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    Camera Shy Achievement Guide by Mazetar

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    Portal: Camera Shy Achievement Guide by Mazetar
    Version 1.00, Last Updated 2007-11-09 View/Download Original File
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                                 . :H@@@MM@M#H/.,+%;,
                              ,/X+ +M@@M@MM%=,-%HMMM@X/,   
                            -+@MM; $M@@MH+-,;XMMMM@MMMM@+-   
                           ;@M@@M- XM@X;. -+XXXXXHHH@M@M#@/.
                          ,%MM@@MH ,@%=            .---+-+:+,.
                          =@#@@@MX .,              -%HM$$%%%+;
                         =-./@M@M$                  .;@MMMM@MM:
                         X@/ -$MM/                    .+MM@@@M$
                        ,@M@H; :@:                    . -X#@@@@-
                        ,@@@MMX, .                    /H- ;@M@M-
                        .H@@@@M@+,                    %MM+..%#$.
                         /MMMM@MMH/.                  XM@MH; -;
                          /%+%$XHH@$=              , .H@@@@MX,
                           .=--------.           -%H.,@@@@@MX,
                           .%MM@@@HHHXX$$$%+- .:$MMX =M@@MM%.
                             =XMMM@MM@MM#H;,-+HMM@M+ /MMMX=
                               =%@M@M#@$-.=$@MM@@@M; %M%=
                                 ,:+$+-,/H#MMMMMMM@= =,
    ----------------------Camera Shy Achievement Guide-------------------------
    -------------------------------By Mazetar----------------------------------
    Copyright 2007 Mazetar
    E-Mail: glennbf1989 at hotmail dot com
    Version: 1
    Date: 9/11/07
    --------------------------------PART I-------------------------------------
    ------------------------Intro & List of Contents---------------------------
    Welcome to my Camera Shy Achievement Guide, this guide/faq will help you 
    complete the Camera Shy Achievement, for everything related to Copyright
    read the bottom of this document, Everything in this guide IS protected by 
    Copyright of the writer Mazetar. The only site(s) allowed to post this is
    for anything related to copyright read the bottom of this Document.
    How to use this guide:
    This guide is meant to help you complete the Camera Shy Achievement, 
    it is NOT meant as a walkthrough of the game, for that I recommend reading
    "Portal: FAQ/Walkthrough by Ayelis" found on www.gamefaqs.com
    In this guide I try to be as precise as I can about the location of the cameras,
    if you think that it could have been written in an easier manner, send me a mail
    and I might add your wording instead, if so Remember to tell me your 
    "Name/Nickname" so I can give you Proper Credits for it.
    -----List of Contents:-----
    Part I: Intro and List of Contents
    Part II: The Guide itself
    Part III: Credits, Copyright etc.
    ________________________W A R N I N G !!!__________________________________
    "A reader sent me an email reminding me that if you skip levels you reset 
    the counter, so Don't skip levels.
    Thanks to DaBananaboat for this great advice.
    (Confirmed by multiple sources)"
    - A reader named Looris just told me that the Gamefaqs version of the guide
    did not include this warning which I had added on the other site, Thanks
    to him I have no added it.
    -------------------------------PART II-------------------------------------
    --------------------------The Guide Itself---------------------------------
    Room 01:
    loads of cameras here but none that you can destroy, so just ignore them;D
    Room 02; 
    [3 Cameras]
    Okay time to get the Portal gun;)
    Exit the door, go get the portal gun as normal and then make a 
    Blue portal run through it, now you are outside the orange portal again,
    Aim at the wall behind the lower wall you came from, make a portal and run
    back through the Orange portal, The first Camera (Cam #1) is on the Wall here,
    Just behind you if you face the stairs, run up the stairs and through the door,
    just above the entrance door witch you had to wait for in the beginning of 
    this level is  the second camera (Cam #2).
    Make a portal and walk through it, on the wall in front of you just above 
    The window is a camera (Cam #3).
