In 3250A.D., in the careful care of the human beings, the earth grows up well and smoothly. Human science and technology and civilization being quite advanced, human beings are living happily on the earth. It's on the Star Dathta that Dathtans dwell. It is said that this star is 50 million (50,000,000) light years far away from the Galaxy (also called the Milky Way). The level of the Dathtans' science and technology is by far higher than the human beings'; however, they cannot live without the energy from the Star Dathta. If they can not gain this kind of energy, they will turn into some creature forms; and if so, they may restore themselves to higher forms after thousands of years. But the Dathtans' figure is rather strange and unusual, and we can also say they have such personalities: cruelty, irritation and greed. The Dathtans are always imagining about making the earth become their own colony, because the earth is quite similar with the Star Dathta to some extent, with many kinds of resources not dug. After using up all the resources from the Star Dathta, they plan to set out to put their thoughts into effect-----conquering the earth, which they have premeditated for a long time.

Though tenacious counterattacks, the human beings repulse the Dathtans' assaults for quite many times. But in the end, because of the lack of strength, the human beings are defeated and the earth is conquered by the Dathtans. On the earth the human beings continue to counterattack the Dthtans. After conquering many kinds of difficulties, the human beings find the habitat that the Dathtans set up on the earth. For their own energy problems, the Dathtans have changed into the creature's forms, while at the same time, the human beings have also suffered such heavy losses that they are almost killed by the Dathtans.

In order to drive the Dathtans off from the earth, the human beings employ a person as the final super soldier, whose duty is to get to the Dathtans' habitat to wipe out all the Dathtans absolutely. Suppose you were that soldier. You are named after Jack Tang, who is the final soldier from the Super Guard Department of the earth's self-defense army. You come to the destination-----the earth with the weapons of the best quality. You will set out to complete your hard and glorious mission, and at the same time, the earth's destiny and future will depend on you completely.

In order to recover themselves to higher forms, the Dathtans occupy great energy reserves of the earth. During the fights, you can get these resources through wiping them out. In fact, these reserves are all the weapons of the best quality on the earth. They are very important for you, because you can destroy the Dathtans completely by using them. However, you must remember one point clearly: because there is one kind of virus in the body of every Dathtan, which can not be overcome in the field of the Galaxy; and this kind of virus spreads here and there, so you can only enter with the oxygen cylinder; after your oxygen reserves are used up, your life will end, and at the same time the peace will not be recovered on the earth. Therefore, during the fights, you must find the oxygen cylinders to supplement your need.

The habitat of the Dathtans is situated in the place that is 5,000meters under the surface of the earth, which just lies in the centers of the reserves of the enemy's emery. This center is divided into five layers altogether. The head of the Dathtans is on the fifth layer, who wants to seize the chance that the human beings are resting and reorganizing themselves to restore it to higher forms, and then it will slaughter the earth's people again. But it is quite unexpected for him that the earth 's people appoint you to come to punish this horrible monster. Every layer of this center has been heavily destroyed so that they make the center become their own habitat.. on every layer, you will encounter their very violent blocking and fighting back. But you must kill them with your own weapons. However, there may be some kind of energy of the best quality from the earth in some Dathtans' bodies. It is very helpful for you , because you can use these energy reserves to start the other high-level weapons on your body. If the energy of the best quality is used up, those weapons in your hand can not be employed again. You have to look for the other kind of new superior energy from them again