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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghidrah

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/29/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Myst IV Revelation
    Producer: Ubi Soft
    For: PC
    MSWord: Courier New
    Created: 12/3/09
    Revision date:
    By: Ghidrah
    Version 1.1
    EMaul: Ghidrah_@hotmail.com
    If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
    don't have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or 
    being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site 
    though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
    send me your sites URL.
    As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit 
    for it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be 
    As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
    the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the PC version of the 
    1. JUNK
    2. OPTIONS
    1. JUNK 
    Revelation came out in 2004 but I didn't know about it or buy it and End of 
    Ages until early November 2009. I haven't played EOA yet but I've been 
    through Revelation 3 times the 3rd was for this write and for the most part I 
    pretty much like it, improved graphics, mean puzzles and attractive worlds. 
    The biggest improvement has been the inclusion of the camera and notepad. An 
    object visual and highlight notes is a tremendous help in keeping track of 
    all the stuff you must filter through to solve the exceedingly convoluted 
    What I don't care for is the twenty foot leaps of forward movement MF, "My 
    Friend"; (our avatar) makes, frankly I would prefer a single step per click 
    and the old "ZIP" system or even four or five steps per mouse click. I really 
    like it in Riven, use it or don't it. 2ndly, what was the logic in removing 
    keyboard commands? I think the option improved URU and the series. Lastly 
    "INTERACTIVITY", I probably shouldn't complain but it seems to me that 
    Revelation is the least interactive of all the previous games. Not to say 
    that any are truly interactive, but Revelation is much more linear. 
    On my 1st run I went to Spire then when returning to Tomahna and seeing 
    Achenar link out, I followed him to Serenia and flopped like a fish out of 
    water at the locked sluice. Even if the memory at the wheel of the sluice 
    wasn't blurry I still wouldn't have made the connection to the banded flying 
    snake thing lock. The game wants one to go to Haven then Spire and then 
    Serenia unless you don't mind the tedium of moving back and forth between 
    I now have all the main games in the series and I'm pretty sure I talked 
    wifey into getting the expansion packs for URU "The Complete Chronicles" for 
    Christmas. Once I have the expansion packs Myst will take the lead from my 
    Tomb Raider collection for the number of issues owned.
    As mentioned in my recent revision of Riven, I was unable to play any of my 
    Myst games, well any games that were made before Vista, My XP pile died and I 
    couldn't get any of the (x86) games to load let alone play without crashing 
    when I built Frankie 5, win 7 64bit. Then I heard about GOG.com, I bought 
    Riven, URU and EOA and was so happy I could play the 3 again, so I began 
    reading up on Exile and Revelation. Many also could not get the 2 games to 
    run I had tried using the compatibility mode for XP sp3 but they froze. I 
    tried installing patches if they were available with no luck. 
    Then someone suggested using "Run as Administrator", that worked for Exile. 
    One small anomaly, when going back and forth from game to desktop the cursor 
    would be frozen on a return to the game. I stumbled on a fix for it, press 
    "Control/Alt/Delete" then press cancel and the cursor frees up to continue 
    play. So I loaded Revelation the evening of 3/14/15 and checked run in XP and 
    administrator, so far everything is running smoothly. 
    2. OPTIONS
    Without knowing the type of hardware your comp has running or the number of 
    and types of software I can't make any accurate suggestions for anyone. This 
    is the Game options setup I have on my pile.
    1. Cursor Transparency 80%
    2. Cursor Speed 60%
    3. Camera Speed 100%
    1. Overall Volume 100%
    2. Music Volume 20%
    3. Music Frequency 20%
    Game Options
    1. Toggle Zip Mode checked
    1. Game Resolution 1024X760
    2. Contrast 60%
    3. Brightness 80%
    4. Gamma Correction 1.27
    5. Special Immersion Effects check
    6. Water Effects check
    7. Depth of Field check 
    Guide options;
    I've utilized the "FIND" by placing the main ages in 6. WALKTHROUGH from 
    there you can use find to jump to the section. At the top of each section, 
    (Age) I've placed subsections to pin point a search to minimize unwanted 
    This guide will be as close to -0- spoiler as I can make it. 
    Be aware, having played through a few times and not taking the "PRESCRIBED" 
    routes on the 1st run this guide will follow my 2nd run, but with as close to 
    a -0- fore knowledge experience as possible.
    If you're new to the Myst series or haven't played any of the games for some 
    time, (forgetting all the ins and outs) you must be hyper vigilant and 
    explore everything, you never know what isn't important till the game ends. 
    The game leads with and relies heavily on the hand icon to let you know when 
    and where you can go and what you can interact with, (visible hand icon, 
    pointing finger and magnifying glass in hand); FMVs prevent MF from walking 
    or zipping out. 
    Even though Revelation has the camera and notepad I'd keep a real notepad 
    close by, it'll help big time when it comes to corralling and then organizing 
    all the junk acquired on the camera/notepad relating to a particular puzzle. 
    I have a problem with the ledger when it comes to amending a sentence, half 
    the time, if the sentence is short I just clear it and start over. I 
    accidentally delete letters or combine words. 
    Save at the beginning of each age and take pictures of every interesting 
    thing and everything that may be interesting because you just don't know for 
    sure until you're done with a game. Save before every puzzle, with a later 
    play through and pre knowledge you can limit saves, pics and notes to the 
    difficult and confusing aspects of an age. You can always delete the data 
    from the ledger when you complete a task, age or game.
    "SAVE", I have save points set at the beginning of each age and before every 
    time consuming puzzle incase you wish to take a break from it, or restart, 
    some can be overly time consuming and frustrating.
    "ZIP Points you'll eventually begin using the zip points the game sets up for 
    you as you explore an age, they make back tracking less tedious. A colorful 
    image means the zip point is available grayed out is not.
    After all these years, I'm bummed no one ever emailed me about the errors in 
    the guide; I didn't know till I began playing Revelation again and discovered 
    it on my own.
    (3/15/15) Tomahna, 
    Correct error in Power Distribution Box puzzle, add more detail to data. I 
    wish someone had let me know about the error so I could have fixed it long 
    (3/20/15) Spire,
    Error in original guide, corrected Spider chair puzzle cable setting.
    3/20/15 Spire,
    Not an error from original guide; although a possible conflict of data 
    regarding order of setting resonators. I had much better hand eye control 
    over the sliders 6 years ago, now I blow chunks, so in this version of the 
    guide I was forced to utilize the vibration times of the 4 resonators.
    1 Ear Down= "1ED",
    2 Ears Down= "2ED",
    2 Ears Up= "2EU",
    Control Panel= "CP"'
    Counter Clockwise= "CCw",
    Hall of Spirits= "HOS",
    Link in Point= "LIP",
    My Friend= "MF",
    Harvester bell= "Otis",
    White Beard= "WB",
    6.1 Tomahna I
    6.2 Haven
    6.3 Tomahna II
    6.4 Serenia I
    6.5 Tomahna III
    6.6 Spire
    6.7 Tomahna IV
    6.8 Serenia II
    6.1.0 TOMAHNA.I
    6.1.1 Resetting the Power Station
    6.1.2 Back to the Observatory
    6.1.3 The Fireplace, the bookshelf and Linking out
    Remember use your Camera and ledger often and keep a real notepad at hand for 
    figuring and observations not in the virtual ledger you never know what's 
    important till the game is over. 
    You become aware in an enclosed suspended cable tram with a 10 to 13 year old 
    little cutie named Yeesha who's blabbing away about ma being gone etc, etc. 
    You land at the domed structure nestled between 2 sections of a stone arch, 
    watch Yeesha exit the area by moving a lever that opens an iris door. Once 
    you're out of the tram poke about, inspect all things available and take a 
    pic of the interesting item.
    Once inside the structure take your time moving through the room, inspect 
    everything that brings the magnifying glass up or the open hand. Halfway 
    around the room Atrus shows up, as usual he shanghais you into assisting him 
    in a procedure to align the electronic units that will allow him to see ages 
    without going to them. The result of the test/alignment is a couple of small 
    explosions that wrecks part of the viewer thing he was working on.
    Be aware, the test can pass quickly or take forever and or not be completed 
    at all, I can't figure out why; it doesn't appear to matter whether I follow 
    Atrus' instruction to the letter or not.
    Before leaving for Rime to retrieve a part, Atrus tells us what he wants us 
    to do while he's gone. I open up the real notepad and write down the 
    highlights of what he said. Once done locate Atrus' journal in the room and 
    find the Rime reference, snap a pic of the crystal code then explore the rest 
    of the Observatory. 
    Take pics and notes on all interesting junk. Nothing but the entry door and 
    the elevator works. Move to the window, there's a grand view of the compound 
    below, a reservoir lake leading to a waterfall, the power plant in the 
    distance and walkways leading to 4 of the habitat structures on the right. 
    Turn around and explore; locate the elevator and the control to open it. Move 
    right toward the stairs observe, inspect and log all points of interest. 
    There's a lever on the railing a map of the compound on the wall and the 
    telescope chair.
    6.1.1 Resetting the Power Station
    Once done exploring you'll have discovered that there's only one way out of 
    the Observatory area and that's via the elevator. Only the middle and top 
    elevator stops work. Once out of the elevator move right to the 1st habitat, 
    an arboretum. Once inside explore, take pics and notes. As you exit the 
    arboretum Yeesha will call you to the 3rd structure so go to her and hear the 
    all important news. As you pass the 2nd structure look in, it may be a 
    sunroom or a lounge.
    The 3rd structure is a 2nd arboretum with no apparent descending ladder, see 
    Jose Gecko, listen to Yeesha, (she comments on her amulet showing her things 
    and who does and who doesn't believe her), leave when able. Continue toward 
    the power plant, the walkway splits left toward the 4th and last habitat 
    structure on this side of the compound. If you looked over the compound from 
    the Observatory window and or looked at the compound map, right is the 
    correct route to the power plant. Enter the power plant area, locate the 
    errant breaker, (blinking lights) maybe take a pic and then reset the 
    You can explore the last habitat structure on this side; however regarding 
    Atrus' instructions retrace your steps back toward the Observatory. As you 
    pass the sunroom/lounge you see Yeesha again, enter and discover the presumed 
    sunroom is a Botanical Lab/nursery. 
    This note is for a clarification of instructions on the Junction Distribution 
    Box and a correction to the solution of the puzzle in section 7.
    I apologize for the error regarding the solution in section 7, (Solutions) I 
    don't know what I was thinking when I typed 5 instead of 4 for the last 
    Speak to and follow Yeesha through the Lab until she exits. Explore the Lab; 
    locate all interesting items and take pics and notes. From your talk with 
    Yeesha you learn that the power supplied to the Junction/Distribution Box 
    needs to be realigned before power can be reactivated and routed to the 
    entire compound. Both power station icons must have a green light at the top 
    of its respective column to achieve proper alignment. The correct alignment 
    to the 2 center columns must be set to restart the station, so move to it and 
    open the cover.
