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    Walkthrough by IcemanGER

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 04/22/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Portal 2 Walkthrough (Vers. 1.00)
    Written by: IcemanGER
    --------------- !!! WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING !!! ----------------
    --------------- !!! WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING !!! ----------------
    Table of Content                                                           +TBL+
    Introduction                         +INT+
    - Foreword                           +FWD+
    - Controls                          +CTRL+
    - Glossary                           +GLS+
    Walkthrough                          +WLK+
    - Chapter 1                         +CH01+
     - Stasischamber                     +STC+
     - Room 0 of 19                     +R019+
     - Room 1 of 19                     +R119+
     - Room 2 of 19                     +R219+
     - Room 4 of 19                     +R419+
     - Room 5 of 19                     +R519+
     - Room 6 of 19                     +R619+
     - Room 7 of 19                     +R719+
    - Chapter 2			    +CH02+
     - Room 1 of 22                     +R122+
     - Room 2 of 22                     +R222+
     - Room 3 of 22                     +R322+
     - Room 4 of 22                     +R422+
     - Room 5 of 22                     +R522+
     - Room 6 of 22                     +R622+
     - Room 7 of 22                     +R722+
     - Room 8 of 22                     +R822+
    - Chapter 3			    +CH03+
     - Room 9 of 22                     +R922+
     - Room 10 of 22                   +R1022+
     - Room 11 of 22                   +R1122+
     - Room 12 of 22                   +R1222+
     - Room 13 of 22                   +R1322+
     - Room 14 of 22                   +R1422+
     - Room 15 of 22                   +R1522+
     - Room 16 of 22                   +R1622+
     - Room 17 of 22                   +R1722+
    - Chapter 4			    +CH04+
     - Room 18 of 22                   +R1822+
     - Room 19 of 22                   +R1922+
     - Room 20 of 22                   +R2022+
     - Room 21 of 22                   +R2122+
    - Chapter 5			    +CH05+
     - The Turretfactory                +TTFT+
     - The Neurotoxingenerator          +TNTG+
    - Chapter 6			    +CH06+
     - The Depths                       +TDPT+
     - Test from 1953                   +1953+
     - Test from 1958                   +1958+
     - 1971	                            +1971+
    -Chapter 7   			    +CH07+
     - Test from 1972                   +1972+
     - Test from 1976                   +1976+
     - 1978                             +1978+
     - 1982                             +1982+
     - Test from 1982                   +TF82+
     - The Final Pumpstation            +TFPS+
    - Chapter 8                         +CH08+
     - Wheatley science                 +WLSC+
     - Room 1 of 1                      +R101+
     - Room 1 of 19                     +T119+
     - Room 2 of 19                     +T219+
     - Room 3 of 19                     +T319+
     - Room 4 of 19                     +T419+
     - Room 5 of 19                     +T519+
     - Room 6 of 19                     +T619+
     - Room 11 of 19                   +T1119+
     - Room 12 of 19                   +T1219+
     - Room 15 of 19                   +T1519+
     - Room 16 of 19                   +T1619+
     - Room 17 of 19                   +T1719+
    - Chapter 9 			    +CH09+
     - This is where he kills you       +IKLU+
     - Room 75 of 19                   +R7519+
     - The Hunt, part 1                 +THP1+
     - The Hunt, part 2                 +THP2+ 
     - The Final Battle                  +TFB+
    - Epilogue                           +EPL+
    - Legal                              +END+
       Version History
    1.0.0 04/20/11
    - Initial release
    1.0.1 04/22/11
    - Changing file name for better look
    INTRODUCTION                                                               +INT+
    - Foreword                             +FWD+
    This is the first guide i ever made, so bear with me if something feels off to
    I would also advice you to play Portal 1 before playing this game. There is
    nothing you can't solve without, but some of the dialogs/references may just go
    over your head.
    There is also (at least in the PC version) a short Comic in the "Extras" section
    which closes the gap between the end of portal 1 and the beginning of portal 2
    and gives some more background on GladOS.
    I will continually get shorter of explanations of things you have done before.
    as an example. at first i say put one portal here and the other portal there,
    then you have access to the box. the next time i will say: use your portals to
    get the box. and further on i just say: get the box. Because the idea to reach
    a certain place with portals will get more and more common. And it's the same
    with other machanics. Button pushing, using deep drops to gather speed and
    various other things.
    - Controls                            +CTRL+
    I don't any of the next gen consoles, so i don't have a controller to reference
    to. And the controls on the PC version are freely customizable.
    As long as you have played any kind of shooter which was released in the past 3
    years you won't get overwhelmed with controling the character.
    - Glossary                             +GLS+
    - CHell:
    The Name of the main character. the name was unknown in the first part but was
    revealed now. Originally, Chell was not supposed to be run through the tests,
    because she possessed a nearly abnormal degree of tenacity, which is shown in
    the extra Comic. After the Events of Portal 1 and the Explosion of GladOS
    Destruction she reached the surface but lost consciousness and was pulled
    inside. She was put in a Stasischamber where she remained until the beginning
    of Portal 2. The time she spend in Stasis is not known, but assuming the
    monitoring system was not defect, she spend more than 999999 days in stasis.
    - Companion Cube:
    The weighted Companion cube first appeared in Portal 1. GladOs mentioned
    the Cube can not talk. And even if it would talk to you, it would only tell
    lies. This seems to go back to the Lab Rat. the Lab Rat suffered from
    shizophrenia and one of those split personalities manifested in the form
    of the weighted companion cube. GladOS seemed to eavesdrop on the dialogs
    (or monologs?)
    - Fizzler:
    the Material Emanzipation Grill, short Fizzler, vaporizes any kind of object
    it touches and also all portals you set up closes when you pass through a
    fizzler. they are normally placed in the of a test before the lift, so you
    don't take anything with you. they do sometimes appear as part of a test.
    - GladOS:
    GladOS is an AI which controls all of the facilities functions. She was
    created during a research with the goal to copy a humans mind and personality
    into a computer system. She holds the personaliy of Caroline, Cave Johnsons
    personal asistant, inside her. For unknown reason GladOS had the intent of
    killing everyone around her, which was the reason she was kept under tight
    surveillance. until, due to the absent-mindedness of some scientists, she got
    hold of some neurotoxin. She was destroyed by Chell after she tried to kill
    Chell due to her being done with testing Chell. the resulting explosion did
    a lot of damage to the facility
    - Lab Rat:
    The Person known as Lab Rat was a Scientist working for Aperture Science. He
    only appears in the Comic, yet all drawings found within Aperture (both from
    Portal 1 and 2) seems to be his doing.
    He was part of the team who created GladOS and the other AI technology and was
    with Aperture since at least 1982 (in the comic you see that they have the
    prerecorded Audios from Cave Johnson, which stopped when GladOs took over.
    And 1982 is the first known date when Johnson forced the scientists to work
    towards AI technology to conserve his own mind).
    After GladOS took control of Aperture he was the only survivor of the Neurotoxin
    attack. It was him who pet Chell in to the testing circle, after he learned
    about her from the files. After the explosion of GladOS he left the facility,
    but went back inside after he saw robots pulling ths unconscious Chell back into
    the facility.
    He saved Chells live who was put into a stasischamber (which would have stopped
    working soon due to the powerloss from GladOS destruction). yet on his was back
    inside he was lethaly wounded and died short after.
    - Thermal Discouragement Beam:
    A laserbeam which has various uses. There are laser reciever stations which can
    use the laser energy to power various things. it can also be used to destroy
    objects e.g. turrets. The beams Direction can altered with ocular boxes.
    - Wheatley:
    Wheatley is a personality sphere in charge of the testsubjects inside the
    WALKTHROUGH                                                                +WLK+
    Chapter 1                                                                 +CH01+
    - Stasischamber                        +STC+
    You start inside your Stasischamber, which has a strong resemblence of a cheap
    motel. After some exercises, which teaches basic movement and camera control,
    you are going right back to sleep.
    when you awake again, you're still in your chamber, but you can tell that a long
    time had passed since your last awakening. The computervoice doesn't even seem
    to comprehend the amount of days passed.
    You also meet wheatley, a personality sphere, which has a b it an attitude.
    He will make you chuckle from time to time. after your ride with the
    stasischamber and wheatleys "manual override" of the wall, wheatley tells you to
    find a gun which shoots holes, but not bulletholes.
    So, out of the chamber and down through the glass.
    - Room 0 of 19                        +R019+
    Those of you who played Portal 1 will be very familiar with the first part of
    the game, as this a room similar ot the one you start in Portal 1. Just wait
    until the portals open so you can leave the glasscage and head for the door.
    Behind the door you see a big red button and a bit further to the right a box.
    When you step on the button the next door opens, but only as long as the button
    is pushed. So grab the box (by pressing the use key of course) and drop it
    on the button. This is maybe the most basic lesson: use boxes to push buttons
    Progress through the door past the fizzler and into the lift to the next test.
    - Room 1 of 19                        +R119+
    You will drop down a small ledge into the test. Behind you is an orange portal.
