                                  TOTAL FOR MERCENARY CONTRACTS     335,000 credits
    IV. Laboratory Research [04.LABO]
     A. Protoss Research [4A.PROT]
      Level 5 (can only choose one)
        - Engineering Bay / Armory Weapon upgrades also increase attack rate by 5%
       Vanadium Plating
        - Engineering Bay / Armory Armor upgrades also increase life by 5%
      Level 10 (can only choose one)
       Orbital Depots
        - Supply Depots no longer require construction time
        - Refineries produce vespene 25% faster (stacks with Automated Refinery)
      Level 15 (can only choose one)
       Automated Refinery
        - Refinery no longer requires SCVs to harvest vespene gas
       Command Center Reactor
        - Allows two SCVs to be trained simultaneously
      Level 20 (can only choose one)
        - Flying Detector with Auto-Turret, Point Defense Drone, & Seeker Missile
        - Built at the Starport
       Science Vessel
        - Flying Detector with Irradiate / Repairs nearby mechanical units
        - Built at the Starport
      Level 25 (can only choose one)
       Tech Reactor
        - Combines the Tech Lab and the Reactor add-ons
       Orbital Strike
        - Barracks units now arrive by Drop-Pod at the rally point
     B. Zerg Research [4B.ZERG]
      Level 5 (can only choose one)
       Shrike Turret
        - Outfits all Bunkers with an automated turret
       Fortified Bunker
        - Bunkers gain +150 life
      Level 10 (can only choose one)
       Planetary Fortress
        - Allows Command Center to add extra armor and Twin Ibiks Cannon
        - A Planetary Fortress cannot lift off
       Perdition Turret
        - Concealed automated flame turret that does area damage when engaged
      Level 15 (can only choose one)
        - Anti-infantry unit that emits an area shock attack
        - Built at the factory
        - Massive transport ship that deploys troops quickly
        - Loaded troops survive with minimal damage if Hercules is destroyed 
        - Built at the Starport (require Fusion Core)
      Level 20 (can only choose one)
       Cellular Reactor
        - Specialist units start with +100 energy and +100 max energy
       Regenerative Bio-Steel
        - Ships and vehicles slowly regenerate life
      Level 25
       Hive Mind Emulator
        - Can permanently Mind Control Zerg units
       Psi Disrupter
        - Slows movement and attack speeds of nearby Zerg
    V. Recommendations [05.RECO]
    These recommendations are based on helping you complete the campaign with
    upgrades that are worthwhile and helpful to complete later missions.  Many of
    these suggestions will also prepare you to complete some of the harder mission
    achievements by utilizing available units effectively.  These upgrades should
    be obtained as you can afford them.  Keep in mind that once you obtain the
    Zeratul missions after "The Dig", you can rake in a LOT of research points
    which you can use to finish off your Lab Research or cash in for credits.
     A. Armory Upgrades [5A.ARMO]
       Stimpacks (Marine)                                            50,000 credits
       Neosteel Bunker (Bunker)                                      50,000 credits
       Concussive Shells (Marauder)                                  70,000 credits
       Projectile Accelerator (Bunker)                               40,000 credits
       Stabilizer Medpacks (Medic)                                  105,000 credits
       Combat Shield (Marine)                                        60,000 credits
       Hellstorm Batteries (Missile Turret)                          80,000 credits
       Kinetic Foam (Marauder)                                       90,000 credits
       Thermite Filaments (Hellion)                                  60,000 credits
       Twin-Linked Flamethrower (Hellion)                            40,000 credits
       Titanium Housing (Missile Turret)                             50,000 credits
       Multi-Lock Weapons System (Goliath)                           50,000 credits
       Ripwave Missiles (Viking)                                     75,000 credits
       Dual-Fusion Welders (SCV)                                     80,000 credits
       Phobo-Class Weapons System (Viking)                           90,000 credits
       Ares-Class Targeting System (Goliath)                         80,000 credits
       Orbital Command Center (Terran Building)                     125,000 credits
       Maelstrom Rounds (Siege Tank)                                105,000 credits
       Shaped Blast (Siege Tank)                                    140,000 credits
       Fire-Suppression System (Terran Building)                     90,000 credits
       Advanced Healing AI (Medivac)                                115,000 credits
       Rapid Deployment Tube (Medivac)                               50,000 credits
       Shockwave Missile Battery (Banshee)                          110,000 credits
       Cross-Spectrum Dampeners (Banshee)                            80,000 credits
       Immortality Protocol (Thor)                                  140,000 credits
       TOTAL ARMORY UPGRADE COSTS                                 2,025,000 credits
       These upgrades will update the units that you will want to use most often.