    As the display is revealed you see 2 familiar icons, (if you took pics of all 
    the interesting items you've passed so far you can reference them via the 
    ledger) all the icons represent the power distribution points around the 
    compound, e.g. elevator and tram stations. Take note of the 2 center icons 
    where did you see them, important? Hopefully you took a pic and notes to 
    avoid retracing your steps to find them. It may take a while to solve; my 1st 
    attempt took close to 20 moves but can be done in 5. 
    So what do we want to do?
    1. Adjust the Junction Distribution Box.
    2. Reset the breakers at the Power Station.
    3. Return to Atrus' workplace and reset the antenna.
    What do we know?
    1. The Junction Box must have a green light above both Power Station 
    2. The puzzle appears to be a math problem.
    Once the puzzle is complete return to the power station and flip the breaker 
    to power it up. Once the big button at the top of the pedestal is pushed the 
    flood gates will open.
    Believing there must be a shorter solution I used pennies in a 6 column 
    mockup and eventually found 2 ways to do it in 5 moves. I used mockups for a 
    couple of puzzles in Revelation; it saved lots of time on puzzle resets. 
    6.1.2 Back to the Observatory
    Head back to the Observatory. As I exit the power plant cutie pie waves to MF 
    as she heads for the only building this side of the compound I haven't 
    explored. As I reach the intersection, the ground begins trembling, then an 
    explosion and black out. When I awaken its night time in Tomahna, I'm 
    stunned, dizzy and hanging at the end of the damaged, dangling walkway high 
    above a rock crevasse. My only option is to climb up and out to the 2nd 
    arboretum. Once clear look about, except for no Yeesha and the wrecked 
    walkway everything appears normal in Tomahna. Remember the tasks Atrus set 
    for you, head back to the Observatory via the walkway and elevator. 
    If you stop at the Power Distribution Box in the Lab on your way back see 
    that power is restored to all points in the compound. Once back in the 
    Observatory check your notes, next on the "To Do" list is the roof antenna. 
    As you move about the room you see that many of the devices that were off are 
    now in operation. The tubes at the top of the Viewer are lit but it doesn't 
    work and the chair still has no power. So what's blocking power to the viewer 
    and chair? Think back to your 1st time through the room. Once you find the 
    culprit it'll be obvious when the roof opens up, the viewer is still off but 
    once sitting in the chair, see that it has powered up. Push the button on the 
    chair and ride it up to the telescope.
    With a smidge of trial and error you'll quickly figure out how to get the 
    antenna focused on what appears to be a moon and also Rime. Take note of the 
    gauges around the viewer before exiting the chair for the viewer. When the 
    antenna is focused the viewer screen will be receiving a static signal. 
    Return to the viewer; access the Rime code from your ledger. On your way to 
    the viewer take note of the 3 objects on the table to the left, they appear 
    to be cameras at different parts of the compound.
    Play with the viewer for a bit to figure it out. Locate the correct crystal, 
    its color and profile from the panel on the right then place it in the 
    correct chamber in the center panel. Repeat the process for all 5 crystals 
    then press the big red button at the bottom of the center panel. If you 
    picked the correct crystal combination, colors and profiles Atrus will appear 
    in the viewer. Listen to him, take notes and move out when done.
    MF certainly ain't me! I'd a blabbed everything to Atrus before he has a 
    chance to inhale and begin speaking, but, as it turns out MF clams up. 
    To Atrus' and Catherine's Bedroom
    The elevator is still the only way out; you can't get to 3 of the unexplored 
    structures from the right side walkway, so down you go. The elevator is also 
    a tram that can skim across the reservoir lake that splits the compound. So 
    ride the elevator tram over and up to the platform near the last unexplored 
    structure on the right. Explore the platform area before following Atrus' 
    request. There's a powered switch that operates a swing bridge, use it to 
    swing the bridge to connect this platform and the structure across the river. 
    Now move up to the last building on the 1st side of the compound, Atrus' and 
    Catherine's bedroom. 
    6.1.3 The Fireplace, the bookshelf and Linking out
    Enter the room; if you have your volume set high enough you'll hear a hum, 
    spend a sec or 2 and locate the security cam on the wall to the right of the 
    entry. Locate the desk Atrus spoke of and look for an insignia while passing 
    your hand over the entire desk for any grab icons. When one is located you 
    can open a small door between the shelves. Inside is a sketch of the 
    fireplace, lights and lasers. Just below the door is a square panel with what 
    may be an insignia, (it's blurry but reminds me of the turret in the 
    Mechanical age of Myst). Push it in to reveal 2 secret shelves on either side 
    of it, each holding a book. Read the books for some background on the 
    creation of Spire and Haven and take some pics.
    Explore, take pics and use the ledger. As you meticulously explore the room 
    you'll make a few discoveries, refer to the sketch. One discovery will be 
    Yeesha's amulet in the fireplace, notice it is flashing. Touch the amulet 
    while still in the fireplace and be consumed by her memory of an incident 
    that likely took place just after the explosion earlier in the day. 
    From now on each time you use the magnifying glass, check to see if the 
    amulet is flashing; if so touch it to see a visual and often emotional memory 
    of one or more of the 5 people in Atrus family. Some of the memories, (not 
    all) are visuals with conversation. Some of the memories may be important in 
    the information they provide so pen the highlights down for future reference. 
    Certain memories generated by MF will also be available through the amulet 
    once created if you return to the spot where they were created. Open a book, 
    the amulet will flash, click on the amulet then turn the pages and listen as 
    the writer speaks the written word. No doubt listening will be much slower 
    than reading but it does add flavor to the story. 
    When you explore the fireplace you'll discover a button above the hearth's 
    header, push it and expose a grid that may or may not have lasers pointing at 
    it. If there are no lasers lighting up a grid refer to the sketch found at 
    the desk and return to the fireplace once the requirements have been 
    fulfilled. Push the button to expose the grid and then prepare for the Fire 
    Place Puzzle.
    I wasted tons of time on this puzzle the 1st time, taking the sketch 
    literally, 1st believing the laser positions in the sketch were the ones that 
    needed to be lit, the extra lights in the fireplace were set as camouflage 
    and to confuse. When that didn't work I thought maybe those squares needed to 
    be off with the rest of the grid lit, wrong again. Then wifey made a 
    suggestion, I hate it when she just sees the answer, and feel awful stupid 
    missing the obvious. She does it to me by unscrambling jumbles at a glance 
    If you press a few squares you learn that all squares at 90 degrees to the 
    square pressed light up but not the square pressed. If you press a lit square 
    it will not go out but squares around it do. The fastest I can do the puzzle 
    is 7 moves.
    To date I haven't found any clues related to the fireplace puzzle in the 
    Take your time, all squares targeted by laser must be lit, (turned red) all 
    squares not targeted must not. When you solve the puzzle the game will take 
    over and lower you down to a cave. Explore the room and pull an Atrus memory 
    off of the linking chamber seal on the left. Possibly a natural cave enlarged 
    to hold an enclosed linking chamber. By the looks, this is the likely place 
    for the explosion that occurred earlier in the day. There's a hole in the 
    cave wall below where the walkway connecting the habitats to power plant 
    separated. It looks like a large chunk of metal slammed and shattered it. 
    Step up on the platform, a metal orb with 2 glass windows, look into the orb 
    and see 2 books. Pull the lever, the orb rotates and its door opens. Easy 
    guess is they're linking books to Spire and Haven, as for me, I'm going to 
    explore the rest of the compound before leaving for one of the ages. Zip back 
    to the elevator platform outside the bedroom; pull the swing bridge lever if 
    you didn't earlier and walk across to the closest building. As you explore 
    the building it turns out to be a combo living room, kitchen and terrace.
    There's a table on the terrace with some books and writing materials, the 
    open book is a D'ni Rosetta primer and a practice pad to the right. With a 
    little study you can figure out what the scratching on the pad means. If you 
    use the amulet you find out how old Yeesha is. Explore the rest of the 
    building and then return to the platform. The last habitat in the compound, 
    lower than the rest and has 2 levels, swing the bridge back to the last 
    habitat and walk down. 
    This is Yeesha's bedroom; explore every nook and cranny thoroughly. 
    Eventually you get to the bookshelf. 
    What do we want to do?
    1. To get into or behind the bookshelf.
    What do we know?
    1. From what was discovered in Yeesha's bedroom, we know the bookshelf has a 
    pass code and it relates to the family member names and ages.
    2. The books are the only interactive items and the titles are in D'ni.
    3. There is a D'ni alphabet primer on the living room terrace.
    4. There is a memo on the table in Atrus and Catherine's bedroom.
    5. There is a plaque in the lower level of an arboretum that appears to be a 
    family tree.
    What do we need to do?
    1. Decipher and translate the family member's names.
    2. Deduce the ages of the 5 family members.
    Be aware, the names of the NPCs written in English are spelled differently 
    when written in D'NI, so be thorough and don't give up.
    Hopefully you took pics of all those items to avoid all the running around to 
    gather them up. Once solved you get access to the water level, there's an 
    easel and painting but nothing to do here, no secret hidey hole, nada. Access 
    was a tad too difficult for no reason maybe something poops up later.
    Zip back to the linking orb below Atrus' bedroom, close the door and then 
    link to Haven.
    6.2.0 HAVEN
    6.2.1, Bungle in the Jungle
    6.2.2, Across the Lake
    To the Wreck
    Explore everything, look for the magnifying glass, flashing amulet, take pics 
    and use the ledger. It pays not to use zip mode much in haven, it may sound 
    tedious/boring but quite often there's important info at your feet.
    Exit the orb, ominous in the distance, a big honkin wrecked wooden ship 
    grounded bow up in the surf. The orb is blocked from the beach by wall and 
    rubble. A little red crab keeps sneaking out of the rubble stops then 
    retreats. Hassle it and discover a conflict memory of a falling out between 
    Achenar and Sirrus.  
    The stone steps cut into and through the cliff face appear to be only way 
    out. Once up the stones steps to the mid level cavern you have a better view 
    of the ship. From the intersection you have 3 directions to follow; up 
    another set of steps and deeper into the cavern. I'm heading down to the 
    shipwreck. The ship appears to have lost a lot of timber from storms, there's 
    also a couple 3 big flying things diving into the water. As you make your way 
    along the beach you come to a path leading to the ship and a short path 
    leading to a huge skeleton partially submerged in the water. As you near the 
    skeleton you see spears protruding from it and what appears to be a totem 
    pole. Take pics, use the amulet and head for the ship.
    Elevator Puzzle
    The elevator doesn't seem to work, although connected to it is a line, pulley 
    and a box with some cannonballs in it. To the left of the box are some 
    cannonballs spread out on the ground. You need to figure out the correct 
    counter balance weight to raise the elevator. There's an empty box in the 
    elevator and some cannonballs near the ramp. Past the elevator toward the 
    ship there appears to be another elevator. Once the elevator is up you find 
    another mini pulley, head back down and figure out a new counter balance for 
    the mini pulley. Once you have both elevators up make your way to the wreck. 
