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    Secrets FAQ by intermp

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    		FABLE: The Lost Chapters
    		     Secrets Guide
    		   (c) 2012 intermp
       I. Introduction ...............................[fintr]
      II. Secrets & Easter Eggs ......................[feggs]
    	a. Gravestones ...........................[fgrav]
    	   - The Addams Family
    	   - The Carter Brothers
    	   - Eragon Novels
    	   - George W. Bush
    	   - Ian Faichnie
    	   - K Dunn & Associates
    	   - The Lord of the Rings
    	   - Mark Hill
    	   - Monkey Island
    	   - Peter Molyneux
    	   - Pirates of the Caribbean
    	   - Russel Shaw
    	   - Terminator
    	b. Tattoos ...............................[ftatt]
    	   - Big Blue Box Tattoos
    	   - Lionhead Tattoos
    	c. Dialogue ..............................[fdial]
    	   - Harry Potter Reference
    	   - Bert & Al
    	   - "It's only a flesh wound!"
    	d. Hidden Profile Name Messages ..........[fkrnk]
    	e. Cursing in Witchwood ..................[fcurs]
    	f. Dragon Cliff ..........................[fdrag]
    	g. Lost Quests ...........................[flost]
    	h. Rare Items ............................[frare]
    	   - Scimitar & Crossbow
    	   - Dark Wizard Hat
    	   - Warrior Stripe
    	   - Chin Beard
    	i. White Balverines in Oakvale ...........[fbalv]
    	j. Myths .................................[fmyth]
     III. Links ......................................[flink]
      IV. Credits ....................................[fcred]
       V. Version History ............................[fhist]
      VI. Legal ......................................[flegl]
     VII. Contact ....................................[fcont]
    | I. INTRODUCTION				[fintr]	|
    Welcome, Chicken Chaser, to the official unofficial
    secrets guide to Fable: The Lost chapters, or Fable: TLC
    for short. This secrets guide is meant to serve you as
    you scurry through Albion looking for hidden secrets,
    treasures and easter eggs. While this guide claims to be
    a fully comprehensive compilation of all Fable: TLC
    secrets and easter eggs, it is not a complete reference
    guide for all hidden items in the game including those
    found while fishing or in digging spots. The information
    provided in this guide primarily focuses on items, areas
    and dialogue not easily found or recognized without
    intentionally looking for them.
    It should be noted that this guide will not cover any
    glitches or exploits.
    | II. SECRETS & EASTER EGGS			[feggs]	|
    Fable easter eggs are hidden secrets that usually make
    reference to programmers, people of significance, or
    pop culture. They can be hidden on gravestones, within
    dialogue, or be referenced in item descriptions.
    |   a. Gravestones			[fgrav] |
    There are multiple gravestones in the game that make
    reference to many people in pop culture or people of the
    Lionhead team. Here is a list of what I could find. If
    you know of more, let me know and I'll update the list
    and give you credit where due.
    The Addams Family:
    In Necropolis, there is a gravestone that reads, "Sic
    Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc." This is the Addams
    Family credo which means, "We gladly feast on those who
    would subdue us."
    The Carter Brothers:
    In Oakvale's Memorial Garden, there are two gravestones
    which read "S. Carter, gave his life that Albion might
    live." and the other "D. Carter, ever unconvinced there
    is life before death..." These are references to Simon
    and Dene Carter from the Lionhead team and co-founders of
    Big Blue Box.
    Eragon Novels:
    In Lynchfield Graveyard, there is a gravestone that
    mentions Brom from the Eragon novels. "Brom: Lived as a
    Storyteller and Dragon rider."
    George W. Bush:
    In Necropolis, there is a gravestone that reads, "George
    W. He gave support until the end." referring to George W.
    Ian Faichnie:
    In Oakvale's Memorial Garden, there is a gravestone that
    reads, "Ian, the mad painter of Faichnie. Strangled by
    his own hair." Ian Faichnie is one of the artists for
    K Dunn & Associates:
    In Oakvale's Memorial Garden, there is a gravestone that
    reads, "Mr K Dunn. Dead. At 2 gold per word, that's all
    you get." This ay be a reference to the marketing company
    K Dunn & Associates.
