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"The true Metal Gear!!!"

Released in Asia, Europe and in parts of the Middle East, Metal Gear 2 was placed in for the MSX system. North and South America didn't see much of the game, but instead received Snake's Revenge for the NES, which was perceived to be as the true Metal Gear game ever. To tell the truth, it's not. Metal Gear 2 is the true Metal Gear to follow Metal Gear 1. If only it also came out for the Playstation 2 system...


In the year 1999, the Cold War has already come to an end. The 5 superpowers has already improved their relations with each other and they promised to eliminate the production of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. In South West Asia, a nation surrounding Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Russia called Zanzibar Land has gained independence through a war called the ''Zanzibar Land Independence War'' or ''War of the Mercenaries''. Through the years, the land has become an independent country and has become like a heavily-armed fortress. Its leaders have ordered Zanzibarian agents to infiltrate nuclear-capable countries such as Britain, France, China, the US and Japan, stealing all of their nuclear components to Zanzibar. What's worse is that an oil crisis has affected the world of its oil supply. To combat this problem, a Czech scientist named Dr. Kio Marv has made a bacteria named OILIX, which can help eliminate the oil supply problem. After Zanzibar's leaders found out about this, they send agents into Marv's plane and hijacked it with Dr. Petrovich while heading to the US for a supposed press conference. New FOXHOUND commander Roy Campbell has ordered FOXHOUND operative Solid Snake to sneak into Zanzibar and rescue Dr. Kio Marv and recover all his plans before the country's leaders use them to power their military to take over the world.


Using the MSX keyboard is really hard, but still very easy to get use to. You have to use the arrow keys and certain alphabet keys to control Snake, his actions and the use of his weapons or items found in Zanzibar itself.


The very 1st time that I saw Solid Snake crawling. It's a very good improvement over the original Metal Gear. The video used here is kind of excellent and the audio system is a..okay, but it's a shame if they can't help fix the problem.


Not quite good if you would try to play the game again, except that if you want to play it over and over again for challenge and to test your memory in the entire game itself. I would not recommend to try it. But, if you did, then you're going to be very good in your 2nd try.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/04/01, Updated 04/02/03

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