Scientist Pierre Arronax is taken prisoner together with his loyal servant Conseil and harpooner Ned Land onboard the Nautilus, the submarine commanded by legendary Captain Nemo. As new members of his crew, they take part in a fabulous, yet perilous, voyage across the oceans round the globe. En route, the player explores scenes from the novel designed in great detail, searching for hidden artefacts and key objects. A convenient help function and lots of mini-games provide uncomplicated and ever-changing hidden-object fun. Suspense-filled dives to underwater forests and coral reefs awair, as players must fight off the dangers that lie in wait on the ocean floor. In the Pacific, the crew fights against sharks and giant squid, at the South Pole the whole ship is in danger of being crushed by masses of Antarctic ice. Will Arronax and his companions ever manage to leave the ship alive again and ultimately reveal the secret held by the mysterious Captain Nemo?

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