"Best racing sim for the N64? Indeed."

Game play- The cars in this game run at extremely smooth curves and drifts. It has been discussed that the amount of levels and cars provide not only replay value, but a great learning curve. As it has been said, in the beginning of the game cars may be hard to handle. But after a few races you'll learn how to peel out of corners and to not accelerate windy hills. In the beginning of the game, you're a no-name racer with a dream for speed. Throughout your progress, you will encounter many racing teams that want you to join their circuit. In the end, it's all just good clean racing, with a very simulation like aspect.

Final Area Score: 10/10

Graphics- The graphics in the game are very sharp and clean cut, even adding some reflections. The gravel on the road looks real, and so does the dirt flying under your wheels if you've misplaced the raceway. There are also many building, mountains or just land as you drive by, each having its own unique area of looks. Whatever you look at the game, you'd better be sure it deserves a perfect score for the games time.

Final Area Score: 10/10

Sound- The engine sounds are capable of hearing acceleration and drift along corners, but the music can be controversial. In some cases, the music seems repetitive, but it isn't a big deal at all considering you won’t have many laps to run before it ends. But you can also hear the other cars driving by, and I think that ads up for what the music subtracts.

Final Area Score: 10/10

Replay ability- With all of the teams to join, cars to receive and tracks to run, the game does have a lot for you to receive before even thinking about replaying it. As for actual replay, it has the usual things, such as time trials and the works, if my mind is correct. And there is always just cruising around random tracks, trying to practice on certain corners and difficulty areas.

Final area Score: 10/10

Final Recommendation- Buy it. Now doubt would you find this game at a dirt cheap price, and that is a good thing for the buyer. The better thing however, is playing such a great game. It really does feel like a great simulation, and it is one, at that. It has pretty graphics, a smooth learning curve, and most impressive handling. Besides, if you're lucky a buy of this might be as expensive as a rental. And on second thought, it would be harder to find a rental of it anyway!

Final score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/01/04

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