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    Shortcut Guide by matrixstream757

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 09/04/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Portal shortcuts FAQ
    By: matrixstream757.
    Originally published: 09/04/09.
    Previously updated: 09/09/09
    [version history.]
    1.00. This is the original version of this FAQ. No edits have been done to it by
    this point.
    1.10. Thanks to Ninto55, I added a new shortcut, the quick GLaDOS fight
    1.11. I changed a few inconsistencies from my original unpublished version that
    I did not catch before.
    1.21. Thanks again to Ninto 55, I added another shortcut, the Quicker launch to
    elevator shortcut.
    [Before you attempt my guide...]
    Some of the tricks necessary to do in this guide are very tricky, so I highly
    suggest you have beaten this game at least once before even attempting to try
    any of these techniques.
    [About my FAQ.]
    This FAQ was meant solely for the PC version of Portal. I cannot guarantee that
    every trick you will read in this FAQ will work for the Xbox 360 version of
    Portal. This FAQ also contains spoilers.
    [About my shortcuts.]
    In this FAQ, I will list every known time efficient shortcut. And by time
    efficient, I mean it will save you several minutes to even a half hour of
    gameplay each level. Like for Testchamber 14 for an example, this level normally
    takes about 10-20 minutes to complete, but you can reduce that to mere seconds!
    I will also list every non-time efficient shortcut. By non-time efficient, I
    mean it will not save you very much time. It will still make the overall time of
    the game at least 10 minutes shorter than normal, though they do not save nearly
    as much time as the larger shortcuts.
    I will group my shortcuts into 2 groups. There are the Major Shortcuts, and the
    Minor Shortcuts. The Major Shortcuts are the ones that save a really good amount
    of time. The Minor Shortcuts are the ones that only save mere seconds to 2 or 3
    minutes of time.
    This game is 2-3 hours the normal way. It could be a mere 30 minutes with doing
    useful shortcuts like these! That is speedrun class time!
    I will update this FAQ every time I find a new shortcut. If you know about a
    shortcut that is not in my FAQ, contact me via the Contacting Me section below.
    I have not added the advanced testchambers yet. I may possibly do this in the
    future if I ever find any useful shortcuts in any of them.
    [Contacting me.]
    Sadly, I am rather difficult to get a hold of. If you find a useful shortcut on
    any of the non-advanced testchambers, contact me via GameFAQs. I very rarely
    check my Email, and I will be busy with school and other stuff. And two, I
    probably will not reply to you via Email. You may contact me through an ATTN
    topic. I Check the PC Portal board literally every day since I post on GameFAQ
    on almost every free time I get. My name is matrixstream757 and I will never
    reply to your suggestions through any other account or alt, so anyone claiming
    to be me that is not called matrixstream757 is not me.
    I will most likely not reply to you within the time-span of a year, but my E-
    mail is sledgehammersofdoom@yahoo.com. Do not contact me by my E-mail. Via an
    ATTN topic, you will get a reply within the day. Via E-mail, you will not get a
    reply. Ever.
    Table of Contents for 2.0 and 2.l
    [Major Shortcuts.] (SC1)
    [Testchamber 11.]
    Shortcut #1: Fling to the Orange Gun. (MA1)
    [Testchamber 13.]
    Shortcut #2: Two buttons, one box. (MA2)
    [Testchamber 14.]
    Shortcut #3: Portal fling to elevator. (MA3)
    Shortcut #4: Stairwell Portal Fling. (MA4)
    [Testchamber 15.]
    Shortcut #5: No elevator across the acid. (MA5)
    Shortcut #6: Elevator portal jump. (MA6)
    [Testchamber 17.]
    Shortcut #7: Jumping up the ledge (MA7)
    Shortcut #8: Portal through the window. (MA8)
    [Testchamber 18.]
    Shortcut #9: Early fling across turret room. (MA9)
    [Testchamber 19.]
