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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Destination Treasure Island
    PC 2006
    Version:        1.0     released on the 1st of July 2010
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available to GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | XX.) FAQ                                                       |   GXX00   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Desination: Treasure Island' for the PC, an adventure game by
    Kheops Studio from 2006.
    If you spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free to e-mail me about
    it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    As usual this is just a walkthrough for the game. You should be talking to all
    the friendly people in the game to find out more on your own and understand
    some parts of the story better. Merely following the solve will only result in
    some basic background, even some puzzle solutions might not be clear to you.
    There are many, many objects to interact with that will tell you more about the
    options available to you and they may result in hints for you to progress. A
    good adventure game does not keep solutions from you entirely and will have it
    hidden somewhere in cryptic messages or hints.
    In an interesting change compared to most adventure games, should you mess up
    at the beginning of the game you cannot get stuck without the missing items but
    the game will have alternate solutions. The best example would be not picking
    up the sextant or marine chronometer in the cabin at the start of the game. You
    would end up at a different location on the island and then make your way to
    the correct one later. This walthrough only described the "perfect" way to
    solve the puzzles. If you made a mistake then you were obviously not following
    the walkthrough and are on your own. You will notice how the game makes up for
    your mistakes by later giving you the required sextant.
    The main menu is found from the inventory screen (what is wrong with pressing
    Esc for a shortcut Mr. Developer?!)
    Four years have passed since Long John Silver escaped and nobody knows what has
    become of him: neither the King's justice, who has a price on his head, nor the
    young Jim Hawkins, his fellow adventurer. One evening, however, Jim Hawkins is
    surprised to find Long John's parrot perched at his window. The bird has
    brought a message from its master. The old pirate has left Jim a fantastic
    treasure chest hidden somewhere on Emerald Island. A map and a mysterious
    enigma indicate the whereabouts of the booty. But Jim can't hang around: Long
    John's old accomplices are probably already on the trail.
    From this screen you can select:
    • New game: Start a new game.
    • Load game: Continue a previously saved game.
    • Options: Change the game options.
    • Gallery: View images from different parts of the game.
    • Credits: Access the game credits.
    • Exit game: Exit the game and return to Windows.
    So that different players do not confuse the games they've saved, each has the
    possibility to choose one of five symbols, featuring below, before starting a
    game. The games will then be saved separately and accessible from the loading
    At any moment you can load a game you have already commenced. To do this,
    simply select a game from the list. Each saved game is represented by its date,
    time, name and a thumbnail of the location where the game was saved.
    This menu enables you to adjust some of the game's parameters:
    • Subtitles: Activate or deactivate the subtitles.
    • Rotation: Adjust camera rotation speed.
    • Object Info: Activate or deactivate object information display.
    • Light Adjustment: Adjust screen brightness.
    • Music Volume: Adjust the volume of music.
    • SFX Volume: Adjust the volume of SFX.
    • Voice Volume: Adjust voice volume.
    Neutral cursor: no action is possible.
    Go-to cursor: indicates zones that can be visited.
    Talk cursor: indicates that you can dialogue with a character.
    View cursor: view info not displayed directly in the game.
    Read cursor: indicates available info.
    Take cursor: indicates that the object beneath the cursor can be taken and
    added to your inventory. In some cases, the object remains stuck to the cursor,
    indicating that you should use the object where you found it. Right click to
    drop objects.
    Use cursor: indicates that an action is possible in the interactive zone.
    Crossed-out Use cursor: indicates that an action is possible but only if you
    use the right object for the zone.
    Any object retrieved during the game appears in the form of an icon in the
    inventory. To use an object, simply click on the corresponding icon. The mouse
    cursor will take the shape of the object. Click the right mouse button to
    return to the game. The object you have taken stays in your hand and is
    displayed in a box at the top right of the screen. You can then use the object
    directly on a décor zone or character.
    Combinations: View combinations already made in the game.
    Map: Early in the game you receive a map to guide you to the treasure. You can
         consult it whenever you want by clicking on this button. Note that as you
         discover new things, the newly discovered locations are added to the map.
         You will then be able to move around quickly from one place to the next by
         clicking directly on the destination you require.
    Enigma: The enigma is at the heart of the game and you can view it whenever you
            want by clicking on this button but also by pressing the Return key of
            your keyboard or your central mouse button. If your mouse has a mouse
            wheel, use this to scroll through the clue.
