The Fourth Seal tells the tale of an assassin, a member of a very powerful brotherhood, who is sent to an island to search for an old mentor and her friend.

The game begins as soon as we reach the island, where thanks to spectacular graphics and an immersive combat system, we will discover all the truth that the island hides. Beaches, paradisial landscapes, interiors of dungeons, castles, jungles, deserts, and enemies with an impressive AI.

The main character, Aspid, is one of the most dangerous assassins of the Aldadur Brotherhood and the only one who can destroy the horrors, which are about to be released from the island of Lartzan.

Our character is able to avoid perils without being detected, open locks using her skills of theft, and defeat all kinds of enemies in combat. She can use two weapons at the same time. During the adventure, we can pick up weapons and objects, which will improve our abilities and characteristics, such as swords that steal life from our enemies or armor that returns the damage received.

We have designed an original real-time combat system. All you have to do is select the objective and the character runs directly toward it, leaving the player to choose the type of attack or skill that he or she would like to use at that moment. The amount of combinations that we can use in combat is enormous.

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