    Shortcut #10: Across the long hallway. (MA10)
    Shortcut #11: Quick Mega Turret Fight. (MA11)
    Shortcut #12: Quick GLaDOS fight. (MA12)
    [Minor Shortcuts.] (SC2)
    [testchamber 6.]
    Shortcut #1: Energy Ball Not Needed. (MIN1)
    [Testchamber 10]
    Shortcut #2: Quicker launch to elevator. (MIN2)
    [Testchamber 11]
    Shortcut #3: Portal gun to Exit. (MIN3)
    [Testchamber 12.]
    Shortcut #4: Skipping floor two. (MIN4)
    [2.0. The Major Shortcuts.] (SC1)
    In this section of my guide, I will tell you how do execute every Major Shortcut
    I know. This section is the main body of my FAQ.
    [Testchamber 11.]
    As you know, every testchamber in the game before testchamber 12 is really
    short. That is no exception for testchamber 11. But one thing that has always
    bugged me about Testchamber 11 is how long you have to wait with nothing to do.
    Why does the elevator have to move so slowly? Well, who said you have to use the
    elevator at all?
    [Shortcut #1: Fling to the Orange Gun.] (MA1)
    [Difficulty to Complete: 5/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 5-20 seconds.]
    Using this shortcut, you can get the Orange Portal Gun right at the beginning of
    the level. You do not even have to get the energy ball in the energizer to get
    the elevator starting.
    As you enter the level, walk up the stairs. Once you get to the top, shoot your
    blue portal at the bottom of the stairs. Wait until the Orange Portal Gun shoots
    the portal towards the elevator that you do not have to activate. Once the
    orange portal is placed, jump into the blue portal from the top of the stairs
    and hold forward. You should launch far enough to get to the Orange Portal Gun!
    A Minor Cheat directly continues this. The cheat is at (MIN1)
    [Testchamber 13.]
    The second time efficient shortcut in Portal is in this testchamber. This
    shortcut is more a speed-run method of completing this level than a shortcut,
    but it does involve skipping a puzzle and saves a good amount of time so I will
    still add it.
    [Shortcut #2: Two buttons, one box.] (MA2)
    [Difficulty: 3/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 10-20 seconds.]
    Yup, you skip one of the boxes! In fact, the only box you need is the one at the
    beginning! First, take the box in the room and put it on the switch just like
    you are normally supposed too. But now, do not go through the door that opens.
    Shoot a blue portal above the higher elevated switch. Take the box off the
    switch and shoot an orange portal on the ground. Drop the box on the switch and
    then go through the portal yourself. From there, jump on to the lower elevated
    switch and the exit door will open. Quickly shoot a blue portal through the door
    and jump off. Shoot an orange portal on the ground and go through it. You have
    now just done this testchamber with only using 1 of the boxes. Just be careful
    while you are on the lower switch, there is an energy ball that can hit you from
    [Testchamber 14.]
    The first real time efficient cheats I know about are here. You can literally
    skip the whole level. This level is normally really long, right? Well, you can
    actually beat this level in 4-20 seconds!
    [Shortcut #3: Portal fling to elevator.] (MA3)
    [Difficulty: 9/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 4-8 seconds.]
    Once you get out of the starting elevator, shoot a blue portal at the top of the
    thinnest part of the hallway. Then shoot an orange portal on the ground below
    that. Jump into the orange one and you will come out of the blue one. You must
    now shoot a blue portal right next to the elevator before you enter the orange
    one. You should be high enough to jump up the elevator now.
    There is another quick method that should take 15-30
    seconds to complete.
    [Shortcut #4: Stairwell Portal Fling.] (MA4)
    [Difficulty: 2/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 15-30 seconds.]
    First, place a blue portal next to the exit elevator. Then run up the stairs
    until you are at the top, then wait for them to lower. Once they lowered, shoot
    an orange portal on the ground and jump into it. This should give you the
    momentum you need to get on top of the elevator.
    [Testchamber 15.]
