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"To be blunt: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME (it keeps going on like this...)"

This is the TRUE sequel to Metal Gear 1, but unlike said metal gear 1 (which I think sucked, IMO), MG2: SS is one of the best games of all time, in this reviewer's opinion. It even holds a candle to the almighty MGS. Read on...

Graphics: 6

Well, the MSX was an 8-bit (or was it 16-bit? I'm not sure) system, so the graphics don't quite match up to MGS's. But for what they were on, the graphics were actually rather good.

Sound: 8

Again, the system was low-end, so the sound wasn't spectacular. Despite this, however, the music was GORGEOUS, and fit the mood perfectly.

Story: 9

Well, without giving anything away, there's a lot going on. Read the online manual for details (it's the same site as the ROM, so I can't give the URL. Sorry).

Controls: 10

Seeing as you use a keyboard instead of a controller, you'd think the game would be cumbersome, no? Well, it isn't. This game's controls are actually better than some PSX titles I've seen. It all works perfectly, and flawlessly... oh, those two mean the same thing? Ok...

Gameplay: 11

Yeah, the gameplay is good. DAMN GOOD. You think MGS had innovations? A lot of them are in MG2 (including the radar, though you can't see their field of vision), which, seeing as MG2 came out first, is really something. And some stuff in MG2 (using rations to lure a pidgeon, using a tape recording to make soldiers salute, and *ahem* other things) never even saw the light of day in MGS. Then there's the actual sneaking around; if you think having the guards being pixels instead of polygons takes away the feeling you get when a guard is about to find you, you're dead wrong. It's every bit as pants-soiling, trust me. Then there's the bosses; besides being every bit as innovative as MGS's (moreso, IMO), unlike MGS's easy-peasy bosses, these guys are actually tough! One boss in particular (won't spoil it for you) took me 10 tries!! Yes, TEN. And the game is just so perfectly structured... and unlike MGS, you have to backtrack a few times to get what you need. So, basically, it's one damn solid (no pun intended) package.

Overall: 10

This game is perfect. Run to your favorite search engine and search for ''Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake'' now. You won't regret it... just make sure you find an online manual, or some puzzles might elude you permanently (yes, like MGS, MG2 made use of a few real-life resources...). If I could, I'd give this game a 20.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/12/00, Updated 08/12/00

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