    In front of you are 3 glasschambers with each having a small button in front of
    it. With the buttons you can control in which chamber the blue portal opens.
    So hit the right button, go through the portal and retrieve the box.
    once out, hit the left button to get acces to the big button and use the box to
    push it down. Back in the main room hit the center button so the portal connects
    to the chamber with the exit door. Head for the lift to continue.
    - Room 2 of 19                        +R219+
    You meet wheatley again which tells you the podium around the corner holds the
    portal gun (in portal 1 it does).
    when you approach the podium, the ground collapses and you fall into an
    underbelly section. You see the portal gun ontop of some stairs and a couple of
    bis stone tablets with pictures on it. From left to right as you enter they show
    1. The scientists create GladOS.
    2. GladOS kills all Scientists, except the orangehead.
    3. Shell appears and GladOS lures her to death with cake.
    4. GladOS is destroyed. the orangehead saves the portal gun
    5. the sleeping CHell (you) as some kind of messiah or even diety.
    the Orangehead is the person only known as "Lab Rat" (See the glossary above).
    Between the second and the third picture is a blank plate where you can place
    a portal on to reach the next stage.
    After a short walk through various corridors you will land into another test.
    On the far end of the room you see the orange portal. Create a blue portal close
    to you and go past it. After leaving the portal look left to see the exit.
    Create a blue portal close to the exit door to reach it. Use the lift to go on.
    - Room 4 of 19                        +R419+
    The first monitor is broke but the next one will show "4/19". You could argue
    that this room now is 3 of 19. But i count one room as a whole from
    lift to lift. So bear with it
    You see a big button in front and an orange portal to the right.
    A box will be dropped into the pit further up. Use the portals to get the box
    and drop the box on the button to procede.
    In the next room you will find two big buttons and the exit only opens if both
    are pushed at the same time.
    You see two platforms the left one holds the orange portal. The right one holds
    a box. The pit in the back of the room holds another box. Drop into the pit,
    and leave it with the box via a portal. Use portals again to reach the right
    platform and place the 2 boxes on the buttons to open the exit.
    After passing the door it will close and lock behind you so on first glance you
    are stuck. But if you look up through the glass roof you see the orange portal
    above. Create a blue portal on a wall and pass it to escape this trap.
    The stairs you see to the right lead to another picture from the Lab Rat, but
    are a dead end. Go through the next door and into the lift.
    - Room 5 of 19                        +R519+
    The way to the main room is blocked, so you have to place a portal on the floor
    to leave the entry area.
    There are a lot of things here. Watching from standing directly below the
    orange portal there are:
    A small button directly to your right. It controls the box Dispenser on the far
    right of the room. Push the button to get a box. If you push the button again,
    the old box will be vaporized and a new one appears from the dispenser.
    The big button to your right raises a set of stairs with which you are able to
    reach two small buttons to the left.
    On the same stage is another big button (not visible from this position) which
    controls the exit door.
    Place a portal under the right dispenser and call for a box from it. Grab the
    Box put it on the big button to reach the 2 small buttons.
    Of the 2 small buttons (when standing directly in front of it) the left one
    conrtols the central box dispenser which is located higher than the other one.
    You could place a portal below the dispender and call for a box. but it will
    gather so much speed, it will just fly past the solid ground and into the water
    after leaving the orange portal (on a sidenote. Chell can't swim!).
    That's where the right button comes into play. With this you raise a blocking
    platform which will prevent the box dropping into the water. The platform stays
    up only for a couple of seconds so you have to time it.
    Call for a box, wait 2 seconds then raise the platform. if you time it right,
    the box does not land in the water so you can grab it to use it on the second
    big button to reach the next lift.
    - Room 6 of 19                        +R619+
    You will again need to use a portal to get to the main area. When you get out
    of the portal there will be a pit right in front of you. Jump down into it and
    place portal where you would land. Sith that speed you will be thrown right to
    exit door. But to open it you need to push down th big button. So you need the
    box out of the glasschamber. Open a portal below the box so it will be in the
    main area. 
    Then you just have to repeat what you did less than a minute ago. Put a portal
    in the pit and jump into it with the box.
    The game is very forgiving when it comes to going through portals with something
    in your hand. Even if the box hits the border of the portal and you think it
    might get stuck it will most likely still be in your hand when you leave the
    well, box->Button and into the next room.
    This room has the same idea than the last. But with a twist. In the last room,
    the "outbound" portal was fixed. this time the "inbound" portal is fixed.
    The pit in the center of the room contains the orange portal. On the far left
    you see a box. On the right, behind a corner, is the button to open the exit.
    Closer to left from where you enter is an inclined panel. Put a portal on it
    and fling yourself to the box.
    The wall above the entry door has a lot of space to put portals on. Place one
    as high and as close to the corner as possible jump into the pit and fling
    yourself to the stage with the button. Don't forget the box.
    A platform will rise infront of the exit door so you can land on it.
    Replace your portal so you land on the platform with the exit.
    It's lifttime again.
    - Room 7 of 19                        +R719+
    look who's back. It's wheatley! Spunky lil' fella.
    Use a portal to switch rooms so you can talk to wheatley. After you catch him
    he will open a secret door for you and the next part is a very linear march.
    take some time to look around if you want.
    You will reach GladOS' chamber, but luckily enough she's dead. Cross her chamber
    and drop down the stairs to reach the breaker room.
    Plug in wheatley and behold of what is going to happen.
    So... GladOS is back. You could say that the sh*t hit the fan right now.
    But you might rethink that later on. Follow the rails and grab the portal gun
    among the rubble. The gun is now fully active, meaning you can control both the
    blue and the orange portal.
    Use portals to cross the obstacles along the way. I'm not going deeper into that
    for the time now. Going from A to B when the direct way is not available is
    another basic mechanic which you are meant to train here. So i'm going to let
    you learn it by doing. After a couple of portalsets you reach the Elevator.
    Chapter 2                                                                 +CH02+
    - Room 1 of 22                        +R122+
    If that ain't a bright future for you.
    Runnning tests for the rest of your life... and beyond.
    The next room contains an all new tool. The Thermal Discouragement Beam.
    But let us call it a laser. Getting in touch with it is not advised. But it is
    not an Insta-death should you ever get to close. But still, stay away from it.
    There is a laser generator at the roof to left and a laser reciever on the
    ground to the right. Direct the beam into the reciever station to power the
    platform infront of the exit door. The platform will rise when laser powers up
    the reciever. Just make sure to stand ON the platform before you power it.
    this will be the last time i mention you to use the lift to reach the next test.
    it really get's tedious.
    - Room 2 of 22                        +R222+
    More laser madness. When you reach the main floor, look left.
    Behind a steel structure  you see a box, but you can only reach it with the use
    of portals. This one is different than the boxes before. This one is an
    Ocular Box. You can use it redirect laserbeams with it.
    Please note that when you pick up an ocular box it will rearrange itself in
    your hands so that if a laser hits the box, the redirected beam will always
    point at where you look at.
    Use the box to redirect the beam into the reciever station. A set of stairs
    will appear and lead to the exit door. But the door is still closed.
    There is a big button next to the door. place a portal close to the button
    (it only works on the floor) and one close to the ocular box to go get it.
    Watch out for laser! when you got the box->button->exit->win.
    - Room 3 of 22                        +R322+
    There are 2 laserbeams and 2 reciever stations. But only one ocular box (the one
    you see right when you enter, on the elevated area)
    get to the elevated area grab the box and jump the other platform in the center
    of the room. Redirect the laser with the ocular box so the reciever at the wall
    is powered up.
    Get back to the elevated area and use portals to redirect the other laser so it
    powers the reciever station at the roof above the elevated area.
    The exit should open up.
    There is a hole in the wall opposite the elevated area. it contains more
    pictures of the Lab Rat and a working radio.
    - Room 4 of 22                        +R422+
    You will see a box dispenser directly across the water. In the far left is the
    exit with the button opening it close to it. Further left is a reciever Station.
    redirect the laser to power the reciever. a platform will start moving,
    connecting the dispenser area and the exit area. Wait until the platform is at
    the dispenser, then interupt the beam by replacing one portal.
    Now go to the dispenser and get a box out of it.
    Step on the movable platform with the box and reestablish the laser connection
    to the reciever station. watch out to jump over laser beam, when the platform
    crosses it. Hop off the moving platform when it reached the exit.
    Open it and move on.
    - Room 5 of 22                        +R522+
    A new tool has it's debut here. The faith plate. When you step on faith plate,
    it will flinge you into a direction with considerable speed. The direction to
    which a plate will throw you is always depicted on the floor next to the plate
    with an arrow. The target of a faith plate is often also depicted on the
    ground/wall with a blue Bullseye-like thing. You see on of it right to to your
    feet when you enter here.
    The room consists of 3 islands. the one you start on, with nothing on than a
    faith plate and the bullseye of another plate.
    The far island, which holds the exit a big button opening it, the control button
    for a box dispenser and a faith plate.
    The central island is really small and inaccessable. It holds a faithplate,
    which flinges everything vertically into the air.
    You can freely travel between the 2 bigger islands via the faith plates.
