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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

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    Age of Heroes II: Underground Horror is an Action Role-playing game developed by QPlaze and published by RME for mobile phone, which released in 2006. It is a second game in Age of Heroes series.

    Versions History

    • Version 1.0 = 24 February 2013

    This is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Menu Guides, Complete Walkthrough, Units Listing, Items Listing, and Credits.


    Deeper of the deepest mines of gnomes, in the forgotten shafts going to the heart of the earth, the gates were erected, to never be opened, separating the world above from the darkness below, and even the oldest of gnomes didn't remember who and why had built this gates until the day, when its stone wings were cracked under the mighty blows from the darkness.

    From the oblivion rose the ancient evil and dead men rose against living ones. Gnome warriors dressed in the strongest armor were fearless, but their courage could do nothing with ancient magic and their steel was weak against the flesh of living dead. They had only one thing to do; retreat, leaving their underground smithies and homes, and look for help above in the sunny mountain valleys.

    His name was Ortega, and he wasn't surprised when he saw messengers of the gnomes at his hut his modest dwelling was visited by much more unusual guests. He was listening them, and he saw the visions of past battles, feasts and betrayals as he was court necromancer, he had a lot to remember.

    - "I go with you", - he said, and was surprised that his voice wasn't so deep as in his youth, - Dozens days to go to the Empire, and waiting for help will take lots of time. Well see what can this evil do with real magic and your axes.

    The old necromancer didn't know how far he will go with this adventure and this war.


    In the menu screen, you can do a few things:-

    1) Select Load to load your saved game.

    2) Select New Game to start a new adventure.

    3) Select Settings to turn off/on sound, turn off/on vibration, change difficulty, change speed, enable/unable grid.

    4) Select Help for introduction of game, control, and hints.

    Attention fans of the adventures genre:

    • Developers' secrets.
    • Forum for players.
    • Sequel issue date.

    All information is available at: http://quest.qplaze.com


    • To the left, to the right, up, down = 4, 6, 2, 8 @ Cursor movement.
    • To the menu = Select item.

    In the menu:

    • 5 = select.

    In the game:

    • 5 = path selection or start of movement along the chosen path.
    • Soft key left = game menu.
    • Soft key right = main menu.

    In the battle:

    • 5 = start movement to the selected place or attack.
    • Soft key left = menu.

    Hot keys:

    • Star (*) = finish the current day.
    • # = follow selected route.
    • 0 = army parameters.

    5) Select About for Developer and Publisher informations.

    6) Select Exit to end the game.

    • Press Left Soft Key to see Hero status, Inventory, Magic, Army, Quests, Map, or Move End (Next Day).
    • Press Right Soft Key to Save, Load, or Return to the Main Menu.


    • Always save your game, in case your troop loses in a battle.
    • Do not end your day near enemy troop, because they'll attacks you and gain advantage. If you have a few steps left, end your day far away from enemy troop.
    • Re-visit any empty houses here as many as you can because sometimes, some troops will join your army.

    Chapter 1 - Quests in the Overworld

    You is Ortega the Necromancer. One day, a gnome named Dorm come to you to speak on behalf of all the people of Kingard. He asks you to help his people fight the evil spirits that have risen from the depths of Kingard caves. You can now choose three options:-

    • A) Agree to help the gnomes.
    • B) Tell Dorm that you need to think about it first.
    • C) Disagree to help the gnomes and chase Dorm away from your house.

    Anyway, choose option (A) to agree to help the gnomes fight the evil spirits. You'll get 1000 gold, and some troops. When you gain the control, recruit the troop of miners in the west, east, and north.

    Destroy all skeleton army in the north-west, and move to the north-east to talk with the knight there. His name is Vishtar and he'll tell you that his troop was attacked by some monsters at the foot of Kingard Mountains when they patrolled that area last night. Only some of them manage to escape. He then asks some water and food from you. You now can choose three options.

    • A) Give them what they need, and invite them to join your troop.
    • B) Give them what they need, and leave.
    • C) Don't give them anything.

    Choose option (A), and few knights will join your army.

    New quest: Help the Spirit of the Forest. Stop the felling of trees

    Destroy the enemy troops in the south-east, and talk to the treant (Spirit of the Forest) that blocking your way. He'll asks the meaning of pain, suffering, and death. Now you can choose three options.

    • A) Choose to chop that treant for firewood.
    • B) Tell him that you don't care, and ask it to retreat.
    • C) Tell him that you understand the meaning of these words.

    If you choose option (A) or (B), he'll attack your troop, and some of your soldiers will die. So choose option (C), and he'll tell you that his nation is dying because the blacksmiths are cutting down his peoples to being used as fire wood. He asks you to convince the blacksmiths to stop felling them, and tell you that the ore found in the mountains was burns much better than wood.