    3/33 Cameras so far.
    Room 03; 
    [3 Cameras]
    The first camera (Cam #4) on this level is at the side of the
    "Billboard" "announcing Level 03" the second Camera (Cam #5) is on the
    Upper right side of the Orange Portal,
    If you are facing the portal that is.
    The third and last camera (Cam #6) on this level
    Is on the Right wall, on the exit side of the gap.
    6/33 Cameras so far.
    Room 04; 
    [2 Cameras]
    The first Camera (Cam #7) is on the Left wall, above the Red Button
    As you enter the level. The second camera (Cam #8) is on the Right
    Wall close to the machine that releases cubes, 
    its on the right wall as you face the exit door 
    witch opens when you put a cube on the red button.
    8/33 Cameras so far
    Room 05; 
    [3 Cameras]
    The first camera (Cam #9) is just above the door into the next
    room from the entrance to the level. The second camera (Cam #10) is to
    your left as you enter that door/doorway, or if you are facing the
    locked door its on the same wall to the left of the door.
    After you have opened the door, enter it and make a portal in the floor,
    you will get ported into the second floor of the room,
    if you face towards the exit elevator, the Third camera (Cam #11)
    is behind you on the wall.
    11/33 Cameras so far.
    Rooms 06,07,08 and 09:
    [0 Cameras]
    No Cameras here so don’t worry;)
    Room 10; 
    [1 Camera]... Keep an eye out for it!
    This Camera (Cam #12) is in the FIRST room of this test
    just as you enter you see some stair steps witch are to high for you and
    you have to portal through the floor to get flinged onto them, 
    in this room above the third step on the left wall(if you are having 
    your back against the entrance) is the only camera in this level
    12/33 Cameras so far.
    Room 11; 
    [1 Camera]... Keep an eye out for it!
    this camera is in the room you enter as you get off the elevator,
    run up the stairs and at the top of them turn around above the
     hallway you just exited is the camera (Cam #13).
    That’s the only camera on this level.
    13/33 Cameras so far.
    Room 12; 
    [0 Cameras]
    No Cameras here so don’t worry;)
    Room 13; 
    [3 Cameras]
    okay the first camera (Cam #14) is on the wall behind you when you face
    the glass window standing on the red button into he first room,
    just above the hallway you entered from.
    in the second room, while having the back against the exit door
    the second camera (Cam #15) is above the window between the first
    room and the room you are in,
    its just right of the door to room 1. 
    finish the puzzle of this room and get into the last room of 
    this level the Third and Last camera (Cam #16) is on the left
    side of the walls you enter this room through the door.
    16/33 Cameras so far.
    Room 14; 
    [0 Cameras]
    No Cameras here so just complete the level in what ever way you want;)
    Room 15; 
    [5 Cameras]
    when you enter the level walk past the corner and turn 
    around so you face the glass wall witch you are going to pass later,
    the first camera (Cam #17) is on the right wall. You should
    also be able to see the second camera (Cam #18)
    on the wall on the other side of the room from here,
    its just right and up from the exit of this room, 
    so get yourself past the wall and destroy it.
    then enter the hallway to the next room, as you turn
    around the corner you will se another hallway (the one with
    the Elevator) to your left, above it is the third camera (Cam #19).
    okay as you enter the next room, you will se another glass wall
    in front of you, and a corridor on the left side,
    run in it and up the stairs, on the left side of 
    the wall just above where the stairs stops, 
    the fourth camera (Cam #20) is located.
    Okay later in the level you are crossing a corridor 
    filled with acid/liquid by jumping and portaging, 
    after that you end up in a room with an energy ball jumping up and down,
    if you face the corridor you came from the fifth and Last camera (Cam #21)
    is just above that corridor on the wall there.
