Leap into 13 skill-building activities!

13 Fun and challenging games, puzzles, and activities.

Write a front-page story for the Daily Planet with Lois Lane and Clark Kent!

Build the spaceship that sends Superman to Earth while building your deductive reasoning skills!

Learn valuable safety tips with Clark's x-ray vision!

Help Jor-El crack the secret computer code! Repeat the sounds and color patterns in the correct sequence!

Crack the code of the Word Search Challenge with Lois Lane!

Flip through and color childhood pictures of Clark with Ma Kent! Time to let your creativity take flight!

Match wits with the crafty Lex Luthor in a game of strategy and skill!

Play 3 worlds independently or as part of a continuing story line!

Interact in Superman's worlds: Krypton, Smallville and Metropolis!

Build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills!

Based on the hit Warner Bros. animated TV series!

Adjustable skill levels!

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