    Objective: Click on this button and Jim will remind you of your current
    Text Zone: Here are displayed the contents of written documents you collect
               through out your adventure. The four buttons help you run through
               the text, go back over it or go directly to the start or end.
    Transit Zone: During a game, you will collect a number of objects that are
                  stored in the transit zone of the inventory in the top right. You
                  can move objects of the transit zone to classify them as you wish
                  in the storage zone in the middle of the inventory. Use the tabs
                  to help you in your classification. You can also automatically
                  empty your transit zone by clicking on the Auto button. All
                  objects will transfer from the transit zone into the storage
                  zone, filling up the empty spaces. When the page is full, select
                  another tab and repeat the operation.
    Combination Zone: Sometimes in the course of the game, you have to combine
                      several objects from the inventory to create a new object or
                      tool. To do this, left click on the first object of the
                      inventory then slide it over the other object with which you
                      would like to start a combination. If their association is
                      possible, the objects will combine in the combination zone.
                      If the combination is complete, the result will be stored in
                      the transit zone. If the combination requires other objects,
                      you should add complementary objects directly in the
                      combination zone.
    Empty (Dismantle): The spanner at the left of the combination zone. Objects
                       that can be dismantled are identified by a pictogram
                       representing the spanner to make such objects easy to
                       identify. You can also use this button to empty recipients
                       of their contents. For both uses, click on the button after
                       picking up the object you wish to dismantle or empty.
    Exit: The cross bottom-right enables you to return to the game, and is the
          equivalent of a right mouse click.
    Several times in the game you will be asked to tie knots in ropes. You will
    have to choose the right successive stages to achieve the final knot. The
    figures on the left will indicate the number of stages required. The
    interactive arrow buttons enable you to choose the next stage of the knot from
    two possibilities. Once you've learned how to tie in the game, don't hesitate
    to try the knots out for real. The Knot button of the inventory enables you to
    access the list of knots you have already produced in the game so as to view
    them a second time and retie them. Once you have selected a knot in the list on
    the left of the screen, you will automatically view an animation showing how to
    make it. Click on the play button on the left of the number 1 to replay the
    animation. You can also view each stage separately by clicking on the figures.
    Finally, the hand button enables you to re-tie the knot if you or the game
    should require.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    Find Emerald Isle:
    Turn around and interact with the door for a scene. Pick up the black spot on
    the left of the door and the thick rope underneath it. Continuing left, pass
    the table and find a sextant on the left of the desk near the small window.
    Take the lighter and rope next to the soft bed near the door and finally look
    up on the ceiling to get a marine chronometer. Interact with the window to find
    the parrot. Talk to it and take the message it is carrying. Open your inventory
    (right click) and  sort all your new items ('auto' does the trick). Combine the
    rope with the thick rope. To perform the sheet bend you must select the bottom,
    top, bottom and finally the middle option. This results in knotted ropes. Pick
    it up and close the inventory screen. Tie this on the arm rest below the window
    and left of the books. Two half hitches is done by middle, bottom, bottom,
    middle, middle. Climb out of the window.
    Banana Rree:
    Look right and find a block hanging at the front of the boat. Disassemble it in
    your inventory to get three new pieces. Look more right and take the first path
    you see, not the one further right.
    Interact with the ropes on the left to get a trolley handle to come closer.
    Take it and open the inventory. Combine this handle with the wheel you just
    picked up and add the axle to get a repaired trolley. Place the trolley back on
    the ropes and use it to swing across.
    Proceed up ahead for two screens into the skull cave. Look into the niche up
    ahead and pick up the fuel (firewood) to dump on the charred area in the
    middle. Collect some items such as the string, broken statuette, knifeblade and
    empty helmet. You can even take the heavy figurine...
    Exit the small cave and proceed straight towards the beach. Here you will find
    a rusty knife on a rock. Turn around and walk back up twice (not towards the
    cave mind you). Turn around and you should be facing a tree you passed earlier;
    it has some scratches on it. Open your inventory and sort your new items (this
    is the last time I tell you this, I think you have the hang of it after the
    first time). Disassemble the rusty knife for a scene. Combine the knife hilt
    you have now with the knifeblade from the cave, then add the string to fix it
    up (solution is middle, top, bottom, middle, middle). Use the new knife to cut
    the tree at the white scratches (resins). Pick up the terrocotta jar and use it
    to collect some cold resin. Return to the chasm with the trolley and get across
    once more. Look left and pick up an orange flower. Take the path on the left of
    the blue parrot. Pick the bananas, take the bottle of rum on the left and take
    the ran's horn on the right.
