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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

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                               DONKEY KONG 64
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    FAQ by GavLuvsGA@aol.com. Write to this address if you have any 
    comments about this FAQ, but PLEASE refer to the game in the title. 
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    know it sounds mean, but for all I know you could be trying to send
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    Also, please do not start sending me chain letters just because you 
    happen to know my SN; also, if you think i might like to be on a 
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    Otherwise, please only write to me about problems with the game. And 
    now that this FAQ has reached its final version, please don't send 
    in further suggestions for changes, please.
    Final Version: 01 - 08 - 2006
    Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the 
    Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically 
    not allowed.
    Revision History
    Final Version (01 - 08 - 2006)
    Polished everything off and improved some stuff.
    Version 6 (20 - 07 - 2001)
    Added one thing; a dirt pad that I missed in Angry Aztec.
    Version 5 (02 - 04 - 2001)
    Spill chequed the FAQ.
    Version 4 (11 - 12 - 2000)
    Made some small improvements' including the CORRECT location for the 
    Creepy Castle dirtpad (I had it in the wrong place - someone should 
    have said something). Also, I added a tip for the library in the same
    Version 3 (29 - 10 - 2000)
    Some more minor alterations; added living flames to baddies section, 
    added location of dirt pad in Crystal Caves and finally found missing 
    title of last battle arena (Forest Fracas)
    Version 2 (09 - 09 - 2000)
    Added more info on final boss, and end sequence. Nothing major.
    1 The Characters
    2 Items
    3 Special Moves
    4 Baddies
    5 Bonus Games
    6 Walkthrough
      6.1 Jungle Japes
      6.2 Angry Aztec
      6.3 Frantic Factory
      6.4 Gloomy Galleon
      6.5 Fungi Forest
      6.6 Crystal Caves
      6.7 Creepy Castle
      6.8 Hideout Helm
      6.9 Kong Isles
      6.10 The Final Showdown
    7 Bosses
    8 Battle Arenas
    9 Banana Fairies
    10 Warp Pad Locations
    11 Dirt Pad Locations
    12 Rareware and Nintendo Coins
    13 Glitches
    14 Frequently Asked Questions
                                    1 The Characters
    1.1 Main Characters
    Donkey Kong
    I can't believe you could possibly NOT know who this is; he's the 
    star of the game.
    Diddy Kong
    Another familiar character, and probably my favourite :) He's Donkey's
    nephew (okay, not biologically, since Donkey is a gorilla and Diddy
    is a chimpanzee).
    Tiny Kong
    Dixie Kong's younger sister; she can shrink (very useful). She's a 
    sort of cross between Tooty, from Banjo - Kazooie, and Lisa Simpson 
    (she plays the saxophone)!
    Lanky Kong
    Personally I find this character's voice slightly annoying; I think 
    he's meant to be an orang - utan. Likes to fool around.
    Chunky Kong
    The strongest character of all, and Kiddy's brother! He is useful for 
    smashing rocks that would otherwise hinder your progress. He's also 
    cowardly too (just look at the way he reacts when you pick him from 
    the barrel, and his look of relief when you pass over him)!
    1.2 Other Kongs
    Professor Cranky Kong
    He's pretty rude actually (what a bad example to set), but you need 
    his help to get your moves - if you can find enough banana coins, that
    Funky Kong
    Supplies you with ammunition; yippee! I can't stand the way he speaks 
    Candy Kong
    Some people (feminists, for example) will be very offended by this; 
    she's got long legs, she's got... Sorry, got carried away there. All 
    the Kongs (except Tiny, of course) appear to drool at Donkey's 
    pin - up as she offers  musical instruments with which to play 
    music...when standing on a music pad. These instruments have the power
    to kill all Kremlings in the vicinity and also to cause unusual events
    (usually opening a door, but not always).
    The Ghost of Wrinkly Kong
    That's right; Wrinkly Kong has passed away, but if you go to a door 
    with her face on, her ghost will pop out and give you a hint. You 
    will notice that all of her doors have colours round them; these 
    follow the same colour code as the items the Kong pick up (i.e. 
    yellow for Donkey, etc.), and the door with a particular colour will 
    apply to the Kong whose colour it is (I hope that's clear). Until that
    Kong is rescued, her doors will bear a ?