    New quest: Deliver the Hunter's letter to the hunter's camp

    After that, talk to the wounded man in the south-east. Again, you have three options:-

    • A) Kill him so that he can rest in peace. (Reward = Cloak of Courage - defence +1)
    • B) Pass and leave him for certain death.
    • C) Try talk to him.

    Choose option (C), and you now must choose another three option:-

    • A) Ask who is him.
    • B) Ask him to lower his sword, and give him the warning. (Reward = Cloak of Courage - defence +1)
    • C) Offer to threat his wounds.

    Choose option (A) or (C), and he'll ask you to give an urgent message to his friends that live in hunter's camp. But, you can choose another three option:-

    • A) Tell him that you have something more important to do.
    • B) Asks him to fine someone else.
    • C) Agree to carry the message.

    Choose option (C), and you'll get Hunter's Letter and a new quest.

    New quest: Get back the ghost's body

    Recruit the troop nearby for few knights, and enter the south-western house. The owner of that house is a ghost, and he think that you is the robber. You now must choose between three options:-

    • A) Denied that you come to robbing.
    • B) Lied to him.
    • C) Tell him that Necromancers are not thieves.

    Don't choose the first two options because he'll attack your troop. Choose option (C); then he'll asks for your help, and he promised to give you a precious reward. Again, you have three options:-

    • A) Agree to help because that precious reward.
    • B) Cheating him.
    • C) Agree to help with honour.

    Choose the option (C), but don't choose the first two options. He then will tell you that he once was a honest necromancer. But he was killed by the criminals who act as the nice persons. They his body in order to prevent he from taking revenge on them. He asks you to find his body, and bring it to him.

    Go right to the next screen; destroy all enemy troops here if you want, then recruit the total of 11 miners and 8 knights in this screen. You'll get the Ghost's body after destroyed enemy troop in the west.

    New quest: Find an amulet for the gatherer of herbs

    Enter the house in the middle to find a gnome that searching for something. You now must choose between two options:-

    • A) Reply rudely.
    • B) Apologise, and reply nicely.

    Choose option (B), and he'll asks for your name. You must choose again:-

    • A) Tell him nothing.
    • B) Tell him your name.

    Choose option (B), and he asks you to help him search for his magic amulets.

    Enter the north-western hut, and you'll give the Hunter's letter to the hunter there. You'll get the Cloak of Courage as the reward. You can enter the Magic Shop 1 in the north-east to buy some magic scrolls such as Recovery, Stone Fist, Blindness, Force Replacement, and Resurrection.

    Return left to the previous screen, and enter the south-western house to returning the body that you found to the ghost there. You'll get the Ghost's Ring as the reward.

    Enemy troops in the north-west have the magic amulet of the herb gatherer. But you is too weak to fight them for now. Go right a screen, and enter the cave in the north-west to arrive at an underground cave.

    Chapter 2 - Quests in the Underground

    Kill any enemy troops that you can, and recruit all miners and knights here. Re-visit any empty houses here as many as you can because sometimes, some troops will join your army.

    Enter the western house, and you'll find a scared little boy inside. You'll two options:-

    • A) Turn around and go away.
    • B) Talk to him.

    Choose option (B), and you'll tell him that you already destroyed the undeads near his house. His mother then will reward you with Bracers.

    Talk to the miner in the south-west and he'll ask you if you're looking foe Storke, the Guardian of the Gate. He'll tell you that Storke has not visited this place for a long time.

    You ask him the location of Storke, but he'll only tell if you successfully answered his riddles. You now have three options:-

    • A) Refuse to answer the riddles, and threatened him.
    • B) Gladly answer the riddles.
    • C) Agree to answer the riddles because you don't have any choice.

    Choose option (B) or (C) to play the riddles. Depend on your choice, you must answering one or two riddles.

    • 1) What cannot be bought for money, cannot be stolen, everybody has it but always not enough? (answer = C - Time).
    • 2) It cannot be seen, it comes with years. It is not given to many people. It bears fruit? (answer = C - Wisdom).

    Once you answered the riddles, he'll tell you that he last saw Storke near the ruins of an old castle. Now, head north to the next screen.

    Destroy all enemy troops, then recruit any miners and knight that you can find here. After that, click on the dead body in the west to fight some enemies. You learnt that the corpse is Storke, and you find the key to his house (Storke's Key).

    Visit the house in the east to meet your old friend, Tror the blacksmith. He then asks you to find Gorwind who know something about rock which burns even better than coal and wood. He wants you to bring that ore to him so that he can solve his problem with the Spirit of the Forest.