    Sculpted Stone Idol:
    Take the path towards the beach and turn to see a large snake statue. Grab the
    package wrapped in oilcloth. Pick up the fuel (firewood) and place it on the
    charred spot. Take the path towards the red parrot sitting on a stone idol.
    First continue one more screen and turn towards the water to find a red
    seashell and blue and yellow feathers. Return to the idol. Open your inventory,
    disassemble the rum bottle, use the knife with the bananas to get some banana
    slices and then combine the slices with the bottle of rum and the empty helmet.
    Talk to the parrot and give it the helmet filled with bananas and rum. Place
    the orange flower in the middle of the statue's chest, just above that fish-
    like symbol. Place the red seashell in the left slot of that symbol, then retie
    the right seashell string (solution: middle, top, middle, top, middle, middle,
    middle). Pick up the red feather and place it in the feather-shaped slot on the
    left shoulder, then do the same for the right shoulder with the yellow feather.
    Return to the beach where you found the seashell and use the empty helmet on
    the water (I think this should work not, else ignore it for now).
    Setting a Flame:
    Return to the skull cave (the map will do this quickly). Disassemle the package
    to get more items. Use the lighter (the oakum is used to fuel the lighter if
    you run out) on the firewood. Place the helmet with water on the fire if you
    managed to do this earlier, else ignore it for now. This should, however, give
    you salt now and speed things up later.
    Attack the Pirates:
    Use the cold resin on the flame to get hot resin. Use the hot resin on the
    broken statuette to fix it up. Use this figurine on the left white spot and the
    other one on the right white spot. You will see the shadows on the wall. You
    should also notice there are squares on the wall. Use the mallet to hit the
    spots that correspond to the figurine's hook, peg leg, dagger and finally
    pistol. A compartment will open and you can take the left horn of the ram. Take
    the figurines again before leaving the cave.
    Open the Gate:
    Turn left and go up to the tree. Take the path on the left towards a large
    closed gate. Look up and talk to the parrot. You have to complete the song by
    selecting the correct verses:
    * Drink and the devil had done for the rest,
      Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
    * The mate was fixed by the bosun's spike,
      the bosun brained with a marlinspike.
    * And cookey's throat was marked belike,
      it had been gripped by fingers ten.
    * And there they lay, all good dead men,
      like break o'day in a boozing ken.
    This will drop a purse. Pick up next to the skeleton as well as the glass eye,
    hook and scrap of cloth. Use the hook on the ring sticking out of the panel
    behind you. Reading the verse will tell you that you need to use your coin
    purse on the scale. Using just seven coins means you should pick 2 Louis d'or,
    2 guineas, 1 piaster and 2 piastareens. The gate will open.
    Burning Bones:
    Grab the blackened bone at the entrance and combine it with cold resin. Place
    the torch on the sconge and use your lighter on the torch.
    Seek a Cross:
    Proceed through the cave. Add the salt from the helmet into the feeder along
    the path (if you do not have the salt, see below). Continue up ahead and past
    the trap. This will place Snare Valley on the map.
      If you do not have the salt in the helmet yet, first place the valley on the
      map, then return to the beach from the beginning of the island (via the map
      of course) to the idol. Look to the right and walk towards the water where
      you found the red seashell. Use the empty helmet on the parrot. The go past
      the idol to the fireplace. Light it up with the lighter and place the helmet
      full of water on it to get salt in the helmet.
    Continue through the valley and turn left to find a goat. Interact with it and
    it will walk to the feeder. Use the nearby shears to cut the wool of the goat
    and you will find another section of the map and start the second part of the
    Bible Verse:
    Go ahead to the end of the path and examine the swords on the left of the
    closed gate. Click the mouse button on the first one and pull it up to '2'. Do
    so for the next few to reach 2-2-1-5 which is the bible verse on the back of
    the black spot you are carrying. The gate should open now so go through it.