    1.3 Other Characters
    King K. Rool
    He's the big bad guy! He wants to blow up the island.
    He may look (and talk) like a villain, but he's not. He's gone over 
    to the Kongs side after being tricked by the Kremlings. He wants five 
    blueprints on each level (one from each Kong) in exchange for a golden
    Troff n' Scoff
    Feed them bananas and they'll help you out by opening the door to the
    boss arena. You will find them behind the portals with their faces on.
    The number of bananas you will need increases on each level.
    K. Lumsy
    He may be a Kremling, but he's on your side. He'll help you if you can
    set him free using all eight boss keys.
    Banana Fairies
    They're secret characters ... see later on in this FAQ for more 
    He helps you out throughout the game.
    Sliding Beetle
    A really annoying character this, he doesn't regard any character 
    highly. You have to race him down his slides to win bananas. He 
    appears on Angry Aztec (Tiny) and Crystal Caves (Lanky).
    Mini Racing Car
    Another character you must race, but he's really easy to beat. Tiny 
    meets him twice during the game. He lives in Frantic Factory.
    The seal who previously cooled down water for you appears here again; 
    this time 
    he races you, though.
    Once again, he shines a light for you in the sunken ship areas - like
    "Glimmer's Galleon" of Donkey Kong Country 2.
    The Hare
    He appears twice, and he's pretty annoying. You race him as Lanky, and
    later on must save his life as Chunky (as if he deserves it)?
    He's a Rhino; Donkey can change into him and charge at anything, by 
    pressing B. Of course, contact with an enemy will kill them instantly.
    Lanky turns into this Swordfish. Good for jumping through hoops...
                                    2 Items
    Golden Bananas
    These are what you must collect in order to access higher levels.
    Feed these to Troff and Scoff; each Kong can only collect Bananas of 
    a certain colour;
    Donkey - Yellow
    Diddy - Red
    Tiny - Purple
    Lanky - Blue
    Chunky - Green
    When you are playing any character all other characters' items will 
    become transparent and you cannot take them. The same colour coding 
    applies to balloons, normal coins and blueprints.
    Colour coded again; shoot these for 10 bananas.
    Banana Bunch Coins
    Use these to pay for the services of Cranky, Funky and Candy.
    Multicolour Coins
    These can be picked up by any Kong and will add five Banana Bunch 
    coins to all the Kongs' totals. They are found in those dirt pads 
    with DK on them found throughout the game. To get them, use the move 
    you get from Banana Fairy. (See dirt pad location guide).
    Supply Crates
    These supply you with ammunition. Each Kong uses different types:
    Donkey - Coconuts
    Diddy - Peanuts
    Tiny - Feathers
    Lanky - Grapes
    Chunky - Pineapples
    To take out or put back a gun, press Z and C left. To go into first - 
    person view, press C up and then aim using the gun sight, Press B to 
    These can be used like grenades! Press Z and C right; this is the only
    way you can kill some enemies.
    Crystal Coconuts
    Use these to do some of the special moves. You can gain more of these 
    by capturing banana fairies.
    Banana Camera Films
    Use these to photograph the Banana Fairies. Capturing a single banana 
    fairy will  replenish your items and increase your capacity for 
    carrying  crystal coconuts by one.
    Melon Crates
    Contain three melon slices each (extra energy). You can also get 
    energy by killing baddies.
    You get these from killing Kremlings. Give them to Snide.
    Banana Medals
    You get these if you collect 75 of any Kong's bananas in any one 
    level,  making five on each level. Give 15 of these to Cranky to play
    his Jetpack game.
    Battle Arena Crowns
    You get these if you beat the Kremlings in their battle arenas.
    Boss Keys
    You get these for beating bosses; use them to free K. Lumsy (you need 
    all eight).
    Rareware & Nintendo Coins
    Hidden in the game; you need both to get the final key.
    Shoot these with your guns; the sign on the switch shows what type of 
    weapon can be used to activate them.
    Replenish your musical instruments if you stand close to them.
    Battle Arena Pad
    Use these to go to the battle arenas, by pressing Z.
