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    FAQ by DVelovic

    Updated: 07/13/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Welcome to the Rookies Guide to World Driver Championship!
    Made on 7/13/99 by Daniel Velovic
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Cars
    3. Tracks
    4. Championship Mode
    1. Introduction and Controls
    World Driver Championship is a GT racer made by Boss Game Studios and
    published by Midway. This game is only for the N64, so get a N64 if you
    don't have one already. The game has 34 cars and 116 tracks.  116 tracks? How
    is this possible.
    There are 10 locations around the world. There are 3 variations at each
    location (except on that has 2 variations). That's 29 tracks so far. Reverse
    them, and we got 58.  You may not be able to race mirrored tracks in
    Championship Mode, but you can in Single Race.  The tracks total is now at
    116 tracks.  That's easy enough.
    Here are the controls for World Driver Championship:
    A Button: Acceleration
    B Button: Brake
    Bottom C: Look Back (Useful for seeing the opponent(s) behind you, great for
    Top C: Change view (3rd person, 1st person with mirror, 1st person without
    Z and R Buttons: What do you think? It's added for manual transmission.
    L Button: Changes the display (Try it!)
    Control Stick: Steering (Push down for reverse)
    D-Pad: Not used. But, you can use it in the game menus.
    2. Cars
    There are 6 cars to choos from in Single Race when you first start the game:
    Ellipse Stallion C
    Speed        2
    Acceleration 3
    Handling     2
    Weight       10
    Comments: This is the heaviest car in the game, hard to control and faster
    than the Rage 512 EVO C.
    Rage 512 EVO C
    Speed        2
    Acceleration 2
    Handling     3
    Weight       9
    Comments: This is the easiest rookie car to drive, but slightly slower than
    the Ellipse Stallion C.
    Rage 512 EVO A
    Speed        5
    Acceleration 5
    Handling     7
    Weight       9
    Comments: Of the first 6 cars in Single Race, this is the best.
    Elan Swift TT C
    Speed        3
    Acceleration 3
    Handling     4
    Weight       9
    Comments: This is a average car that is very good for a rookie.
    Reeds R12 Manta C
    Speed        3
    Acceleration 3
    Handling     3
    Weight       9
    Comments: The handling is slightly worse that the Elan Swift TT C. Better get
    used to it.
    Ram Venom GTR B
    Speed        4
    Acceleration 5
    Handling     4
    Weight       7
    Comments: This is the lightest car of the first 6 cars the Single Race.
    3. Tracks
    When you first start the game, you'll see only 6 tracks in 4 locations. The
    following are listed below:
    Hawaii A 2 Laps
    Hawaii B 5 Laps
    Las Vegas A 3 Laps
    Lisbon C 3 Laps
    Lisbon CR 4 Laps
    Black Forest A 3 Laps
    Track maps complete with turn numbers are located at Galley's Guide to World
    Driver Championship. (Not my homepage)
    4. Championship Mode
    This is what everyone wants and it will be updated daily (or bi-daily). You
    will start in 30th place and you are approaced by 2 teams: Speedcraft
    Racelabs from the United States and Kohr Racing in Mexico. I'd go with
    Speedcraft, but you can choose either one.
    The first cup to race in is the Novice Cup, go there. If you got all the 
    poles and wins, your point total is now at 23,000 and you'll be ranked 29th.
    All you need is 2,000 points to advance to 28th. You'll get an offer from
    Viewpoint, accept it.
    New track activated in Single Race: Rome A 2 Laps
    Go to the Spider Cup, getting all the poles and wins will get you 23,000
    points.  You just doubled your total to 46,000 points. You are now in 28th
    and you need 4,000 points to advance to 27th. You will get an offer from
    Reeds, please accept the offer and don't accept any more offers until you get
    the A car. Trust me on this one.
    New tracks activated in Single Race: Hawaii C 2 Laps, Kyoto A 2 Laps
    There will be 2 new cups to compete in: Emperor Challenge, Seasons Cup. I'll
    get to those on the very next day.

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