Deeper of the deepest mines of gnomes, in the forgotten shafts going to the heart of the earth, the gates were erected erected, to never be opened, separating the world above from the darkness below, and even the oldest of gnomes didn't remember who and why had built this gates until the day, when its stone wings were cracked under the mighty blows from the darkness

From the oblivion rose the ancient evil and dead men rose against living ones. Gnome warriors dressed in the strongest armor were fearless, but their courage could do nothing with ancient magic and their steel was weak against the flesh of living dead. They had only one thing to do retreat, leaving their underground smithies and homes, and look for help above in the sunny mountain valleys.

His name was Ortega, and he wasn't surprised when he saw messengers of the gnomes at his hut his modest dwelling was visited by much more unusual guests. He was listening them, and he saw the visions of past battles, feasts and betrayals as he was court necromancer, he had a lot to remember.

- I go with you, - he said, and was surprised that his voice wasn't so deep as in his youth, - Dozens days to go to the Empire, and waiting for help will take lots of time. Well see what can this evil do with real magic and your axes

The old necromancer didn't know how far he will go with this adventure and this war

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