Mobile football just got better. EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2004 Mobile International Edition is stacked with the latest player data for 2004 and exciting new features including in-game training, red and yellow cards and a penalty shoot out.

FIFA Football 2004 M.I.E is an advanced football simulation featuring real players from sixteen international teams. There are four game modes; training, polish your skills before the big match and practice passing, dribbling, shooting and crossing. In friendly mode, play in a friendly match against any of the teams in a one off match to get some practice. In tournament mode, your selected team participates in a full-on football tournament with 15 other international teams. There is also a quick-fire penalty shoot out, both single and two-player, where you can pick-up and play and get some target practice against any of the featured teams.

The angled viewpoint giving a greater feeling of height. 3D penalty-taking and first class graphics maximise the realistic gaming experience. FIFA Football 2004 M.I.E. features a wide variety of set pieces including crosses, headers and free kicks. All matches last 90 minutes and you can set the real-time gameplay of a match to last 3, 5 or 7 minutes. In tournament mode the game, if drawn at the end of the 90 minutes, will continue to extra time and then go to a Golden Goal decider until the match is won.

There are 16 teams to choose from each with a 15 man squad. It is vital you manage your selected team carefully: with yellow and red cards a key feature in the 2004 addition, suspensions and substitutions occur and you may need to change strategy, formation and line-up between matches.

Featuring real players from some of the finest international teams - this is football at its best. The game uses the same statistical data as the console game bringing real player statistics into the game at each tackle, header or shot.

Argentina Austria
Brazil Cameroon
England France
Germany Greece
Republic of Ireland Italy
Nigeria Portugal
Russia Scotland
Spain Switzerland

Key Features

- Mobile version of the Best-selling PC and console game
- Real player data - stats & skills from 16 international teams
- Friendly and tournament modes
- Training and penalty shoot out options
- Driven by advanced AI

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