    The Lord of the Rings:
    In Lynchfield Graveyard, there is a gravestone that makes
    reference to Gimli from The Lord of the Rings. "Gimli.
    Don't call him short."
    Mark Hill:
    In Oakvale's Memorial Garden, there is a gravestone that
    reads, "Here lies the infamies poet M. Hill - gorged on
    too many words and had his fill." Mark Hill is one of the
    writers for Fable.
    Monkey Island:
    In Lynchfield Graveyard, there is a gravestone that
    reads, "No man can hold his breath for ten minutes."
    referring to Guybrush Threepwood of the Monkey Island
    series who claims he can hold his breath for 10 minutes.
    Peter Molyneux:
    In Snowspire Village, there is a gravestone that reads,
    "Sir Peter Molyneux, Tamer of lions, alchemist, always
    reached for the stars." referring to Peter Molyneux, the
    creator of the Fable series.
    Pirates of the Caribbean:
    In Lynchfield Graveyard, there is a gravestone that
    reads, "Capt. J. Sparrow: A wind at your back forever,
    sir." referring to Disney's Capt. Jack Sparrow from
    Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Russel Shaw:
    In Hook Coast, there is a gravestone that reads, "Master
    bard R. Shaw lies here. His music can be heard wherever
    you go." It's true! You really can here his music
    wherever you go in Albion because Russel Shaw is Fable's
    music composer.
    There are two grave stones in the Lynchfield Graveyard
    that bear the names of John and Sarah Connor from the
    Terminator series.
    |   b. Tattoos				[ftatt] |
    Big Blue Box Tattoos:
    If you loot Snowspire Village, you will undoubtedly come
    across the Big Blue Box chest and back tattoos. You may
    have wondered, "What is Big Blue Box?" Big Blue Box was a
    video game developer company created by ex-Bullfrog
    members, including Peter Molyneux, as a satellite company
    under Lionhead Studios for Fable development. More info
    can be read here:
    Lionhead Tattoos:
    If you loot Snowspire Village, you will undoubtedly come
    across the Lionhead chest and back tattoos. This is an
    obvious reference to Lionhead Studios. Find out more info
    about Lionhead Studios here:
    |   c. Dialogue				[fdial] |
    Harry Potter Reference:
    When donating 'The Book of Spells' to the Bowerstone
    school, Mr. Gout will say, "The book of spells? This
    isn't some potty school of wizards, you know!"
    Bert & Al:
    Though not an easter egg or even a secret, there is some
    humorous dialogue that occurs between two Arena Waiting
    Area guards, Bert and Al if you head back into the Arena
    Waiting Area between each round. I believe not many who
    have played Fable have ever heard some of this dialogue.
    Here it is:
    Al: Ah, round one. They always tell me this one gives
    them the biggest buzz.
    Bert: Buzz, hee hee, that's a good one Al. Buzz. Funny.
    Al: Second round, eh? Make sure you don't get mobbed out
    Bert: Mobbed by Hobbes. Ha ha. Funny that.
    Al: Right, Bert, that's enough, come on through.
    Al: Third round now. It all starts getting a bit hairy.
    Bert: Oh I get it... Very hairy, yeah. Funny, Al.
    Al: I'm glad I don't have to go out there. The next foes
    are dead hard.
    Bert: Dead hard, did you say? Ha ha. You're a funny man,
    Al: Do you know, the next round is so tough we might have
    banned it!
    Bert: Banned it? Sounds like Bandit! Ha ha! Hilarious!
    Al: Who'll win the next round? I'd bet the Earth on the
    next beast.