       I've ranked these upgrades in priority order.  Depending on which mission
       order you choose, you might have to purchase these in a slightly different
       way.  In general, try to plan your next mission selections so you'll be able
       to afford 1 or 2 upgrades after the mission.  It is also helpful to have
       certain units available before you attempt certain missions.  For example,
       It is strongly recommended that you have Vikings before you attempt
       "The Dig."  If you want to get the "Yippee-Ki-Yay..." achievement, you'll
       want air support to scout for your laser drill.  Trust me.  
       THE GOOD
       While many players don't like to turtle, it really pays off in the campaign.
       Fortifying your bunkers will be well worth the investment.  Adding two slots
       is a real help since you can get more firepower out of fewer Bunkers.  The
       Projectile Accelerator adds needed range so the Bunker takes less damage.
       Once you fortify them with the Zerg Research upgrade, Bunkers are just plain
       great defensive structures.
       Missile Turret
       Hellstorm Batteries shut down mass air units.  Put a pack of them around your
       base and you'll be well protected from air assaults.  The Titanium Housing
       adds life to them as well, which helps since they can be rather fragile if
       not repaired quickly.
       Until you can unlock Science Vessel, these guys are your only option to heal
       mech units.  The Dual-Fusion Welders help them complete very fast repairs.
       They also make great base defenders when patrolling your defensive line.
       Advanced Construction isn't that helpful because you end up committing too
       many workers to a building project when you could be advancing your economy.
       You might get a building much faster, but once your building is up, you have
       to play catch-up with yourself.  Not worth it.
       Terran Building
       The Orbital Command Center might seem like pure utility at first, but when
       you call down your first MULE, you'll realize how quickly they boost your
       economy.  They might fall apart after a short while, but they're free
       harvesters that are many times more effective than a regular SCV.  The
       Scanner Sweep is a great bonus, especially in the middle of the campaign
       when your detection abilities are rather pathetic.  Fire-Suppression
       can be beneficial if you're attention is somewhat divided during a mission.
       Free building healing is always good.
       Marines are a staple to a Terran army, so upgrading them to full is a must.
       Stimpack makes them a good choice throughout the campaign when paired with
       Medics or Medivacs.  Combat Shield adds longevity to their usefulness, which
       is always good.
       Medics only have one useful upgrade in the Stabilizer Medpacks, but it keeps
       your units alive a lot longer.  The Advanced Medic Facilities upgrade is a 
       waste of credits.  If you really need a Reactor more than a Tech Lab, you
       should probably just throw up a second Barracks and put one on each.
       Marauders are amazing.  Concussive shells is one of the most important
       upgrades in the campaign.  It slows ground movement for enemy troops,
       allowing other units to get more shots off before they can retaliate.
       Adding Kinetic Foam also helps keep them alive longer, which is always a
       good thing.  It's a shame you can't use Stimpacks on them in the campaign.
       Reapers are great at destroying buildings, but their upgrades aren't
       necessary.  If you want to use Reapers, don't worry about needing upgrades.
       Keep in mind that Reapers are excellent when paired with Hellions during
       Colony missions.  They still don't need upgrades.
       Hellions are fast and powerful.  They have very weak armor though, so be
       careful.  With Thermite Filaments and Twin-Linked Flamethrower, they dish
       out a lot of pain to ground troops.  If you can keep these away from the
       front of your mobile forces, they will be very useful to you throughout
       the campaign.
       If it weren't for Multi-Lock Weapon System, Goliaths probably wouldn't be
       as useful.  However, if you send them out with a few SCVs, they can handle
       themselves quite well.  The added range from Ares-Class Targeting System
       is also very helpful when facing groups of enemy forces.
       Siege Tank
       Both Siege tank upgrades are very expensive, but with good reason.  With
       Maelstrom rounds, the damage output from a group of siege tanks is crazy
       strong.  Shaped Blast allows your units to move in while under fire
       without worrying about the siege splash damage taking you out as well.
       The Medivac upgrades make them into a mini Hercules with great bio-healing
       (except you don't need a Fusion Core... ugh).  Very useful, even if you do
       get them rather late in the campaign...
       When you start to get air power, Vikings are very versatile - and both
       their upgrades are excellent.  Ripwave Missiles improve their anti-air
       capabilities tremendously.  The range upgrade from Phobo-Class Weapons
       really improves their anti-air, and makes their ground mode much more
       effective.  A mixed group of ground/air Vikings makes a really good
       strike force for their cost in the campaign.
       Banshees are great stealth strike fighters.  A group of them is lethal with
       Shockwave Missile Battery.  Cross-Spectrum Dampeners doubles their cloak
       time, which is really useful in later missions.
       Battlecruisers are great to use in the campaign if you can get a few out.
