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    FAQ/Walkthrough by blueb11

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    Fantasy Warrior 2: Good
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    |__|    antasy Warrior 2: Good
    Version History
    Controls & Battle
    	Day 1
    	Day 2
    	Day 3
    	Day 4
    	Day 5
    	Day 6
    About Fantasy Warrior 2: Good
    “Devin the Demonlord has been set free from his 
    mountain prison.
    “Rento, the warrior who accidentally released him, 
    has worn to undo his mistake. He has now arrived at 
    the village of Calidor to find the four wizards who 
    once banished Devin.”
    Version History
    June 29, vers. 2
            -Posted up, some items still need information, some areas 
    of walkthrough are sketchy
    June 30, vers. 2.2
            -More specific information on the final boss battle added
            -Version History section added
            -Cooler-looking title added
    July 5, vers. 2.4
            -Added information about Pegasus Rider, the Thunderhammer,
    Onyx Crown and Onyx Shards
            -Fixed a formatting problem under Day 5
    August 11, vers. 2.41
            -Inserted a space that needed to be inserted.
    August 23, vers. 2.43
            -Inserted a space that needed to be inserted
    August 25, vers. 2.45
            -Fixed a typo in the farmer's description
            -Added a space in-between two lines that I could've sworn 
    I've added before...
    August 26, vers. 3
            -Fixed everything I said I'd fixed before. For some reason,
    it doesn't want to be fixed! ARGH! Also, where I said "fixed a typo
    in the farmer's description..." I had a typo there. ARGH again! Hope-
    fully this time everything is fixed. If anybody else finds anything,
    please e-mail me. blueb11@yahoo.com.
            -Added more description to "Sister". Geez, does she ever need
    a name. 
            -Rearranged the character list a little bit. It now "kinda" has 
    a format of "Rento, villagers, wizards, bosses, peeps from FW2:G and peeps 
    from FW."
            -For every character in the character list, I CAPITALIZED the 
    beginning of their descritpion. Wow! I'm good, ne?
            -Added more information for the Widow & the merchant.
            -Added another paragraph about defeating Devin. If you've ever 
    actually read my entire guide, then you know where to find it.
            -Made sure the Version History & item list would have the same 
    indentations on all browsers.
            -Reformated the transitions between the days.
            -Added information for the Watchman's report.
    Rento- The main character. He set Devin the 
    Demonlord free, and has now sworn to undo his 
    Keir- The duke of Calidar. You start the game out
    in his basement. In the beginning of the game he has
    you do some errands in exchange for gold.
    Widow- A woman who is in love with the innkeeper, much
    like the "Desperate Girl" in Fantasy Warrior.
    Innkeeper- An innkeeper in love with the widow.
    Blacksmith- A man whose occupation should be rather
    obviously. He will sharpen your sword for you. The first 
    time, the price is 150 gold; the second time, it is 500 gold.
    Merchant- A woman who sells Elixirs of Life for 10 gold
    Farmer- A dude in the village of Calidar
    Watchman- A watchman from north of the village.
    Earth Wizard- A wizard whose trust comes at a price.
    Fire Wizard- A wizard that lives in the Wastelands. 
    He needs sulfur to complete his spell.
    Swamp Wizard- A wizard that lives in the swamp. A 
    spell was cast on him by Medusa.
    Water Wizard- A Wizard who lives in the marshes.
    Medusa- One of the bosses of the game. A monster 
    that cast a spell on the Swamp Wizard.
    Mad King- One of the bosses of the game. A madman 
    who sealed his court and himself in a cave.
    Ratling King- One of the bosses of the game. Has 
    mushrooms growing from his toes that you need.
    Vera- A vampire countess that Devin raised from the 
    dead. She’s the buzz on the street as she has been 
    appearing at night.
    Devin- The demonlord that everyone’s talking about. 
    Rento was tricked into setting him free in the last 
    Sister- Your sister from the first game. When Pegasus
    Rider kidnapped her in Fantasy Warrior, he indirectly
    started this whole epidemic. Rento went out to save her
    and unleashed Devin the Demonlord by mistake.
    Pegasus Rider- A noble knight who saves you from almost 
    certain death. He is the one who, in Fantasy Warrior, 
    kidnapped your sister and started this whole epic. 
    Controls & Battle
    2,4,6,8 … move
    5 … use items
    * … change active item
    1 … buy items
    0 … open/close stats screen
    5/8 … flip next page/close dialogue
    # … show current quest info
    To battle, just run at your enemies. You will go to 
    a battlescreen. Run at the enemies a couple of 
    times to kill them.  
