Fight! Help Hiroshi Mugen avenge the death of his father Abe by finding the four pieces of the Kazuo medallion!

For many centuries two families, Mugen and Bushi, fought honorably in a tournament to become the most powerful martial arts school in Japan. The two families battled for the Kazuo medallion, which is divided into four parts - each part is won during the tournament. For many years the two families were equal with each owning two parts of the medallion.

But now something has changed, Keichi Bushi killed the two masters of the Mugen family owning the Kazuo medallion. One of them is Abe Mugen and Keichi doesn't stop his madness and wants to kill all members of the Mugen family.

You are Hiroshi Mugen, the only son of Abe, and the only surviving member of your clan. When the crime takes place you are not in Japan because you are studying in the US. When you are informed of your family's murder, you return immediately to your homeland. Help Abe find Keichi and avenge his family. Find the four parts of the Kazuo medallion and restore the honor of the Mugen family!

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