       However, Battlecruiser upgrades are way too expensive, and rather
       disappointing.  The Missile Pods are a lot like the Hellstorm Battery upgrade
       for Missile Turrets.  However, they require activation just like the Yamato
       Cannon.  If choosing between the two... I always pick Yamato Cannon.  The
       Defensive Matrix upgrade is just like the Science Vessel ability from SC/BW.
       However, it uses a lot of energy that could better be used on Yamato shots.
       Thors are great mobile siege units for the Terran army.  Their anti-air is
       a bit lacking, but they make up for it in longevity and raw power.  The
       Immortality Protocol for Thors helps mitigate the cost of their production
       while allowing you to rebuild them for 200 gas wherever they fall.  Since
       they are rather slow, this might happen more than you want it to.  The 330mm
       Barrage Cannon isn't a BAD upgrade, but for how often you'll use it, it
       really isn't that helpful.  Their standard cannon is enough to take down key
       buildings if you need to.
       THE BAD   
       Conversely, some unit upgrades are simply not worth any investment.  Aside
       from the missions where they are introduced, the following units are almost
       completely useless in the campaign:
       I don't know what they were thinking bringing Firebats back in SC2.  
       Marauders outclass them in EVERY way.
       Vultures are another oddity.  Spider mines are good for base defense in some
       circumstances, but bunkers and siege tanks are much better.  Swann even
       makes fun of them during the campaign if that's any clue.
       Diamondbacks are good for "chasing" units.  Well, since the only mobile
       target you face in the game happens to be during the mission you GET
       Diamondbacks, can you guess how useful they are after that?  Don't bother.
       Their rail guns are very strong though.  If you choose to use them, you
       wont find their upgrades necessary.
       Wraiths could have been good.  However, Vikings are better at anti-air, and
       Banshees are just plain brutal with Shockwave Missile Battery.  There is no
       reason to use or upgrade Wraiths.
       It really annoys me how ineffective Ghosts/Spectres were in the campaign.
       Still, both units have neat skills that you don't get to use all that often.
       The Snipe ability is really effective if you have a group of Ghosts out,
       whereas Mindblast can incapacitate groups of enemies for a short period.
       Yet for some reason, Ghosts/Spectres can't use EMP outside of multiplayer...
       Unfortunately, most of the enemy bases are swarming with detectors
       (especially when you're against Protoss).  Since you don't get any form of
       mobile detector until you've amassed 20 Protoss research points, this makes
       stealth attacks close to pointless (Banshees are the exception since they
       fly and can make devastating ground bombing runs while cloaked).  They're
       also very costly to produce (150 minerals/150 gas).  Ghosts/Spectres are
       very susceptible to ground based burrowed units and colossi.  They're just
       too weak to be worth any credit investment.  Besides, they don't need
       upgrades to nuke...
     B. Mercenary Contracts [5B.MERC]
      Hammer Securities                                              30,000 credits
      Spartan Company                                                40,000 credits
      Siege Breakers                                                 45,000 credits
      Hel's Angels                                                   45,000 credits
      Dusk Wings                                                     60,000 credits
      TOTAL MERCENARY CONTRACT COSTS                                220,000 credits
      These contracts compliment many of the upgrades mentioned above.  Buy these
      when you don't have enough credits to buy the next upgrade from the Armory
      console.  Jackson's revenge is a strong unit, but it costs a bit too much to
      only get ONE per mission.  Kind of a disappointment.
     C. Laboratory Research [5C.LABO]
       Level 5  - Vanadium Plating
       Vanadium Plating is the better choice.  Those few extra life points really
       do make the difference.  The increase rate of fire isn't that helpful.
       Besides, if you want to increase rate of fire, just use Stimpacks.
       Level 10 - Micro-Filtering
       Micro-Filtering is better than Orbital Depots.  If you really have trouble
       maintaining your army supply, you really shouldn't be playing RTS games.
       I've never been in a situation where I thought, "Man, I need five Supply
       Depots... RIGHT NOW!"  The increased gas production is very helpful once
       you start unlocking more gas-heavy units.
       Level 15 - Automated Refinery
       Automated Refinery complements Micro-Filtering greatly.  Since you don't
       need SCVs to harvest gas anymore, your harvesters can focus on minerals
       and structures.  Hence, Command Center Reactor isn't needed (especially
       if you utilize MULEs like you should be!).
       Level 20 - Science Vessel
       Many of these choices are easy... except the Science Vessel.  Raven's have
       some really neat tricks up their sleeves that deal great damage without
       putting it in harms way.  However, the usefulness of the Science Vessel
       cannot be ignored.  Like the Medivac, flying mobile mech healing is just too
       good to pass up.  Irradiate is also great against large units that you need
       to soften up.