    Information on how to kill specific enemies is 
    given in the walkthrough, usually the first time 
    you encounter one of these enemies. 
    Enemies can kill you, obviously. When you continue 
    after being slain, you continue with half-health.
    Amulet of Fire 
            Needed to trek through the xeric Wastelands.
    Bones of Erik the Explorer
    Elixir of Life
            Healing items that will fully replenish your 
            health. You can buy them from the merchant in 
            town, and you may also find them randomly 
            scattered about during your quest. You can 
            hold up to three at a time.
    Key of Bone
            The Earth Wizard gives you this in return for 
            the skull of Erik the Explorer. With it you 
            can access the cave of the Ratling King.
    Mirror Shield
    Onyx Crown
            Only the one who wears the Onyx Crown can face
            off against the terrible Demonlord and have a
            chance of winning. Sadly, it has been dismantled
            by the four wizards into the Onyx Shards.
    Onyx Shards
            See "Onyx Crown". 
            An item that you get in Duke Kier's basement. 
            You can use it when your mana bar is full. It 
            stuns your enemies.
    Silver Bow
            The Fire Wizard needs this to complete his 
            spell. You have to face two bosses in the 
            Fire Pit to find this.
            You have this from the beginning. It can be 
            sharpened twice if you visit the Blacksmith.
    Watchman’s report
            A report you retrieve from the watchman for 
            the Duke, saying that monsters are attacking 
            from the east.
    Day 1
    The duke of Calidar will let you keep anything you 
    find in his basement if you kill the rats, which in 
    this game are known as ratlings.
    RATLINGS: Unless ratlings are attacking in alliance 
    with a different type of enemy, it's really too 
    easy to beat them.  
    There's no need for you to bring out your 
    Thunderhammer (which you'll get in a minute). They 
    will try to swipe at you, but this is their only 
    attack and it is easy to dodge. Even in the 
    beginning of the game, with minimal experience, you 
    should be able to kill them with only 2 or 3 jabs 
    of your sword. They do not really get significantly 
    tougher during the game.
    Go down and to the left. Grab the Thunderhammer and 
    the Elixir of Life. Go up and then defeat another 
    Ratling to open the door.
    Talk to the villagers—Keir the duke, the merchant, 
    the farmer, the widow, the blacksmith, and the 
    Go to the northernmost part of the acre and look to 
    your left. There is a bad of 10 gold.
    Go north and talk to the watchman. He will give you 
    the Watchman’s Report. Go and give the Watchman’s 
    Report to Kier.
    The report says monsters will attack from the east. 
    The Duke wants you to slay them for ten gold. Head 
    east and slay the three ratlings, then go back to 
    collect your gold. The duke tells you to rest.
    “Night falls and the dead are restless, but they 
    become silent again before dawn.”
    Day 2
    The Duke tells you that the Earth Wizard lives in 
    the north. Go north, and the watchman will let you 
    go through.
    If you go east, you’ll see a statue. 
    “The graveyard beyond this hillock is the domain of 
    darkness and can be accessed only by night in 
    Fantasy Warrior 2: Evil.”
    If you go west and then down, you will see a house. 
    There is the Earth Wizrad. You have to go west and 
    find him the bones of Erik the Explorer. Exit and go 
    west. You’ll find a maze there. Go down and left to 
    enter the maze. It is simple to navigate through:
    Find the entrance to the maze. When you enter, 
    immediately turn right. Go up. When you reach the 
    end of this short path. When you reach the end, go 
    right, and then down. At the bottom of this path, go 
    right, then up, where you will go right, up, right. 
    Go up-but not all the way. Make the tiny detour for 
    the bag of 10 gold. Then go back and go all the way 
    up. Go left-not all the way! Then down, then left, 
    down, (not all the wy, but you can easily tell that) 
    left, down, left, down, and right. When you come to 
    the fork, go down. You will easily recognize the 
    skull & crossbones of Erik the Explorer.
    For the other bag of gold: Back at the entrance, go 
    left instead of right. Go up the curvy path until 
    you reach the fork. 
    Take the path that is part of the outline of the 
    maze. The bag has 10 gold.
    Find Erik’s bones and bring them to the Earth 
    Wizard. He will tell you to go and seek a better 
    weapon. Go east where you were earlier. 
