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Reviewed: 05/24/06 | Updated: 05/26/06

2 words: LOVE IT!

This is the sequel to the great Metal Gear. Unlike its first part, it wasn't ported to many consoles.
Story: 10/10
The story for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is so good. It is even better and more detailed and dynamic than the first one. But since I can't give a 15/10, I'll go with 10. It picks up where Metal Gear left off and once again, that pesky walking battle tank is involved. Along with that they add some pretty realistic fantasy elements into it: OILIX, Zanzibar Land. But they talk about these things in a way that makes it sound so real and possible to exist.

Gameplay: 9/10
Again, this element of the game isn't perfect. The difficulty has increased due to the omission of respawning items and more advanced AI. But that actually is good as it makes you find new strategies for sneaking and more thought into how to get from one place to another. Only problem is backtracking: I don't mind the amount of backtracking; in fact, I wouldn't mind even if there was more backtracking. It's just that the loading times between major screens and all the other wait in the sneaking part makes it take even longer. Now having said that, if the speed was increased and you were invincible, it would take less than two hours, maybe even below one. The game is a bit too short.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics were an improvement over the first one. Sprites in the original MSX version were modeled after real-life people. It was all great additions.

Sound: 10/10
All sounds are just like its predecessor: nice, clean and fit each function. The explosions are even more realistic.

Music: 10/10
This game, unlike Metal Gear, has a very wide array of music for every part. Plus, it has separate themes for in-game play, scenes, radio calls and others. It even has two secret jazz-like music only playable in your radio.

Controls: 10/10
Just like Metal Gear, the controls are ideal and easy to adapt to. Not much more to say about this.

Replayability: 10/10
This game is just like Metal Gear. It has replayability in its blood. Lots of game fun, especially the challenges, like the swamp maze.

Overall: 10/10

Rent or Buy? Alright, we all know the answer to this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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