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"Jeter gets ladies, not any of the boys of summer."

Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2005 is an ideal mobile game for someone on the go. The game has most of the features you would expect in superior baseball game, from exhibition play to a 58 game season, or if you want to skip all that, go straight to the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Derek Jeter Pro Baseball does not have the Major League Players Association license. You don't get to pitch to Albert Pujols, or better yet, walk him. Instead there are a bunch of no names with the exception of Derek Jeter who plays for New York. The teams don't have nicknames, so there is only one Chicago and one New York. Replacing those teams are Montreal and my own city, Brooklyn. Each team is ranked by categories such as Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, and Power and averaging out to a teams overall rank.

We still haven't gotten to describing the game play because there are still plenty of options available. You still have to choose one of the four levels of difficulty and the game innings. Once you've decided that, you can edit the lineup of people you've never heard of, or put in a different pitcher. It doesn't even matter. They all throw the same 4 pitches, but at different strengths. Slider, Fastball, Curve and Change up. Sorry, no slurve, or knuckleball.

Now when you're ready to play ball, press the numbers or use the D-Pad on your phone to swing in a particular direction. Downward to beat out a ground ball, to left or right, if you want to pull or hit it to the opposite field. You can bunt, or swing upward to try to jack one out of the park. Crank one out and you circle the bases to the sounds and background of fireworks going off in center field. As for pitching, choose a direction and the pitch location to strike out the side. The game gives tips in between innings and with a the tutorial, the learning curve of the game is very easy to pick up within minutes.

The sounds of the game bring the feel of being at the ballpark. The organ cranks into gear when there is a man on base, and in between innings the fans can stay in the game with familiar polyphonic tunes. They crack of the bat and other sound effects pop off my Sony Ericsson w600i.

All of the games features make this game very entertaining and a notch above most of the other mobile baseball games. With a save option you can pick up a game any time you're ready to return to the phone, making Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2005 a baseball you'll be sure to play over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/17/06

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