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"The Last Brick will never be Broken!"

Game-play: 8

This game offers quite a bit of greatness to it. Why? It's not just a game where the ball hits the blocks to make them disappear, but instead you have obstacles, as well as objects to help your Game.

Some of the obstacles include solid(metal) boxes within the max of Bricks, that are unable to be broken and you are forced to play around them. As well as some of the falling objects don't always help your case. Another Obstacle (and object) is "Flip" - which flips your controls, moving to the right and you go to the left, and vise-versa.

The obstacle that give the most issues, in my opinion, is once you get passed a certain amount of levels, after so many times of the ball NOT hitting any Bricks, the bricks WILL slowly fall down to the bottom (they will only fall down each time it hits your bar). But this isn't a downside to this game, it adds that much more excitement in trying to get that last brick!

Some of these objects include "Long" - which extends your Bar. Slow which slows the ball down so it's not speeding by you, "Laser" - which has infinite ammo, and shoots two lasers each shot (max of 2 until shot is finished)

Replay Value: 9

This game offers a lot of replay value, simply for the fact that you can always play it differently, and you never know how the game is going to turn out. The only downside is the fact that when keeping high scores, it only keeps your most recent High score, and none of the previously recorded ones.

I strongly suggest this game if anyone is interested in playing a game that can have multiple outcomes, on the same levels. There is only 34 total levels to this game, but in the attempt to get to 34, you'll fall in love.

Thirty Four levels doesn't seem like a lot in this sort of game, but it is. Believe me.

Graphics: 8

This game's graphics has really improved since the previous versions. Included in this version of Brick Breaker are the multi-colored bricks, from Dark red (nearly broken) - to Orange, when it's at full health.

Sound: 4

There isn't any amazing sounds in this game, a few crushing noises when you use an explosive, but other then that, you can keep it on Silent, and you won't miss anything.

There is no multiplayer offered in this game, in order to play with more then one person, you must take turns via Lives, Levels, or at the end of each game.

Overall, this game is a great game to have, and to kill time with. I suggest it to anyone who was interested in the previous Brick Breaker / Block Breaker games created.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/09

Game Release: Brick Breaker (US, 05/04/04)

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