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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/26/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Ancient Ruins 1: The Crypt of the King is a action game developed and published by Handy-Games for mobile phone. It is a first game in Ancient Ruins series.

    Versions History

    • Version 1.0 = 27 September 2012

    The is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Complete Walkthrough, and Credits.


    Evil has awakened! Fear and terror reigns in the six mighty kingdoms! Yet there is a secret order holding the knowledge and the power to counter the evil hordes of hell. An ancient prophecy is speaking of six old artefacts that could save the world. As a paladin of the secret order, your quest is to find one of the six powerful artefacts.

    You must make your way down into the depths of king Morkus' crypt to find his magic shield, and save an important part of the secret of the ancient prophecy. You will gain fame and glory by gathering experience points, meet more and more challenging opponents and get yourself a name among the ranks of the secret order.


    In the menu screen, you can do a few thing.

    1) Select Start Game to start your adventures. You can create a new hero, or import your hero from other part of the "Ancient Ruins" series using Code.

    2) Select Hero for information of your hero (Name, Experience, and Code).

    3) Select Settings to turn off or turn on sound and vibration.

    4) Select Help for introduction of game, and control


    Travel to the ancient ruins and find one of the six powerful artefacts. With the help of these artefacts the secret order will be able to save the world from evil! Your quest will lead you through dark mysteries, bloodthirsty monsters and vile traps. Useful items can replenish your health or increase your combat strength. If you're able to survive the adventure you will be awarded a code that can be used to move on with your hero to another part of the "Ancient Ruins" series. You can also replay this episode to increase your experience points.


    • Navigation key left, 4 = Turn left
    • Navigation key right, 6 =Turn right
    • Navigation key up, 2 = Move Forwards
    • Navigation key down, 8 = Move backwards
    • Navigation key centre, Display key left, 5 = Action
    • 7 = Side step left
    • 9 = Side step right
    • 0 = Pause
    • Display key = Quit

    More info at: www.handy-games.com

    5) Select Info for game information

    (c) 2004, www.handy-games.com GmbH 1.0

    6) Select Quit to exit the game.


    In the start location, read the letter on the desk there. The letter is from your sister (protagonist of second game). It contains some information that can help you in this game.

    Dear brother, thank you for starting the quest for King Morkus's Shield instead of me. I was sent to Agatha's Shrine in meantime to find the Golden Sword. Without these artefacts, the order will surely loose the fight against the evil horde.

    Take care, your journey will be perilous. If you want to get prepared for your quest, you can train a little behind the door to the north. The door to the south lead you to the Crypt of the King. We're counting on you.

    Your Sister.

    Open the chests there for Shield Upgrade #1, and Sword upgrade #1. Then, enter the north room if you want a tutorial. Feel free to skip the tutorial rooms if you already know the basics, and enter the southern room to the Crypt of the King.

    Tutorial Rooms

    Read the scroll in that room. Once you're done, open the chest there for the key that open the northern room. Read the second scroll that appear, and enter the northern room.

    In the next room, use the level to free the spider. Walk toward that spider, and press the action key to strike. If you get hurt, you can heal yourself by drinking potions there. Pick up the key, and return south to previous room

    Enter the eastern room, and you must solve the riddles there. You must use the levers in the right order to make the columns disappear. Hit the middle lever, then the south lever, and lastly the north lever. Once you're done, go east to the next room.

    You must be careful in the next room, because you will activate fire traps by stepping on one of floor panels there. Walk quickly to the southern side of this room while avoiding the fireballs. Pick up the potion there to heal yourself, and enter the southern room.

    Crypt of the King

    You now arrive at the entrance of the Crypt of the King. Go south, and the bridge will collapsed. Enter the southern room, and kill the spider there. Enter the western room, and hit the lever near you.

    Enter the northern room, and open the box in the south-east of this room. kill the spider from that box, and read the scroll that appear.

    "As long as nobody brings back the key to the armoury. Nobody will receive any weapons! Got that?!" - The Armourer

    The others chests here are fake, excluding 2 chests in northern side of this room that contain Potions. Enter the eastern room, hit the lever, and kill the skeleton that appear. 2 Potions will appear after that skeleton died.

    Enter the northern room, and hit the lever there to make other lever appear. Hit the lever that appear quickly before it disappear to make bridge appear. Pick up the key, and kill 2 skeletons that appear.

