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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/27/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Ancient Ruins 2: The Holy Shrine is an action game developed and published by Handy-Games for mobile phone. It is a second game in Ancient Ruins series.

    Versions History

    • Version 1.0 = 27 September 2012

    The is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Menu Guides, Complete Walkthrough, and Credits.


    Evil has awakened! Fear and terror reigns in the six mighty kingdoms! Yet there is a secret order holding the knowledge and the power to counter the evil hordes of hell. An ancient prophecy is speaking of six old artefacts that could save the world.

    Your search for another magical artefact of the old prophecy, and it taking you deep into the dark forests. Sister Agatha's holy grave has to be found and her sword has to be retrieved in order to press ahead the secret order's last strike against the powers of evil. Make your way through the scrub, fight with the living dead and solve the legendary mystery of Sister Agatha's last home.


    In the menu screen, you can do a few thing.

    1) Select Start Game to start your adventures. You can create a new hero, or import your hero from other part of the "Ancient Ruins" series using Code.

    2) Select Hero for information of your hero (Name, Experience, and Code).

    3) Select Settings to turn off or turn on sound and vibration.

    4) Select Help for introduction of game, and control


    Travel to the ancient ruins and find one of the six powerful artefacts. With the help of these artefacts, the secret order will be able to save the world from evil! Your quest will lead you through dark mysteries, bloodthirsty monsters and vile traps. Useful items can replenish your health or increase your combat strength. If you're able to survive the adventure you will be awarded a code that can be used to move on with your hero to another part of the "Ancient Ruins" series. You can also replay this episode to increase your experience points.


    • Navigation key left, 4 = Turn left
    • Navigation key right, 6 =Turn right
    • Navigation key up, 2 = Move Forwards
    • Navigation key down, 8 = Move backwards
    • Navigation key centre, Display key left, 5 = Action
    • 7 = Side step left
    • 9 = Side step right
    • 0 = Pause
    • Display key = Quit

    More info at: www.handy-games.com

    5) Select Info for game information.

    (c) 2004, www.handy-games.com GmbH 1.0

    6) Select Quit to exit the game.


    When you started your game, press 0 to see you character status.

    • The Amulet shield you from the forces of evil. Collect more Amulet to increase your protection.
    • War Hammer increase your strength. Collect more War Hammer to increase your strength in combat.
    • The cross symbol is your level. Kill more monsters to get experience to increase your level.

    You start the game with:-

      • 2 War Hammer.
      • No Amulet.
      • Level 0 (0/100 experience).

    The Labyrinth

    In the start location, read the scroll there.

    Well meet, my fellow sister of the Order. You have my gratitude for being here on such a short notice. Agatha's Shrine was desecrated by dark forces. The dead has risen from their eternal slumber. Unholy creatures stalk about. They will surely make your quest for the Holy Sword more difficult. This amulet will shield you from these foul minions.

    Open the chest for Amulet #1, and read another scroll that appear. Open another chest that appear for ''War Hammer #1'. Read the last scroll that appear, and go north to the next room.

    Enter the eastern room, and kill the Hell Hound there. Return west, and the unholy magic that blocking your way to the Unlimited Potion there will disappear. You can always return here to heal yourself.

    Go east, north, kill the zombie (this enemies always re-appear after a few seconds), and read the monument there for an information.

    • North = The Labyrinth
    • East = Cemetery
    • South = Agatha's Shrine

    Enter the northern screen, and kill the zombie there. Slash the middle bushes, and open the chest for Amulet #2. Enter the northern room through north-east door.

    From here, go east, south, and hit the lever there. Go north, west, and then south. Enter the eastern room, and hit the lever there. Hit the bushes in the south, and open the chest for a Potion.

    Go west, north, east, south, north (through upper path), and search the grave there to uncover the key to the cemetery.


    Pick up the Key, go south, north (through bottom path), west, south, south, east, and kill the Hell Hound there. Read the monument there for information about 6 ancient heroes.

    "In honour of past heroes who gave their lives to save us from the great evil: Morkus the Mighty, Agatha the Holy, Crephistor the Wise, Ishoban the Dark, the Bearded Roland, and his lordship ChengXi."

    Enter the southern screen, and kill 2 zombies there. Go south to the next room through bottom path. Search all the graves here.

    • North-west - Potion
    • North - Zombie
    • North- east - War Hammer #2
    • South-West - Key
    • South - Amulet #3
    • South-East - Zombie

    Once you're done; go north, north (through upper path), west, south, south, and go down to the basement in the south. Kill the Hell Hound there, and hit the lever there.

    Leave this basement; and go east, north, and then west (through lower path). Pick up the Key, return east to previous room, and head west again through upper path. Hit the lever, go west, and enter the basement there.

    Inside, kill the Zombie and pick up the Key. Leave the basement, head east 2 screens, and read the scroll there. Then, head north to enter Agatha's Shrine.

    Agatha's Shrine

    From the tomb entrance, go north, climb up the stairs, and open the chest for War Hammer #3 (the eastern wall when you opened this chest). Go south, south, east, south, and then north (through bottom path).

    Kill 2 Hell Hound, slash the northern bush for a potion, and enter the tomb there. Inside; read the monument, and kill the Zombie that appear. Pick up the Key that it drop, and go east to the next room. Open the north-west chest for Amulet #4, south-west chest for Potion, north-east chest for another Potion, and south-east chest for War Hammer #4. Go west 2 screens to leave this tomb.

    From here; go south, south (through upper path), and pick up the cross there to make 3 Zombies appear. Kill all these Zombie for Potion and War Hammer #5.

    Head north, north, west, south, east, east, and enter Agatha's Shrine once more. Inside; go west, and open the chest for the Holy Sword.

    Leaving the Shrine

    From here; go east, north, and go up the stairs. Go south 3 times, west once, and kill all 3 Zombies there. Go south, and step on the portal there to end the game.


    Success! With the Holy Sword strapped to your back, you leave the Holy Shrine behind you and make your way back to the Order.


    You will be awarded a code that can be used to move on with your hero to another part of the "Ancient Ruins" series. Here is my password. You can use it if you want...

    • Name = LANZZ
    • Code = DGEtsBb5fUc


    • Handy-Games GmbH - For developed and published this game.
    • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
    • Game Faqs - For posting my walkthrough.


    This FAQ is Copyright 2012 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

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    Final Words

    • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
    • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
    • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
    • If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.
    • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this game. Bye!