    From there, you're given the option to go up or down, explore both and 
    document the many points of interest in the wreck. 
    When you get to the top level you should meet a flyer/diver chomping on a 
    fish, hmmm, maybe, check out the feet on this guy, they look more like the 
    2nd print on the paper found below but the 3rd print has the fish beside it. 
    Snap a pic, the camera doesn't seem to bother it. After reading his diary you 
    see Achenar's named the fauna of Haven, the flyer is a Karnak. Once you shoo 
    it off locate and operate the pulley, a map of Haven showing the top 5 
    animoids and maybe points of interest. When done zip back to the beach and 
    climb up into the cave, there's 2 paths left, go up and get an overlook of 
    the area below. 
    Snap a pic or 2 then return to the mid level cave. As you begin exploring the 
    cavern a large biped shoots out of the tent, releases the tent pegs and the 
    tent along with it. The tent snares you and you end up soaring about under 
    the tent eventually crashing into the jungle below. As you come to a monkey 
    thing is eyeballing you; it lets out a shriek and runs off chased by a large 
    catlike animal that leaps over you. According to Achenar's diary the monkey 
    is known as a Mangree and the cat a Camoudile. When you rise and face back 
    toward the cliff you'll likely see a 2nd cat crossing the path. I return to 
    the cliff and climb up to the camp, but discover the jungle is too dense and 
    none of the paths are visible from above, so I return to the tent.
    After a minute or 2 of flopping around, I also discover that for some reason 
    the sail map is reversed to my orientation so I open and expand the viewer 
    with the map then draw the map. I then rotate the drawn map 180 degrees so 
    the wreck is at my 6, no mo disorientation por mo.
    6.2.1 Bungle in the Jungle
    Spin in place, locate the 3 direction options then boo your map. For 
    orientation sake locate the trap shown on the map then return to the tent. 
    I'm picking the monkey trail 1st, take your time moving through the jungle, 
    observe everything "sight and sound" and document the interesting. As you 
    move along the trail and near your goal you'll hear Mangs chattering, look to 
    your right and up to see 3 of them playing leap frog over a stump or 
    whatever. Eventually you enter a small clearing, discover a hunting and 
    observation platform and then make your way to it and climb up.
    Thoroughly explore the post. It appears Mangs keep tight social groups use 
    lookouts and are quite vocal when it comes to intruders. It looks as if 
    Achenar has built himself a series of sound reproduction devices that roughly 
    mimic Mangree calls. Each device makes one sound, low, medium or high. There 
    are a couple magnifying glass observations to be made and one of them offers 
    the amulet. 
    3 Mangrees are playing leap Mang on a totem and one is always blocking the 
    emblem. Do a close up on them and take note of their hands and feet. So, how 
    to get them off the totem? The only possible tools at your disposal are the 
    sound devices. If you were paying attention since meeting up with the 1st 
    Mang, some of the calls they make sound like alarm signals. You need to 
    reproduce the alarm call. If you weren't paying attention to the noise you 
    may want to restart from the save or climb down and move back and forth along 
    the path. It takes me a couple tries to get the durations correct. Once you 
    shoo them off snap a pic of the totem and leave.
    If you are cautious you'll lock onto a pretty important animal print chart, 
    possibly a hierarchy as deemed by Achenar, or maybe fear or respect.  The 
    print found at the beginning of the Mang trail matches one on the new chart 
    and the one found on the wreck with the bone as the food source, I'm thinking 
    it's the Camoudile. 
    You must be as accurate as possible regarding the tones and their duration.
    Return to the path with the tent, it should be to your right when you reach 
    the path. Turn left and continue past the trap to the rocks, there're 2 large 
    bipeds matching the Zeftyr description in Achenar's diary munching away on 
    grass just past the break in the path. As I approach they scatter deeper into 
    the tall grass. Suddenly a Camoudile rushes in from the right and takes one 
    of the Zeftyrs down. The Camo is consumed with consuming and can't be 
    bothered with me for the moment so I tiptoe by, follow and explore the grass 
    path. OOH Monty another totem! It's confirmed for me now, the wreck's sail 
    map shows the positions of the pictured animal totems. 
    Once I arrive near the water I see a couple odd looking plants. Unexpectedly 
    the previous Camo or a 2nd one appears yards behind the plants; it charges in 
    for a kill but is taken down by a green pollen cloud that discharges from the 
    plants as it brushes by. Does the woozy feeling seem familiar? Take a gander 
    at its paws, open the ledger and match them up with the new chart from the 
    observation platform. Exit the area, return to the rocks and head left up the 
    hill. Animal traffic always has the right of way, when you reach the top 
    you're given an option to go straight or right. 
    Check your map, straight is to Zeftyrs, right to Karnaks. Go straight 
    young/old MF across the planks and into the swamp. This must be Zeftyr 
    territory, there're lots of them and it must be their prints on some of the 
    mounds between the planks, snap a pic of a set for future reference. It looks 
    like they have gray squirrels with spikes or maybe spiders lounging on their 
    backs. Don't step on any of the eyestalk-ity frog looking things, I hear its 
    7 years bad luck, it takes that long to get rid of it's stank, (they really, 
    really stink). 
    Eventually you come to a fork in the planks, look around and head for the 
    totem. Snap a pic then head over to the wooden structure across the swamp. 
    Have a look around, find the security panel, figure out how to open it and 
    play with it a bit. Notice it has 5 sliding gauges each with 8 emblems. Open 
    the ledger and see that you have 4 images of the 8 possible emblems. You've 
    been to 4 of the 5 animal totems on Haven, so pull out the map and head back 
    to the hill where you 1st see the planks. Once there go left and eventually 
    you come to a locked gate. Move to the lock and lift the door, hey Moe a 
    memory! Achenar mentions keeping the Karnaks out, Karnaks fly right?
    Gate Puzzle
    It isn't straight forward like the elevator puzzle, but once you solve it you 
    realize it really isn't a difficult puzzle just a little time consuming. 
    What do we know?
    1. The 2 bead/marble things are important and they don't move. 
    2. Each of the 3 hole-y barrels slide back and forth over the dimpled locking 
    bolts inside them but only when 1 of the 2 levers are in a barrel's hole. 
    3. So the important beads must either be in one of the holes of a barrel or 
    outside the barrel. A lever must be on a bead or not. 
    What do we want to do?
    1. Move the barrels and levers around to unlock the gate.
    Once solved and inside the area you learn that it's a sort of Karnak nursery.
    Find the totem, snap a pic, look about and then zip back to the swamp 
    Drawbridge Puzzle
    Expose the control panel.
    What do we know?
    1. The panel has 5 stations, each station has 8 emblems. 
    2. We have the images of 5 emblems representing the 5 main species of Haven.
    3. We have pics of animals, totems and their emblems.
    4. We have a pic of Achenar's hierarchy list.
    What do we want to do?
    1. Use the above data to solve the drawbridge lock puzzle by matching emblems 
    with the hierarchy list.  
    Knowing Achenar, it helps big time if you played Myst. Foremost, he is an 
    intelligent, albeit emotional cripple. Look at the things he accomplished to 
    survive on Haven, listen to his ravings. 2ndly he is or was a hunter who 
    suffers/d from extreme blood lust. Achenar left many clues around this 
    section of Haven relating to this puzzle. One reason for reading through the 
    diaries and listening to all the memories was to find the few instances when 
    he's lucid and made poignant observations. Add the sketches, charts and maps 
    and you pretty much have the answer. The only thing I lack or missed at this 
    point is the name of the creature lying near its totem on the beach.
    Solve Hint: in order, what he admired most.
    When you get it right the game takes over and the draw bridge lowers giving 
    access to the 2nd part of the constructed island.
    6.2.2, Across the Lake
    Walk the ramp to the hut and enter, thoroughly explore the lower level and 
    document. Finally, written in Achenar's diary, Cerpatee, the big honkin sea 
    caterpillar thing found on the beach. It appears Achenar is evolving, 
    intellectually coming to terms with his past. When complete climb up to the 
    tower locate all the important junk, document and exit the hut. Apparently 
    the 1st part of the island was in the North; continue across the ramp into 
    the South side of Haven.
    When you reach the end of the wooden ramp meet Shecky the Camo he's exclusive 
    at the tree tops forever. Shecky has a tough act, he works hard, real hard 
    but doesn't get anywhere fast. His audience heckles him to no end; "He don't 
    get [no] respect". He's elected to transfer his frustration onto you, 
    preventing you from getting out of this place. The new observation platform 
    is at the end of the path on the left so head left. Climb up explore the 
    platform and ready yourself for the last puzzle on Haven.
    Ring around the Shecky Puzzle
    What you see is 5 huts, 4 Mangs, 1 Shecky and 1 ditch with one of those 
    poison plants. This puzzle isn't brain twisting as much as time consuming 
    tedium and massive frustration. 
    Clues from the platform are the 3 sound devices, the pic of the Mang throwing 
    fruit with the tonal chart and the vines connecting the Mang huts. 
    Clues from Achenar's hut are 4 Mangree drawings with tonal charts and an 
    excerpt out of Achenar's diary.
    After some messing around and observation you learn: 
    1. The 4 Mangs hide in the 5 huts till you call them.
    2. A Mang in a hut with Shecky below won't leave when you call it.
    3. A Mang will raise the cover of its nest when called but if there are no 
    adjacent open nests they will close up.
    4 Once called a Mang will run a vine to an adjoining uninhabited hut. 
    5 Shecky can get stuck in the ditch in the central area and go woozy from the 
    plant pollen.
    6 When using the throw call any Mang in the throwing hut will pop out and 
    throw a berry toward the center of the area as long as Shecky isn't below his 
    7 Only one Mangree throws well.
    Once Shecky is unconscious beat feet back to the wooden walkway and jump down 
    to the lower level. Follow the Mang to the tree ladder and climb up into the 
    hut. Inspect all things and then walk the vine/leaf bridge to the tree roller 
    coaster chair. Once in the chair deal with the biological lock and be off. 
    Return to the linking chamber and link out to Tomahna.
    Be aware, I have a hell of a time with the correct duration of each tone; I 
    must have blocked the immense frustration from memory. This puzzle took me 
    some considerable time to figure out who everyone was and where the thrower 
    sits at the onset of the puzzle. If you're good and or lucky you'll breeze 
    through it. What I did do for help was recreate the playground on paper then 
    I numbered the huts from A to E. I then began a trial and error experiment, 
    to discover who everyone was where they sat and designated them by their 
    profiles except the thrower who was dubbed WB for white beard. I then took 3 
    pennies to represent the 3 Mangs, a dime for WB and a nickel for Shecky. I 
    then found the shortest number of moves to get WB and Shecky in position for 
    the throw. 