    When you call for a box it will drop on to the center island and faith plate
    There will keep bouncing up down infinitly. You now have to time your jump
    with one of the faith plates in a way, that you get close to the box to catch it
    Once you caught the box the rest should be easy for a button-using veteran
    like you are.
    - Room 6 of 22                        +R622+
    The next rooms purpose is to illustrate how you can chain up faith plates to
    quickly cross long distances or heights.
    halfway along your bounces you will face two inclined platforms, where you have
    to place portals on to continue your flight. If you don't hit both in time don't
    worry. Just use portals to get ack to start and try again.
    In the end, you will land on a catwalk with a button call a box from
    a dispenser, which will conveniently brought to you via faith plate express.
    Look at the exit, then turn right to see the button to open the exit. There is
    portalholding surface above the button on the roof and opposite the exit door.
    Create a portal connection and grab the box. Then put the box (and only the box,
    not yourself) through the portal and let it go. The box will drop on the button.
    - Room 7 of 22                        +R722+
    Nothing really new here. The laser controls a moveable platform. You can see it
    move upwards when you first enter the room. When the beam is interrupted the
    platform will come back down.
    Use the box... no, not the first... also not the second one... use the third one
    to interrupt the beam, step on the platform then create o portal below the box,
    so it "falls through the floor" and frees the beam, so you can ride upwards.
    Once atop you will notice 2 inclined platforms on one side and 2 elevated areas
    on the other and a deep pit in the middle. Sounds familiar? good.
    first you need to go back down to get the box. but use portals so you can come
    back up without the moveable platform.
    when looking at the 2 inclined platforms, use the right one first to flinge
    yourself with the to an area with a button.
    Do your Box-Button business as usual and another platform will rise, so you can
    use the left inclined platform properly. Flinge yourself up. The fizzler here
    is broken, so you could take the box with you this time. But it will result in
    nothing but an even more pissed off GladOS, which is not advisable.
    - Room 8 of 22                        +R822+
    on first sight, this room seems really easy. all you have to do is redirect
    a laser into the reciever to continue and you can even call an ocular box to
    your assistance.
    The problem is the fizzler, which splits the room in half. When you touch
    a fizzler, all your portals close up. You can also not shoot portals through
    fizzlers. So you cannot redirect the laser with portals and reach the exit.
    You also cannot take the box to the lasers, as it will be vaporized, when it
    touches the fizzler.
    The key is the small window close to the dispenser button. You can shoot through
    it and thereby connect the two halfs of the room.
    After you now do not need to go through the fizzler anymore you can bring
    the box to the laser and redirect it.
    Chapter 3                                                                 +CH03+
    - Room 9 of 22                        +R922+
    You will see a faith plate right in front of you. This one will be used several
    times during this test, so get used to it.
    After GladOs adjusted the plate to your "Generousness" (ain't she a kind one)
    you can use it to reach the next part. Place a portal directly above the plate
    and the other one a bit further up on the roof to get to the higher area.
    You can keep the portal above the plate. You will use it repeatedly now.
    Once on the next stage a lot of things appear. On the right is a
    reciever station which controls the exit door further away to the right.
    Straight ahead is an inclined platform with which you can reach the exit
    platform, but that comes later.
    To left is more. Two inclined platforms, one facing towards the dispenser
    control button the other facing the dispenser. And a laser.
    Place a portal on the platform facing the control button and use the faith plate
    back down to flinge yourself up to the button. Call a box then repeat the 
    process to reach the dispenser. Grab the ocular box you just called and redirect
    the beam so it hits the wall in front of the reciever station. Flinge yourself
    a third time, this time to the exit stage and use portals on both sides of the
    wall, so the laser hits the reciever. watch out not to fall down or you have to
    flinge yourself up again.
    - Room 10 of 22                      +R1022+
    Another big room. There is a faith plate directly in front of you, but it won't
    bring you forward now. You will notice the box in the far corner and the pit
    in front of it. Place a portal on the wall above the entry door, as high as
    possible. Place the other portal down in the pit and flinge over to the box.
    Take it with you back to the faith plate and use plate so get one stage up.
    The platform blocking the way are powered by the laser so you have to
    interrupt it. The platform will sink and allow you to go higher.
    Simply drop down to the faith plate and use it to reach the second stage.
    There is another platform in the way, which can only be lowered by powering the
    reciever on that stage. To do this you have to call for an ocular box from the
    dispenser. The control button for that is also up here.
    The ocular box will be brought up to you with the faith plates. Use the box
    to redirect the beam to any portalholding wall. Take the normal box with you.
    Drop down and use the faith plate again. when you reached the second stage use
    portals to redirect the laserbeam into the reciever. The blocking platforms will
    Drop down for a last time anduse the faith plate. Don't forget the box.
    with both blocks lowered you will land right in front of the exit door, with
    only a big button preventing you from reaching the lift.
    - Room 11 of 22                      +R1122+
    Here's something new again. Solid light bridges. You can walk on them like
    any other solid surface. But you can use portals to extend where you want them.
    First off go to the other side, where the exit door is, and call for a box.
    You can see the dispenser through the glass. It will continue to spit out boxes
    as long as they fall into the water.
    Now it gets tricky. You have to use the bridge and your portals to get hold of
    a box. Expand the bridge over the water and go on top of it. Expand it again,
    so it leads into the "alley". make sure that the new bridge spans below you,
    so you don't fall into the water. Repeat this at the next corner and then
    another time to reach the place where the boxes fall into the water.
    Catch one and walk back on the bridge through the portal now use the bridge
    to reach the button opposite the "alley" with the dispenser.
    Once you put the box on the button, just expand another bridge towards the exit.
    This is one of most dificult test to explain by text only. I hope you get the
    idea of what is to do. I might add Screenshots of such tests. It is really a lot
    of trail and error on that one
    - Room 12 of 22                      +R1222+
    Before you reach the actual test you will have another chat with Wheatley.
    If you got here that means you can handle the lightbridges well enough to make
    it through here with ease. Get on top of the lightbridge in the upper left part
    of the rooom. From there on you can expand it nearly anywhere due to a lot of
    portalholding walls.
    There is also a hole in the roof, which will lead to an area with another
    painting of the Lab Rat, if you care.
    Expand the bridge below the dispenser and call a box. Then lower the bridge
    further, so it reaches the exit area with the button.
    Much easier than the last one.
    - Room 13 of 22                      +R1322+
    Ah, my favorites. Turrets. they're so cute, i can barely bring me to harm them.
    Turrets have only a small area of sight. If you stay out of it, no problem.
    To defeat you only have to topple them over. Shove them yourself from behind.
    Or drop something on them. Note that a single bullet is not enough to kill you.
    There is plenty of portalholding surface on the roof and you get several boxes 
    to drop on them. There is a button at the end to open the exit, but that should
    be the least work for you by now.
    - Room 14 of 22                      +R1422+
    A comparebly small chamber. And a new object. Ocular recievers. They work
    similar to the recievers you already know. But instead that the laserbeam has to
    directly hit them, it is enough that the laser only goes through the Ocular
    Cylinder on top. The laser is also not blocked by the cylinder and simply passes
    You can see that as you enter the room. One reciever is already powered. But
    to open the exit all 3 need power. You can not power more than 2 with the
    ocular box alone. So you need a portal to redirect the beam to the third one
    AFTER is passed the first two. You can also power 2 of them by using portals
    and only use the box for the third one. You have a bit of freedom here in how
    to solve it. You may only need a bit of aiming so the beam actually hits the
    cylinder but you should have enough practice in controling the beams direction.
    - Room 15 of 22                      +R1522+
    You will have a lightbridge here. Bad news is: the bridge is arranged
    vertically, so you can't walk on it. Good news is: the bridge blocks the line of
    sight for the turrets, even though it is rather see-through.
    The theory is easy. Expand the bridge so the turrets can't see you, then get
    behind them and shove them over.
    The first nest of turrets is right in front of you when you start. Yet their
    sight is blocked so don't worry. The turret around the corner to the left
    on the other hand can. So watch it. After you shoved that one to death, you
    continue to the main room. There is a second nest of turrets guarding a box.
    Guess what? You need that box. so you have to shove them too.
    You can use the bridge to avoid getting shot, but how to get behind them?
    There is a catwalk above the turrets. You have to get on to that. For that,
    there are 2 faith plates at the far end of the room. But they are far to strong
    to let you land on the catwalk. So you have to use the bridge to block your
    flight right above the catwalk. Now go to the end of the catwalk drop down and
    multishove them to oblivion. Take the box and put it on the button.
    The glasswall blocking the exit will lower. So the last 2 turrets become
    a problem. But only a minor one. Open a portal behind them. You could even show
    mercy on these 2 and just leave. or you shove them too. Your choice.
    - Room 16 of 22                      +R1622+
    So, more turrets. And lasers. My heart is already bleeding about what is going
    to come.
    As soon as you enter there is a turret behind some kind of fence. It can shoot
    through and you can't reach it to shove. Your worst enemy in this test.
    There are two more groups of turrets here. The first one guards two boxes.
