Review by Goufas_Nation

Reviewed: 08/01/05

One of the best games ever

While alot of metal gear fans have heard of this game they have never played it. Well for those other 85 % of the metal gear population who have never played it are missing ALOT!

Gameplay 10

This game is just great peroid. And one thing that makes thie game so great is the gameplay. Metal gear 2 is a stealth game so your character Snake has many stealthly things to do to not get him self get caught by the enemy. Snake can do things like crawl under desks, turn off the lights, or even hide underneath a cardboard box etc. Threw your adventure you will come across things like inferred beams, minefeilds, And even room full of cameras. So pretty much all of the moves you get will be used in some way to keep you hidden from the guards, or for escaping from them. You also a varity of different weapons like a Handgun, Machinegun, C4, Or even a remote controled missles. All of the weapons wil aid you in some way in the game.

Story 10

The world in running scarce on oil so Dr.kio marv makes this micro-organisim that is very cheap to get and that is also better then plain old oil. Then a small country called Zanzibar Land kidnaped Dr. Kio Marv and hold him hostage. So FOX-HOUND send in the retired Solid Snake to go and rescue him. But on Snakes journey he finds out that the Zanzibar Land people have also been making a new type of Metal Gear the *Metal Gear D*. But even to make it more of a burdon for Snake he finds out that his best friend Grey Fox and the former commander and leader of FOX-HOUND Big Boss are behind the whole thing. So really you could say that this is the best story in the metal gear in the series next to Metal Gear Solid.

Sound 10

Every type of sound effect really comes out clear in this game. Now unlike in the new metal gear game when you go to your trancever/codec the players dont talk only the words will come up on the screen. But you have to rember that this game came out in 1990 so its pretty old. When you shoot your gun it dosent sound excately like a real gun but it sounds close enough. The music in Metal Gear 2 is also VERY GOOD. Just like in Metal Gear Solid for PSX/PC it can actually be a reason for some people to play it, its just that good. the music will change pretty much every time you enter a new area, or when you fight a boss, or when something sad happens or something bad happens etc.

Control 10

For those people who dont know all of the MSX systems are all computers and you play all MSX games on a keyboard. So theres not much to say but this game game also has great controls.

Graphics 10

The MSX 2 is an 8bit system and for an 8bit system this game looks GREAT. The first thing im going to bring up that looks goo are the codec moments. The codec moments are the best looking things the first big thing you would notic is that the pictures of the people who are currently talk on the codec are very detailed. And everything else in the game is detailed.

Well right now its impossible to get this game ( Metal gear 2 solid snake & Metal gear) but lucky for all metal gear fans the creator of the game is releasing Metal Gear Solid 3: subsistence witch has a new verson of metal gear solid 3 and the game is also going to have metal gear and metal gear 2 solid snake. The 2 games never before released in america. So for all fans it is highly recommend to save up about $60 for this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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