    You can now enter the cave, called Hollow Roots. The 
    spider-like enemies that you will find can jump and 
    land on the ground, sending out shock waves close to 
    them. If these hit you you will be stunned for a few 
    Get the Silver Bow and the Elixir of Life and exit.
    Go back to the Earth Wizard. He will give you a Key 
    of Bone. Now you must go to the lair of the Ratling 
    King and steal his  
    mushrooms. Go west.
    Rento: “What a stench! Ratlings follow no king other 
    than their own, but they will defend their lair.”
    Once you enter the lair, go to the right. Go up and 
    you will meet a ratling with a boomerang. 
    RATLINGS WITH BOOMERANGS: How do you deal with 
    Ratlings with boomerangs? You just kill them, and 
    dodge the boomerangs. When attacking a Ratling whose 
    boomerang is airborne, try not to get hit by the 
    boomerang when it returns to the Ratling.  
    Thunderhammer is useful, but make sure to stun them 
    while they are still holding the boomerang. Notice 
    these enemies have  much more stamina than regular 
    After facing your first ratling with a boomerang, go 
    left. Go past the next enemy, and then down to find 
    a bag of 10 gold. 
    Now go back to where you saw the enemy. You have to 
    defeat him to unlock the gate. Don't worry, it's 
    pretty easy because he's just a regular enemy. Once 
    you unlock the gate, go up. Don't fight the enemy 
    yet, go right and find the Elixir of life. Then go 
    back and face him. Go up, go left, and face your 
    last enemy before the ratling king.
    Ratling King: “You steal mushrooms! They grow in me 
    toes! Die!”
    New boss music will play when you engage the Ratling 
    King. Hit him while dodging the shiny motes he 
    tosses at you. You only have to hit him about 10 
    “Your blade glimmers in the dark as you cut the 
    mushrooms from the dead creature’s toes.”
    Exit and go to revisit your pal the Earth Wizard. He 
    will tell you that to fight the Demonlord you must 
    wear the Onyx Crown.  
    The crown is split into four. He gives you one shard 
    and tells you that the Water Wizard lives in the 
    Day 3
    It is Day 3 in Calidar. Talk to the Duke and all the 
    villagers in town. After you do this, head south to 
    meet the Hermit. You have to head to the Old Ruin. 
    Search the area for 10 gold, then leave southerly. 
    New music shall caress your hearing once you enter 
    this foggy new area, as well as new enemies. 
    Electro-Wisps look like amoebas. They will swell, 
    flash, and shoot motes at you.
    Grab the two bags nearby. Each are worth ten gold. 
    Then go westerly. Mosh through the marsh until you 
    reach the caves.
    There are spiky enemies. Do not touch these when 
    their eyes are closed. When they close their eyes, 
    they are immune to your attacks, and they will 
    charge after you. These take some time to beat.
    Electro-Wisps: “Shiny thing ours! We dance in its 
    light and shadow intruder dies!”
    Dodge the sparks and use your bow to hit the 
    Electro-Wisps. Defeat them and get the Mirror 
    Go back to the hermit. He’ll tell you about a 
    magical armor near the marsh and how you can’t get 
    near it. 
    Go to the below acre and enter the cave.
    Medusa: “What a handsome man! You will make a 
    marvelous statue when my venom turns you to stone.”
    Just dodge her sparks and hit her with the hammer 
    and your sword to defeat her.
    Exit the cave and go southerly, then westerly. You 
    can now enter ANOTHER cave. This one is shouldered 
    by little red pits.
    The Swamp Wizard tells you that you undid a spell 
    that Medusa cast on him. He gives you a shard and 
    warns you about a vampiress.
    Day 4
    The Duke tells you that “the Forgotten Palace lies 
    in the woods to the east.” So, what you need to do 
    is go east two acres.  
    There are now new yellow enemies with katanas.
    Go down an acre.
    Rento: “Legend says that the Mad King was a great 
    lord who sealed both himself and his court inside 
    the palace. I doubt he’ll give up the amulet if I 
    just ask him.”
    True to what your character said earlier, when you 
    first meet the Mad King, he doesn’t seem so hot on 
    the idea of giving away the amulet.
    Mad King: “A jester come to join my court of ghosts? 
    I can hear them laughing at you already!”
