Bonga is a friendly green worm that was developed in Zindell Technologies secret labs. It eats chocolate and it loves pizza. Once upon a time, the door was left open and Bonga escaped. Since that day, Bonga met Bongi, which was developed by another company and they established a family. Unfortunately, Bongi had many bugs (after all it was not developed by Zindell!). Bonga and Bongi brought up many little Bongas. Unfortunately, the many new Bongas started loosing their mind. The only way to save the life of those little Bongas was catching them so Zindell's software engineers shall be able to fix the bugs they have. The objective of this game is to catch as many Bonga worms as possible. Bonga may appear at one of the nine locations of the screen. With every 100 Bonga worms you catch you proceed to the next stage, get a new life, and the speed of the game is increased. You get a point added to your score for every Bonga worm you catch. You get more points if you do not miss any Bonga. The objective of this game is to reach the highest score possible. The game has five levels.

This game was developed by Jacado.

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