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"By Far The Greatest Game Of All Time!"

Metal Gear : Snake’s Revenge Review by Chris Ho
Simply amazing! This game has so many plot twists that you'll be on the edge of your seat as Snake goes through his second mission. You will see familiar Faces from Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid. The only flaw is probably the stupid names for the bosses just like in the original Metal Gear. But all in all, excellent.
10/10 - Freaking Awesome!

As soon as you begin to play you’ll notice the similarities between Metal Gear : Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid. Using tactics and making the player think rather than just go through and kill people is a key element to this game. You’ll like the radar screen, which was a greatly needed feature in Metal Gear. This way you will be able to tell if an enemy sentry is coming your way even if he’s not in your current field of range. The card system is about the same as in Metal Gear, collecting a new card level to gain entry to new areas. The elevator system has been improved from MG and is like the one in Metal Gear Solid. The main difference with this game and Metal Gear is the difficulty. My God are the bosses hard! It may take you many tries and get you very frustrated but you have to fight them to get to the next part of the story.

I thought it was going to be hard switching from a PS2 controller to using a keyboard, but was I wrong. The controls are so smooth and easy to use. M or N to Punch, Space Bar to Fire Your Weapon. and M or N+ Space Bar to Crawl. You maneuver Solid Snake with the Up, Down, Left and Right keys which is very easy to do with the right hand while using the left hand to shoot, punch, and duck.
10/10 - Perfect

For an old system this game has some great graphics. Rich detail and fluency are some of the highlights. The levels are animated wonderfully and don’t repeat like in other older console games. While there are a few graphical glitches here and there, they don’t bring the score down.
10/10 - Amazing for an old system.

Not as good as the new consoles but the MIDI songs and effects sound pretty good. This is probably the flaw in the game, but you can only blame the technology of back then.
8/10 - Okay…

The Ho’s Final Thought
This game is a classic, innovative title. With great graphics, good audio, and an amazing plot Metal Gear : Solid Snake is a game to own. Despite being very difficult at some parts this game is a joy. If you have played the MGS series’ games or the original Metal Gear or are a fan of action-adventure, shoot-em ups, puzzles, or RPGs, you will love this game.

Overall :

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/23/02, Updated 07/23/02

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