    There are two separate short cuts at two separate areas in this level. The first
    area with a shortcut in this testchamber is the elevator that gets you across
    that deadly acid. The second short cut is at the tall elevator right before you
    leave the map. These short cuts both involve skipping entire puzzles.
    [Shortcut #5: No elevator across the acid.] (MA5)
    [Difficulty: 7/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 7-14 seconds.]
    Basically, you shoot a portal through a portal. Here is how you do this. Let?s
    say you shoot a blue portal down a hallway and an orange portal in a room before
    the hallway. You can go halfway through the orange portal, just enough that your
    whole gun is through, and shoot a portal at a different wall and quickly back
    away. That is the basic idea. Now Ill explain it in action.
    So you have a hallway. The floor beneath you kills you, so you cant touch it.
    But in this case, you have no elevator to get you across it. But you can shoot
    portals on all the walls!
    First, as you approach the hallway, you shoot a blue portal to the end of what
    you can see. On the wall next to the opening, you shoot an orange portal. You go
    through the orange portal ever so slightly so that you portal gun is the only
    thing out. As you peer through the portal, you should look to your left. Shoot a
    blue portal to the end of that wall and quickly back away. Now you have a portal
    that is almost to the end of the hallway. You then peer in and look to the
    direction to the exit, and shoot a blue portal on the floor to the next room and
    quickly back away. Once you enter, you will have officially done this shortcut!
    Now for the second shortcut, this takes place literally
    right after the first one.
    [Shortcut #6: Elevator portal jump.] (MA6)
    [Difficulty: 5/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 7-12 seconds.]
    First, you must shoot a blue portal next to the exit elevator, the one that
    doesnt lower. Then you must shoot an orange portal on the ceiling or wall on the
    elevator next to the exit one with the switch. Shoot an orange portal on the
    ground from up there and you should have well enough momentum to jump up to the
    top and to the exit.
    [Testchamber 17.]
    Oh, this one is juicy! You can literally skip the entire level! You can go
    directly from after the starting hallways to the part where you kill the
    companion cube without doing any of the puzzles! Though do not get me wrong, you
    still need your special companion cube for this! You just do not need it for
    nearly as long.
    [Shortcut #7: Jumping up the ledge.] (MA7)
    So first, go through the level as normal. Pick up your companion cube, go
    through those hallways with the energy balls in them and jump down to the floor.
    At the end, there is a ledge that is normally way too high to jump up. But there
    are two methods to doing it. One is really hard but fast and uses 0 portals, the
    other takes slightly longer, is much easier but uses 2 portals.
    For the second shortcut, do not jump down to the floor.
    [Method 1: The short hard way.]
    [Difficulty: 10/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 5-10 seconds.]
    (Note: This is also how you do the no portal run. Yeah, you use absolutely no
    portals for this method.)
    This is probably one of the shortest but hardest shortcuts in the whole game.
    Your goal is to use the Companion Cube to jump on top of the ledge. But how is
    this going to be possible? The Companion Cube is not tall enough! Well, there is
    a way to elevate it off the ground, though as you may tell by my difficulty
    rating, it is very hard.
    First, you must jump on top of the companion cube. Then you must continually
    jump and grab it over and over again very fast. So if you have the PC version of
    this game at the automatic controls, it would be like this.
    You must do this in that order over and over and over again until it lifts you
    high enough for you and your companion cube to reach the top. It is very hard,
    though it does work. This trick is also how you do the no portal run in this
    [Method 2: The long and easy way.]
    [Difficulty: 6/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 1 minute-3 minutes.]
    First, go to the secret room behind that wall and move all of the destroyed
    cameras out of it and to the ledge. Also bring your beloved companion cube with
    you, you need it.
    Your goal is to stack the cameras on top of each other, and put the box on top
    of the cameras to give you a lift to the top. But it is slightly harder than
    that. I did give this a 6/10 difficulty, not a 1/10. You must make sure that the
    cameras are stacked to two layers.
