Sega's sharp-dressed penguin is back in Pengo from Sega Mobile. Pengo was leading the good life, just cold chillin' in his red tux. That is, until the Sno-bees appeared. These haters are out to front on Pengo's lavish lifestyle, and that just won't fly with this bird. Now Pengo's got to defend his crib by squashing the Sno-bees with the blocks of ice on each level. And then there's another kind of ice on the board -- the diamond blocks, which add some serious bling-bling to your score when lined up. And speaking of score, Pengo saves your top score, so you can show your crew just what you're worth. For old-school gaming on your new-school celly, go with the king -- Pengo from Sega Mobile.
The arcade hit from 1982 returns from the deep freeze.
The most accurate penguin simulator Sega has ever produced.
Variable difficulty settings let you sling ice at your own pace. Made for Java and BREW-enabled color phones.

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