    Kong Barrels
    Jump in these to activate special moves. There are barrels for each 
    Kong. Using the special moves uses up your crystal coconuts and you 
    can end them by pressing Z and C left. When you get to a point where 
    you can no longer use the move, a red slashed circle will appear and 
    you will turn back to normal.
    Kong Pads
    Activate another special ability, if you press Z. As with barrels, 
    there are separate pads for each Kong.
    Bananaport Pads
    There are two of these with the same number on each area; you can warp 
    between these if you activate both of the same number.
    Music Pads
    These are where you play your instruments; each bears a picture of the
    instrument that can be played there. Each Kong can have a different 
    Donkey - Bongos
    Diddy - Guitar
    Tiny - Saxophone
    Lanky - Trombone
    Chunky - Triangle
    Animal Crates
    Touch one and you'll turn into an animal. Press Z and C left to change 
    back; you will also change back if you leave the are in which you can 
    use the skill.
    Only two animals appear in this game (pity); Rambi and Enguarde. Note 
    that, like the moves found in Kong Barrels, you cannot go around the 
    whole level as these animals, though. When you are outside the limits, 
    a red, slashed circle will appear and you will turn back. You can also
    turn back by pressing Z and C left.
    Use these to cross some gaps; they're easy to use Ñ they swing back 
    and forth and when you jump you'll go in the direction the vine is 
    swinging in.
    Use the Simian Slam to activate these; the Kong pictured on them is 
    the one who can use them.
    Get in these for a blast!
                                    3 Special Moves
    3.1 All Kongs
    Simian Slam
    Press A, to jump, followed by Z. This allows you to press green 
    Super Simian Slam
    This is simply an upgrade of the normal simian slam. You can now 
    press the blue buttons.
    Super Duper Simian Slam
    Same controls as before; this allows you to press the red buttons.
    Banana Fairy's Special Move
    Hold B, then release it to create a shock wave. It uses up one crystal 
    3.2 Donkey
    Baboon Blast
    Stand on a Donkey pad and press Z. You will be warped to a secret 
    level, in which you are shot repeatedly through barrels, by pressing 
    B, to reach ... more barrels (bananas and coins can also be collected
    here). There will be one on each level, except for DK Isles and 
    Hideout Helm; you may use it to reach a banana, bonus barrel (if 
    Nintendo couldn't think of anything else), or a star which causes 
    something - unusual - to happen (either freeing someone or opening
    up part of the level).
    Gorilla Grab
    Stand by a lever and press B.
    Strong Kong
    Jump into a Donkey barrel. You will become invincible until your 
    crystal coconuts run out. To end the move, press Z and C left. This 
    move is only needed about six times in the game.
    3.3 Diddy
    Chimpy Charge
    Hold Z, then press B. This is used on some wall switches, but not 
    Rocketbarrel Boost
    Jump into a Diddy barrel. This is similar to flying on Banjo - Kazooie, 
    and you get to use your guns! The move ends if you hit the ground 
    though. This move is probably the most frequently used one in the 
    Simian Spring
    Press Z on a Diddy pad. These are common in Frantic Factory, but 
    otherwise pretty scarce.
    3.4 Tiny
    Mini - Monkey
    Jump into a Tiny Barrel. Tiny will shrink and can go through the 
    smallest of openings. This is a move you will use at least twice on 
    most levels, as it is used to access about fourteen of Tiny's bananas 
    (and that's not all).
    Pony Tail Twirl
    Jump using A, then hold A in mid air to float using Tiny's hair. 
    Useful for getting over huge gaps, and makes it a lot easier crossing 
    the rivers in Fungi Forest.
    Stand on a Tiny pad and press Z. You will be warped to another Tiny 
    pad in an otherwise inaccessible location. Used just five times in the
    game, sadly.
    3.5 Lanky
    Hold Z, then press B. Continue holding Z and you can get up steep 
    Baboon Balloon
    Press Z when standing on a Lanky pad and Ñ for a limited time - you 
    can float through the air. Another rarity, there are only about one or
    two on the levels where it appears.
    OrangStand Sprint
    Jump into a Lanky Barrel. You will speed up considerably! Very rare.
    3.6 Chunky
    Hunky Chunky
    The opposite of Tiny's special move; jump into a Chunky barrel to grow 
    massive. Very common.