    Once you stack the cameras two cameras high, you put the companion cube on top
    of that somewhat towards the edge. You jump on top of the open space on the
    cameras, and then you jump on top of the companion cube. You should now be high
    enough to jump on top of the ledge. Once you are on top, crouch down so you can
    grab your companion cube; though make sure you do not fall back down. Continue
    through the level as normal until the end.
    [Shortcut #8: Portal through the window.] (MA8)
    [Difficulty: 7/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 10-40 seconds.]
    Yes, this shortcut is as it sounds. You can actually portal through one of the
    glass windows in this level through the ground. Though there is only 1 window
    you can do this with. Once you get passed the two hallways with the energy
    balls, Do not jump down. There is a window showing you the button that you must
    put your companion cube on at the end. Your goal is to go from where you are to
    over there. Here is how you do this.
    First, shoot a blue portal on the ground with its long side to the window. Make
    sure that the portal is as close to the window as possible. Then, aim very
    closely below the thickest part of the portal until it says you can shoot your
    orange portal. But wait; there is nowhere near enough room for the orange portal
    to open! Well, shoot it anyway. The portal should actually open at the other
    side of the window! You then take the cube and continue with the level without
    dealing with any of the puzzles, or the ledge for that matter!
    [Testchamber 18.]
    There is only 1 real shortcut in this level. Yet again, it involves skipping an
    entire puzzle.
    [Shortcut #9: Early fling across turret room.] (MA9)
    [Difficulty: 8/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 7-10 seconds.]
    At the switch before you open the platform/door, save your game. You will
    probably die several times before doing this if you have never done it before.
    Once you have saved your game, press the button to open up the platform/door.
    Quickly jump outside and shoot a blue portal on the tilted platform you moved.
    Then, very quickly, jump to the huge fall and jump off. Place an orange portal
    on the ground and go through it. It should fling you far enough to get to the
    other side. Continue level normally from here.
    [Testchamber 19.]
    This level may be incredibly long, but there are only three shortcuts that help
    you that I know about. one is right at the beginning of the level, the other is
    the GLaDOS fight.
    [Shortcut #10: Across the long hallway.] (MA10)
    [Difficulty: 7/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 30-60 seconds.]
    You can get across that looooong hallway way faster than the elevator does. All
    you have to do is use the same technique you did for testchamber 15, you just
    have to keep it up for much longer and it has a much harder ending.
    First, portal shoot your way over to the small platform
    with the switch on it. If you remember how to do the portal technique well from
    testchamber 15, you may not have to read the whole next paragraph. But just
    incase you do not; I will direct you through it step by step.
    First, press the button to lift that wall. Then you shoot a blue portal at the
    end of the hallway. Shoot an orange portal on a wall right next to you and move
    slightly into it. Shoot a blue portal past the green energy ball and quickly
    back away. From there, you should be able to shoot a blue portal towards the
    ground in the dark area at the end. The computer will now admit that she was
    trying to kill you. From here, you can now shoot a blue portal at the wall above
    the platform in the next room and go through it. You have now gotten across this
    long hallway much faster than the slow moving elevator would have!
    [Shortcut #11: Quick Mega Turret Fight.] (MA11)
    [Difficulty: 8/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 20-50 seconds.]
    This shortcut starts once you first enter the lower sewer-hallway part of the
    massive turret fight at the end of testchamber 19. Your goal is to get through
    this part very quickly without fighting the turrets. When the fight will start,
    two walls will open up in an upwardly slanted way. The ones that open up are
    darker than the rest of the wall.
    Once you enter the lower sewer-hallway section of this room, look for the higher
    up wall that will open. Once you find it, shoot a blue portal at the opposite
    wall. Now, shoot an orange portal in front of you. Jump out of the portal and
    land on the ground to engage the fight, and go back to the lower sewer-hallway
    area and shoot an orange portal at the wall. As you look through it, there is
    that slanted wall in front of you. Jump through the portal and shoot a blue
    portal on the slanted wall, and shoot an orange portal at your feet.
