Review by big_boss_cqcer

Reviewed: 05/05/05

One step further into the Metal Gear series

Gameplay - 10/10
The gameplay to this game is almost exact to Metal Gear. You obtain your items a lot slower, but you don't need them. This is the first Metal Gear to identify the alert and evasion status. There are some extra features to this game such as crouching and crawling. The guards spot you very easily in this. 2 disadvantages are that when you crawl you have to press the punch button and the gun button at the same time giving you a chance to make a noise and get caught. Also, the gameplay is very slow. I don't mean that you don't do anything and its a bore, I mean that Snake moves very slow. On the blueMSX emulator you can speed it up, so its not a problem anymore. This game also introduces camoflague and of course it still has the cardboard box.

Graphics - 10/10
These graphics were the best when this first came out. There was no better. Everything is a lot more detailed which is proabably when Snake was moving slow. This was the first game to introduce the pictures on the codec and the guards as well as Snake are more detailed. There are a few flaws like a gun being bigger than you, but a hang glider that you have to get in being smaller than you lol.

Sound - 10/10
The music changes a lot more rather than in the first Metal Gear. There was still no voice acting =( lol. Still, great sound for an old system. Music changes a lot, I like that, the alert status also sounds much better.

Story - 10/10
Zanzibar land is growing in military. They kidnapped a scientist Dr. Marv who invented a micro-organisim OILIX used to create a rich oil after we were running out of it. Snake is sent in to infiltrate Zanzibar land and rescue Dr. Marv. There is much more to find out about Zanzibar before ensuring the safety of Marv and OILIX. The new commander of FOXHOUND, Roy Campbell, helps Snake with his mission objectives, commanding him on his mission. =) Commencing Operation Intrude - F014!

Good luck
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Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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