    The other group guards the exit.
    When you step on the button, a laser will turn on. You have to use portals to
    make the laser hit the first group of turrets. After they are down, grab the
    boxes. Use the normal one to make the laser run permanently then use the
    ocular box and aim for the other turrets. The laser beam can cross glass without
    a problem, so that souldn't be too hard.
    EASTEREGG (thank to greatskeeve):
    If you use the laser to destroy the single turret behind the fence, you can
    Crawl through the resulting hole in will find 4 turrets playing music.
    This takes there level of cuteness to the maximum.
    To open the way to the exit just redirect the laser into the reciever.
    - Room 17 of 22                      +R1722+
    First off, if you look to the ceiling and a bit to the left, there is a mssing
    tile in the wall. Through that, you can reach another of the Lab Rats hideouts.
    But back to the test. The button on your right opens the exit. So you need
    a box. The laser, which is initially blocked by box, controls a moveable
    platform, which you must use to reach up to the exitdoor. When the reciever is
    powered up, the platform rises. So you need to block the laser until you are
    standing on the platform. And you have keep the button pushed to leave this
    test. All with one box.
    But it is rather easy. First, get on lightbridge. expand the bridge over the
    button, so that it runs parallel to the one you're standing on. Go to that new
    bridge and place the box so it blocks the laser AND is exactly above the button.
    If that is not possible, you have to rearrange the bridge's position.
    Go to the moveable platform, which should be lowered right now, and reset one
    of your portals, so the box falls on the button and makes way for the laser.
    You should now ride up and be free to move on.
    Chapter 4                                                                 +CH04+
    - Room 18 of 22                      +R1822+
    Ok now, for real. Along the way to here GladOS really made some snide comments,
    which i really laughed about, even though they were meant to insult me.
    But that "suprise"... that was just heinous. Even for her. Really.
    But, back to the test of that sneaky little... nevermind. I'm cool now.
    There is a turret at the far end of the room and the only thing preventing it
    from turning on to you is the lightbridge blocking the sight.
    there are 4 ocular recievers on the floor and one reciever station on the wall
    close to the exit and all of them needs to be powered at the same time to open
    the exitdoor.
    In the far right corner of the room you will see a small chamber, with
    a controlbutton for both of the dispensers on the right side of the room.
    If you call them now, they would fall on the faith plates and both land into
    the water. You have to use the lightbridge to prevent that. once you manage
    to get both ocular boxes land on ground, you can use them to first destroy the
    turret and power the various recievers.
    Place the first box so that it points roughly at the direction of the dispenser
    further away and powers the 2 recievers along the way. Use the other box to
    first destroy the turret and then power the remaing 3 recievers, which are lined
    up nicely if you just use the right angle.
    after that use the lightbrdge to cross over to the exit.
    - Room 19 of 22                      +R1922+
    So just five more test before we are saved. to bad that there are only three
    tests left, if you believe the monitors.
    You need to power 2 ocular recievers and a normal reciever station to open the
    exit. There are 3 Ocular boxes scattered around the room. We need to collect
    and use them.
    There is also a set of faith plates on the ground level, which can catapult you
    vertically into the air with a lot of force.
    So in short: grab a box and go to where the laser is originally pointing and
    redirect it to the first ocular reciever.
    Grab the next box and flinge yourself to the first reciever. Direct the beam to
    the second reciever, at the starting position.
    The tricky one is the third box. It is located on a high pillar.
    The faith plates give you the speed to kick it down there, but you have to aim
    your portals properly. No choice but trial and error on that one. Once you got
    it you can use the beam to roast the turrets and power the last reciever.
    Flinge over to the exit and continue.
    - Room 20 of 22                      +R2022+
    Someone here really loves lasers. 3 lasers in front of you and 3 recievers to
    your right. But only 2 ocular boxes.
    I will give the lasers numbers now. The laser pointing towards your direction
    when you enter is number 1. The one at ceiling is number 2.
    The last one is number 3.
    The recievers, going from left to right are A, B and C.
    Place one portal directly opposite reciever B on the pillar. Place the other
    portal on the spot where laser 1 is point at. If done correctly, laser 1 should
    power reciever A now. Take a Box and redirect laser 2 so that it powers
    reciever C through the portal. Use the remaining box to make laser 3 power
    reciever B. Again, through the portal. The door should be open so move on,
    avoiding the lasers.
    - Room 21 of 22                      +R2122+
    A really easy test. Place portals so the lightbridge expands under the dispenser
    and close to controlbutton. go up, call a box and graaaaa....
    What for pete's sake....?
    Wheatley is back! And he is opening another secret door for you.
    So make a run for it, except you are a really big fan of neurotoxin.
    Make your way along the catwalks. At one point GladOS will offer you to enter
    testchamber 22 of 22. If you go in, you're dead! believe me, i tried. A lot.
    There is no way out, without using cheats. So just keep running!
    some catwalks later, GladOS will deploy turrets into what seems to be
    a dead end. Just dash from cover to cover and shove them one after another.
    hey that rhymed. well, anyway.
    Use your portal to leave that chamber and continue en the catwalks.
    Another turret trap awaits. But your portals from just ago are still active.
    Just shoot one below the turrets feet. Which one doesn't matter.
    After that, keep running! GladOS now tries to crush you between big structures.
    You have to reach the elevator before that happens.
    Chapter 5                                                                 +CH05+
    - The Turretfactory                   +TTFT+
    The next door is broken and won't fully open. So you need to portal your way
    out of it. After you're reunion with Wheatley all lights turn out.
    Wheatley will light your way for now. follow the path and listen to Wheatley's
    scary stories.
    On the first conveyer belt you have to move right.
    The next conveyer belt is moving and you need avoid bypassing objects until
    you can hop off it at the end. After some more catwalks you will have to use
    portals again. Wheatley will point to where to aim for. 
    So just shoot at where he tells you.
    I wish he would do that all the time. would have saved me a lot of time
    typing this here.
    After another load of catwalks comes a slope, which you have to slowly move
    down to reach the next part.
    Note that moving on round surfaces like slopes, pipes or something alike feels
    really squishy in Portal 2. I think this is to prevent you from abusing pipes
    to reach places you should not reach.
    But here this works against you. So. Watch. Your. Step.
    this next part is interesting not gameplay-wise. But storywise.
    what you see here is the "Turret Redemption Line". Turrets land her to be
    destroyed and salvaged. But not just the ones you shoved or Lasered to death.
    All turrets! In the section before you saw how the turrets were assambled and
    packaged. After that, they are brought to another section, were they will be
    unpacked and prepared for use. They are not going to be sold.
    So why pack them in the first place? But it gets better. After a while in
    waiting for use position they get sorted out and land in the redemption line.
    So this Humungous Factory is producing Turrets which will get packed only to get
    immediately unpacked and after a while destroyed for no reason only to salvage
    the remains from which new turrets will be build that will share the same fate.
    talking about efficiency.
    on the second conveyer belt a live turret will cross your way which claims to be
    different and gives you a shy "thank you" if you save it from certain doom.
    There will be a fizzler a bit ahead, so you can't become BFFs but still.
    It also awards an achievment/trophy.
    You will now be in a Test firing range. Use your portals to get into the range.
    Not every turret is a real one, so time your moves. Leave the range on the
    other side and move on.
    The next part is really important. See the scanner sorting the goods from the
    bad? You have to catch one of the bad ones before it lands in the incinerator.
    Take the bad turret with you into the controlroom. Open a portal into the
    chamber with the template turret and replace the current template with the bad
    one you caught earlier. Once done all new turrets will be duds. Good job!
    - The Neurotoxingenerator             +TNTG+
    After all this nifty Turretaction, we have to strip GladOS of her beloved
    Neurotoxin. So, from the turret controlroom, just follow the catwalks.
    A short while later you will meet the Generator. A gigantic white tubelike
    Machine. This is our target. You will enter a lift to reach the controlroom.
    to enter it, you have to push the button.
    Now you're in, how do you destroy this? See the eight tubes, leading from the
    main part to the wall? you have to cut them. but how? outside the controlroom
    is a laser, you need it so place a portal where the laser is pointing to.
    Back to the generator. There are platforms moving by at the far left side wall
    and the right side ceiling. Place the other portal there and the laser will cut
    the tubes. K.O. After the core imploded, go to wheatley and you will be both
    sucked into a dispenser pipe.
    After the ride and a really short walk you will face huge bottomless pit.
    In far, far, far right side you see lights and what seemed to be portalholding
    materail. In fact, it is. So, after running out of alternatives you have to 
    portal yourself there. You will land in a blank room with nothing but one
    leading to GladOs emergency shutdown and the cake dispensery.
    wait a second... what? oh shi.........!
    GladOs finally caught you. but at least you're not going to die due to a lead
    poisoning (got that, i hope you do) nor to a dosis of neurotoxin.
    With Wheatley in place an alternative core you have to solve the stalemate.
    All you have to is push the button. But the platforms won't let you.
    The first set of platforms is flinging you away everytime you try to pass them.
    You have to portal around them. The next set of platform will build a barricade
    around the button whereever you stand. But they can not move very fast.
