The object of each level is to withstand a barrage of sperm and viruses for a certain period of time as the screen scrolls to the right and towards your goal. Every time you shoot your Condom Gun, you lose fifty points, and each time you catch a normal sperm, you'll get one hundred back. Capturing viruses in a latex prison gives you more points, and you also get more points for capturing a "special" sperm.

Each level ends in one of two ways. Either you'll withstand the barrage for the full period of time, or you'll somehow manage to let a virus slip through and the level will end in failure. You may, however, let as many sperm as you wish pass by your defences. The ultimate goal is to make it to the end of the game, and score as many points as possible. Thus, it is essential that you don't waste points by randomly shooting your Condom Gun and that you catch as many sperm as possible.

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