    Bert: Ha ha. Earth. Earth Troll. Ha. Funny
    Al: The next round will kill you Stone dead!
    Bert: Stone! Yeah, Stone Troll. Brilliant, that. Very
    Al: I heard his round has a real sting in the tail.
    Bert: Sssh, don't give away any secrets!
    Al: Oh yes. Sorry. Nearly spoilt it, didn't I?
    Bert: Er, you better go in. 
    "It's only a flesh wound!":
    When fighting the guards in any town of your choice,
    occasionally when one of the guards takes damage they
    will say, "It's only a flesh wound!", quoting the famous
    line from the film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
    |   d. Hidden Profile Name Messages	[fkrnk] |
    If you're playing the XBOX version of the game, you can
    enter the names below to see the associated hidden
    messages upon entering the last letter of the name.
    krunk: "You heard about the time I killed me a couple of
    krunkl: same as above
    krunki: "My hands are red with the blood of thousands."
    krunko: "You know I once burned down a whole village."
    krunkn: "I once killed a white balverine. I did, it's
    Jeremy D: "Jeremy Defrehn is a nutter."
    If you're smart, you'll realize that the last letter
    variations for "krunk" spell "lion".
    |   e. Cursing in Witchwood		[fcurs] |
    In the Find the Archaeologist quest, you must guess the
    name of the Demon Door that the he is in. There are four
    stones from which you must decipher his name. The letters
    on the stones are "I", "H", "S" and "T". There are a few
    words that you can make with these letters including
    "HITS", "THIS", "SITH", "TISH" and, of course, "SHIT". If
    you spell "SHIT", two balverines will come and attack you
    followed by a low voice slowly uttering 'Shit'.
    |   f. Dragon Cliff			[fdrag] |
    Before Fable: TLC was released, there were clues found
    in the original Fable that allude to an island in the
    north where dragons once dwelt. The most notable clue
    came from The Book of Dragons. Amid further speculation,
    xbox hackers used their modded xboxes to discover
    additional clues within file headers and other files that
    mentioned a location called "Dragon Cliff". Hackers were
    eventually able to figure out how to load the level,
    which happened to be on an empty dark island.
    With the release of Fable: TLC, it became obvious that
    Dragon Cliff had become Archon's Folly, the place where
    you defeat Jack of Blades for a second time, but in his
    dragon form.
    |   g. Lost Quests			[flost] |
    There are three quests that can be seen in the Guild Map
    room that you cannot start: Snow Troll Attack in Hook
    Coast, Minion Camp in Witchwood, and Suppress Uprising
    in Knothole Glade. Reasons for this include not having
    enough the right amount of renown. Programmers have
    gone on to say that these quests were never intended for
    playing and are supposed to be taken by other heroes such
    as Whisper and Briar Rose. There have been claims that it
    is possible to take the Snow Troll Attack quest by
    hanging out in the Guild and killing people until you
    reach Legendary status, but this has yet to be proven.
    The claim continues on to say that when you finally
    defeat the Snow Troll in Hook Coast, you will be able to
    pick up the Developer Style haircut card.
    More info here:
    |   h. Rare Items			[frare] |
    The following items are items that are obtainable within
    the game, but are more difficult to find without some
    extra guidance.
    Scimitar & Crossbow:
    Within Twinblade's Camp, it is possible to obtain the
    Scimitar and Crossbow after bandits have laid them down
    near campfires. While this has been confirmed by some,
    experienced wait times have been between 2 - 6 hours, and
    that's if you're lucky. Considering that the Scimitar and
    Crossbow are both extremely weak weapons (as strong as
    the Stick), you might make better use of your time
    patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same
    time. But if you really want to wait, here is what you
    will get:
    Scimitar: 400g, 20 Damage, Light Weight
    Crossbow: 170g, 20 Damage, Light Weight
    Dark Wizard Hat:
    Although this is not a secret or hidden feature, it can
    be difficult to obtain if you aren't paying attention. In
    order to obtain the Dark Wizard hat, you must obtain
    "evil" books and have no "good" books in your inventory.