    The info on the chair lock is true and specific. Start from the right, then 
    click and drag the hand icon across the dark band "ONLY" then release as you 
    pass into the big dark blotch between 2 sections of coil! Any deviation above 
    or below the band spoils the procedure and you must restart. As far as I can 
    tell you must right click out of the close up then re-click back into it to 
    begin again.
    6.3 TOMAHNA.II 
    When you become aware in Tomahna it looks like Achenar, moving to the railing 
    of Yeesha's habitat and dropping a linking book as he vanishes. I don't know 
    about you, but my instinct is to investigate so open the orb and beat feet to 
    Yeesha's bedroom, take the info and lesson garnered from your previous visit 
    and open the bookshelf. Locate the book and then link out to where? Serenia 
    as you'll soon discover. 
    6.4 SERENIA I
    6.4.1 Locate the Temple Area 
    6.4.2 Solving the Harvester puzzle 
    6.4.3 Getting to dream on a stone bed in Audrey
    Take your time, explore thoroughly and document all interesting finds.
    Like Haven there's lots of water on and around Serenia, more interesting are 
    the tall multi level pedestal mesas that cover a huge chunk of the island and 
    what turns out to be sort of mini Spirit henge sites.
    I suggest you just explore the entire mesa area, there's no need to interact 
    with anything and if you do I suggest reversing whatever before moving on so 
    as to minimize any possible confusion later.
    If you do have a walkabout and are following the guide return to the LIP
    Move out from the cave, once past the 1st bridge, "Look a stony Lawrence Welk 
    bubble maker"! "Myron, turn onuh de bubble machineh"! Moving on, you can hear 
    noise from ahead, a combination mechanical wooden water wheel and multi gated 
    sluice. Beside it a stone water pool. You can stop water flow to 1 of 2 
    streams by moving a slide bar left or right but to what end? Exit, return to 
    and continue along the path. As you approach an intersection you see Achenar 
    scurry off along one of the paths. As you follow after him you'll pass an 
    empty henge on the left and by the time you get to where he was Achenar is 
    long gone. 
    As you look ahead you see 2 more intersections, one a foot path and the other 
    where 2 streams cross. The West/East stream is ducted over the North/South. 
    At this point it doesn't matter which direction you go, by the time the age 
    is completed you'll have pretty much covered the entire island. I'm going 
    left, if you lead with the hand and explore diligently you'll find a box in a 
    hollow of a stone pillar. In the box is Achenar's diary with some interesting 
    sketches and events, record whatever you consider important. Continue along 
    the path; just before the path ends you pass a fire henge on the right. The 
    path ends at an intersection with a big honkin tree that's dusting the area 
    with pollen. 
    Go left to inspect the 2nd water wheel/sluice gates, when done continue along 
    the path. Another henge on the right, it may be empty or have a dust devil, 
    (wind/air henge), a few feet further and you end up back at the 1st 
    Right takes you back to the LIP past the 1st water wheel; left you've already 
    been so go straight. Pass over and by 3 bridges, and a fire henge till you 
    come to a wind henge on the right. Another path merges from the left, for the 
    moment look back to see a water henge then continue exploring this path. As 
    you continue, in the distance to the left you see what looks like a giant 
    white rose or maybe a tulip. Soon you reach the end of the path due to a 
    raised draw bridge. While facing the draw bridge turn right to see another 
    odd shaped organic looking thing with lumber and rigging protruding from it. 
    What, another giant flower thing? Return to the wind henge and go right 
    toward the water henge which may or may not be occupied. Another Multi gated 
    sluice. This one is damaged and also provides a memory of Sirrus when he 
    damaged it. Continue to the next intersection and get a load of the Lily 
    looking things dripping liquid fire? It's not so burny! Turn right and have a 
    walk down spirit tribute lane. It has bubbles and pollen and fire oh my! 
    Further ahead a path connects on the left, been there, can see the big honkin 
    tree in the distance. As you approach the stone arch a pretty woman, Anya, 1 
    of 6 greets you, gives instructions then starts ringing the big bell. 
    6.4.1 to the Temple Area
    Walk to the center of the intersection and take the time to reconnoiter the 
    area. There's an arch ahead and to the right and a small temple to the left, 
    so explore the area before leaving. As you exit the area you take several 
    steps down to a mid level stone walkway, when you level out there's a 2nd set 
    of steps going down on the left. Look up and take note of Audrey II the huge 
    white flower, maybe the one you saw from the draw bridge path, I hope she 
    doesn't have teeth.
    Take the left and continue along the path to the well with a diving bell 
    suddenly rising up from the depths. Sirrus is in the bell; he sees me 
    standing there. As he rushes out the back of the bell he tosses an explosive 
    into it wrecking it for sure. I'm thinking it's the same stuff that torched 
    the walkway at Tomahna. Walk around and locate the backside of the bell and 
    pull an Achenar memory off the debris. When done enter and explore the area 
    below Audrey II, locate and enjoy the sights, touch 1 of the 4 burial casket 
    looking things for some emotional memories of Yeesha, Sirrus and Achenar. 
    Check out the heart of the flower ... pumpy? Locate the steps to the 
    uncomfortable looking stone bed for future reference then book for outside.
    (NOTE) you have to touch the casket thing to get Red to show up at the base 
    of the steps to the mid level walkway.
    Don't worry Beanie girl I'm a comin! Exit the room and return to the mid 
    level walkway. Just before you begin to ascend the steps you meet another 
    yummy protector "Red" her hair is afire with reds, oranges and yellows very 
    trendy. Anya must be "Water", (bluish grey) and Red "Fire", anyway, follow 
    her, listen to what she has to say, log the important junk then return to the 
    upper walkway. Head left and across the wooden bridge toward the original, 
    albeit old and busted Audrey I, the one seen from the draw bridge that had 
    the lumber and rigging sticking out of it.
    There's a pipe thing sticking out of the stone with a Yeesha memory attached. 
    Go up the steps and meet Achenar close up and personal like. If you put a 
    knotted handkerchief on Achies head he'd pass as a Gumby easy! Anyway, he 
    let's you know that he's against Sirrus and that Sirrus has Yeesha. Achenar 
    is truthful, qualifying with, (don't let father come here). Take note of the 
    stone post with the red tongue that you can pull "PULL THE TONGUE". You hear 
    a distant muffled sound. To the left is another sluice. Head down the steps 
    and discover a flat circular stone, (manhole cover) is now up and over to the 
    side leaving a hole in the walkway. 
    Climb down into a chamber there's an empty pedestal that looks like it held 
    the thing Achenar was carrying and a rudder like object that can redirect the 
    light entering the room from the rear. Although redirecting the light doesn't 
    accomplish anything as far as I can tell. Explore the cave, locate the 2nd 
    exit and climb out, do so and you end up where Achenar was when he was 
    babbling to MF. Walk around to find another path and that the drawbridge is 
    now down. Follow the new path down to the lower level of Old and Busted to 
    find yet another water wheel/sluice but this one doesn't look like the WW 
    feed channels into the well of a 2nd harvester. 
    6.4.2 Solving the Harvester puzzle 
    Pull a lever, this harvester works. While standing at the lever take a good 
    look around, notice the bright rectangle on the far wall of the well. If you 
    move over to the entry point for the bell the lower section becomes visible 
    when the sun shines on it. Use the control levers to raise the bell, once up 
    climb aboard, find the handles and levers to close the hatch and lower the 
    bell to the harvesting area. Keep a sharp eye out the portal on the descent 
    and later as you rise there's an interesting thingy in/on the well wall. 
    Once you're back on dry ground check your To Do List, you should still have 
    the Hall of spirits and maybe Achenar's diary. If you didn't find the diary 
    shortly after entering the age take his advice and do so. Zip to the HOS 
    temple on your way out to see that the sisters haven't finished their beauty 
    nap. Now zip to the LIP and then begin your search for the diary. Once you 
    find it read and record the interesting pics and passages. If you found the 
    book shortly after entering the age and already took down the good stuff it's 
    time to put on your thinking cap and start referencing saved data. 
    I believe the game purposely blocks your ability to track the movement of the 
    rivers on Serenia to make one of the puzzles more difficult, (again read 
    "time consuming"). I used to believe the mosaic from the temple area of the 
    boy was a map, if it is it doesn't appear to track the rivers correctly and 
    as far as I can tell mark the correct locations of the water wheel/sluice 
    So what do we know so far?
    1. Achenar and Sirrus have broken free from their prison ages and are on 
    2. Sirrus has Yeesha, (restrained against her will; dream chamber memory) and 
    intends to kill Atrus.
    3. There's a 2nd harvester with a working bell and there's an emblem on the 
    wall of its well.
    4. Achenar's diary shows the 2nd harvester and a tunnel dug from the side of 
    the well and up to old and busted.
    5. There is a door looking thing partially exposed on the upper wall of the 
    6. There is a spillway on the far side of the well draining off excess water
    What do you need to do?
    1. Visit the HOS 
    2. Get into the lower chamber of the flower via the well tunnel
    3. The well is continuously flooding, so for starters you must block the 
    inflow of water.
    After adding up all the "knows" and "needs" your initial decision is to 
    figure out which sluices need to be diverted from Audrey I. Zip out to the 
    forest, locate the water wheels and sluices and begin testing which gates 
    need to be closed to stop the inflow to Audrey's well. There are 2 obvious in 
    feed sources to the well; one is the pump station in front of the well and 
    the 2nd is running down hill and probably from the temple area. Diverting of 
    the flow from 1 source provides immediate results and can be verified by 
    zipping to and from the well area, but it has an odd lock. 
    The odd lock should look very familiar, if you can't remember the trick go 
    back to your notes and pics for the info required to solve the lock. The 2nd 
    source will be more difficult to assess, the water from a number of sluices 
    is channeled to it. However with a smidge of time consuming detective work 
    and from a "single vantage point" you'll find and be able to track a line of 
    sight route from 1 sluice to another and in between where it crosses a 
    stream. The flow from the 3rd source is obscured by pillars, however when you 
    have the correct gates lowered there will be no water flowing through any of 
    the gates at the broken sluice.
    Once part 1 of the water problem is solved its time to solve part 2. Part 2 
    has 3 parts to it; the best I can offer is a small experiment and some 
    Place a bowl in the kitchen sink and overflow the bowl's rim. Take a 
    measuring cup and lower it into the water but do not allow water into the 
    cup. Observe the results, then remove the object and again observe the 
    results. Lastly, lower the measuring cup and allow it to fill with water; 
    remove the cup full of water and observe. How does this help you?
    So what do we know?
    1. The water source to the well has been eliminated.
    2. You can see steps below the water to the right of the bell but can't gain 
    What do we need to do?
