Review by Smizz94

"Amazing, Overlooked, and Rewarding game for Nintendo 64"

I have never seen a racing game for the Nintendo 64 that is so exciting and fun to play, with an amazing championship mode, the game is HUGE! There is so much in it!

Graphics 9.5/10
-I have to say, the graphics are awesome, the cars has shiny and smooth detail, plus the scenery also looks great too, to be honest, it has to be some of the best scenery for a Nintendo 64 racing game as other racing games for this system usually only pay attention to graphics for the car. The reason that this section does not get a ten out of ten is because there are some fall backs, examples are for when you start a race and the camera is coming around the car while you are revving for the go, the cars graphics seem to quiver or sort of move strangely, other than that, the graphics are great!

Sounds 9/10
-I LOVE THE MUSIC! Especially the intro music when you first turn on the game, it has a great beat and keeps you moving. The sound effects are also great as you can hear the realistic sounds of your car changing gears and getting faster, or slower if your coming around the corner. A very small downfall is that you can barely hear your car squealing it's tires on a turn, and you can almost not hear your car hit a wall or another car at all.

Controls 10/10
-Many people will disagree with me because a lot of racing games for the Nintendo 64 have the controls TOO easy, and since they are used to that, it is hard to get used to the realistic controls in this game, but the fact is, the way the car has to be controlled in this game is like a car in real life, gotta brake around corners enough or else you'll wipe out and hit a wall or go off track, or if you turn too much, you nearly lose control. Very realistic controls.

Gameplay 10/10
-Now this is breathtaking. The championship is heart pounding and intense, yet it is so enjoyable and addictive, you just can't stop. When in championship mode, you can increase your rank by winning races and trophies for points. When your rank becomes high enough, you get to unlock more teams to join up with and get more cars from them. The team leaders also has text messages for you during the championship (A STORYLINE!). sometimes they will ask you to join their team, and other times they will try to influence you to stay with their team when you are transferring to a new one. This game is unbeatable. Did I also mention that this game has about 60 race tracks?

Overall 10/10
-I never thought a racing game for the Nintendo 64 could be so addictive and awesome, enough that I'm playing every day, even though it is the year 2009! This game is recommended to anybody who sees it used at a store (which is rare but possible) or sees it on eBay or kijiji for a good price.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/09

Game Release: World Driver Championship (US, 05/31/99)

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