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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

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    Ancient Ruins 3: Crephistor's Tower is an Action Role-Playing game developed and published by Handy-Games for mobile phone. It is a third game in Ancient Ruins series.

    Versions History

    • Version 1.0 = 28 September 2012

    The is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Menu Guides, Complete Walkthrough, and Credits.


    Evil has awakened! Fear and terror reigns in the six mighty kingdoms! Yet there is a secret order holding the knowledge and the power to counter the evil hordes of hell. An ancient prophecy is speaking of six old artefacts that could save the world.

    You enter Crephistor's tower in the frosty solitude to save the lost staff of the mighty magician. Nobody can win this challenge except you the barbarian. Far above in the icy mountains is the place where the old magicians built a big tower of black crystal to watch over the events of time. More than 1000 years have passed since a dark power tried to gain control over the world. Now we are again threatened by a new assault of the evil darkness.

    You are the champion of a tribe of barbarians, sworn to defend the ancient fortress. You are the only one who is strong and brave enough to enter the crystal tower, and complete this quest. It is your duty to resist the evil and to find the lost staff of the once mighty magician Crephistor.


    In the menu screen, you can do a few thing.

    1) Select Start Game to start your adventures. You can create a new hero, or import your hero from other part of the "Ancient Ruins" series using Code.

    2) Select Hero for information of your hero (Name, Experience, and Code).

    3) Select Settings to turn off or turn on sound and vibration.

    4) Select Help for introduction of game, and control


    Travel to the ancient ruins and find one of the six powerful artefacts. With the help of these artefacts, the secret order will be able to save the world from evil! Your quest will lead you through dark mysteries, bloodthirsty monsters and vile traps. Useful items can replenish your health or increase your combat strength. If you're able to survive the adventure you will be awarded a code that can be used to move on with your hero to another part of the "Ancient Ruins" series. You can also replay this episode to increase your experience points.


    • Navigation key left, 4 = Turn left
    • Navigation key right, 6 =Turn right
    • Navigation key up, 2 = Move Forwards
    • Navigation key down, 8 = Move backwards
    • Navigation key centre, Display key left, 5 = Action
    • 7 = Side step left
    • 9 = Side step right
    • 0 = Pause
    • Display key = Quit

    More info at: www.handy-games.com

    5) Select Info for game information.

    (c) 2004, www.handy-games.com GmbH 1.0

    6) Select Quit to exit the game.


    When you started your game, press 0 to see you character status.

    • The Hide Armour shields you from the forces of evil. Collect more Hide Armour to increase your protection.
    • Morning Star increases your strength. Collect more Morning Stars to increase your strength in combat.
    • The cross symbol is your level. Kill more monsters to get experience to increase your level.

    You start the game with:-

      • 2 Morning Stars.
      • No Skin Armour.
      • Level 0 (0/100 experience).

    Entering the Tower

    In the start location, read the letter from your tribal elder.

    Greeting! You have proven yourself champion of our warriors. Only you are allowed entrance to the Wizard's Crystal Tower. From there, you must search for Crephistor's Magic Staff and save the kingdom! Your path is uncertain and we shall pray for your safe return.

    - The tribal elder.

    Open the chest that appear for Hide Armour #1, go north 1 screens, and hit the western wall to uncover a new path (destroy all ice wall to uncover one Potion). Go west, kill the Bat there, and open the chest for Morning Star #!. Go east, north, and kill the Ancient Guard there. Head north to enter Wizard's Crystal Tower.

    Inside, go down the stairs that located in the nort-east of this room. Enter the eastern room, and read both scrolls there for an information.

    Scroll in the south

    I have hidden my magic staff in a secret room. Should we fail, evil cannot be permitted to gain control of my staff. I have locked the room with six magical seals, and hid the runic keys that unlock them. Let us hope fate fortunes us...

    - Crephistor

    Scroll in the north

    I have cast a spell of invisibility on the rune stones, to keep them safe from prying eyes.

    - Bleiingo, Alchemist

    Step on the portal at the middle of this room, and you'll be teleported to the room with 2 other scroll. Read both of them for history of 2 ancient heroes.

    The Earl of Ishoban and his Cup of Greed.

    The Ishoban nobility have been ruling the Third Kingdom estate for ages. Earl Ishoban 4 was the first to possess the legendary Cup of Greed. With it's power, the evil could be banished for a thousand years. Unfortunately, since the cup has been surrounded by an unholy aura. Rumour has it that the cuo spoils the heart of its owner,, that's why the artefact is hidden in a safe place. There have been stories of strange incident in the realm of Earl. Maybe they are related to this legendary artefact?

    Prince Roland of Angrohal, Lord of the Dwarves.

    The kingdom of the dwarves is the largest in the land, with ornate tunnels connecting each of six kingdoms in a subterranean labyrinth. A thousand years ago, the Prince forged an axe deep within the dwarves city, whose beauty and splendour has never been matched. It is one of the six greatest artefacts of the land and now lies in the Hall of Ancestors. Lying deep within the bowels of the city, it has been untouched for centuries.

    Once you're done; pick up Potion if you want (potion always reappear after a few minutes), and step on the portal to return to previous room. Go west, kill the Ancient Guard, and step on the floor panels (in the north-west of this room) to remove the large crystal that blocking your way. Go west to the next room, and kill the Bat there. Open the western chest for Hide Armour #2, and northern chest for Potion.