    The rule of thumb for this is to avoid collecting any
    books from the Heroes' Guild until after have already
    received the Dark Wizard hat. Here is a list of donatable
    "evil" books and their locations:
    Eyes of a Killer		(Bowerstone South)
    The Guild of Zeroes		(Witchwood Cullis Gate)
    The Oakvale Raid		(Oakvale)
    The Repentant Alchemist		(Bowerstone South)
    The Sock Method			(Bowerstone South)
    The Tale of Twinblade		(Heroes' Guild)
    The Ugly Guide			(Oakvale)
    Windbreaker Rule Book		(Oakvale)
    You Are Not A Bad Person	(Bowerstone South)
    Warrior Stripe:
    Although this is not a secret or hidden feature, it can
    be difficult to obtain if you aren't paying attention. In
    order to obtain the Warrior Stripe style card, you must
    start the Beardy Baldy quest already wearing the Pudding
    Chin Beard:
    Although this is not a secret or hidden feature, it
    cannot be bought or found. You can only obtain this beard
    by starting the Bargate Prison quest and getting the key
    sometime after the second race (or having been there a
    year). You can keep this chin beard until you visit a
    barber or travel to the Northern Wastes.
    |   i. White Balverines in Oakvale	[fbalv] |
    Once you are a powerful hero, travel to Oakvale and start
    killing the guards. Once you have killed 1019 guards,
    white balverines will spawn in their place. They will
    still speak the same scripts, but with deeper voices.
    Claims are that it takes between 5 and 8 hours to get
    them to start spawning. The significance of the number
    1019 is still unknown.
    |   j. Myths				[fmyth] |
    The Sandgoose:
    The Sandgoose was a creature rumored to be in Fable, but
    was never actually found in the game. It is, however,
    mentioned by the Oracle, who says:
    "Many strange creatures have walked upon this world since
    its birth, yet the historians who found some of their
    remains are responsible for one which never existed: the
    fabled Sandgoose. Joining the remains of various beasts,
    they hypothesized that this flightless bird was the size
    of a house, lived primarily in deserts and was able to
    speak a variety of languages. There are those who still
    believe in its existence, but their search has proved
    fruitless so far."
    Since then, references to the Sandgoose have appeared
    throughout the subsequent games in the series.
    Additional references in Fable:
    - In the beginning of Fable, the cheating husband calls
    the woman his "little Sandgoose".
    The Singing Sword:
    The Singing Sword was a myth created to try to explain
    why Hook Coast was as far north as you could travel. It
    was believed by some to be required to travel to the
    Northern Wastes. Fable: TLC has since eliminated most of
    the speculations regarding the incompleteness of the
    original release of Fable. With the release of Fable 3,
    the Singing Sword has since reappeared.
    | III. LINKS					[flink]	|
    This section provides references to many useful sources
    that go into great depth about Fable: TLC. I used most of
    these links to find many secrets that I couldn't figure
    out on my own.
    | IV. CREDITS					[fcred]	|
    Thanks to all of those who helped with this guide by
    contributing to the Fable universe of secrets and FAQs.
    These people include:
    ...and the contributors to The Fable Wiki.
    | V. VERSION HISTORY				[fhist]	|
    Version:	1.0
    Date:		2/3/2012
    Details:	First release of the guide.
    | VI. LEGAL					[flegl]	|
    Copyright 2012 intermp.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document
    are owned by their respective trademark and copyright
    If you use the information provided in this guide to make
    your own guide, please give credit where due.
    | VII. CONTACT					[fcont]	|
    I have searched high and low to ensure I have covered
    everything pertinent to this guide. If you find errors,
    typos, or any other secrets not included in this FAQ,
    please let me know via email and I will update it as soon
    possible. Thank you for downloading this guide.
    Email: intermp@juno.com

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