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"The sequel which surpassed it's successor in every way"

In 1990, Hideo Kojima brought back his original team that helped him make the original
"Metal Gear", and together they made "Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake".
Hideo Kojima wanted this sequel to stay true to it's original roots, and so he did with also adding a little spice in between. The game was only released in Japan on the "MSX" once again, with no signs of an over-seas release.

"Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake" has the blood of the original "Metal Gear" running through it's veins. The controls are still easy to navigate and responsive, also Solid Snake can now crawl
(like he also does in the later Metal Gear Solid)which gives the game a more feel of stealth movement.

The story in "Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake" is just as deep and interesting as in the original
"Metal Gear". The year is 1999, and Solid Snake (who has retired from Foxhound) has been contacted by newly-recruited Roy Campbell to go undercover and rescue "OILIX" creator,
Dr. Kio Marv. The story goes on from there and gets much more deep and exciting, so you will have to play to find out the rest of it.

The graphics are fantastic for an old 8-bit game, it's quite impressive since it clearly looks better than the original "Metal Gear".
Solid Snake looks more detailed, the enemies look more detailed, and the many different areas of the game are clearly detailed from sprite to sprite, it's almost unbelievable.

Play Time/Replayability-
This game is much larger than the original "Metal Gear", so it will definitely take more time to beat.
Once you finish the mighty game you probably have no reason to go through it again, unless of course you want to understand the story fully and throughly.
I would suggest you move along to the next game, "Metal Gear Solid" for the Sony PlayStation.

Final Recommendation-
"Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake" is a true masterpiece made by the great mind of Hideo Kojima, and it's quite sad that not many people even know this game exists, as it has only been released in Japan.
I highly recommend this game to be played by fans of "Metal Gear Solid" and fans of the entire series. This ends my review of this fantastic game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/09/04, Updated 05/11/04

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