    Go south, east, and read the scrolls there. Note that, 1 scroll is missing from the rack.

    Encyclopaedia of Black Magic

    • Volume 1 - Abracadabra to Lotus.
    • Volume 2 - Lucator to Onyx.

    Once you're done, go south to the next room. From the room entrance; walk to the south, south, and east to reach the chest there. Open that chest for Shield Upgrade #2. Enter the western door to arrive at teleportation room. Step on the portal near you to arrive at south-east of this room (don't step on the portal there).

    Head south to the next room, and kill the spider there. Enter the southern door to arrive at the room with chest riddle. Try to open the chest there 5 times, and the spider will appear. Kill that spider, try to open that chest 3 more times, and another spider will appear. Kill that spider, and you will get a scroll as reward.

    Encyclopaedia of Black Magic

    • Volume 3 - Orhialchon to Zerberus.

    Head south, and then west to the next room. Pick up the hidden key behind the western cliff there. Go east, north, north, west, and west once more to arrive at newly opened room.

    Here you can collect only one of the items there. Collect the Shield Upgrade #3 for defence upgrade, Sword Upgrade #2 for attack upgrade, or the potion to heal yourself.

    Go east, south, and hit the lever near you to switch the path position. Go north, east, east, south, west, west, west, and open the chest there for Sword Upgrade #3. From here; go east, east, north, east, and put the scroll that you get on the rack near 2 other scroll there to open the eastern door.

    Enter the eastern door, and open the chest for key. Collect that key, and read all the scrolls there if you want. These scrolls tell the history of ancient heroes, and some hint.

    History of King Morkus.

    King Morkus, 16th ruler of the fourth kingdom was a wise and fair ruler. Under his reign, the land prospered and the people lived free and without fear. When he died of old age and without leaving an heir, the people took his holy shield down to his crypt. They hoped that in times of woe, a hero would come forth to save the country...

    History of the mighty Wizard Crephistor.

    In the frozen solitude, down in the everlasting ice of world-glasier, there has been a great wizard - Crephistor was their leader. When the darkness came for the first time, 1000 years ago, they fought back and managed to save the world from its end. During the epic battles, their breathtaking citadel has been destroyed. With it, Crephistor's Magical Wand has been lost in the ages of the everlasting ice...

    History of Sister Agatha from the Monastery of the Golden Sword.

    For many years, Sister Agatha has led her fellow sisters and defended the monastery against vicious attacks from evil hordes. She wielded the Golden Sword of Doom and defeated many daemons. The sword also gave the monastery it's name. After Agatha's death, the sword was buried with her because no one was able to wield it again. May she rest in peace and bring her blessing upon the land!

    Diary of the Master Builder.

    Day 66 in the Year of Ortak. Finally we completed the mechanism to seal the entrance to the crypt. I have secured the lever room with a riddle and locked the door. No one shall ever disturb the eternal sleep of our beloved king.

    The prophecy of the 13 Elders.

    And there will be a day when a great evil will come forth to swallow the seven kingdoms. The crops will die, and the rivers will run red with blood. The dead will walk the earth and hell itself will be open. Once this day has arrived. the only hope lies in the artefacts of the Elders. They have to be brought back from the forgotten darkness to seal the evil...

    Head west, south, west, south, west, and then north. Walk through the hidden path, and hit the lever there. Go south 3 rooms, and hit the lever there for a boss battle. Kill the 2 mighty skeletons that appear, and head south to the next room. Collect your reward, the Shield of King Morkus.

    Leaving the Crypt

    Go north, north, west, and hit the lever there to make the bridge appear and lower the spike that blocking your way to the potion.

    Go north, north, east, east, and kill the skeleton there. Go south, west, west, north, and step on the portal. Enter the northern door to return at the start location, and step on the portal there to end the game. You will given a code so that you can continue your adventures in the next part of this series.


    Congratulation! You mastered the Crypt of the King, and found the Shield of King Morkus. Relieved to breathe air again, you begin to make your way back to the fortress of the Secret Order. Maybe your brothers and sisters have been as successful as yourself, and are awaiting your return...


    • Handy-games GmbH - For developed and published this game.
    • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
    • Game Faqs - For posting my walkthrough.


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    Final Words

    • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
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