    Return south to the previous screen, and enter the north-eastern cave to meet Gorwind. He then give you the Ore that you is searching for.

    Enter Storke's house in the south-west to find the Key to the Gate. Move north a screen, and enter Tror's house to give him the ore that he want. Unlock the gate in the north-east, and go up a screen.

    New quest: Bring the bat a reminder about its master

    Destroy all enemy troops, then recruit any miners, knight, and pikeman that you can find here.

    Enter the cave in the north-east to meet Betty the talking bat. She tell you that one magician save her from the cat's claw, and taught her to speak the human language. You now can choose two options:-

    • A) Tell her to stop chatting, and leave.
    • B) Ask the location of that magician.

    Choose option (B), and she'll you that the magician has disappeared. He then asks you to bring her the magician's medallion, and you'll be rewarded. You now have three options:-

    • A) Tell her that you is busy.
    • B) Refuse to help the creature like her.
    • C) Agree to help.

    Choose option (C), and she'll give you the Bat's key. Enter the house in the south-west to get the Magician's Medallion. Return to Betty's cave, and give her that medallion. You'll get 5 Scroll of Sleep as the reward.

    New quest: Bring twigs for the brownie's broom

    Enter the house in the west to meet a brownie, the guardian of that house. He then asks you to help him. You have options:-

    • A) Ask the reward first.
    • B) Tell him that you is busy.
    • C) Agree to help.

    Choose option (C), and you must choose another three options.

    • A) Agree to do anything.
    • B) Refuse to help.
    • C) Tell him that you'll be back later.

    Choose option (A), and he'll ask you to bring him a new twigs from the trees of an enchanted forest, so that he can fix his magical broom.

    Make your way back to the started screen in the overworld, and talk to the Spirit of the Forest. He will rewarded you with the Boots of Pathfinder for helping his kinds. He also give you the Twigs that the brownie want.

    Now destroy the enemy troop in the north-west to get the Amulets. Head west a screen, and return that amulets to the herbs gatherer. You'll get 10 Scroll of Healing as the reward.

    Make your way back to the brownie's house in the underground, and give him the twigs. You'll get the Ring of Leadership as the reward. From this house, head north to the next screen screen.

    Kill all enemies, then recruit any units that you can in this screen. Once you're done, head north again to the next screen through north-eastern cave.

    You can visit the Magic Shop #2 in the south-west to buy some magic scrolls. Then, head north again one screen.

    In the next screen; kill all enemies, and recruit any units you found. Then, head north a screen again through the north- eastern cave. Kill all enemies, and recruit any units you found there. Once you're done, head west to the next screen.

    New quest: Get gems for the councillor

    Kill all enemies, then recruit any units that you can in this screen. Now, head north to the next screen to arrive at the capital city of Kingard. Destroy any enemy troop, recruit any units that you find here, and then visit the King Gnome's castle in the middle of screen to speak with the councillor. You now have three options.

    • A) Lie to him so that he let you pass.
    • B) Introduce yourself.
    • C) Speak rudely.

    Choose option (B), and the councillor then will asks for your help. You must choose between three options:-

    • A) Agree to help.
    • B) Disagree to help.
    • C) Tell him that you is busy. But you'll give him money if he let you pass.

    Choose option (A), and he asks you to bring him some gem crystal from the mine. As a reward, he'll arrange a meeting with the king for you.

    Enter the mine in the north-east to fight the group of vampires. When you've won the battle, you'll get Gems. Return to the castle, and you'll give it to the councillor there.

    New quest: Receive a permission in the castle to pass through the cemetery

    Now you can meet the King of Gnome. You'll asks him to give a permission so that your army can pass the cemetery in order to destroy evil spirits which reside deep in the caves.

    The king tell you that he'll give you a permission if you find and kill Gira, a traitor. He can be found in the caves of the first tier. He want you bring him Gira's head.

    Make your way back to the screen where you find Storke's body near the ruins of old castle, and you'll meet Gira there. He think you is the spy of the impostor of a king. Now you have three options:-

    • A) Choose to attack him.
    • B) Tell him to surrender.
    • C) Believe his story about the impostor of a king.

    Now the game split into two pathways depending on your choice.

    - If you choose to kill Gira - Option (A) and (B).

    You'll fight Gira's army, and get his head if you win. Bring the head to the king, and he'll let you pass the cemetery.

    - If you choose to help Gira to kill the impostor of a king. (Recommended)

    If you choose option (C), Gira'll tell you that the king now is a impostor. He tell you that the king now only the nephew of previous king, while he is his son and heir to the throne. The impostor king seized the throne in a mean way, and lead the country to inevible death. He'll ask for your help, and he'll give you anything in return. Now choose between two Option:-

    • A) Disagree, and kill him anyway.
    • B) Agree to help.