    They can keep up with your running speed, but when you use portals to instantly
    appear on the opposite side, they need a lot of time to get to you.
    Now it's time to push the button. GladOS will be detached from her body
    (that horror in her voice when process started really gave me the creeps) and
    Wheatley will replace her. After he is in charge, he will call a lift for you
    to bring you to the surface. So in you go and up.
    Remember when i said that you will think again in what a deep mess you are when
    GladOS went back to life? well, it's for thinking that over now.
    Chapter 6                                                                 +CH06+
    - The Depths                          +TDPT+
    Well, let's do a recap at this point. We just survived a fall of approximately
    2 kilometer without a single scratch. I'm not going to argue about that here,
    just let this thought cross your mind.
    GladOS, the most visious and evil Intellect in the entire history ever is now
    locked up inside a potato (i will refer to her as PotatOS from now on, just so
    you know) and will be slowly devoured by a Pigeon.
    And Wheatley, the most stupidest Intellect ever is now in charge of the biggest
    and most advanced scientific facility in the world.
    You are right to think that the sh*t really hit the fan now. But you may think
    about it again later on.
    But let's look forward now. We need to get up again and exert some revenge.
    Follow the "path". You will need to use portals here and there, but most
    portalholding sufaces are conviniently highlighted with lamps. You will meet
    some "Keep out!" signs and a red wall labelled as "condemned testing area" which
    seems to be a dead end. But it's not. Turn around to see a portalholding wall.
    place one there. Now face the red wall again and look left and high up. There
    is another portalholding wall up there. Use it get past the red wall.
    Continue on past more warning signs and you reach a friggin huge gate.
    To open it you need to push the buttons in the left and right cabin during
    5 seconds. Impossible for anyone else but we have portals. 
    The door should start opening now. what could be behind it? A superweapon?
    The facilities energycore? A secret more vile than GladOS? It is....
    A smaller door?!?! why on earth....?! I fell 2 kilometers to find a Gate so big
    a whale could fit through and all there is behind is a cheap metal door?!
    I really don't know why i'm still surprised by something...
    But let's go through the door anyway.
    Oh an underground lake. that's at least something. Do you remember when GladOS
    was talking about doing experiments with sharks? Not that there are any sharks
    in there i just want to know it you remember.
    Not that important now. just continue over the catwalks. You will find a door
    which is half open, not enough to fit through but you don't have the portal gun
    for nothing. After you passed the door you need to switch a breaker to open the
    next door.
    Welcome to Science... again. A short elaboration. This is the first installation
    of the facility, build at the beginning of the '50s. The man you will hear
    on the tapes from now is Cave Johnson, founder of Aperture. He is not as much
    of a Scientist more an entrepreneur. During this time, Aperture was really
    famous and both masterminds and top athletes were volunteering to test their
    But back to going upstairs. On the wall opposite of where you enter you will
    see a portalholding wall high up to the right. From up there, you can jump down
    and use the fall to flinge you towards the exit door.
    Once you made it through the lobby, use the elevator and ride all the way up.
    When you are up, make a U-turn and look to the right. See the 3 metal doors
    on the far right with some catwalks? don't go there, but you need the inclined
    surface there for another flinge. Set a portal there and go down one stage on
    the elevator, so you can jump down the elevator shaft. There is portalholding
    ground at the bottom of the shaft, so jump right to it.
    Hopefully, you are now in pumpstation alpha and not a drowned body. In the 
    pumpstation, switch the breaker so it starts pumping again.
    Use portals to reach the catwalk close to the ceiling and leave the station
    to the right. Slide down the pipe to reach the lift and take it.
    - Test from 1953                      +1953+
    The pit in the center is filled with repulsion gel. The gel does not consume
    energy when you land on it. Meaning when you fall on it from 10m height, it will
    flinge up to 10m again. It resembles a faith plate of some sorts. But it does
    not give you the same forward drive as a faith plate does.
    Cross the pit with the help of the gel. Use portals to reach the elevated area
    opposite the exit. From there, jump to the gel to reach the exitarea and hit the
    button to call a box. use the box on the big button to open the exit.
    Once out, move along the catwalks to the next test. portal yourself when 
    necessary. Walls you are meant to interact with often hold that round yellow and
    black sign you normally see on crash dummies. if you happen to be stuck, look
    for that sign.
    After you reached the next test, use the gel to reach the portal holding wall.
    use portal to land on that moving platform and grab the box. with that box, 
    push the button above the entry door and a portalholding plate will appear on
    the wall high up, close to a "01" painted on the wall. Use portals and the gel
    to reach the area opposite that newly appeared plate. You will now face a
    fizzler and a big button behind it. The corresponding box is on the far side
    of the area in front of you, with both walls plastered with repulsion gel.
    The idea is do bodycheck one of the walls to ricochet you to the opposite wall
    and juggle yourself from wall to wall towards the box. Gard the box and return
    the way came from. In theory you could walk and use the gel on the floor to get
    out of the pit, but that wouldn't be fun.
    After the button is pushed too, a new plate will appear on the wall in the main
    room, next to a white "02". You can use it to flinge yourself to the exit.
    Drop down from the lift and go to the big basefloor. See the big pipe behind the
    pillar with the left you came from? There is another pillar close to it, which
    has portalholding walls at it's top. get up there. From here you can peak inside
    the actual testchamber and portal yourself in. The button in here controls the
    repulsion get pipe and once you push it a constant supply of gel will be at your
    service. Use it as you please.
    See the fizzler on the elevated area, opposite the blocked entrance door?
    You have to get up there. Behind the fizzler is an inclined platform, ready for
    some flinging action. But the exit is way too far away to make it there in one
    flinge. You have to send a couple of spoons (well buckets, or rather gallons)
    of that gel ahead so that at the place where your flinge would normally end,
    there will be gel to bounce off from so you can reach further.
    - Test from 1958                      +1958+
    Again you have infinite amounts of gel to use. There will be water flowing to
    the right of you, which is bad luck. Water will instantly wash away all kind of
    gels you would like to place. And unfortunately, you have to place some
    repulsion gel exactly where the water is pouring on to continue.
    The button oppsite the entrance in that small recess can shut down the water,
    for a limited time. So push the button, place some gel to where the poured on
    before and jump up with the help of the gel to move on.
    Use the inclined wall to spray some gel on the wall opposite to it. Then use
    portals to reach the catwalk close to the ceiling to the right of the entrance.
    From up there, place a portal on the inclined wall and the floor. Flinge
    yourself against the gel and up the exit.
    Walk up the ladder to see the next part. There are 4 large pillars. Your goal
    are the catwalks at the top of the far left one. To reach them you plaster the
    inclined surface of the far right pillar with repulsion gel. You can get some
    out of the testchambers below. After it's all blue and sticky flinge yourself
    against it with as much speed as apossible to reach the catwalks.
    In the next chamber are two pipes. one with water and the other repulsion gel
    and both of it as much as you want. Now the only thing to worry about is how
    to get the box out of the glasscage.
    The trick is to soak the box with repulsion gel. That will make it start moving
    randomly. The box will break the glass and you can catch, if you can.
    Once you caught it, you have to clean it under water, or it won't stay put on
    the button. Hop on the small lift and soak the box with geal again to make jump
    off the button.
    After the lift brought you to the next stage look left. There is a big "1971"
    on the wall and next to it portalholding surface. You need to go there.
    place one portal there and continue to the room you were originally facing.
    As soon you are on the patterned stone floor turn around. There will be a strip
    of portalholding surface right of you. Use and enter the "1971" labelled area.
    - 1971                                +1971+
    This is Pumpstation B. After you enter the station hold a moment and look up.
    There is a patch of portalholding surface close to the pipe with the blue
    markings. This is where you need to flinge out from to continue. But the glass
    close by makes placing a portal there tricky. I will call this patch surface X
    now. So you know better i'm talking about it.
    Further to the right of X is another patch of portalholding materials with some
    catwalks in front. Go up there.
    Now look down. there are two portalholding surfaces on the floor. One nearly
    below your feet, the other further away. Place a portal on each of it and
    jump in. You will be now some kind of pendulum effect, going back and forth
    through the portals. Now, as soon as you leave the portal that was further away
    from the catwalk place a portal on surface X and voila, you made it.
    Hit the 2 breakers in the room to the right, so the door to the left will open.
    Welcome to Aperture Science... yet again. You may realise that Cave Johnson is
    no longer as friendly as in the '50s. He accuses Black Mesa of having stolen
    Aperture technologies and kicking Aperture out of business. If this is true is
    unknown. but it sure left it's mark on the company. They now hire anyone off the
    street, who is willing to pull it's life to danger fo 60 bucks. Yep, no more top
    You will see two catwalks hanging on the big wall. GO for the upper one.
    looking down from it and to the right you see an inclined wall. Use it flinge
    to the office area. 1. Floor, not ground floor.
    Look who is there: PotatOS! hell knows how she managed that.
    Pick her up (literally) and go back to the catwalk before. from here, you the
    elevator which rose up after you took PotatOS, that is you goal.
