Denki Blocks! - the Ultimate Digital Toy!

Welcome to Puzzle Island and the wonderful world of Denki Blocks!

Puzzle Island is a virtual playground inhabited by colourful puzzle-mad characters who challenge you to solve their fun and addictive Denki Blocks! puzzles.

Denki Blocks! is a fun puzzle game played with sticky colourful blocks called Gumblocks. Slide the Gumblocks around the puzzle board, and when blocks of the same colour touch, they stick together to form clumps. Sometimes the objective of a puzzle is simply to join all blocks of the same colour. Sometimes specific shapes have to be made. Blockers, stubborn blocks fixed to the board, make joining Gumblocks all the more challenging. There are 16 different puzzles to solve in a puzzle pack + 4 bonus puzzles to unlock.

The Official Denki Blocks! Association (OBDA) was set up to ensure fair play throughout Puzzle Island. The Puzzle Master is ODBA's honorary figurehead and ensures that Puzzle Protocol for playing Denki Blocks! is followed by all players, at all times.

Denki Blocks! Morton's Edition

On this visit to Puzzle Island download the puzzle pack of Morton the Dragon. Be prepared to be challenged! Morton is a specialist - a puzzle 'anorak':

Morton The Dragon Biography

Name: Morton

Appearance: His skin is purple with orange spots.

Habitat: The Dragon's Cave in the base of Fire Mountain.

Accessories: He has treasure beyond compare (he hoards absolutely everything because of its puzzle potential).

Motivation: Morton seeks recognition and acceptance from the community for his puzzle knowledge and puzzle-making abilities.

Personality: He is kindly, insecure but a little bit lonely. Morton is happy to play with anyone, particularly if it involves puzzles. He is also desperate to impress with his puzzle skills.

Behaviour: Morton loves to bathe in a bubbling lava pool. He's impressed when players solve his puzzles and encouraging when they don't. Morton's puzzles tend to feature lots of red blocks (they remind him of fire).
Key Features
- One of the most unique and playable puzzle games ever made
- Set in the wonderful colourful world of Puzzle Island
- This edition features Morton the Dragon
- Some of the most fiendish puzzles ever created

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