    It will not launch you far enough to get you on top of the ledge, though it will
    get you high enough to shoot a portal on it. Shoot a blue portal on the ledge
    while you are in midair, and shoot an orange portal at your feet. You should
    actually be launched high enough to get onto the catwalk.
    If you fail to get onto the catwalk, keep the blue portal where it is and jump
    off from the ledge and shoot an orange portal at your feet. The fall from the
    top of the ledge is high enough to gain enough momentum to make it onto the
    [Shortcut #12: Quick GLaDOS fight.] (MA12)
    [Difficulty: 9/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes.]
    I know that this shortcut may take a long time to do, though it saves you a ton
    of time knowing that you can kill GLaDOS in less than 1 minute. Your goal is to
    get a turret to shoot GLaDOS so all the spheres are already off before you start
    the fight.
    This shortcut is very long and involves a few steps. It starts at the really big
    turret fight in that huge room with all the walkways. You may destroy as many of
    the turrets as you wish, though make sure that you save one of them. You need
    Now bring that turret you did not kill with you. Make sure that you do not kill
    it! Walk along the long walkway until you reach the door. Open the door and
    carefully get your turret through it. In this hallway, place it on the floor,
    and place a blue portal immediately in front of it. Though make sure that it
    does not fall in!
    Leave the turret there as you go into the hallway immediately before the GLaDOS
    fight. Though do not enter the fight yet. Instead, as you are facing towards
    GLaDOS, place an orange portal on the ground slightly beyond the center of the
    hallway. Carefully walk your way around it until you are only slightly past it.
    Now, run right in front of it and duck. The Turret should try to shoot you,
    though hit GLaDOS instead! This is actually enough to knock off its spheres!
    Though be careful not to get killed by the turret!
    Once there is only one sphere left, enter the fight. That one sphere remaining
    is the purple one, which will come off all by itself. In the mean time, collect
    all the fallen spheres and place them next to the incinerator and incinerate
    them. You will have beaten the GLaDOS fight before it even started! GLaDOS will
    not even have time to turn on the neurotoxins!
    Well, that is all the Major Shortcuts I know, now for the Minor Shortcuts.
    [2.1. The Minor Shortcuts.] (SC2)
    In this section of my guide, I will tell you about all the Minor Shortcuts I
    know. These shortcuts still help you out, but do not save nearly as much time as
    the Major ones do.
    [Testchamber 6.]
    Just incase you cannot recall which testchamber this is on the top of your head,
    it is the first testchamber with an energy ball in it.
    [Shortcut #1: Energy Ball Not Needed.] (MIN1)
    [Difficulty to Complete: 8/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 3-10 seconds.]
    It always bugs me of how slow the elevator comes down once you get the energy
    ball in the energizer. It would be great if you did not have to wait for it.
    Well, you do not!
    Once you enter the level, shoot a portal at the far end ceiling, the one above
    the elevator that you do not have to wait for. Now go to the orange portal.
    Stand at the top thin part facing away from the start of the level. Get a good
    running start and jump into the portal while holding forward and you might make
    it on top of the elevator. It also helps to crouch once you get through the
    portal. This is a fairly hard trick to do so it may take quite a few tries to
    do. And also watch out for the energy ball as you attempt this.
    [Testchamber 10.]
    This is the first testchamber with launching in it, just in case you cannot
    [Shortcut #2: Quicker launch to elevator.] (MIN2)
    [Difficulty to complete: 4/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 5-10 seconds.]
    Before you do this shortcut, make sure that the portal funneling is off. It will
    massively mess up this shortcut.
    This cheat takes place at the last puzzle of this level. Once you enter the
    room, the wall will come out. Normally, you would use the wall to get to the
    ground just above you, and then use it again to get to the ending elevator. But
    with this shortcut, you only have to use it once.
    Once you enter the room, the wall will come out. Place your blue portal at the
    highest point of the wall, and jump down. But do not go into the orange portal!
    Miss it! You should land on the ground right next to it. Now, simply jump into
    it from where you are. You will launch out of the blue portal on the wall again.
