There's an onslaught of enemy forces approaching by land, sea, and air, and you're the lone soldier manning the beach head turret at the attack's epicenter! With war ships, helicopters, tanks, and tons of other opposing elements swarming you, you'll have to use your entire collection of weaponry, to have a prayer of staying alive.Equipped with a Machine Gun, a Howitzer Cannon and a limited supply of Surface-to-Air missiles, keep the invading army at bay on each level for a set amount of time in order to progress. The game has a total of 20 levels and contains a mixture of four distinct environments: Air, Land, Sea and Beach Head. Ammunition for each weapon is limited so you must decide when the best time is to use your precious ammo! Shoot down drop packages to gain bonus items such as first aid equipment, shields and extra ammo to help you.It's a game of tactics as you fight them on the beaches. Make sure you destroy all the invading troops before your shields deplete and the timer runs out!