    Return east, and go down the south-western stairs. Pick up Potion if you want, go south once, and go down the stairs there. Collect the Rune Key; then return north 2 screens. Enter the northern room, and read the scroll there.

    "I did it! I finally created a potion that makes visible those who were previously invisible. But watch out, make sure you drink the right one! Not even i know what will happen if you don't. The right potion is..." (The scroll is torn off at the bottom. Maybe the missing pieces are close by!)

    Searching for the Pieces of Scroll

    Leave all these Potions for now; go south, and then west to arrive at portal room. First step on the portal in your left, portal in your left again, then portal in your front, and you'll be teleported near the chest there. Open the chest for Rune Key. Pick up that key to make new portal appear. Step on the portal that appear to leave this room.

    Go up 2 floors to return to the entrance. Enter the western room, step on the floor panel, and kill the Ancient Guard there. Continue to step on the floor panel until you reach Potion and the chest with Morning Star #2 inside it. Hit the torch there to eliminate its fire.

    Once you're done; go east, and go up the south-eastern stairs. Pick up the Potion there if you want (by stepping on the floor panels until you reach it), and go south (through south-western path). Pick up the Rune Key there, return north, and climb up the north-western stairs. Kill the Bat, and read the Piece of Scroll #1.

    You discover a hint "...below the window..."

    Go down through southern stairs, and enter the northern room. Hit the torch to eliminate its fire, kill the Ancient Guard, and pick up Rune Key there.

    Go south, go up the stairs, and go down 2 floors to return at the entrance. Here, go down 1 floor. From here, go east, and read the Piece of Scroll #2 (the east scroll).

    You discover a hint "...across from the door..."

    Return west, go down 1 floor, and then go south once. Read the Piece of Scroll #3 there for another hint.

    You discover a hint "...right..."

    Go north 2 screens to return at Potion Room, and pick up the Magical Potion there (the one that glowing). You drink that potion, and now you can see an invisible things. Now, you must search for 6 Rune Stones that previously invisible. Don't pick up other potions because they are harmful.

    Searching for the Rune Stones

    Go south, west, and step on the portals until you reach Rune Stone #1 (Sometime, enemy will appear after you pick a Rune Stone). Leave this room, go up the stairs, and go east once. Step on the portal, and pick up Rune Stone #2 in the next room. Leave this room; go west, and then go up the stairs.

    Go north, and open the chest behind ice wall for Hide Armour #3. Go north and kill the Ancient Guard to make a new path appear. Pick up Rune Stone #4, and open the chest for Morning Star #3. Return south 2 screens to the entrance.

    From here; go west, and pick up Rune Stone #4 there. Go east, go up 2 floors, and then go down 1 floor through southern stairs. Go north, and pick up Rune Stone #5 there.

    Go south, go up the stairs, and go down 2 floors to return at the entrance. From here; go south 2 screens, and pick up Rune Stone #6.

    Go north 2 screens, and go down 2 floors. From there; go south 1 screen, and push the large stone that appear until it fall down. Go down the stairs there, kill the Bat, and go north to arrive at the Seal room.

    All seal will disappeared, and the door will opened because you already get all 6 Rune Stone. Pick up Hide Armour #5 and Potion there, then go north to the next room. Pick up the Staff of Crephistor there, and the entire tower stars to shake.

    Leaving the Tower

    Kill 2 Ancient Guards that appear to open the southern room. Return south, and quickly go south to the next room while avoiding Fire Traps. Go up the stairs, and you'll notice that the path was blocked by rocks. Return down, and the new path will appear in the east.

    Go east, north, and step on the floor panels there until you reach the portal (step on all floor panels to make your work easier). Step on the portal, and you'll be teleported to the room south of Potion Room. Kill the Bat to make the stairs appear. Go up 2 floors, and kill the enemy there.

    Go up the 2 more floors, and then down 1 floor. Go north, and pick up the Rune Key there. Make your way back to the entrance, and go down 1 floor. Go east, step on the portal, and pick up another Rune Key. Return to previous room, go west once, and go up the stairs to return at the entrance. Go north 2 screens, pick up the Rune Key there, and return south 2 screens.

    You should reach level 3 by now if you kill all enemies that you found. Go down 2 floors, and step on the portal there. You'll be teleported to the secret room. Kill the mighty Ancient Guard there to make four chests appear. Open all these chest for 2 Potions, Great Hide Armour(increased your defense points to the maximum), and Great Morning Star (increased your strength points to the maximum). If you replaying this game using code, you can reach this room earlier if you already level 3.

    Leave this room, and go up 2 floors to return at the entrance. From there; go south 3 screens, and step on the portal there to end the game.


    Your quest is completed! You may now leave this dark tower, and return in triumph to the monastery where the others await you.


    You will be awarded a code that can be used to move on with your hero to another part of the "Ancient Ruins" series. Here is my password. You can use it if you want...

    • Name = LANZZ
    • Code = yDiCPA4HUUc


    • HandyGames GmbH - For developed and published this game.
    • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
    • Game Faqs - For posting my walkthrough.


    This FAQ is Copyright 2012 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to host this FAQ, please e-mail me at lancer_black.knight@yahoo.com.

    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

    Final Words

    • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
    • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
    • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
    • If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.
    • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this game. Bye!

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