The hot, impassable and lusty desert awaits as you mount your speed-buggy. The wild off road race is about to start and finally it is time to fire up the engine.

You know that the competition is going to be tough, but the heavy load of ambitions, energy and self confidence makes you the potential winner of the off road rally championship. If you prove yourself worthy you will be able to win prestigious trophies in both tournaments and races against time.

Battle Racers is packed with hours of fun. In the shop you will be able to finetune, improve and upgrade your buggy. Upgrades include increasing top speed, acceleration, steering and a boost function. Furthermore you will be able to trade your old buggy for a new and better model. Your statistics and score material will be uploaded to a general highscore server and a global viewable web-interface will also be available.

Battle Racers is currently under development.