    Primate Punch
    Hold Z, then press B. This can be used more often than you may think, 
    as it is not limited to switches with Chunky's face on, but most gates 
    and ice walls.
    Gorilla Gone
    Press Z on a Chunky Pad and Chunky will become invisible, except for 
    his clothes and baseball cap (very weird looking)! This is only used 
    about five times, though, and allows you to see invisible objects, 
    such as bananas.
                                    4 Baddies
    Note that nearly all bad guys come back to life not long after you 
    kill them.
    You can get energy from most of them, each time you kill them.
    Kasplat (Every level except Hideout Helm)
    These are nasty! The number of hits they take varies with the 
    character you have chosen, and they are very tough. Watch out for the
    flames they throw. They are carrying the blueprints that Snide needs, 
    and each level has five. You get nothing for killing them. Note that 
    their hair and their flames are the same colour as the blueprint they 
    hold (i.e. yellow for Donkey, red for Diddy, etc.)
    Items: One blueprint (or nothing).
    Gnawty (Jungle Japes, Crystal Caves, Kong Isles)
    These beavers will charge at you, but they're mostly easy to kill. 
    You will receive a melon slice for killing them.
    Zingers (Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory,
    Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Kong Isles)
    These are really annoying; they will shoot missiles at you. Use guns 
    to kill them, or avoid them. These are probably the only baddie that 
    can damage Hunky Chunky.
    Item: One melon slice.
    Klumps (Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon,
    Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Hideout Helm)
    Like many other bad guys in the game, they can't be killed - unless 
    you use oranges. They throw stuff at you and whatever you do, don't 
    get sandwiched between a pair of them - you have been warned.
    Items: Three oranges
    Kritters (Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory,
    Gloomy Galleon, Crystal Caves, Hideout Helm, Kong Isles)
    They look fierce, but they're fairly easy to kill.
    Item: One melon slice
    Purple Klaptrap (Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest, Crystal 
    These can only be killed with oranges!
    Items: Two oranges
    Green Klaptrap (Angry Aztec, Hideout Helm)
    These are nasty; kill them and their teeth will remain and attack 
    you,  so you must also destroy these. However, if you use an 
    instrument or  oranges their teeth will not attack you.
    Item: One melon slice
    Klobber (Angry Aztec, Gloomy Galleon,
    Crystal Caves)
    Only throw oranges at these guys! Most will explode when they 
    get too close to you.
    Clockwork Kritters (Frantic Factory)
    These need to be taken out with oranges; found in the factory.
    Items: Two melon slices.
    Walking Dice/Walking Dominoes (Frantic Factory)
    Found in the testing area of Frantic Factory; I don't see any 
    need to go into great detail about them.
    Item: One melon slice
    Giant Toy Monster (Frantic Factory)
    Only one exists (fortunately) and only Chunky has to face it. 
    Use the  Chunky barrel when fighting this.
    Items: Seven melon slices (and you'll need them!), plus one 
    Kosha (Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves,
    Creepy Castle, Kong Isles)
    Very rare (fortunately). My most hated bad guy in the game (apart 
    from K. Rool, of course. They may look cute, but their clubs can 
    take two melon slices with one hit and cannot be harmed with 
    oranges  as they'll bat them away with their clubs. Use Banana 
    fairy's move on them.
    Item: Two melon slices
    Puffer Fish (Gloomy Galleon)
    They will follow you around and explode if you get too close.
    Items: None
    Star Fish (Gloomy Galleon)
    Slightly less annoying than the puffer fish, they don't explode, 
    just get in your way. Invulnerable (but you may be able to kill 
    them as Enguarde; I've never tried).
    Skeleton Kritters (Fungi Forest, Creepy Castle)
    Found only at night. They are easy to kill.
    Item: One melon slice
    Mushroom Man (Fungi Forest)
    This looks just like one of the normal mushroom springs - until 
    they  come to life. Kill them with oranges.
    Item: One melon slice
    Vampire Bats (Fungi Forest, Creepy Castle)
    They fly through the air; like the Zingers, they are best 
    dispatched  with guns.
    Item: One melon slice
    Small Spiders (Fungi Forest)
    They scuttle around and are fairly easy to kill, unlike...