    Place a portal on the wall behind you as high as possible and flinge over.
    You should also not just trip over the edge for that flinge, but jump downwards
    to gather more momentum.
    Chapter 7                                                                 +CH07+
    - Test from 1972                      +1972+
    Here you will encounter the second of the tree gels in the game.
    The Propulsion gel. What it does is reduce the friction of the surface it is
    placed on drastically. This includes Static friction, kinetic friction
    and roll resistance. And i did not have to use Google or Wikipedia to know this,
    i was simply not sleeping at school... well, sometimes.
    But on laymans term it means, when you walk on it, you walk a lot faster!
    The button on the platfom in front calls a load of Propulsion gel
    out of the pipe. Plaster the whole way up to the ramp with it. Then dash over
    the ramp into the corridor. Look to the left and place a portal there to plaster
    the length of the corridor, too.
    Make another dash and reach the the small room at the end. Free the box out of
    his prison and take it to the button at the beginning. With the ramps new angle
    you can reach the exit, but we are not done.
    Right of the exitdoor is a button... at the ceiling. Normally you would try to
    flinge yourself up, but there are no deep drops for that.
    You have to use the propulsion gel to gather speed and dash through a portal,
    so when you leave the portal on the floor you fly high enough to reach
    the button. The game adds a funneling effect when you try to dash into portals
    with propulsion gel, so you don't miss the portal all that often because
    steering is tricky on that gel. But you still need to aim. so, make your dash
    and hit the button.
    In the next part you need to combine both Repulsion and Propulsion gel.
    First set a portal on the pillar to the left when you enter and send a load of
    Propulsion gel through. This will make a nice Runway. Now set a portal on the
    ceiling above the edge and plaster the edge with Repulsion gel. This will serve
    as an improvised ramp, as you automatically jump when you move from Propulsion
    to Repulsion gel. At last you have place portals so you dash into one at one
    side the pillar and leave on the other side. Be aware that the "backside" of the
    pillar has two portalholding plates and you need to flinge out of the UPPER one.
    - Test from 1976                      +1976+
    This is a big one now. I think i need to give things names again.
    The area the catwalks lead to  with the gel pipes will be area A. The small area
    you faced when you entered with the platform holding a box will be area B.
    The other small arey beyond area A with the bug button will be area C. The area
    in the far right which has 2 portalholding plates and a ramp will be area D.
    Now, lets get to busines. Go to area C. there is a plate, held by a mechanical
    arm, which serves as a partial ceiling. Plaster it with blue Repusion gel.
    Return to area A. There is a corridorlike part to that area (close to area D).
    Plaster the whole floor there with red Propulsion gel to create a runway.
    Place a portal on the inclined plate (the one above the vertical one) and send a
    load of Repulsion gel through. You will see the gel land on another inclined
    plate at the other side of that corridor, if you did it right that is.
    Now use the runway and dash through the portal you just send the repulsion gel
    through. When done right you will land on the platform next to the box.
    Grab the box and drop down to be able to leave area B. Bring the box to area C
    and put it on the button. The plate on the mechanical arm will now turn so the
    repulsion gel on it will face up. Go to area D. Plaster the ramp here with
    propulsion gel. Now go back to the runway.
    For the final, dash along the runway, into a portal which takes you to the ramp
    on area D, which you will dash over to land on the plate on area C, from where
    you ricochet to the exit. In one move.
    Good luck and well done once you managed it.
    - 1978                                +1978+
    Go through the fizzler and turn left. You see a catwalk above which leads to
    another fizzlerprotected area. Go there. There is portalholding surface close to
    the big shutdown surface elevator if you wonder. After you're up there turn
    right to see a structure labelled "Pump Station Gamma" in the distance.
    Move up there.
    - 1982                                +1982+
    This is Pumpstation Gamma, the secondlast Pumpstation you will encounter
    for the rest of the game. Enter the controlroom and switch all three breakers.
    Leave the controlroom again and get past that stompers using portals.
    A lot of gel will be spilled all around. Among it the last unknown gel.
    The white conversion gel (i will call it portal gel during the walkthrough).
    What the portal gel does is simple. It makes any solid surface it is placed on
    portalholding surface. No matter where you put it. As long as it is solid it can
    be turned into holding a portal with that gel.
    And you have to make use of it immediately. Use portals to reach that
    standalone catwalk below where the cieling is plastered with portal gel.
    from here, hop onto the repulsion gel and bounce to the other side.
    Make a dash over the Propulsion gel without getting smashed to continue.
    Go through the door. There is an inclined wall to the right. We need it to move
    on, but there are no deep drops around. But there was a nice runway back where
    the stomper were. So time your dash with the stompers and flinge yourself to the
    other side of the catwalk.
    Well, Mr. Johnson really doesn't sound healthy at all. He seems to be infected
    with something called lunar poison. But i sorta doubt that it actually has
    something to do with the moon. I mean, when you have cancer that doesn't mean
    that there is a crustacean raiding through your body. Bad comparison, i know.
    But i hope you still get the point. Cave Johnson set all is hope in portal
    technology. that he might be able to go through the portal, but the poison is
    blocked and remains on the other side. It would eridicate a lot of deceases if
    that works out.
    Apertures state also doesn't seem to be a good one. They now force their
    employees to run the tests becauce they either can't find any more volunteers or
    are too broke to pay them a measly 60 bucks for a testrun.
    My guess would be the latter.
    You will come to a portrait of Cave Johnson. The door to the right of it leads
    to a switch you have to push to get further.
    - Test from 1982                      +TF82+
    This test will make you more familiar with portal gel.
    There 2 pillars to the right fo where you enter, opposite the exit.
    you will need to drop down from the one with the catwalks ro reach the exit.
    Behind the pillars is an inclined plate, which will complete the list of objects
    you need for a flinging maneuver. Except nothing here is portalholding materail
    in the baginning. You have to change that.
    Place portal gel on the inclined plate and on the pillars so you can reach the
    top with the catwalks.
    After you successfully flinged on the platform and make a move towards the exit
    you hear Cave Johnson again. And his idea of copying a person mind
    and personality into a computer. This is when it started...
    A short walk later you will reach an elevator shaft. The elevator does not work,
    so you have to climb... portal style.
    You will soon reach the elevator itself and it seems to be a dead end here, but
    fear not. the elevator's floor can hold portals and when you leave the elevator
    and turn left, there will be a deep drop only waiting for you.
    You will need to do some pendulum moves like you did in Pump Station Beta.
    At the highest point will see an inclined wall with which you can flinge to the 
    exit door.
    - The Final Pumpstation               +TFPS+
    In the next room you will see three pipes to the left, with a small catwalk and
    an inclined wall above it. Use it and the portalholding floor cornered by the
    four pillars as a deep drop to travel upwards. You need to portal yourself to
    one of the steel beams to make the jump work.
    On the next stage you find repulsion gel which you need to plaster the inclined
    plate on that stage with to travel another stage up.
    On this stage is only a small patch of portalholding floor. You need to do a
    pendulum move on it to see another patch of portalholding floor on the stage
    above. Go past the fizzler. There are all three gels in vast quantities.
    Opposite of the fizzler is an inclined wall which can not hold portal at the
    moment, but with the patch of portalholding surface at the ceiling above it
    you can make that work out. Use propulsion gel to create a runway towards the
    portal geled wall. be aware that your runway will cross repulsion gel. that is
    not a bad thing, but you have to keep in mind when you start the dash.
    Make a dash to flinge yourself up via the inclined wall. You will land on some
    repulsion gel and bounce on. You land on a patch of portalholding surface.
    What you have to do now is place some repulsion gel where you just landed.
    to do that, place a portal on that patch and spray portal gel to the ceiling.
    than place a portal on the ceiling and spray repulsion gel to the floor.
    Now repeat the dash to reach the next platform. Behind the pillar is more
    portal gel to use. You have to go up to where the portal gel comes from.
    Inside the shaft is an inclined wall. place a portal there to spray portal gel
    in here. the portal gel will go directly into the ventilation system and the
    whole shaft will ge plastered in it. Another portal climb awaits.
    After you climbed up you will be inside the final Pump Station.
    look up to see another gigantic and three pipes pointing towards it.
    Let's pretend the side where the three pipes are is north, only to help
    orientation. In the southeast corner os the controlroom, which you have
    to reach. In the southwest, above some tanks, is a rather small patch of
    portalholding surface. It points towards the controlroom, so you need to flinge
    out of there. Below the pipes in the north and northeast are catwalks, from
    which you can make a deep drop to gather speed for the flinge.
    So flinge yourself into the controlroom and push the button. Don't worry if it
    doesn't work in the first try. But you need to jump of the catwalk and not just
    walk over the edge to make it. The error margin is rather small on the one.
    After the gate is open, hop on the small lift and ride up.
    Chapter 8                                                                 +CH08+
    - Wheatley science                    +WLSC+
    Welcome to Aper... uhmm... i mean... Welcome to wheatley Science.
    And the first thing he invented are... selfmoving boxes.