       Level 25 - Tech Reactor
       The Tech Reactor is just plain awesome.  It doubles your production output
       and grants access to all units at each facility.  Drop pods really can't
       compete with that.  
       Level 5  - Fortified Bunker
       The extra life on your bunkers will be well worth it.  The Shrike Turret is
       rather weak, and later in the campaign you'll get frustrated at how easily
       your bunkers fall.
       Level 10 - Perdition Turret
       The Perdition Turret is strong and affordable as a point defense structure.
       The Planetary Fortress is strong, but you'll want to have an Orbital
       Command more for scanner sweeps and MULEs.  Besides, if the enemy has
       already made it to your mineral line, you have bigger problems.
       Level 15 - Hercules
       This tier just plain sucks for both choices.  The Predator is quick and can
       mow down weak units with relative ease, but can't absorb much damage.  The
       Hercules would outstrip the Medivac in usefulness if it wasn't for the fact
       that it requires a Fusion Core to make them.  That alone badly hurts it's 
       usefulness.  Still, if you're going to choose between the two, Hercules is
       the better choice.  It can serve as an early Medivac if you stock it with
       Medics and ground troops.  Just don't expect it to be fast.
       Level 20 - Cellular Reactor -or- Regenerative Bio-Steel
       This is an interesting decision, and depends on your play style.  The extra
       and starting energy from Cellular Reactor will be helpful to your healing
       units if you include them with your attacking groups (including Science
       Vessel).  It also adds energy to Ghosts/Spectres, Wraiths, Banshees, Thors,
       and Battlecruisers... but the extra energy isn't a big help for these units
       since the most useful unit in the bunch (Banshees) can double their energy
       efficiency with an armory upgrade.  If you play more defensively, Bio-Steel
       might be more your style.  All of your mech units will slowly regenerate
       health automatically.  Very useful, but it caters to a more patient play
       Level 25 - Psi Disrupter
       The Psi Disrupter is where it's at.  This thing slows down ALL Zerg that
       approach it.  When placed at a choke point, your bunkers/turrets/tanks will
       shred oncoming Zerg with impunity.  The Hive Mind Emulator is neat, but the
       units have to be in range first, and the battery takes a long time to 
       recharge between uses.  You could use your time better by producing more
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions [06.FREQ]
    Q: How many credits are obtainable in the Wings of Liberty Campaign?
    A: 2,250,000 credits are available in game between mission rewards and
       extra research sold.
    Q: I only got 2,055,000 credits on my playthrough.  What gives?
    A: You probably didn't get the secret mission "Piercing the Shroud."  While
       playing "Media Blitz," be sure you destroy the Science Building at the lower
       right of the map.  If you missed it, you'll have to restart to get it.
    Q: I forgot to sell my excess research to Mobius before going to Char!  How
       do I redeem these for credits?
    A: Just click on the "Research Button" on the bottom navigation.
    Q: Can I get any more credits once I complete the game?
    A: Nope.  There wouldn't be much point anyway since you can't upgrade units
       after you complete the "All In" mission.
    Q: I heard that you could play missions over again and collect more research
       points to sell to Mobius, why can't I get this to work?
    A: That was a nice little bug that Blizzard fixed.  The current credit cap
       is all you get.
    Q: How am I supposed to get all the Tech achievements if I don't get enough
       credits to buy everything?
    A: It requires some planning, but refer back to the guide to plan out your most
       vital upgrade needs.  Bank credits until you have all the units unlocked for
       that tier, then save the game.  Go purchase all the upgrades for that tier
       and get your achievement.  Reload your save and you'll still have the
       achievement.  Problem solved.
    Q: Hey!  I tried that and I don't have enough to buy all the Starship upgrades?
    A: The campaign has a credit limit.  You can only have 1,000,000 credits at a
       time.  You'll have to buy some upgrades before you can bank enough to do
       the save, purchase, reload trick (may I suggest upgrading Vikings?).
    Q: Why are you hating on (-insert unit name here-)?  They're awesome!
    A: It seems the campaign was designed to showcase the new Terran units and
       give fan service to the units from SC1/BW.  Granted, it was cool, but some
       units just don't shine well.  Too bad.
    Q: How do I get (-insert classic unit name here-) in multiplayer?
    A: You can't.  See previous answer.
    Q: Isn't there any way to get more credits?
    A: Well, you could use the "whysoserious" code, but it disables achievements.
       Have fun, cheater.
    Version History
    11/12/10 - Version 1.00
     - Guide Initial Release
    11/16/10 - Version 1.10
     - Corrected minor formatting errors and improved guide layout
     - Added credit purchase explanation discussion
     - Corrected error in FAQ section

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