    Item: One melon slice
    Giant Spider (Fungi Forest)
    This guy is similar to Queen Gohmi from Zelda; he sends down small 
    spiders to attack you; shoot him when you can, and avoid his spit. 
    The green stuff temporarily reverses your controls while the pink 
    stuff freezes you until you are hit.
    Item: One banana
    Flames (Crystal Caves)
    Not much to say; they appear in Chunky's room in the igloo (see 
    walkthrough for more details).
    Item: None
    Flies (Creepy Castle)
    They simply fly around, like the zingers and bats. Shoot them to kill
    them like any other flying creature.
    Item: One melon slice.
    "Ghosts" (Creepy Castle)
    These are actually Kremlings in extremely pathetic disguises; who are 
    they trying to kid?
    Item: One melon slice
    				5 Bonus Games
    Each bonus game appears at least three times in the bonus barrels 
    scattered around the game.
    Mad Maze Maul
    Simply go through the maze and kill all the Kremlings, then get to 
    the chequered flag before time runs out.
    Splish Splash Salvage
    Collect all the coins by swimming in the barrel. There may be coins 
    above the top, which you must swing to.
    Minecar Mayhem
    This is nasty! You have to survive the time given by avoiding the 
    TNT carts, by constantly switching lanes using the joystick. In 
    Jungle Japes there is just on TNT cart, but in the later levels there
    will be two. The TNT carts will usually head towards you, so watch
    where they are likely to go before making decisions.
    Busy Barrel Barrage
    Survival is the key here. Keep spinning round and shooting the 
    Kritters before they have a chance to hit you. Try and aim for the 
    ones that are closest to you, and at the very least knock them back,
    and hit them the moment that they spawn.
    Beaver Bother
    You are transformed into a Klaptrap and have to herd all the beavers 
    into the pit (not easy). All you can do is chase them in. Make sure, 
    though that you don't fall in yourself, or you will have to restart. 
    Press B to scare them.
    Stealthy Snoop
    This is fun when you get the hang of it. Get through the maze without 
    stepping into one of the Kremlings' flashlight beams. Wait until 
    their backs are turned, then run past. Learn the patterns carefully.
    Krazy Kong Klamour
    Use the joystick to aim at the banana that appears, but don't shoot 
    a Kong or you'll have to hit one extra Banana. Also you must hit it 
    before it goes dark. The banana and Kongs will all be in random 
    locations. Let go of the joystick and shoot the melon in the middle 
    to reload (you can only carry six melons at a time).
    Peril Path Panic
    This is like saving the Twinklies in Banjo - Kazooie. Shoot all the 
    Klaptraps on both levels to knock them out temporarily and let the 
    fairies get past.  Watch for which Klaptraps are waking up and shoot 
    Batty Barrel Bandit/Bonkers Barrel Bandit
    Press B to spin the barrels, then press B to stop each ring when a 
    banana appears. You will stop the left one first, then move over 
    towards the right. If you miss the banana, quickly stop all he rings 
    then try again.
    Searchlight Seek
    Move the searchlight around and shoot the Klaptraps when you see 
    them. Fortunately you don't have to reload here.
    Teetering Turtle Trouble
    Weird is the word I'd use to describe this. Feed the snakes melons 
    to stop them dropping the turtles. If one falls, it's all over. 
    Reload in the normal way. The best way is to simply fire at all the 
    snakes, but watch for the turtles with "help" appearing above them 
    in speech bubbles.
    Kremling Kosh
    Several Kriters will appear from barrels. Shoot as many as you can 
    with melons; its harder than it seems. Red Kritters are worth three 
    points, but harder to catch.
    Stash Snatch
    All you need to do is collect all the coins in the maze then head 
    for the exit.
    Speedy Swing Sortie
    Swinging from tree to tree, collecting all of the coins. Start off 
    by bouncing into the tree with the mushroom; on one version (using 
    Tiny), you will have to jump between some of the trees using the Pony 
    Tail Twirl.
    Big Bug Bash
    Swat all the flies that appear; time your hits so the flies are 
    underneath the swatter.
    					6 Walkthrough
    Go to the Training Area first (it's got three barrels in, where you 
    learn the basic moves). Then go to Cranky ... he'll teach you the 
    Simian Slam and you can exit the area using the Donkey button. 