    Which can't find the button. On the backwall of the observation room is a dented
    ventilation plate, where you can shoot portals through. Move to the room with
    the hermit turrets and solve the test, so PotatOS can confront Wheatley.
    Unfortunately Wheatley is too stupid to recognize a Paradoxon when he meets one.
    Bad luck.
    Now you are forced to do his tests. For now.
    - Room 1 of 1                         +R101+
    Well, after all the trouble to get this test is insultingly easy.
    I know this is a walkthrough and all, but i refuse to tell you how to solve.
    if you can't... well, i don't know what you have been playing the past hours,
    but it was not portal 2.
    See you in the next room. And don't dare messing up on this on here. I mean it!
    - Room 1 of 19                        +T119+
    Oh, so you made through the previous room. Good for you. Else, i would've needed
    to stab you to death with a french fry for failing at that.
    Well, this room holds the last new object you will encounter.
    The Excursion Funnel. Everything that moves into that Funnel will be slowly
    transported into the direction the Funnel faces. You can also use portals to
    expand the Funnel to anywhere you want.
    Jump into the Funnel to reach the upper floor. Once there, use the funnel to
    reach the hermit turret. Using portals on the funnel works similar than with
    Solid Light Bridges. It's also pointless to swim against the surge.
    It's simply too strong.
    Take the box with you to the lower floor. Use portals to make the funnel points
    on the button and throw the hermit turret in. It will be pushed against the
    button with enough force to push it down... or up in that case.
    Take the funnel to the upper floor again and go through the exitdoor.
    - Room 2 of 19                        +T219+
    Jump down into the funnel and expand it multiple times to reach the platform
    with the buttons. call for a box, but beware to catch it with the funnel to save
    it from a deeeep fall. Use the funnel to bring the hermit turret to you and then
    use the funnels to push the hermit against the button.
    I know i might be going a bit quick at this one. But most of the test containing
    Funnels are hard to explain without being able to give visuals of it and you
    have made similar experiences with the solid light bridges. Just give your best
    and everything will be fine.
    - Room 3 of 19                        +T319+
    Use the funnel to reach the dispenser and the controlbutton. Call for a box and
    be ready to catch it with the funnel. Bring the hermit turret to you and grab.
    Use the faith plate to get back. Span a funnel across to where the faith plate
    throws you and hop out of the funnel when solid ground is close.
    Take the box with you into the funnel and make the funnel point at the big
    button on the wall. Just hop off the funnel when you are above the exitplatform.
    - Room 4 of 19                        +T419+
    Use the funnel to push the turret over the edge so it is out of the way.
    now, when you step on the big button, the direction of the funnels surge will be
    reverted. With that you have to bring the hermit turret to you, which is lying
    down across the gap. Once you get a hold of the hermit, put it on the button and
    let the surge pull you over the gap. After reaching the other side, use the
    funnel to get the hermit off the button. then use the funnel to lift you to the
    - Room 5 of 19                        +T519+
    There are two faith plates in this room. And a funnel of course. On the far, far
    left side is an inclined platform.
    Expand the funnel so that when you use a faith plate, you will land in it.
    The funnel will now push you against the ceiling. Reset the portal
    (not the one below your feet, the othher one!) to the inclined platform and you
    will flinge directly to the dispenser controlbutton.
    Call for a box and again, be ready to catch it with the funnel. Bring the hermit
    to you on the same you landed here and drop it on the button.
    - Room 6 of 19                        +T619+
    You will see a wall of fizzlers to the left. The button to open the exit is
    behind it. The button is also guarded by 4 turrets, which you can not shove!
    To the right is a light bridge. And there is also a faith plate directly
    in front of you. Left of you is the dispenser controlbutton.
    If you would call a box now, it would be thrown into the fizzlers by another
    faith plate. You have to prevent that by using the light bridge. But now the
    hermit lies in the line of sight of the turrets. You have to retrieve it.
    Without getting shot of course.
    Once you get it, use the faith plate to get on the catwalk it points to. You
    have to use the light bridge again or the faith plate would throw you
    way too far.
    Before you drop down the catwalk towards the button, make sure the turrets line
    of sight is blocked again, or you will be so dead. Drop the hermit and make your
    way back up to the catwalk and head for the next room.
    - Room 11 of 19                      +T1119+
    Don't ask me what happened to the rooms 7 to 10.
    This one was the first to really make me rack my brain over on the first
    There is an inclined platform right of you. A small plate of portalholding
    surface on the ground directly in forn of you. A big button at the ceiling
    directly above that plate it powers the second of the two moveable plates which
    will bring you to the exit. A faith plate to the left and a hermit turret
    further to the left on an elevated area. The reciever station to the right
    controls the first moveable platform towards the exit. When it powers up, the
    platform will lower.
    There is more behind the wall to the left. Another inclined platform.
    A discouragrement beam with a reciever station. This reciever station powers
    the excursion funnel close by. When the station loses it's power supply the
    funnel will shut down. Last but not least, there is an ocular box in the far
    corner on an elevated area.
    Our first goal is the hermit turret. Expand the funnel below the button at the
    ceiling and hop into it. After you are stuck below the roof, replace the portal
    (not the one below your feet) to the inclined plate close by. That should flinge
    you to the hermit. grab it and use it to cut off the power to the funnel.
    Place portals on both inclined platforms and hop on the faith plate to reach
    the ocular box. Replace the hermit with the ocular box and redirect the beam so
    it points to a portalholding wall. Place the hermit on the plate below the
    button at the ceiling.
    Now use portals to power the reciever station that controls the moveable
    platform to lower it. Step on that platform and make the ocular box fall through
    the floor so the funnel is powered again. The platform you stand on will rise up
    now. Use the funnel to send the hermit towards the button. Once the button is
    pushed the second platform will lower and you need to step on it. Now break the
    portalconnection with the funnel so the hermit falls down. The second platform
    will rise and you can go through the exit.
    - Room 12 of 19                      +T1219+
    This room holds anti-fizzlers. Normal fizzlers let you pass while vaporizing
    everything else. An anti-Fizzler will vaporize you while letting everything
    else pass. So, do not touch!
    There also a discouragement beam and three reciever Stations, two on the right
    wall and one on the left wall. The one to the left opens the exit door when
    powered. From the two on the right, the lower one controls the moveable platfrom
    the upper can shut down the anti-fizzlers.
    Make the platform move all the way to the left and hop on it. Ride on with the
    platform until it is in the middle of the fizzlers. Shut the fizzlers down and
    cross them, then continue the ride until you reach the dispenser controlbutton.
    Move the button under the dispenser and call for a box. get back on the platform
    and cross the fizzlers again until you reach the area with the controlbutton.
    don't move it to far, just enough to reach that area by jumping.  but before 
    jumping off, redirct the laser towards the platform and redirect it again with
    the ocular box to the reciever station that opens the exit.
    The way is free to pass on now.
    - Room 15 of 19                      +T1519+
    After that.. interesting journey to the next test you have again skipped
    a couple of rooms.
    Wheatley will create an exit for you on the far right and also raises a ramp in
    the center of the room. There is an excursion funnel to the left which can be
    powered on by stepping on the big button. The pipe close by deals out
    propulsion gel, when you step on the button in the small glass chamber to the
    far left. There is also a dispenser with a corresponding controlbutton.
    don't be afraid to call a box. Platforms will rise to catch it for you.
    The ultimate goal is to create a runway towards the ramp, make a dash over it
    and land in a funnel which takes you to the exit. But nothing of that will be
    possible without a box.
    To get that hermit down from the platform you have to make smart use of the
    funnels. First funnel it away from you off the platform, then create a funnel
    below it in the opposite direction so it comes to you.
    Take the hermit to push down the button for the propulsion gel and make yourself
    a nice runway. Unfortunately you can't place a portal below the pipe, so you
    have to use a funnel to deploy the gel to where you want it. After everything is
    nice and orange take the hermit away and turn on the funnel with it.
    Use the funnel and expand it to where you will land after the dash. The wall
    opposite the exit door can hold portals. There is now definite telling to where
    exactly to place the funnel, you may have to do some trails here before
    it is right. The funnel should take ouy right to the exit.
    - Room 16 of 19                      +T1619+
    After some death from above use the portal gel coated walls to get past the gap.
    To the right you see a big button which controls the funnels surge direction,
    a controlbutton which pops out an inclined platform to the left of you and three
    turrets guarding the button. These turrets have to go away. But it would be to
    dangerous to try to shove them. You have to spray repulsion gel on them.
    There is a pipe for that opposite the entrance.
    Go to the pipe and the matching controlbutton. You will see that the floor below
    the pipe is meshed, but there is a strip of solid ground at the edge. Put some
    gel on that. You will need that ro return to the main area. Oh and you have to
    use the funnel to deploy the gel to where you want it of course.
    Now set the funnel below the pipe so it points back to the main area. Call for
    some gel and jump into the funnel BEFORE the gel. Get out of the funnel as soon
    as you are sure not to get shot. Wait until the last moment before the gel would
    hit the wall, then step on the big button to revert the surge.
    On both sides of the turrets is portal holding space. Stay on the button until
    the last moment before the gel would hit the funnel generator, then get off it.