    21/33 Cameras so far;D
    Room 16; 
    [5 Cameras]
    as you enter the first door in this level the first camera (Cam #22) is right
    on front of you on the wall above the glass window. after destroying the
    robot, or bypassing it if u can, run through the corridor and when it
    turns to the right, you will se a red laser form another robot
    in front of you, ignore it for a second and look up,
    on the wall in front of you there’s the second camera (Cam #23)
    when you meet and robot (third robot on this level) witch 
    is standing up some steps/stairs destroy it or portal behind it,
    facing it the third Camera (Cam #24) is on the wall above it.
    In the room with the Big red button and 3 turrets/robots the fourth
    camera (Cam #25) is, if you have your back against the door witch the button
    opens, the camera is on the wall in front of you. after opening the door
    and entering the room, when you enter the room the Fifth and Last camera
    is on the Left Wall, just above/at the side of the robot/turret.
    26/33 Cameras so far;) soon done;D
    Room 17; 
    [2 Cameras]
    Companion Cube Level, even though there are many cameras on this level only
    two cameras can be destroyed. after running past the first long corridor,
    into the room with the two Energy pellets (the things shooting energy balls.)
    pass the next long corridor at the end of it there is a black burn mark from
    the energy ball, in the same height as it just a bit more left (facing the
    wall with the burn mark) is the first camera (Cam #27). when you get into
    the big room, jump down in front of the panel witch is forwarded a bit,
    face the Big red button and on the left you see a corridor(the one witch leads
    to the room with and energy pellet and an Energy ball receiver.) above the
    "entrance" to this corridor is the second and Last camera (Cam #28) 
    on this level.
    28/33 Cameras and still counting. 
    Room 18; 
    [2 Cameras]
    Okay there are only Two cameras in this Level,
    In this level you pass a Big red button, and then you enter a room with a timer
    switch in it, and a glass window, hit the switch to open
    the panel into the next room, the First camera (Cam #29) is on the other
    side of the wall just above the window you are looking through(facing
    the camera = Having the back against the place you get the
    Cube in this level.) The Second And LAST camera of this Level is through
    the door witch you open with the red button, got through the door and when
    you get out of the corridor and into the last room of this level you will see
    that in front of you is a pool of acid and some platforms,
    on the left is shaft(well a big one) and on your right is the Camera on a wall.
    30/33 Cameras and guess what? I'm still Alive^^
    Room 19; 
    [3 Cameras]
    Okay as you enter this level walk into the first room, now having your
    back against the Energy Ball and the Energy Ball Receiver etc. (in other words
    facing the Platform.) you will notice an elevated area next to the platform,
    stand on it and look on the wall to the left(assuming you are still facing
    the same way (back towards the entrance corridor.) of you, there is
    the First Camera (Cam #31) After you have portaled or used the platform
    for a while you come to a locked door, on the left side is a little room
    with a timer switch in it, here is the Second Camera (Cam #32), 
    facing the button the Camera is on your Left side, on the wall there. 
    After passing the door you will see an energy ball bouncing between
    the walls of the corridor, when facing the energy ball the
    third Camera (Cam #33) is on the Wall just in front of you.
    33/33 Cameras Congratulations, you have now done the "Camera Shy Achivement";D
    ------------------------------PART III---------------------------------------
    ------------------------Credits, Copyrigth etc.------------------------------
    Copyright 2007 Mazetar
    E-Mail: glennbf1989 at hotmail dot com
    Version: 1
    Date: 8/11/07
    Mazetar is the username of Glenn Blix Fredriksen, and any reference to Mazetar
    in this document is refering to Glenn Blix Fredriksen and no one else.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright. I have given permission to these sites,
    also listed in Part I:
    I would like to Thank Ayelis for allwoing me to use the copyrigth
    part of his guide along with the ASCII art on the top of his guide
    this is an exelent Walkthrough for Portal and it
    helped me alot during my work.
    Portal: Camera Shy Achievement Guide by Mazetar
    Version 1.00, Last Updated 2007-11-09 View/Download Original File
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