    The Mad King difficult to defeat because he can 
    teleport. After you do defeat him, grab the Amulet 
    of Fire. Then Devin the Demonlord himself with 
    appear, and speak to you. He will knock you out 
    with one blast. There's nothing you can do about 
    it, but don't Worry about it too much; you're not 
    Day 5
    A woman has appeared in front of the Duke’s house. 
    If you talk to her, you will discover that it is 
    your sister. She tells you that she and Pegasus 
    Rider saved you. 
    Head to the Wasteland.
    The Wasteland Battlefield has four small pillars of 
    ground in it. Several types of enemies are in the 
    Wasteland. When the spike-ball enemies close their 
    eyes and charge after you, it is time to play ring-
    around-the-rosey with them. Then, when they open 
    their eyes, hit them with your Thunderhammer.
    Another good strategy I have is against the yellow, 
    sword wielding enemies. They will try to slash at 
    you with their katanas.  Dodge their swipes, and, 
    since there is always at least two of them together, 
    try to lure them into a corner. Then smack them with 
    your Thunderhammer. If you manage to hit one, but not 
    the other, it is dangerous to attack the one you hit 
    since it will be standing next to the one you didn't 
    stun. Try to stun them both, and then attack them right 
    away, poking them with your sword as many times as you 
    Go to the left. The Fire Wizard lives in this acre. 
    He tells you that Vera, the vampire countess (and 
    the main character in FANTASY WARRIOR 2: EVIL), has 
    drained his soul. You have to track her down! But 
    first you need sulfur—fast!
    There are spindly blue enemies. They are not 
    terribly difficult to defeat. They can teleport and 
    toss sparks, though. I like to use the 
    Thunderhammer. They can not through motes at you 
    when they are stunned, obviously.
    Go east. 
    There are metal enemies. What it is, presumably, is 
    a yellow enemy with armor. The first couple of times 
    you face these, there are one of them with a group 
    of three yellow enemies. Try the same methods of 
    attack as if they were all yellow, trying to stun as 
    many with one blow as possible. 
    Proceed until you reach the cave, the Fire Pit. Once 
    you enter it, Rento will comment on how hot is is. 
    Go left, and then up.  
    Skillfully dodge the enemy to your left, and then go 
    down, then left again to find a bag of 10 gold. Go 
    back towards the blue spindly enemy, and go left, 
    then up. When you get the chance, go left, then up 
    again to get an Elixir of Life. Return to the main 
    path, go the rest of the small way up, and then 
    left. Go down a tiny ways, then right, then up for 
    another Elixir of Life. Go back down, and you will 
    meet a blue enemy. You have to defeat him to open 
    the gate. Go past the gate after you defeat him, 
    down, and then left, and then up. There is another 
    enemy you must defeat in order to open the gate. 
    Enter the boss room.
    You will then have to face a redheaded version of 
    yourself. The Fire Elemental has taken your form. 
    YOUR BOW WILL NOT WORK ON HIM. Your best strategy is 
    to stun him with the Thunderhammer, and then attack 
    him with your sword. You only need to hit him a few 
    times to defeat him.
    After that, the door looks locked, but it’s not. 
    Approach it to find the sulfur.
    Go back to the Fire Wizard. He will tell you to rest 
    while he prepares the spell. Night will descend upon 
    you with a different saying this time:
    "Darkness descends and evil ascends. At dawn, the 
    Sun remains hidden behind dark clouds."
    Day 6
    The Fire Wizard has completed his spell now. He’s 
    opened the demon citadel as his dying act. After he 
    disappears, leave his cave and go directly south. 
    You can now go to another south acre.
    Enter the Demon Citadel. You will notice that 
    sometimes your path will be blocked by two heavy 
    locks. To get past them, you must defeat both the 
    enemies on your left and on your right. Then, you 
    will find a room with two Elixirs of Life. Proceed 
    to the next room. Here you will fight Devin. 
    You will first be greeted by Vera, who tells you, 
    you have no hope of defeating Devin. She wants to do 
    it herself. However, Devin doesn't like this idea. 
    He vanquishes the traitor, and you are left to fight him.
    Devin the Demonlord, as boastful as he may be, is 
    not all that terribly fierce in battle. In my opinion, 
    (for whatever THAT'S worth,) the fire elemental was 
    The Demonlord can can turn into a blue flame, with 
    several shiny motes floating around him to protect 
    him. He can also toss purple blobs at you. The shield 
    proves to be a most useful tool, and your Thunderhammer 
    is still effective as well. Devin will take several 
    hits. Once you defeat Devin, that is…
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