    1. Solve the water issue via the note above.
    Once you have access to the tunnel carefully explore, there's extra help with 
    the well. When complete, much water has been removed from the well but the 
    door at the end of the tunnel is still closed. Refer to the note above when 
    complete the door opens and you have access to the object seen from the bell, 
    a door with a 6 color coded lock, red, green, blue, pink, yellow and light 
    blue. To date the only data on the lock is from Achenar's diary and the 
    memory of their conversation from the door itself. 
    6.4.3 Getting to dream on a stone bed in Audrey II
    What's left on your "To Do" list? Hall of Spirits! Zip to the Temple square 
    and enter, hmmm still napping. So gaining access to the well doesn't wake 
    them up. Visit all the places within and around the temple area to see if 
    something pops up, maybe Anya or Red have something new to add. Hey Moe, 
    finally, while poking around the area where 1st meeting Achenar I meet up 
    with an Air/wind protector Cougar at the village calling blow pipe thing! She 
    gives good pipe and suggests going to the HOS too, so it's back to the temple 
    yet again.
    Ah threes the charm. It appears each spirit has 2 attendants Anya, Red and 
    Cougar have superiors that wear a magic mask and glove like things that give 
    them flipper hands. Big Red will take over; follow her instructions to 
    discover who your spirit guide will be. When they're done with you head out 
    to the stone forest, grab an appropriate offering your guide and find it. 
    When you get to your guide hold the offering to them and left click. 
    I've played through the game 6 times and each time I get wind, I don't know 
    if this is always the guide or just my game. When writing the original guide 
    I was supposed to retain an old game and start a new one. I got the chance to 
    do it this time and still end up with wind.
    Take note you can't travel more than 4 clicks with an offering and it'll 
    remain in hand for only so long then it'll poof.
    If accepted there will be a flash, zip back to the temple area then beat feet 
    to Audrey II. Climb the steps to the chamber and let the game take over as 
    Big Red instructs. 
    The light show leading up to the work end of the event is cool the 1st time 
    through but a drag from all successive there on.
    Once the guide leaves you alone and before you move off the white swirl, 
    (Yeesha?) save the game.
    Here's the thing, you have to change all the colored swirly things to white 
    by passing over them. Each time you pass over one it'll change color; the 
    sequence to white is the same for all swirls, e.g., if the swirly is light 
    blue when you slide over it for the 1st time it will follow the sequence from 
    that point. 
    Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, White 
    It is a tedious process and can take some considerable time to complete, 
    longer when you ness up. Don't fret; eventually you'll be forced to include 
    white swirls to get at colored ones. You can do pretty much any pattern you 
    like but triangles and squares will minimize unnecessary retracing over white 
    When complete and before you leave the dream space you'll see 2 triangular 
    patterns with the six colors representing the 6 ancestor colors. This is part 
    of the color code on the locked door at the end of the well's tunnel. 
    Unfortunately as the pattern breaks up into the 6 tri color groups on the 
    door they go white before you can see if they provide further info.
    So, now you're at a true impasse on Serenia, there's nothing more to do here 
    unless you want to spend who knows how long trying to guess the color 
    sequence of the inner circle of the door lock. Zip to the LIP and link back 
    to Tomahna.
    When you arrive you're outside the portion of the compound seen during Exile. 
    There're 2 doorways in front of you, you can enter the closed left door and 
    explore the previously burned section of the study if you like, there're a 
    few memory events, but eventually you must walk through the open door on the 
    right to reenter the game through the locked door to the Botanical lab. 
    Nothing seems to have changed since last here, so make haste back to the 
    linking chamber via the elevator tram. Once on the platform near Atrus' 
    bedroom zip to the linking orb, enter, close the door and link out to Spire.
    6.6 SPIRE
    6.6.1 Access to the comfy chair with legs
    6.6.2 Daddy, make my stone ship fly
    6.6.3 Powering the chair
    6.6.4 Time to tune the cables
    6.6.5 Make the spider sing
    Take your time, explore thoroughly and document all interesting finds.
    Become aware inside another damaged linking orb. Exit to what appears to be a 
    most inhospitable place; dark, windy and what seems like a never ending cloud 
    bank just below the linking chamber. Descend the steps to each platform and 
    have a look around, it seems like Sirrus has been using his new found 
    explosives everywhere. Continue down till you come to what happens to be an 
    unusable elevator shaft. Proceed to the next lower level, a set of jade like 
    statues resembling Atrus' family when the boys were young. 
    Explore this platform and document all interesting items. As you explore 
    further to the end of the stone bridge take note of the hole and the 
    interesting crystal filled hexagonal geode, both have memories attached. Go 
    to the end of the 2nd stone span there's a 2nd elevator which works. Hmm, 
    ride or slide; a hole with a shredded rope or working elevator? We'ze close 
    to the ride, so call Otis and go for it. Once you come to a stop you can 
    press Otis again to ride one level lower. There's something on the floor a 
    few feet away from the elevator, pick up a page left by Sirrus and record it, 
    (pic). The exit is locked, but there's an interesting chair/throne looking 
    thing with spider legs past the gated and locked opening.
    Ride Otis up to the mid level stop. Ooh, floating and fluorescent stones. As 
    always take your time explore everything and document the interesting. As I 
    make my way toward the outer edge of the level I see and hear distant 
    lighting and thunder. There's a concealed area to the right and a work area 
    with a couple tables to the left. There's a telescope and an electrical 
    experiment on the closest table and both have Sirrus memories attached. 
    Looking through the telescope I see another spire in the distance. Read 
    Sirrus diary, and learn what he has been up to for a 4 yr. period. Get the 
    notepad out and begin keeping track of important junk for future reference. 
    Look out to the lane of floating crystals leading to the distant spire then 
    look up to see another series of floating crystals. Further left there's a 
    sort of greenhouse setup, a statue and another memory. When thoroughly 
    explored head right; between the right and left sides of the level you pass 
    through a bored out crystal. There's a pole ladder and metal hatch in the 
    floor of the crystal. Crap, the hatch is locked. Continue into the new area, 
    as I pass the debris on the floor I find another page; it relates to a 
    crystal experiment similar to the 1st page found in the stairwell. This 
    appears to be a work/sleep area, be very observant, there's much to see and 
    find. There's lots of paperwork to sort through and document around the room.
    Lastly a crystal filled hexagonal geode, the geode is busted, there's a chunk 
    missing from the front. If it's like the 1st one found it had a grill/gauge 
    thingy with a graduated slide and a white marker. The crystal has a memory 
    attached watch it. When the area has been cleared head back to the bored 
    crystal with the hatch and ladder. I'm going up 1st. There's no where to go 
    up here, yet there's an interesting control panel, (hence known as CP#1), a 
    floating bobbing orb thing to the left, more crystal buoys and a crap load of 
    orbiting debris. This particular spire is either massive on a near planetary 
    scale or super dense to have its own gravity well. How come MF isn't 
    I suggest if you intend on "PLAYING" with CP#1 for the heck of it remember to 
    shut it down when done to reset whatever it is that you do.
    Observe the memory off the control panel then open it up for a look. There 
    are levers, buttons, lights and a glass vial on the right with a floating 
    ball and a green marker on glass. The panel must be important, (memory) but 
    without a clear objective and or further information there's no reason to 
    mess with it yet, so return to the level below. 
    6.6.1 Access to the comfy chair with legs
    Hmm, the hatch is locked so maybe one of the 2 tubes found outside or in the 
    sleep/work area gets us to the chair at the lower level. Return to the 
    sleep/work area because it's closer and go for a ride in the tube, I don't 
    like jumping into places without a net but here goes. So, when you roll out 
    into the next level it happens to be on the other side of the gate in the 
    chair room. Crap again! There's a power switch near the front of the chair 
    with an icon, move to the chair, sit in it and play with it. A big table 
    thing with legs lowers from above revealing a control panel with many icons. 
    Take note of the 4 icons and the numbers beside them on the left side of the 
    panel. The top icon looks like the chair and the 3rd and 4th are represented 
    by items on the chair. I can't say I've seen the 2nd icon yet. They look like 
    3 pawns; threes show up a lot on the chair. There still isn't any or enough 
    power to run the chair, there isn't anywhere else to explore. So leave the 
    chair and do a close-up on the statue to the right, it has a page with 
    numbers on it. Unlock the gate, call Otis and ride back up to the tippity 
    top. Exit the elevator and head for the other geode. Try the hole near the 
    pentagonal crystal filled geode. 
    All righty then! When you plop out at the bottom of the tube look around, 
    you'll soon recognize some of the objects above and in the distance. Move 
    over the floor grating to the pole ladder, ah, a hatch; climb up and see that 
    you were between elevator levels below the locked hatch. Once back on the 
    lower level you see there isn't much area to explore but there is some pretty 
    interesting and important stuff. You can see the distant spire with smaller 
    spires surrounding it and all appear to be floating in the cloud layer.
    To one side of the ladder is a book like object that opens up and appears to 
    be a circuit board thing. Notice the emblem on the upper left page; it 
    resembles the image on the cover of the control panel from 2 levels above. 
    Notice the "S" icon; it matches the power switch in the chair room and lastly 
    the octagonal shape with the 3 lines running through it from the chair. The 
    right side of the book is filled with bunches of little light pegs, kinda 
    like an old lite brite game. Move over to the larger, CP#2; notice the icon 
    on it matches another one on the circuit board. Take the memory and learn the 
    2 CPs control a ship. Maybe that's what the floating orb thing is two levels 
    Open up the CP and see that even though it's larger than the one 2 levels 
    above its set up like it and has all the same components albeit more so. 
    Still, knowing the 2 panels somehow control a ship doesn't help much, how 
    many capacitors and on which panel? I feel like I still need more info, but 
    if there is anything definitive on the operation of the "SHIP" on this spire 
    I haven't been able to find it and if I have it's been too subtle for me to 
    6.6.2 Daddy, make my stone ship fly 
    So, what do we know?
    1. There are a number of pages found that relate to experiments done on 
    crystals that absorb or transmit or magnify electrical power.
    2. There is a distant spire with what looks like a series of crystal channel 
    buoys connecting it to this spire, meaning Sirrus has probably been there.
    3. There's a chair that certainly does something but doesn't have or have 
    enough power to run it.
    4. After reading Sirrus' diary and seeing his memories from both CPs you know 
    both must be used to make the ship operational.
    5. After assessing the CPs you see the vials on each are divided with lines 
    into 9 sections with the green marker in the 2nd position from the bottom. 
    6. With minimal testing, the movement of the ship coincides with the movement 
    of the ball in the vial. Therefore, the ship has 9 different positions which 
    include the 2 docking stations.
    7. After messing with CP #2, you see that it pulls the ship down and that 
    there are 7 5 move combinations that light from 1 to 7 lights on it and dim 
    the same number of channel buoys. 
    8. It is possible the lower and upper buoys zero out the buoyancy of the 
    9. The upper panel pulls the ship up. There are 4 3 move combinations that 
    light from 1 to 4 lights on the panel and dim the same number of upper level 
    crystal buoys.  