    Rabbit, Monkeys and Snakes:
    Take the right path for a scene, then return up the steps to the bench with the
    lizard. Take the two disks that have appeared. Take the left path. I guess I
    do not really need to tell you that you should place both disks into the slots.
    You have to link the left disk's picture with the right disk's number. The
    enigma says "one rabbit, five monkeys and thirteen snakes" therefore you
    should dial rabbit+1, monkey+5, snake+13 where the dots represent 1 and the
    lines represent 5, thus 2 lines plus three dots is 13. Ascend the stairs.
    Set Sail for Cuba:
    Do not bother talking to the parrot. Turn around and take the package wrapped
    in oilcloth from the table. Disassemble this package. Combine the sailmaker's
    kit with the scrap of cloth, then combine the hull of a miniature boat with the
    masts and the sails you just made. Take a closer look at the table to your
    Pick up the figurine lying on the table and place it on the left most brown
    dot. Add the figurine with the hook in the middle and the one with the peg leg
    on the right. Place the model boat in the central slot. Keeping clicking on the
    sails until the parrot is happy and says full speed ahead.
    Camel's Humps Tree:
    Grab the arm skull which has been revealed. Take the model from the table
    again before leaving down the stairs you came up from. Take back the disks as
    well. Return to the fork in the path and go up the right path again you were
    screaming down from earlier (wussy). Turn slightly right and continue along the
    path until you hit a swamp and the next step would make your feet wet. Turn
    left first and take some dried clay from the ground. Now continue through the
    swamp in an attempt to cross and get stuck in quicksand. Grab the hangman's
    rope after the scene and disassemble it. Combine the rope with the hook and
    finish the mini-game (it has been a long time, solution: bottom, top, middle,
    middle, top, middle). Throw the grapnel at the tree in front of you.
    Up on the hill is a tree next to the edge. Combine the ram's skull with the
    the two horns and place that on the hooks.
    Cast an Eye:
    Place the glass eye into the skull only for it to roll down the edge.
    Disassemble the grapnel again and use the long rope on the tree roots to climb
    down. The figure eight knot is middle, top, middle, top, middle, bottom,
    middle, top, midde. Climb down. Take the glass eye.
    Rescueing Pepita:
    Walk towards the shacks and turn right to approach the forge. Proceed towards
    the barrel for a scene. Enter the forge and use the sailmaker's kit to fix the
    bellows and return outside. Take the pick, wheel, axle and short rope. Look to
    the left of the well to find a mast lying around. Take the megaphone further
    left and open the crate underneath the megaphone to find a long rope. Take the
    block up on the mine well.
    In your inventory, combine the block cheek plate, axle and wheel to create a
    second block. Combine both blocks with the long rope to get a tackle. Place
    this over the well where you just found the block. The clove hitch is a simple
    middle, bottom, middle tie. Attach the short rope to the tackle's end. The
    bowline solution: middle, top, bottom, bottom, middle, middle. Disassemble the
    pick and use the handspike as handle in the block in front of you. Turn the
    Curing the Fever:
    After the scene, take back the handspike, short rope and tackle. Turn around
    and approach the fence. You can read the note or just climb over the short
    rope ladder to the other side. Here, turn slightly right and use the knife on
    the bark twice. Fill the empty helmet with fresh water from the trought.
    Return to the well area and enter the opposite direction. Turn right and pick
    up the fuel (firewood) to place on the correct spot in the fireplace. Light it
    with your lighter and place the helmet with the water on the fire (not the
    crucible above!). Combine the hot water with the piece of bark. If you are too
    slow the water will turn back into fresh water.
    Find the Treasure:
    Return to the area you came down from (back to the fence, turn left and walk
    forward to find an X on the ground). Combine the pick head with the handspike
    to get a pick again. Now start digging on the X to find the treasure. Open it.
    Grab the damaged carriage on the right side. Disassemble the sextant and the
    marine chronometer. Combine the small mirror with the damaged carriage. Place
    this in the slot on the right where you found the broken piece. Place the lense
    on the left side where there is a fitting holder. Use the gears on the gear-
    shaped imprints at the bottom of the area. Finally, place the glass eye into
    the empty socket of the skull.
