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"Believe it or not, this Tetris is number one."

This time it's about the most famous game in the world. Tetris, who hasn't played it? Well you probably did but maybe not yet on a mobile phone. I've played many tetris games for mobile but this one is the greatest of them all! And let me tell you why:

First, the graphics are very smooth and colorful (on my Nokia 5140 they are) on almost every phone. There are alot of different colors and you can see the borders of them pretty wel. Even the blocks' shadows are there. The backgrounds are randomly generated but still good for the eye. You won't encounter something like a yellow block on a white background. The blocks can rotate either to the left or to the right. Every block has its own color so you won't get confused or mix them up. When you cleared a line it flashes and disappears.
In this game you can select whether you want sound or not. Not much though, only in the main menu or when you clear a line. No real music, only a "plooop" or a "beep". The main menu has a little midi music thing but it is pretty annoying.

Unlike other tetris games you have the ability of storing a block for later use. For example, if you got a square one but don't want to use it yet, just press 0 and it will be in a separate "room". On the right of yor screen are the next 5 blocks you will get onto your playboard. If you want to get a high score you should watch them carefully and think about a strategy. That's the only way you can get past the hard levels like 15 or even higher, level 1 to 10 are easy, the blocks don't fall very fast but the higher you get the faster they go! Although you also get more points of course. For example if you have a "tetris" you'll get a huge amount of points.

Pretty important on mobile phone games are the controls. A game can have an extremely good story and gameplay but if the controls are hard or bad people won't play it. This one doesn't have any problems with that, use your arrows, joystick or the buttons to move and rotate your blocks. Too bad you can't put them in yourself but that's ok.

Well this is it, only a few things left to tell you. Such as there is no saving option, you have to start all over if you have to quit for some reason. Your high score is saved, if you don't like the shadows you can turn them off too. This game is the best tetris game I ever played for a mobile device, if you are bored sometimes and like playing tetris games you should get it, it's only like a dollar or maybe a little more, you won't even notice it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/05/05

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