    Go to the island that Squawks directs you to and speak to K. Lumsy, 
    and the first door will open. Go to it and take the Golden Banana. 
    Use it to pay Blocker (no, not one of the characters off
    Lemmings). Enter level one:
    		6.1 Jungle Japes
    Jungle Japes is a very simple level to start off with; make sure you 
    check the trees for bananas. Cranky's lab is right at the back of 
    the stage, in a spooky area with giant beavers; Funky and Snide are 
    in the centre, near where Diddy is trapped. Before you free Diddy, 
    you will be greatly restricted as to where you can actually go. 
    Donkey Kong can become Rambi the Rhino in the area with Cranky's 
    lab. When you rescue Tiny from Angry Aztec, you can open up a 
    further section of the level.
    Donkey Kong - Baboon Blast (3 coins)
    Diddy Kong - Chimpy Charge (3 coins)
    Donkey Kong - Coconut Gun (3 coins)
    Diddy Kong - Peanut Popguns (3 coins)
    1 Outside Diddy's Cage
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Use the vines to reach the switch and open the first gate, and go 
    through the passage. Climb the vine that's just across the lake and 
    get three coins to pay to Funky. He'll give you a gun; now use the 
    vines to reach the cannon and blast up to Diddy's cage. There's a 
    banana outside.
    2 Rescue Diddy
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Now, three coconut switches will appear; shoot all three (to get 
    the one that's by the lake, go to the ledge where Funky's hut is). 
    Diddy will give you a banana!
    3 Blast Barrel Stage
    Difficulty: Easy
    Go to Cranky's hut (Squawks shows you where it is) with three coins 
    and you will learn the Baboon Blast. You will need to have rescued 
    Diddy just to make this section accessible Go back to the area near 
    where Diddy was trapped and go to where there's a rock on top of a 
    square with an X on. Climb the tree next to this and swing across to 
    the Donkey Pad using the vines, and be transported to the bonus game 
    (press Z.) Simply watch the barrel in front of you and press B when 
    it's in the crosshairs, then shoot yourself at it. If you miss 
    you'll have to start again. Eventually you will receive a golden 
    4 Race to Get a Banana
    Difficulty: Easy
    Return to Cranky's hut and find the coconut switch; shoot it and 
    grab the crate to be turned into Rambi. Press Z and B to charge all 
    the huts, revealing switches. Also, find the door with a rhino on 
    and charge it, breaking it. Change back and go to the Donkey switch, 
    and it will open a trapdoor, containing a banana. This is close to 
    the #1 Warp Pad.
    5 Find the Yellow Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go along the passage nearest to where the Donkey Pad is and kill the 
    first Kasplat. Now take the blueprint to Snide.
    1 Use the peanut Switches
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Visit Funky and get your popguns; in the first passage, find the two 
    peanut switches  and shoot them, opening another area, and a banana.
    2 Race to Get a Banana (2)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    After ramming the huts as Rambi, become Diddy and press the Diddy 
    switch that was revealed. Now get to the gate that has opened beside 
    Funky's hut, quickly before time runs out (use the warp pads).
    3 Run Across the Bridge
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Near the cage where Diddy was imprisoned is a peanut switch. Get 
    Diddy's gun and shoot this switch, making a ramp appear. Run up it 
    and enter the door that you see. Run to the barrel that's across the 
    stream and get to the top. Press the switch and quickly run back 
    across the stream and get to the top of the barrel with the crates 
    stacked up by it and cross the bridge that has appeared (be careful 
    not to fall off).Press the switch on the other side, then leave the 
    room.  Get to the top of the hill to get the banana that has appeared.
    4 Diddy's Mine Car Ride
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go back to the room where you activated the previous banana and 
    enter the passage at the end. Chimpy charge the door at the far end 
    and kill the Kremling, then Chimpy charge the green switch. Press 
    the Diddy button and enter the door that opens, and kill the 
    Kremlings. Use the conveyor belts to reach the mine cart ride. This 
    is great fun! Get 50 coins, but watch out for the TNT barrels and 
    Kremlings (they make you lose coins). Press forward tom speed up and 
    left/right to lean out and get coins. Press A to jump. Don't worry
    about losing the cart - it's impossible!