    The gear switch controls which of the mirrors you move, and moving it done with
    the left/right arrows on the right side of these gears. Move the right one
    right all the way the top. It should be completely vertical which is controlled
    by clicking on the mirror directly. Move the left mirror left twice and then
    click on it to direct the beam towards the right mirror. The beam should now
    hit the stone and open the chest. Take the wheel. When you take the treasure
    you will find another enigma part.
    Turn the Tiller:
    Collect the sand that has enmassed on the left of the chest from all your
    digging. Return to the mine's well. Turn right and place the bar (it was picked
    up as 'wheel') in the slot you see above the chest. Turn it to get the water
    Commend Three Master:
    Place the model ship in the water and walk down the slope. Turn left to see
    the ship again but this time with a parchment attached to its sails. Pick it up
    to extend the map and the enigma. You are now forced to talk to Pepita to
    continue the story. Ask her to tell you the whole story and ask where Long John
    is hiding. Everything else is optional.
    Walk down the slope towards the fence and turn right. Proceed towards the
    stone cliff and climb up the ladder. Walk towards the black flag (duh, what
    could that mean?). Enter the hut and turn right. Pick up the fish-hook, tubes,
    perforated waterskin and the pole further right. Disassemble the sailmaker's
    kit and use the thread in combination with the pole and fish-hook. The uni
    knot solution is middle, bottom, middle, top, middle, bottom, middle, middle,
    middle and gives you a nice fishing pole. Leave the hut and climb up the
    nearby tree to reach the roof.
    After the conversation below, use the fishing pole to grab the tobacco pouch
    and powderhorn (you have to disassble the fishing pole plus tobacco pouch
    first). Disassemle the pole plus horn as well. Combine the tobacco pouch with
    the powderhorn to get a booby-trapped tobacco pouch. Attach this to the fishing
    pole and place it back down on the table near the pirates for a scene.
    Tie up the pirates with your short rope (solution: middle, bottom, middle,
    bottom, middle. Look around to find bullets, a netting needle and an unloaded
    For an optional scene you can go down to the beach and walk alongside but then
    return back up to the fort.
    Look at the map and move to the forge and mine location. Turn around and walk
    towards the flowing water. Grab some fresh water with the empty helmet and mix
    this dried clay and sand. Re-enter the forge and turn left. Dump the mixture
    into the large gin near the model. Move that hemisphere model (mold?) on the
    center peg on the table. Attach the conical model on top of the hemisphere one,
    then place an empty molding box around all this. Add the mixture into the
    molding box and take out the conical model (place it on the table where you
    found it). Pick up the entire box and place it on the ground to your right. Add
    another empty molding box (no conical this time) and add the mixture. Place
    this on the ground too. Now add the one from before on top of the other. The
    one with the hold must be on top. Look on the right near the fire for an
    extension tube. Attach it to the bellows. Throw the treasure into the crucible
    and pull the handle to work the bellows. Grab the tongs which can be used to
    pick up the hot crucible, then pour the contents into the molding boxes. Return
    the crucible and the extention tube. Pick up the top molding box and place it
    on the empty slot. Take the finished cannonball.
    Combine the perforated waterskin with the tubes. Attach this strange device
    on the bellows and pull the handle to pump it up. Use the map to return to the
    Enter the hut and use the swab on the wall to clean the top part of the cannon.
    Open the gunpowder barrel and use the gunpowder shovel to add some into the
    cannon. Use the rammer to push the powder down inside the cannon. Disassemble
    the pick. Add the cannon. Use the handspike on the slot on the left side of the
    cannon and use it to move the cannon into position. Add the tackle to the ring
    on the right side of the cannon and pull the rope to position the cannon. Use
    the oakum on the linkstock (with no wick) stuck in the log on the left of the
    cannon. Light the unlit linstock and use the real linstock on the cannon to
    fire it off.
    Before leaving the hut, use the empty powderhorn on the gunpowder barrel.
    River of Blood:
    Climb down to the beach and walk forward one screen. Turn left and you should
    have the option to dive to the wreck. Cut the sponge sitting on the rock and
    pick up the damp sponge. Use the handspike to keep the clam open further right
    and then take both the surgeon's chest and the handspike. Take back your
    cannonball which can also be found down here. Click the top of the mast to
    swim back out.