    Quickly expand the funnel over the turrets. When the gel is above the turrets,
    snap off the funnel. And off they go! Once they are out of the the way, hit the
    control switch they once guarded to make the inclined plate appear.
    Step on a portalholding floor and create a funnel below your feet. After you 
    are stuck below the ceiling replace the portal to flinge yourself off the
    inclined plate. You will bounce on the gel you used to take out the turrets and
    land safely at the exit.
    - Room 17 of 19                      +T1719+
    After you enter, a hermit turret will be deployed from the dispenser and land on
    faith plate, which make the hermit bounce up and down on the spot.
    All you have to do is time your jump with the faith plate in front of you so you
    can catch the hermit.
    After that you... oh shi... he tricked us! Now what is he up to?
    Oh no.... !
    Chapter 9                                                                 +CH09+
    - This is where he kills you          +IKLU+
    So this is the part where he kills you. If you want to survive for some reason,
    behind the monitor is some portal gel dripping. And there is another
    portalholding surface left of the moniter. Flinge some gel on the platform you
    are standing on and leave it. Quick!
    It's time for some catwalking again. Be warned that wheatley will try to kill
    you again every once in a while, so stay sharp.!
    - Room 75 of 19                      +R7519+
    After some catwalks, a deep drop flinge and a deathtrap, Wheatley will now throw
    a testchamber into your way. There is no other way to continue than enter the
    chamber through the crack in the floor.
    OH NO IT'S A TRAP! oh, wait. All the turrets are duds. phew. Luckily they did
    not learn to use garrotes like wheatley thought... although... watch you back,
    just in case.
    Go through the exit and on the catwalks again. Another trap awaits, this time
    with real turrets. Use the funnel to shove the turrets and after that travel
    to the other room, behind the pit. A new trap appears. This time a giant mincer.
    He is really getting into it.
    - The Hunt, part 1                    +THP1+
    In the next room is a funnel. Use it and face it through the exit door, than
    hop into it.  Don't get hit by the spiked deathplate. Once you are on the
    catwalk again, move on.
    Something will crash the catwalk in front of you. But it will also spill some
    repulsion gel, so you can use it to cross the gap.
    Behind the next corner waits an army to turrets. You will need a lot of shoving
    for that.
    Peek around the corner to see some broken glass and portalholding surface
    behind it. You will land close to a big button which controls the repulsion gel
    pipe on the other side of the room. Use the gel to bombard the turrets.
    After you dealt with the turrets use the faith plate in the center of the room
    to continue.
    - The Hunt, part 2                    +THP2+
    You will be in a controlroom with a pipe full of portal gel to the left and
    a pipe full of bombs to the right. The button in the controlroom will turn the
    pipe with the bombs so you can lead the bombs into a portal. Use the bombs to
    blast open the pipe with the portal gel. With so much new portalholding surface,
    it will be easy to reach the next area.
    Go over the catwalks and hop on the conveyer belt. When you try to cross the
    belt Wheatley will power it and the belt will lead to spiked deathplates.
    Wheatley also crushes the catwalk you wanted to go to. Your only escape for now
    is a small catwalk close to the end of the belt. That catwalk holds a button,
    which calls for a couple of bombs from a dispenser pipe close by. Use the bombs
    to blast the pipe with the propulsion gel open.
    Use the propulsion gel to plaster the conveyer belt with it. Now you can be fast
    enough to cross it. Go to the next room. You will see a funnel high up to the
    right. You need to get in there. Due to a lack of deep drops you need to use
    a propulsion geled dash to get up there. There is a long corridor around the
    corner that will make a great runway. Dash into the funnel to continue.
    At the end of the funnel are catwalks. Follow them to a small room. Inside you
    have to do a small portal climb to reach the next stage.
    You will reach a new catwalk. It will lead past a couple of pipes that will pump
    all kind of gels and bombs into the chamber above. Just a little longer...
    At the end of the catwalk is a plugstation for personality spheres. Plug
    PotatOS in and the station will rise.
    - The Final Battle                     +TFB+
    The time has come. The fight against Wheatley will commence soon.
    The fight against Wheatley has 3 phases. During all phases however, he will
    shoot bombs at you. He will aim for the place where you stand and fire a salvo
    of bombs. The whole salvo will go for the same spot, no matter if you moved away
    from where you stood.
    Before elaborating the phases further, get close to the pipe with the
    portal gel, so the first bombsalvo blasts it open. Else you will not have any
    portalholding surfaces and you will die for sure.
    Now it's time to feed him some of his own medicine! Use portals to flinge the
    bombs at him he is firing at you.
    Wheatley has a set of monitors he uses as shields.
    In the first phase the shields are alligned so he can't be damaged from below.
    So you have make a bomb hit him from above.
    If you manage that, Wheatley will be stunned and PotatOS will drop a corrupted
    personalitysphere into the arena. It will be hanging over a catwalk above the
    pipe with the blue markings. Go up there and grab the sphere.
    The pipe will break and spill repulsion gel over the floor. Use the gel to jump
    up to Wheatley's body and attach the sphere. Phase 1: Complete!
    Wheatley will rearrange his shields so he can't be damaged from above. So next
    bomb will need to hit him from below. After you land a hit, Wheatley will be in
    a daze again.
    A new corrupted sphere will be brought in the arena. It will be hanging close to
    where the first one was. But without the catwalk you have to use the repulsion
    gel to reach it. Grab it and jump to to Wheatley's again to attach it.
    Phase 2: Complete!
    Wheatley will wake up and reorder his shields. He can't be damaged be frontal
    attacks anymore, so you have to hit him from behind. If you manage that, 
    Wheatley will be stunned another time.
    The next sphere will be deployed close to the pipe with the orange markings.
    The pipe will break and spill a lane of propulsion gel. Use that lane as
    a runway to reach up to the sphere and grab it. when you have it, attach it to
    Wheatley's body to completly corrupt him and allow another core transfer.
    Phase 3: Complete!
    A fire will break out and the system will extinguish it with water.
    Unfortunately this also washes nearly all the gel away. You have to reach the
    button to resolve the stalemate and allow PotatOS to take back her body.
    Use the remaining patch of portal gel and portal to the and press it to...
    Argh, fu... He trapped it?! That really hurt and you are unable to move.
    There is only one thing left to try. Shoot... at the moon!
    The portal will open and will connect the moonsurface with the chamber.
    Due to the lack of atmosphere on the moon, everything will be sucked into the
    portal. Rather impressive if you consider that the moon is roughly 380.000
    kilometers away (I did google that up, i admit).
    I'm not sure if that timeslow is just some kind of bullettime to give you a 
    moment to think of what you just did OR if a portalconnection over that extreme
    distance actually did something to your perception of timespace. I guess
    thoroughly explaining that would be physicists worst nightmare. Or wet fantasy,
    depending on you look at it.
    anyway, everything from here is a cutscene and needs no more interaction from
    you, so lean back and enjoy it.
    Congratulations! You just successfully finished the game Portal 2!
    - Epilogue                                                                 +EPL+
    First off all, i want to thank anyone who worked on making that game. It's the
    best game i played for a very long time. And well worth the wait.
    Next i want to thank everyone to help me making that guide. It was a rather big
    piece of work as it was also my debut as a guide author. Thanks for all the help
    on that 1.871 row long monster.
    For the guide itself. It is completed in that way as it guides through from
    start until the end, but as you can see below, there are some things to do.
    The achievment list and the control overview are on low priority. You can find
    a list of all achievments/trophies here on gamefaqs and other sites with just a
    single attempt on google. And for the controls, i already mentioned at the
    beginning why i'm not going to do it anytime soon.
    The Glossary is meant to be background info. Yet everything compiled there comes
    from public sources. i.e. playing with the developer comments on, listening
    carefully to the ingame dailogs and goig through every extra content available.
    So you can basically get to know everything i know by just a tiny bit of
    The glossary is primarily meant for who can not do that research but still want
    to something more. For example, Portal 1 is not available on consoles, unlike
    Portal 2. So consoleplayers are locked out of that source of information.
    The lesson system is an idea to condense the walkthrough to what you need to
    know to solve a puzzle or a part of the puzzle into one sentence nad list these
    sentences up. Like "Use boxes to push buttons". So to solve a test you just have
    to go through the list of lessons. That would make it a lot more spoilerfree.
    The roommaps is another thing. Drawing them myself with Ascii letters would be
    possible, but might as well double the size of that guide. So i will need to 
    resort to screenshots. But this will take time and maybe a noclip cheat to get
    the right angle for the shot.
    Last, i want to thank you, the readers. Thanks for staying along with me until
    here and i hope this guide will be at least a bit helpful to you.
    - Legal                                                                    +END+
    Portal 2 and related is copyrighted 2011, Valve Software
    Guide written by IcemanGER, copyrighted 2011. For use on Gamefaqs.com only.
    Feel free to e-mail me corrections at catarn@hotmail.com
    Things to work on:
    - Lesson system
    - Complete the glossary
    - Control overwiev
    - Roommaps
    - Achievmentlist

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