    10. The ship has 2 docking stations, (round metal things with inner rings and 
    clamps) that sit beside and above the upper and below the lower CP.
    11. Prior to operating either CP the ship floats 2 spaces below the upper 
    docking ring.  
    What do we want to do?
    1. To operate the CPs correctly 
    2. Travel to the distant spire.
    3. Power to the chair.
    So the only things MF has going for him/her/it at the moment is the green 
    marker on the vials, the save option, and knowing both CPs must be used to 
    correctly operate the ship and a little luck.
    The 1st time you get the ship to move the game takes over with a neck 
    snapping move up and left so you can watch the ship as it lowers or rises and 
    it won't let you go until the ship stops moving. If you flake and fail on 
    your 1st series of moves with the CPs I suggest you restart from the above 
    save for 2 reasons. 
    1. It'll probably be faster than running between both panels, and resetting 
    2. Because the left right moves you write down while experimenting won't 
    repeat for the 2nd attempt without a reset.
    There are only 3 solutions that will get the ball in the green and give 
    access to the ship, 2 solutions require the use of both panels and only 1 of 
    those 2 makes the ship operational. Lastly remember each CP pulls the ship to 
    itself, that's a plus!
    Once you have the correct move combinations for both panels the ship moves 
    into position and the bridge extends to and above the ship. Climb aboard, 
    pull the lever and enjoy the ride to the other spire. 
    Climb out and thoroughly explore the new spire. As you approach the gap in 
    the floor you can see cabling and what, another control panel? Take the 
    memory off the hole in the crystal then climb down. There aren't many things 
    to explore but the telescope provides us with a memory and an important 
    If you want a clear image of the object take a pic while magnified.
    As you make your way back to the rope notice the object to the right, it's a 
    winch and it's reining in a large floating boulder/crystal. Locate and pull 
    the lever, the winch shakes and wiggles. Pull the lever a bunch of times and 
    it should become obvious why the winch reacts poorly. Fix the problem, pull 
    the lever and watch the floater rise.
    Climb up; see the new floating floor section and explore the new area. Yup 
    another CP, and tonza crystal buoys. The icon on the cover of CP#3 matches 
    the octagon with the 3 lines in it on the chair. There's a memory from the 
    cover. Open this puppy up ... OY 34 lights! That's a lotta lights! Dig into 
    your pics, notepad and virtual ledger for anything on the panel. There's only 
    one thing that comes close to this and it's from the chair room. The problem 
    with it is it doesn't quite match the number of lights on the control panel.
    The chair has an icon with 3 gear looking things in it and the #36 beside it; 
    however CP#3 only has 34 lights. This one may take a bit longer to brain out 
    if you're going to do it on your own. If you assume the #36 on the chair is 
    credible then you're going to end up with some trial and error. 
    6.6.3 Powering the chair
    While testing the left/right combinations on CP#3, I came up with 14 
    combinations that only produced 6 lighting number sets. I'd a thought there'd 
    be way more than 6 number sets. Out of the 6 sets, only 3 combinations 
    produced numbers that could be used with the 3 CPs that would power the 
    chair. Out of the 3 numbers only 1 was of true value because it minimized 
    time and labor. 
    Due to the memories from the 3 panels It's obvious the 1st 2 CPs must be used 
    jointly, however even though the memory from CP#3 does mention "network" it 
    doesn't mention balancing forces between the 3 CPs. So for now, because of 
    the number of lights in CP#3 I don't think it matters whether 2 or 3 CPs are 
    On 2 occasions while testing the combination sets for powering the chair the 
    game crashed while resetting CP#1 to 1 and or 3. 
    One time each for 1 and 3 while testing and playing the screen went black as 
    the ship began to reset from the R, L, and L move. Sound and the icons at the 
    bottom of the screen remained. I had to hit Control, Alt, Delete, and restart 
    the game from a save prior to the one at CP#3. The next time I tried the same 
    problem number it ran fine.
    When you decide what to do, get on with it then return to Spire #1 and 
    complete the puzzle. When complete zip back to the hallway between Otis and 
    the chair. Once in the room sit in the chair and push the blue button to 
    activate it. Watch the 36 little lights surrounding the octagon with the 3 
    cables brighten up. As they light up so do the icons on the left side of the 
    chair. Once all are lit the chair is ready, so locate and pull the knob to 
    the pawns. As you lower down the statue follows to a much larger cavern, once 
    you've looked about and are happy with all pull the knob again. As you sink 
    lower into the cavern large panels separate and tilt showing a myriad of 
    little lights, (the pawns?) they look like pawns. 
    6.6.4 Tuning the cables 
    So, at this point what happens now? Well you may have noticed by now that 2 
    of the 4 icons on the left side of the chair have matches in front of MF on 
    the chair, the 3rd icon from the top, matches the device at the center of the 
    chair and the 4th icon, (gear looking things) matches the image on the 2 
    little doors under the device. The small doors can now be opened, push the 
    button and ride down one more level. Now you're hanging from some cables and 
    chain out in the open, at the bottom of the spire. 
    You have 3 mechanical devices in front of you, each one has an icon and each 
    icon is represented by a shape. The left is a pentagon the middle is a circle 
    and the one on the right is a hexagon. Dig into your pic ledger and or 
    notepad for the info, if you were diligent while exploring the spires you got 
    some close up pics of 3 crystal filled geodes. 2 of the geodes had a band 
    with graduation marks on them and a white marker set on a graduation scale. 
    The 3rd geode didn't have a band on it but there are 2 instances where the 
    needed data is laid out for you. 
    1. The damaged geode in Sirrus' sleeping area had a memory attached with a 
    clear look at the band.
    2. The missing band is stuck in the bedpost near the chess set, the 
    graduation marks and white marker clearly visible.
    Look at the pics carefully; see that each has a distinctive shape and take 
    note of the exact position of each white marker. Once you have it figured out 
    locate the pull bar of each gear and set it. If you mess it the little rod 
    with the small crystal on it to the left of each gear is the reset. There's 
    no fanfare when all are set there's a black beam me up Scotty button high and 
    to the left. When you get back to the big cavern with the panels filled with 
    bunches of pawn crystals save. There will be blood, (probably streaming from 
    your eyes and ears) with what's ahead of you. 
    1. Pay very close attention to the geodes and the gauges; it can be the 
    difference between success and going mental because nothing works.
    2.Even after playing through 3 times and knowing where the sliders go, 
    getting them to the right position in time is a big honkin pain in the 
    medieval buttocks, (maybe yours too). Frequently the slider drops down to the 
    position below. 2ndly and more so infuriating, cables 1 and 3 are very close 
    to the 4 resonators, so close that as you move to grab the sliders more often 
    than not the game forces a close up look at what ever resonator is closest. 
    So be prepared to restart a few times. A ball and gag might keep the family 
    and neighbors from calling the police or EMTs!
    6.6.5 Make a Spider sing.
    So its time to dig into all the junk you've collected throughout the age and 
    organize it into something you can use.
    What do we know?
    1. Rock test page on desk sleeping area, says 20 units of power output 
    required to control rock, look at image and see that 5 is set at 3rd cable.
    2. Page found on statue in chair room, possible rock data, (minor stretch 
    with desperate logic), shows 11 tests, last 3 set at 5 on cable #3. 6 of 11 
    tests have 10 at cable #1. If page is rock data and 10 at cable #1 and 5 at 
    #3 then should be 5 at cable #2 to agree with fact #3 to total 20 units of 
    3. Cable setting for Rock is?
    4. Nara page found on work bench sleeping area, Nara stronger than other 
    substances, requires all power the keyboard can provide.
    5. Keyboard has 36 crystals and 12 graduations on each cable totaling 36
    6. Cable setting for Nara is?
    7. Quartz page found on hallway floor between Otis and chair room, cable #3 
    must be set below 5, 8/12/4.
    8. Quartz page test 27, found on floor near sleeping area, must have 6 
    conductors on cable #1
    9. Cable setting for Quartz is?
    Blue Crystal
    1. Blue Crystal page test 17, cable #1 set at 3
    2. Blue Crystal page, from box in sleeping area, states total output from CPs 
    #1 and 2 required to power crystal. CP#1=4, CP#2=7, total=11-3 on cable #1 
    leaves 8 divided between cables 2 and 3. There are 7 possible combinations 
    with 3 set at cable #1.
    3. Cable setting for Blue Crystal is?
    For the Blue Crystal, with cable #1 set at 3 the 7 possible combinations for 
    cables 2 and 3 are 
    1/7, 2/6, 3/5, 4/4, 5/3, 6/2, 7/1. 
    Once you have some or all the combinations I suggest you confirm by testing 
    and resetting from the previous save. Each time you get a crystal to vibrate 
    you may want to magnify it to see what's going on in each of the housings. 
    Once all have been verified prepare for the 2nd half of the major pain in the 
    butt puzzle. 
    1. For this puzzle I set the hand icon's opacity level to 10 making it easier 
    to see the "green" graduation marks on the cables through the slider.
    2. Use peripheral vision to keep track of crystals as they light up or go off 
    as you slide the markers along the cables.
    3. To save a second or 2 per item, (quartz, rock etc.) whatever marker you 
    happen to be moving to complete the 3rd cable setting, (whichever cable that 
    may be), only needs to pass by the correct graduation to activate said item.
    4. Having watched the interiors of the enclosures rotate you discover that 
    the Quartz enclosure has 1 opening, Blue has 2, Rock 3 and Nara has 4. It 
    takes Quartz 48 seconds to reach the 1st opening, Blue 31s, Rock 19s and Nara 
    12s. This pretty much sets the order of completion.
    Just in case anyone else is as thick skulled as I am and expects the game to 
    do something grand once the stones rise, it won't. I assumed the game would 
    raise the chair too and it didn't. This prompted Mr. Thicky to believe he'd 
    done something wrong again. I finally figured out, (read stumbled into) after 
    a frustrating hour of backtracking and a couple of restarts that I actually 
    needed to lift the door on my own. Can you believe it? Labor!
    Once the stones rise up to the chair, press the blue button to raise the top 
    of the chair and walk over to the platform. Explore the platform 
    "THOROUGHLY"; the lift is blocked by what looks like a bell from Serenia. 
    Locate the diary, read it and discover the intent of Sirrus. Locate the 2 
    glassed containers and the can thingy that sits between them. Take the 
    memories from both, use the info and objects found on the platform and return 
    to the chair. It may take a couple of turns to figure out what to do, but 
    once you do it correctly, you'll know it. Finally exit the chair for the last 
    time to see that Otis is clear and ready to rise. 
    So beat feet to Otis, make sure you got everything and zip back to the 
    linking chamber or ride back to the surface in style then zip to the chamber. 
    Once in the chamber link back to Tomahna for the last time. 
    6.7 TOMAHNA.IV
    Pull the lever to exit the orb then zip out to Yeesha's bedroom. Once there 
    open the bookshelf, locate the linking book and link back to Serenia.