    5 Find the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go into the passage to the right of the room that contains Diddy's 
    cage and kill the Kasplat. Take the blueprint to Snide.
    For the following bananas you will need to have visited Angry Aztec.
    1 Race to Get a Banana (3)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to the Tiny button that you uncovered as Rambi and press it. 
    Quickly run back to the cage that has opened and get the banana.
    2 Inside the Shell
    Difficulty: Easy
    Get three coins and go to Funky and get the feather bow, then go to 
    Cranky and learn Mini - Monkey. Go down the passage near the Donkey 
    pad; It's blocked, but shoot the two switches and you'll get past. 
    Find the purple structure with a Tiny barrel beside it, then jump in,
    shrink and enter the hole. Go left to start with a press the button, 
    then go through the door that opens and press another button. 
    Another door will open, so run in and get the banana.
    3 Bounce into the Tree Stump
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Near to where you got that last banana is a tree stump. Use the 
    barrel by it to shrink, then backflip onto the mushroom, which will 
    spring you up onto the tree stump. Get inside and get the banana.
    4 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the passage near the entrance is a door which you must open as 
    Diddy. After that, enter as Tiny and shoot the feather switch, then 
    open the gate and enter the barrel. Welcome to the bonus game!
    It's Splish Splash Salvage (see section 5 for more information).
    5 Find the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go down the passage that led to the Tiny barrels and kill the second 
    Kasplat; you will receive a blueprint, so take it to Snide.
    1 Race to Get a Banana (4)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    When yo became Rambi, you uncovered a Lanky switch! Press it and a 
    banana will be revealed by the cannon. You have 60 seconds to get it,
    and using the warps makes this one a piece of cake!
    2 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Easy
    Buy the grape shooter from Funky and go to where you did Tiny's 
    bonus game. Nearby is a grape switch, so shoot it and go to another 
    bonus game; Mad Maze Maul.
    3 Another Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Easy
    Learn the OrangStand from Cranky; in the passage nearby is a slope 
    that you need this move to get up, to another bonus barrel. Another 
    easy bonus game awaits; simply collect all the coins using the 
    4 The Map Room
    Difficulty: Easy
    As Diddy, shoot the peanut switch that opens a door at the top of a 
    steep slope. Change to Lanky and OrangStand to reach it. Simian Slam 
    both pegs and several Zingers will appear. Shoot them and the map 
    will open, revealing a banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    It's from the Kasplat nearest to Cranky's lab.
    For the following bananas, you will need to have visited Frantic 
    1 X Marks the Spot
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Find the rock that's over a large X and grab it, using B then throw 
    it. A banana will pop out.
    2 X Marks the Spot (2)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to Funky and get the Pineapple Launcher, then go back to the big X 
    and simian slam it three times. It will break, revealing a passage. 
    Make your way along, making sure you don't fall and shoot the pineapples 
    in the eyes of the statue (it is a statue, isn't it). The vines on either 
    side will lower. Go left to get a banana.
    3 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    In the same room, shoot the Kasplat (that's the safest way), then swing 
    across to get the blueprint. Take it to you - know - who.
    4 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Learn Hunky Chunky from Cranky, and go to the area with the large palm 
    trees (the ones that are too large to climb). Enter the barrel and you 
    can climb the trees to get the bananas. Also, backflip into the bonus 
    barrel. Play Minecar Mayhem for a banana.
    5 Race to Get a Banana (5)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to where the door was that you smashed down as Rambi and pick up, 
    and throw, the rock. Get the Chunky switch and then quickly get the 
    banana by Snide's hut (use warp no. 2).
    After finishing the level, go to K. Lumsy with the key. To access 
    the new level, climb up the rocks near to where you first came 
    onto the island and cross over to the temple, using the vines. 
    Activate the warp, then enter the level. You need 5 golden bananas 
    to enter:
    		6.2 Angry Aztec
    This is where you will find Tiny and Lanky. Once you've freed them, 
    go back to Level 1 and get their bananas, guns and moves. Also, go 
    to Candy (making her first appearance) to get your instruments; she 
    is located next to the first temple.