    Continue on the beach until you return to your now-broken boat. Turn left and
    disassemble the surgeon's chest. Use the forcepts on the nailed-down boards on
    the ground. Use the amputation saw on the boards. Add some oakum to the fix and
    then turn around and walk towards the snake statue. Light the fire (you may
    have done so earlier) and heat up the cold resin. This is the last item to
    varnish the hull. The resin will turn cold if you take too long. Enter the 
    Watery Gate:
    Pick up the rope in the dinghy and attach it to the ring on the wall with an
    anchor hitch (bottom, bottom, top, middle, middle). Jump to shore and ring the
    bell. Ring the bell again for some negotation and tell them you want to trade.
    Combine the Open bottle of rum with the cork and place the bottle of rum into
    the basket. Talk to the parrot for it to drop daggers. Pick them up and use it
    on the wall near the dinghy. This will start a climbing puzzle.
    * move the right dagger north of the other one
    * move the left dagger left a bit
    * move the right dagger left of the other one, horizontal
    * move the right dagger north of the other one
    * move the bottom dagger left of the other one
    * move the right dagger top left of the other one
    * move the lower dagger slightly left
    * move the top dagger almost horizontal left of the other one
    * move the right dagger vertical on top of the other one
    * move the lower dagger left of the top one, into the upper hole of the two
    * move the right dagger on top of the other one
    * move the bottom dagger horizontal left of the other one
    * move the right dagger below the other one
    * move the top dagger horizontal left of the other one
    * move the right dagger on top the other one
    * move the bottom dagger on top the other one
    Rescueing Pepita...again:
    You can optionally talk to Long John, else turn around and attempt to go up the
    stairs. After a quick talk with Long John you can go up there after all.
    Combine the unloaded gun with the full powderhorn and the bullets. Shoot the
    pirate with the loaded gun. Take the mirror from the table as well as the slate
    and crayon (note: slate is optional? does not seem to be used). Pick up the
    bottle of rum nearby the dead pirate on the ground.
    Use the map to return to Snare Valley. Fix up the trap with the netting needle
    and walk towards the gate. Walk up the stairs to see a pirate on the right
    path thus you want to take the left path. Ascend the stairs and use the
    megaphone on the gap below where Jim will mention it would be nice to have
    something to scare the pirate. You will automatically be back in Snare Valley
    and can snag the key from the pirate.
    Return to the waterfall and click on the top of waterfall to return up there
    quickly. Use the key on Pepita's chains to free her.
    Mayan Enigma:
    After all that talk, turn around and place the disks where you think they
    belong. Use the damp sponge to remove all the dust from the colorful disk
    First for a quick trip. Use the map to go to Cape Fear at the south end of the
    island. Disassemble the sailmaker's kit and use the needle on the magnetic
    rock. Disassemble the bottle of rum and combine the cork with the magnetic
    needle to get a compass. Return to the waterfall and fill the empty helmet with
    fresh water. Return up the waterfall and pour the water into the basin of the
    colorful disk. Throw the compass into the basin too.
    Forget the color wheel, however; face your gang and check the golden snake head
    for the riddle. It should be the same riddle for every game. The correct
    numbers to input should be 39, 32, and 7. This means you have to command Long
    John and Pepita to press their buttons first and then push the third one on
    your side. When the numbers in the middle add up to the correct result you can
    slide the head to the next one. Tell Long John to press 19, Pepita to press 11
    and you should press 9. Remember that the dots represent 1 and the dash is a 5.
    After sliding the head you should input 12 for Long John, 11 for Pepita and 9
    yourself. Slide it again and then input 3, 2, 2 for the three people in the
    usual order. The puzzle should be solved now. The next one takes some button
    pressing. Push your left button twice, Pepita's left twice, your right twice,
    Long John's left thrice and finally Pepita's left twice.
    When the scene is over, place the mirror on the light on the ground to complete
    the game.
    XX.)                    FAQ                                          GXX00
    Q) Is this game based on the story by R.L. Stevenson, "Treasure Island"?
    A) It is a sequel inspired by "Treasure Island" but is in no way an official
       sequel that should be considered canon and was in no way written by R.L.
    Q) Can you die in this game?
    A) No, and you cannot get stuck either.
    Q) After following your guide I still have many things unclear about the
    A) That is to be expected if you ONLY follow the things that are mentioned in
       the walkthrough. I recommend you also click around and check out things
       besides these actions.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (1st of July 2010)
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