    6.8 SERENIA II
    6.8.1 Confronting Sirrus' Dream Parasite
    Once you land in the linking cave zip to the base of the steps closest to Old 
    and Busted and head for the harvester. If, as you pass by the locked door to 
    the lower level of Audrey Sirrus will pop out, he startles like the weasel he 
    is and commences to lay his oily weasel lies on thick. Once he scurries back 
    into Audrey I beat feet to the harvester and take the steps to the locked 
    door. Push the button, once the flashy thing is done pull out the pic of the 
    circle of 6 colors you got from Otis just before leaving Spire. Know that 
    they have been different every time I played through the game.
    Right them down on the REAL notepad and take note of the colorful security 
    measure Sirrus laid in front of you. There's an inner circle then an inner 
    ring of 6 circles and then a larger outer ring with 18 circles. You need to 
    correctly orient representatives of the 6 colored circles from Spire into the 
    lock. This isn't difficult, again, just time consuming. Test it and NADA! 
    There is only one other instance of a color pattern and that was the 2, 3 
    colored triangles in dream state. Orient and incorporate the remaining colors 
    from the 2 triangles into the door lock sequence. 
    Once you have them set correctly don't expect the game to takeover for you, 
    open the door yourself, yeah I know labor. If you have the colors sequenced 
    properly in the door lock it will light bright and the door will open when 
    you repress the button. If not double check, reset and try again.
    Once you pass the door it closes and there's no turning back, you're in "End 
    Game" now. Shortly you'll be coming up to 2 puzzles that will vie for the 
    Spire entries "Most Tedious Puzzle" award in the entire game. Move along the 
    passageway to the ladder and climb up into Audrey's (upper) lower level which 
    would be the ... never mind. Locate the few interesting but unimportant 
    things and move on toward the stairs. This is where you find Sirrus in the 
    chamber; he appears to be asleep and doesn't respond when I yell, "Hey R.F.B 
    wake up!" or when I tap on the portal. Head up the stairs.
    Ooh! There's little cutie beauty strapped into an electric chair kind of 
    thing. She's understandably freaked out, but does seem a bit out of character 
    as she makes demands and tries to trapped coyote her way out of the shackles. 
    If you leave the room she'll beg you to come back, when you do she'll 
    reiterate her demand to release her by pulling the silver lever. 
    Once you make your way back to the area where the 2nd chair and levers are 
    Yeesha frees her right hand and then Achenar enters the room. Achenar pleads 
    his case while Yeesha refutes. You are then given the choice to pull the 
    silver lever and free Yeesha or the amber lever to start the memory transfer 
    process. You need to decide who to believe Bunny fur or mouth breathing 
    knuckle dragger! 
    Regarding Achenar, if one reads all his and Sirrus' journals one sees the 
    progression both have made, albeit in opposite directions. Achenar is 
    repentant and Sirrus as a seething plotter bent on full and violent revenge. 
    Sirrus intends to use Yeesha as a means to learn the art of writing ages. So 
    the positions of both men are clear, Achenar may be a basket case but his 
    current intentions are to keep Atrus and Yeesha safe. From this point it is 
    up to MF to decide whether Yeesha has been compromised and then pull the 
    correct lever.
    There are 2 endings for the game and they're determined by what decision MF 
    makes now.
    6.8.1 Confronting Sirrus' Dream Parasite 
    Apparently the 1st white swirly met in Audrey II was Yeesha, as confirmed by 
    the spirit guide in this dream state.
    Pull the amber lever and watch Yeesha show her Sirrus spots. Achenar explains 
    what he's going to do, and asks that you assist in the dream state. Sit in 
    the chair; look up at and into the stone thing's eye holes and travel into 
    dream state to do battle with Sirrus in his dream form. Sirrus is shaped like 
    a parasitic bug thing and has confined and scrambled some of Yeesha's 
    memories with some light ropey things. Once you've been injected into the 1st 
    set of fragmented memories, get a sharp pencil and a couple clean sheets of 
    paper. Reconnoiter your surroundings; take note of the dream state objects 
    around you and the symbols within the objects. Listen to the memory fragments 
    attached to the symbols.
    What do we know?
    1. There're 5 objects; a chess board, an emblem from I don't know where, a 
    linking book, a picture of Atrus and Catherine and finally Yeesha's water 
    spirit statue, all or most items seen during MF's travels through the ages. 
    2. There are a total of 10 symbols floating in front of the objects. Each 
    symbol represents a fragment of a conversation Yeesha had with Sirrus.
    3. MF's Spirit guide says the guideless interloper, (Sirrus), has anchored 
    itself to her and jumbled a memory that they shared and is using them to hide 
    from her.
    4. MF's spirit guide suggests the only way to free her might be to reorganize 
    the fragments enough to startle the interloper into revealing itself.
    What do we need to do?
    1. Listen to all the fragments, write them down, organize them into a 
    coherent verbal memory and then number them in their chronological order.
    2. Discover which of the objects to begin and end the memory in. 
    3. Begin adding the numbered fragments/symbols into the correct objects until 
    all fragments associated with each object has been placed. 
    With much trial and error the game will let you know when the proper order 
    and number of symbols are in the correct objects.
    There're a bunch of rules; 
    1. You're forced to grab all the symbols in an object at a time.
    2. When you drop a symbol off at an object it appears at the bottom of the 
    existing group within the object.
    3. If you have 1 or more symbols in hand you can not pass by an object 
    without dropping off a symbol, if holding a group, the symbol at the top of 
    the group will be dropped off.
    4. If you have multiple fragments in hand, once you have placed a symbol in 
    say object #1 you must place the next symbol into object #2 or #5 before 
    returning to object #1 for another drop off.
    Prior to writing the guide, I never paid attention to the starting positions 
    of the fragments as I entered the dream space. The objects and the memory are 
    always the same I just wasn't sure about their starting positions. 
    Frankly up to starting the original guide it took me 20 plus move sets to 
    solve the puzzle; however I felt sure there was a much faster solve. So I cut 
    some wooden squares numbered them and laid them out in a circular grid. It 
    took at least an hour to whittle it down to 12 move sets. If there is a 
    faster solve I ain't smart enough and don't have the gumption to look for it.
    If you're going to brain it out on your own you really want to save as soon 
    as you enter the space. 
    Once the puzzle is solved you'll be whisked out of the current memory, you'll 
    speak to the spirit guide for a moment and then shoot back into the next 
    fragmented memory. 
    This puzzle is far worse then the 1st one, it has 1 less object to shuffle 
    the same number of fragments into and this alone makes it more difficult to 
    solve. Finding the #1 object and object orientation is more difficult because 
    you're forced to pack more fragments into fewer objects. All these issues 
    existed in the 1st puzzle but to a lesser degree. To make matters even worse 
    the memory is a Sirrus monolog, with the 1st memory I was able to play off 
    the conversation between the 2 people. Even though there are fewer objects to 
    shuffle 10 fragments into, the puzzle can be solved in 7 move sets.
    As with the 1st memory puzzle
    1. Listen to all the fragments and organize them into a cohesive monolog then 
    number them for orientation in the objects.
    2. Locate the #1 object, determine object orientation and then begin placing 
    fragments in order within the correct object orientation.
    To help with memory puzzle #2, if you're going solo on this, pack fragments 6 
    to 10 in one of the objects so you'll have room to juggle the 1st 5 over the 
    remaining 3 objects.
    Once you solve the puzzle the game will take over, Sirrus will be booted from 
    Yeesha's mind and plunged into the void. You'll pop out into real time then 
    listen to and watch Achenar kick the bucket. It'll go black and you'll 
    reappear just outside the living room facing the fireplace. Atrus will walk 
    in from the kitchen area, give a soliloquy and then turn away toward the 
    fireplace. Fade out to the ledger and rolling credits.
    Correction made to adjust power box in Botany Lab, the 5th segment is 4-6 not 
    Power Distribution Box, column to column; 1-6, 1-3, 6-5, 5-4, 4-6
    Viewer and telescope Power Up; 
    1. Pull the lever on the railing near the stairs. 
    2. Go to the chair, sit and activate with reddish button right arm.
    3. Locate red adjustment wheels and push the orange button.
    4. Use the wheels to target the planet then return to the viewer.
    Tuning Viewer crystals to channel Rime;
    1. Locate Rime code from pic in Atrus journal to match selection of crystals 
    in viewer.
    2. The right side of the panel on viewer has a sliding lever that views a 
    selection of crystal profiles; the color lever below the slide chooses the 
    crystal color.
    3. The center panel has the viewer above a series of 5 doors that cover 
    chambers; the buttons below operate the doors. The chambers host the crystals 
    selected from the panel on the right. Once the crystal is chosen push the 
    button of the door you want the crystal to appear and reside in.
    3. Once all crystals have been set hit the activation button, (big red button 
    bottom) center panel. If the crystals and code sequence are correct you'll be 
    connected to Rime and see Atrus in the screen.
    If the code is the same for all games then it is R6, LB3, Y8, G8 and B2. The 
    numbers are relative to the position each crystal with the correct profile 
    was at on the horizontal sliding lever from the right side panel.
    Fireplace Puzzle, 8 columns and 6 rows, orientation, column/row, 8/6 would be 
    column 8 and row 6. I don't know if there are any more combos to solve this 
    puzzle, it took me so long to find this one that I didn't bother looking for 
    others. You need to turn all squares with laser dots red. Solve, 2/2, 6/3, 
    8/5, 6/6, 4/4, 3/4, 1/5.
    5. Bookshelf Puzzle, you can solve the puzzle using the bookshelf passage 
    from Yeesha's diary, the D'ni primer from the terrace, the letter from Atrus 
    to Catherine in their bedroom and the family tree in the 1st arboretum.
    2 rows with 8 books each, in order, 2/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/3, 2/6 
    1. Elevator puzzle, 
    To the left of the elevator move 3 cannonballs into the counter balance box 
    Slide the box in the elevator onto the ramp, slide 2 balls into it then slide 
    it back into the elevator.
    2. Mangree hunting post puzzle, 
    To solve is 3 separate tones, high, low and high. The duration of each tone 
    is as important as the tones, and for me is the difficult part to get right. 
    The best I can say is tone #1 is high/long, #2 is low/short and #3 is 
    high/long. My estimation is the high/long tone is 3 times longer than the 
    3. Gate Puzzle 
    The 2 hammers must expose the 2 marbles from the slides then cover the 
    marbles. BR=brown, BL=black, U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right.
    BR D/ 2L/ U/ 1R 
    BL U/ 3R/ D/ 1L 
    BR D/ 2L/ U/ 2R/ D/ 1L/ U
    BL U/ 2R/ D/ 2L/ U/ 1R
    4. Hand Bridge Puzzle
    The animal print chart in the Mangree hunting/observation platform is the 
    order of admiration; match them up with the totem emblems.
