Review by Sour

Reviewed: 08/11/10

Great idea! Great time killer!

To start it off, let me explain what Traffic Jam is:

Traffic Jam isn't like the traditional puzzle in which you have several or dozens of pieces and your goal is to mak a picture or some sort of design from it - but rather, in this puzzle game your main objective is to move the cars (or the Traffic Jam) around and create a clear path to the exit.

This installment of Traffic Jam was one of, if not thee first edition of Traffic Jam released outside of Flash games and onto cell phones. So, with that in mind you have to understand this game might be very, very basic - seeing as it's only a puzzle game, and an older one at that. But don't let a game being basic deter you from playing it. I had this game on my BlackBerry for years before I finally got the courage up to remove's one of those games you can constantly go back to and play, solely for how simple it is and it doesn't involve a lot of "work" per-say.

Unlike the new installment by JiuzhangTech Ltd this version of Traffic Jam only offers one theme, and since its just the one theme...there really isn't a name. But the theme generalizes around a Parking Lot, with one exit which is your way out. And on the same note, there's also no sounds added in this edition either. However, they do offer the ability to "undo" your last move, or to "show puzzle" if you want the solution. Granted, when you do "Show Puzzle" it will only show you how the cars are going to look at the end, without showing you the route in which to take to do so....and it will restart any progress on that level if you use the know where you are in your game!

One of the best things about this game is the ability to stop playing at any time, and pick up on your last game and keep going. Too many games now days don't offer the save feature, especially mid-level or mid-mission on some games - which is one of the reasons I enjoy this game...because I don't always have a lot of free time..but just enough for a few minutes of playing.

Overall, this game is a good play, but only if you're looking for something to kill time during breaks. If you enjoyed this game as a kid you'd love it again, but outside of that...there's other puzzle games out there. But, as stated before it's a different variation of the average puzzle game, so to some...this can be a gold mine!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Traffic Jam (US, 12/31/05)

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