    Choose option (B), and Gira'll give you the Head of another spy. He asks you to kill the king when you delivering that head to him.

    Make your way back to the castle, and you'll tricked the impostor king, and kill him. Gira the will be a new king. As a reward, he'll let you to pass the cemetery, and he also give you some of his berserk.

    Head east to the next screen; then destroy all enemy troops, and recruit any units you found. Visit the Cemetery gate in the north, and the guard will let you to pass. Head north a screen.

    Chapter 4 - Forging the Weapon to Destroy the Evils

    From here; head north two screens while destroy enemy troops, and recruit any units that you found. In the next screen, you can find the magic shop #3 in the east of this screen.

    Head west a screen, and visit the nearby house to get the Metal Plate with inscriptions in a unknown language. Visit all three mines in this screen to get Iron Ores #1, #2, and #3.

    Head north a screen, and visit the mine nearby to get Iron Ores #4. Head east to the next screen, and visit the south- western mine to get Iron Ores #5.

    Make your way back to the castle, and talk to the miner nearby. He'll read the inscription in the strange metal plate for you.

    "Evil... Great evil is hidden in the depth of fire mines. If this evil breaks out, no one will be able to stop it. Only weapon, produced according to this drawing, out of metal from Kingard mines and hardened in the stoves of a blacksmith, can destroy this evil."

    Make your way to the blacksmith, and he'll make the powerful Cannons for your army. The miners will be upgraded into bombardier.

    Chapter 5 - Final Battle

    Make your way back to any magic shop, and buy some resurrection scroll. Now head to the screen where you get your fifth iron ore.

    Make sure you have 250 Bombardier (divided to 2 group), 125 Knight, 125 Pikeman, and 125 Berserk in troops. If not, visit any empty houses or caves countless times until you get all units that you needed.

    From there; head north two screens, and enter the Fire Mine in the north to fight the final battle. Just use your bombardier to kill the Hellspawns, and the victory will be yours.


    Evil of all kinds can be defeated only by a Strong Mind and Pure Soul? The armies of darkness were defeated! Fire mines were closed and covered up with earth. And your name will live in songs and legends!!!

    Units Listing

    Your Units
    Enemy Units
    Skeleton Swordman15443nono
    Skeleton Archer10311yesno


    Cloak of CourageAdds +1 defence.
    Hunter's LetterImportant information to be delivered to the hunter's camp. It is affixed with an unknown seal.
    Ghost's BodyStolen body of the dead necromancer.
    Ghost's RingAdd +1 to defence.
    Bracers Add+1 to defence.
    Storke's KeyKey to Storke's house.
    Ore for BlacksmithInflammable ore extracted from the mines.
    Key to the GateKey to the gate which closes the portal.
    Bat's KeyKey to the house of disappeared magician.
    Magician's MedallionSpell-bound medallion.
    Boots of PathfinderIncrease available number of steps +3.
    TwigsMagic twigs for the brownie's broom.
    AmuletsA bag of amulets belonging to the gatherer of herbs.
    Ring of LeadershipAdd +1 to leadership.
    GemsPrecious stones from the cave.
    Head for a KingHead for a King.
    Metal PlateA piece of metal with ancient signs on it.
    Iron oreIron ore.
    WeaponsCannons are the only weapon against evil spirits.

    Magic Scrolls

    Magic ScrollsPurposeMana costMagic ClassCost
    RecoveryRestores 25% of health10 manaLow class95 gold
    Stone FistCauses minor damage to the selected unit.10 manaLow class248 gold
    BlindnessDetains the selected unit for one move.10 manaLow class192 gold
    Force ReplacementTurns an enemy unit unto miners.70 manaHigh class800 gold
    ResurrectionResurrects a killed creature from dead.70 manaHigh class256 gold
    SleepDetains the selected unit for one move.10 manaLow class-
    HealingHeals selected unit40 manaMedium class248 golds
    ObstacleSets an obstacle at the battlefield.10 manaLow class152 gold
    SwampDecreases number of moves of the enemy unit by 2.40 manaMiddle class200 gold
    AnvilCauses average damage to the selected unit.40 manaMiddle class400 gold
    Thor's HammerCauses damage to all enemy detachments.70 manaHigh class800 gold
    Contrary WindBring all the enemies back to the edge of the battlefield.70 manaHigh class400 gold


    • QPlaze - For developed this game.
    • RME - For published this game.
    • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
    • GameFAQs - For posting my walkthrough.


    This FAQ is Copyright 2013 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

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    Final Words

    • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
    • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
    • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
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    • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this game. Bye!