    Make sure you make it past the ledge so you fall towards the orange portal
    again. Make sure you make it this time! Once you make it in again, it should
    launch you high and far enough to go strait to the ending elevator.
    Ninto55 was the one to tell me about this shortcut. This is what he originally
    told me.
    [-When you shoot your blue portal on the wall instead of flinging to the second
    platform and repeating, drop to where the orange portal is and jump into it once
    your on the floor and double fling so you end up next to the elevator.-]
    [Testchamber 11.]
    [Shortcut #3: Portal gun to Exit.] (MIN3)
    [Difficulty to Complete: 4/10.]
    [Approximate time to complete: 3-5 seconds.]
    This one takes place right after you get the Orange Portal Gun. It normally
    takes a little long to get from there to the exit elevator since you have to use
    that slow moving slide elevator to get to it normally. But this is a way to get
    strait from where the Orange Portal Gun is to the exit elevator.
    Once you claim the Orange Portal Gun, press the button and open the door as
    usual. Shoot your blue portal through the door and shoot an orange portal at the
    bottom of the wall to the left of the door. So the orange portal should be under
    the other door where the energy ball is, right above the acid. Once the portals
    are placed correctly, jump into the portal above the acid. You may have to hold
    down your Jump button to stay afloat the water if you are having difficulty
    getting into the portal.
    [Testchamber 12.]
    [Shortcut #4: Skipping floor two.] (MIN4)
    [Difficulty to complete: 3/10]
    [Approximate time to complete: 5-10 seconds.]
    Now before you do this shortcut, you need an advanced knowledge of the layout of
    this map. You start on the first floor. Above you is the second floor. Normally
    you would launch there from the beginning, and then launch onto the third floor
    with the button, but this cheat lets you skip strait from the first floor to the
    First, you will see the strip of wall you can place the portal on. It looks like
    3 consecutive squares. Place a blue portal on the left square and jump down to
    the pit area. Place an orange portal on the ground and look in. You should see
    the strip of wall that you can shoot portals on on the third floor; the one that
    curves once you press the button. If you do not see it, go to the other side of
    the portal. Once you see it, go through the orange portal and place a blue
    portal on that strip of wall. You then drop down to the ground next to the
    orange portal and go into it. You now press the button and continue the level
    like normal.
    [3.0 Q&A.]
    In this section of my FAQ I will answer questions that I made, and questions
    that people have asked me.
    Q: Why did you not add the advanced testchambers?
    A: As it turns out, there are no short cuts at all in any of the advanced
    testchambers that are not in the normal ones.
    Q: I do not see Testchamber 16 in your Major Shortcuts!
    A: I have currently not discovered any worthwhile shortcuts in that testchamber.
    If I find one, I will add is immediately.
    Q: One of the shortcuts did not work for me! Take it off!
    A: Every shortcut in my FAQ works. I have done them all personally. You were
    probably doing it wrong.
    Q: I found a shortcut that was not in your FAQ!
    A: Read the Contacting Me section at the beginning of my FAQ.
    Q: Wow, you are so cool matrixstream757 for making this totally awesome FAQ!
    A: Why thank you! I have been told on several occasions how absolutely awesome I
    [3.1 Credits.]
    I will give credit to everyone I must.
    Thank you, Valve, for creating this awesome game!
    Thank you, Steam, for making it available for the PC!
    Thank you, GameFAQs, for letting me publish this FAQ on this site.
    Thank you, readers, for making my guide worthwhile!
    [3.2 Special Thanks.]
    I will thank anyone that helped me create or add to this FAQ.
    [Thanks for Ninto55.]
    Thank you so much Ninto55! You were very helpful in the creation of my FAQ. Not
    only were you supportive of it, but you told me about a few shortcuts that would
    not have otherwise been in this guide including the Quick GLaDOS fight!
    [3.3 Legal stuff.]
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. This guide may not be placed on any web site other than GameFAQs,
    or otherwise distributed publicly without written permission from the original
    creator. Use of this guide on any other web site except GameFAQs or as a part of
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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