Go to the Bank Safe for money. The goal is to get money from the Bank Safe. You start on the street in front of the Bank. After you pass the entrance hall, corridor and a plenty of offices you will come to the massive vault doors. Your triumph is waiting for you just behind these doors. You will be able to open the door only with the correct code. You get the numbers of the code by collecting the indicia. Evil melons will try to obstruct your way. There is a great number of them and they have different weapons. But don't be afraid of those melons, you also have something to get them. At the beginning you have a landing net and you acquire all weapons (from gun over shotgun to Tommy Gun) from melons you catch. When some hindrance is between you and melon, you can bend down so melons cannot hit you.

When you erase a melon, you can pick up munitions of the weapon it was carrying.