In this game you can take part in one of the most exciting events in the world of Basketball: the Triple Shootout and Slam Dunk competition. You control a basketball player and you will have to show that you have what it takes to be one of the best players in the world.

Both games are based on the same control mechanism: you will find several bars which represent different aspects of your shot or dunk, like strength or speed. In these bars there is a hotspot which represents the best value for that particular item. There is a small moving tag and you need to stop it as near to this hotspot as possible in order to do a good shot or dunk.

In the Triple Shootout game you have to shoot 25 balls from five different spots of the basketball court. Each shot is worth one point, except the last shot in each spot which is worth double (the ball is a special two-coloured one). You have two bars which represent the strength and height of your shot. The nearer you stop the moving tag to the hotspots, more probabilities you have to make a basket. The time to shoot all 25 balls is limited, so try to stop the tags as soon as possible. Else, you can use the 1 or 3 keys to pass to the next ball faster.

In the Slam Dunk contest you have to do 3 Slam Dunks. You have three bars which represent the speed, height and turn of your jump. Again, you have to stop three moving tags and the nearer you stop them to the hotspots, the better that your dunk will be. You will be awarded between 30 and 50 points, depending on how well you do. To compute your total, your lowest scoring dunk can be discarded.

In both games you can play on your own or against some friends (up to four can play). In the first case you will have to reach a minimum score in each round in order to be able to go to the next one. You will be informed at the start of each round of this minimum score. In the second case you will have to take turns to play so that when one player has finished his round he will pass the handset to the next player so that he can then compete. The worst scoring player in each round is eliminated until we get a champion!

Before you start playing you will be able to introduce your initials. If you get one of the best scores your name will be entered in the hall of fame. Good Luck!

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