    5. Ring around the Shecky Puzzle,
     Number the 5 huts A to E from right to left. There're 4 Mangrees involved in 
    the puzzle, White Beard, (the thrower) designated "WB", 2 Ears Down, "2ED", 1 
    Ear Down, (1ED) and 2 Ears Up, "2EU". WB begins in nest "B", 1ED sits in nest 
    "E", 2EU sits in nest "D" and 2ED sits in nest "C".
    Move the Mangs in this order.
    E-A, D-E, A-D, B-A, C-B, D=C, E-D, A-E, D-A, C-D, Throw.
    Audrey I, Harvester Well Puzzle
    The most obvious sluice is from the temple area. Zip up close to the sluice, 
    solve the lock on the wheel, slide finger tips from right to left along 
    bottom right stripe 4 times then tap snaky on the head. Divert the flow to 
    the pool on the right; this will flood the underground chamber Achenar was 
    crawling out of, climb down the manhole to verify. 
    The other sluices have water spirit henges connected to them. 
    The North sluice; (sliding carriage and the pull rope), slide the carriage 
    into the square axel; grab the arched 2 knobbed lever and roll it to the 
    right. Retract the sliding carriage, climb down and pull the rope, this 
    lowers the left gate to stop the water from the north lane. It flows to and 
    under the West/East crossing stream. Zip to the crossing streams, (mentioned 
    in Achenar's journal) for proof. Be aware the N/S stream also flows into the 
    sluice with the broken left side gate. The left sluice, (broken gate) flows 
    into Audrey's well. The North/West Water Wheel/Sluice also flows into the, 
    (broken gate) pull the lever to right to lower left gate.
    Well Puzzle:
    Zip to Audrey's well, the bell should be down, and the door should be open, 
    raise it to ensure condition then lower. Close and then raise the bell. The 
    barrier will now be open to the tunnel; you can even see the door slide away 
    just after the bell rises. Enter the tunnel, locate the wheel and spin it; a 
    well gate will open and empty a portion of the well. Before returning 
    topside, locate the security door further along the tunnel, it will not 
    respond to kicking. Return to the levers, close the bell, lower it, (it will 
    displace more well water), open the bell door and then close it. Raise the 
    bell; you have now removed enough well water to access the security door at 
    the end of the tunnel. 
    Spirit Guide Puzzle:
    Below is the fastest solution I can find for this puzzle.
    I use triangles to move across the visible grid, once the visible grid is 
    filled with (White) and I'm down to the last colored swirly, A.K.A "LCS", I 
    create a new triangle adjacent to LCS. It doesn't matter what color LCS is, 
    once you exit LCS remain out of it till the new triangle matches the color of 
    LCS. Once all 4 swirlies are the same color incorporate LCS into the group 
    then continue to change the 4 until all are white. If all swirlies on and off 
    the visible grid are white the puzzle will end if not you must continue to 
    search for the remaining 1 or more swirlies. Once they're located follow the 
    above MO to end the puzzle. 
    The above MO can be shortened still if you clear the visible grid and end up 
    with 2 adjacent swirlies of the same color. Create a new adjacent triangle; 
    bring the 3 up to the color of the remaining 2 then incorporate the 2 into 
    the group and continue till all 5 are white.
    Spire Puzzles
    Position Floating Tram, Extend Ramp
    Control Panels 1&2:
    Lower, CP#2: R, L, R, L, R = -7.
    Upper, CP#1: L, R, R, = +2.
    Only 2 of the possible combinations produce valuable numbers on CP#3, without 
    requiring a reorganization of CP 1 or 2. I'm supplying a solve for 1 combo 
    only, when you return to Spire #1 all you have to do is disable CP #2. 
    Control Panel #3: R, R, L, R, L, = +34.
    Solutions for Powering up the Spider Chair: 
    Puzzle solution.
    1. CP#2 OFF, CP#1 2, CP#3 34= 36.
    Option #1 is clearly the fastest solution with the lowest labor; disabling 
    CP#2 causes the ship to move through 7 positions.
    Error correction from original guide; mistakenly set hexagon to 4 instead of 
    Cable Puzzle, 
    Cables from left to right 1, 2 and 3, 
    #1 Pentagon= 4, #2 Circle= 3, #3 Hexagon= 7
    What you need to understand so you don't loose your mind like I did, is that 
    the starting position of each cable is position #1. You don't begin at -0- 
    you begin at 1.
    Not an error from original guide; possible conflict of data regarding order 
    of setting resonators. In original guide I set resonator order to Q, N, R, 
    BC, at the time I did this because I had better control over the sliders. 6 
    years later I blow chunks, so I utilized the resonator shut down times.  
    Quartz, Blue Crystal, Rock and Nara settings
    1. Quartz, 6, 12, 4
    2. Blue Crystal, 3, 1, 7 
    3. Rock, 10, 5, 5
    4. Nara, 12, 12, 12 
    Clearing Otis Puzzle
    Once you reach the platform locate the panel on the right, slide the bar with 
    attached crystal right to the pawn icon. Go to the 2 glassed containers; 
    slide the double canister to the left container, (10, 5, 5) etched on the 
    glass. Return to the chair, slide all 3 sliders to 12 and wait for the 
    explosion. Nara is the strongest most powerful of the 4 crystal/mineral/ore 
    whatever they are.
    SERENIA part 2
    Security door:
    The medallion found at the spider chair lift has the color combo for the 
    inner 6 circles on the door. The 6 colors found on the medallion change with 
    each play through so it is wise to take a pic when viewed. The 2 tricolor 
    triangles shown at the end of the spirit dream has the Cw orientation of the 
    6 triangles formed by the 6 inner circles of the security door lock. The 
    puzzle takes time to complete, if you orient the colors correctly when you 
    press the button the colors will glow to white and the door will open.
    1st Dream Puzzle:
    This solve is from the start and untouched. Each object has 1 or more 
    fragments of the entire memory within them. The chess set is object #1, CCw; 
    Chess Set #1, Statue #2, Painting #3, Book #4 and Emblem #5. 
    They'll be designated by C, S, P, B, and E in the solution.
    The unadjusted numeric order of the objects and the fragment symbols with 
    their numeric designators. The object order is CCw. 
    1. Chess set; 8, 4, 3, 
    2. Statue; 1,
    3. Painting; 7, 9,
    4. Book; 2, 5, 10,
    5. Emblem; 6,
    The numeric order of objects is CCw and the adjusted symbol order.
    1. Chess set; 1, 2, 3,
    2. Statue; 4, 5, 6,
    3. Painting; 7,
    4. Book; 8,
    5. Emblem; 9, 10,
    There're a bunch of rules; 
    1. You're forced to grab all the symbols in an object at a time.
    2. When you drop a symbol off at an object it appears at the bottom of the 
    existing group within the object.
    3. If you have 1 or more symbols in hand you can not pass by an object 
    without dropping off a symbol, if holding a group, the symbol at the top of 
    the group will be dropped off.
    4. If you have multiple fragments in hand, once you have placed a symbol in 
    say object #1 you must place the next symbol into object #2 or #5 before 
    returning to object #1 for a drop off.
    But, if you're here, you wish to avoid the tedium of the time consuming 
    thought processes required to solve this puzzle, (it took me forever) follow 
    the directions below and don't worry about them.
    Below is the simplest method I could brain out to maintain symbol order 
    throughout the move process.
    (Example) 1. P-B-P = (1st move, from Painting to Book to Painting). 
    A move is considered as; grabbing a symbol or multiple symbols from an object 
    and then placing 1 symbol at a time into objects until the hand icon is empty 
    and MF is forced to grab another fragment or group of fragments from an 
    1. P-B-P 
    2. P-S 
    3. C-S-C-E 
    4. B-E-C-S-P
    5. E-B-P-S
    6. C-S-C
    7. P-B-P
    8. P-S
    9. C-S
    10. B-P-S
    11. P-S
    12. S-C-E-B-E-C-S-C-S-P-S
    2nd Dream Puzzle:
    The same rules from the 1st memory puzzle still apply and can also be ignored 
    if you follow the solution below. Again I believe this puzzle is worse than 
    the 1st and took me much longer to learn. There were fewer objects to spread 
    the fragments over and the memory was a monolog, whereas the previous memory 
    was between 2 people which enabled me to break the conversation into smaller 
    test groups.
    The unadjusted numeric order of the objects and the fragment symbols with 
    their numeric designators. The object order is CCw. 
    1. UFO; 9, 4,
    2. Chair; 6, 3, 8,
    3. Book; 7,
    4. Tank; 2, 5, 10, 1,
    The numeric order of objects is CCw and the adjusted symbol order.
    1. UFO; 1, 2,
    2. Chair; 3, 4, 5, 6, 
    3. Book; 7, 8, 9,
    4. Tank; 10,
    1. U-T-U
    2. C-U-C-B
    3. U-C-U
    4. T-U-C-U-T-B
    5. U-C-U-T
    6. U-T
    7. T-U-T-U
    When meeting Yeesha for the 2nd time, if you delay moving into the 2nd 
    arboretum by exploring the Lab first you get a different FMV when you meet 
    where her amulet slips off her neck.
    If as you leave the Botanical lab after resetting the power grid you turn 
    left toward the 1st arboretum you'll hear a flute or piccolo, follow the 
    sound and find Yeesha in the lower level of the 1st arboretum playing an 
    ocarina looking thing.
    My instinct on the 1st run through the game, (as I hope many may have done so 
    as not to feel overly stupid and alone because of it) is to follow Achenar. 
    In itself it's a sort of trap although not a game ending one. There is stuff 
    to do on Serenia, however once you complete what you're able to, there're no 
    obvious indicators telling you to leave for whatever/wherever. Unless and or 
    until you find Achenar's diary and can put the obscure clues together you'll 
    spend lots of time running around trying to figure out what to do next and or 
    what you missed never knowing if there's a way to resolve the age so as to 
    move on to wherever.
    If you follow Red around the harvester she'll talk about using parts from 
    another older harvester.
    On your way to Yeesha you find a stasis chamber and Sirrus is in it. Take 
    note of his eyes, he's motionless and eyes wide open.
    If you pull the amber lever then follow Achenar look into the chamber door's 
    portal. You see him bust the globe protecting the flower heart in the sealed 
    enclosure and then the portal fogs over. On your way back to Yeesha and the 
    chair look into the stasis chamber and notice Sirrus' eyes are now closed.
    At the end in the jury rigged dream chamber, if you dawdle on deciding who to 
    believe, Yeesha will make the decision for you. As Achenar moves toward you 
    Yeesha grabs his crossbow with her free hand and sends a bolt into his back, 
    then turns to and puts one in MF thereby ending the game.
    If you pull the silver lever and free Yeesha she runs to the back of the 
    chamber and pulls the ties holding the suspended dream stone. The stone drops 
    down onto Achenar and MF, although MF is brought to consciousness by Sirrus 
    in Yeesha's body where she monologs then fires a bolt into MF.   

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