    This level has two main areas, with three notable temples in; the 
    first temple is accessible to everyone except Donkey Kong (via switches 
    on the sides); I will call this the ice temple, since the water inside 
    is initially frozen. There is also the  Llama Temple (where the llama 
    sits after he is freed), and also the dark temple, which  has five paths 
    that can be accessed by each of the kongs. The latter two are in the
    area I will call the "Totem Pole Area" becase of the totem pole. The 
    Dark Temple is  opened using the switches above the doors, which appear 
    after you use Diddy's Simian Slam on the switch on top of the Llama 
    Temple (use his jetpacks to get up there), at which point the Totem 
    Pole will request to be fed. Fly around the totem pole and fire your 
    peanut popguns into its mouth until its appetite is sated. Funky can 
    be foundin the Totem Pole area, as can Snide, while Cranky is located 
    in the passage between the two main areas.
    Donkey Kong - Strong Kong (5 coins)
    Diddy Kong - Rocketbarrel Roost (5 coins)
    Tiny Kong - Mini Monkey (3 coins)
    Lanky Kong - OrangStand (3 coins)
    All Kongs - First Ammo Belt, allows you to carry up to 100 ammo 
    (3 coins)
    Tiny Kong - Feather Bow (3 coins)
    Lanky Kong - Grape Shooter (3 coins)
    Donkey Kong - Bongo Blast (3 coins)
    Diddy Kong - Guitar Gazump (3 coins)
    Tiny Kong - Saxomphone Slam (3 coins)
    Lanky Kong - Trombone Tremor (3 coins)
    All Kongs - Extra Melon (Free)
    1 Free the Llama
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    As soon as you leave the first passage, you will find a llama in a cage. 
    Change to Diddy and go to Candy's shop to get his instrument. Use the 
    vines to get to the top of the llama's cage and play the instrument 
    on the music pad, opening a passage nearby.
    Now become Donkey again and run into the passage. On the other side 
    you will find a temple with a picture of the llama on, with a Donkey 
    pad in front. Do the bonus game the same as before and you will 
    eventually  release the llama. Return to the cage to collect your 
    2 Free Lanky
    Difficulty: Easy
    After you've freed the llama, switches will appear around the llama's 
    temple (that is the kind that's a building - not the llama's forehead). 
    Go to Candy. Now go to the temple with he llama on and find the coconut 
    switch, which you must activate. Enter the temple and find the pad with 
    the picture of the bongos on, and play them.
    The llama will now wake and blow into the lava pit, turning it to water. 
    Swim in and you will find Lanky, and a coconut switch. Shoot this to 
    free him, and you get a banana. Make sure you take Lanky back to this 
    area when you have his gun, since there are two banana balloons for him 
    in the area.
    3 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    Learn Strong Kong from Cranky and then go into the temple where you 
    rescued Lanky. Press the Donkey switch to open the door that's in 
    the hot sand. Go to the Donkey barrel that's outside Troff n' Scoffs' 
    room and become invincible, then run through the door you opened and 
    you'll reach a bonus barrel. Play Stealthy Snoop for a banana. 
    Winning will also cause a warp pad to appear, and you can return 
    outside without wasting crystal coconuts.
    4 The Dark Temple (1)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use Diddy to open the temple with the five doors (see below) and 
    enter the one with the coconut switch on. Go through a maze to 
    reach the banana. Be warned, however, that as soon as you collect 
    it, a gun sight will home in on you and you will have 25 seconds to 
    get out before you are killed.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Easy
    Need I say more? Well, okay - you have to get across the hot sand 
    near the start, using Strong Kong and kill the Kasplat there.
    1 Free Tiny
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the area where the llama is imprisoned, go to the ice temple and 
    find the peanut switch. If you haven't been to Candy yet, do so and 
    then use the switch I mentioned before to enter the temple. Find 
    another peanut switch and shoot it, causing four platforms to appear. 
    Cross them by backflipping before they retract, then press the button 
    to make a plank slide out. Cross this plank and back flip into the 
    alcove at the end, to the musical pad and play your instrument. A light 
    will shine from the roof and you can now swim in the pool below (which 
    was previously frozen), so do so. In the next room, turn right and find 
    Tiny. You must have learned to Chimpy Charge; if not, kick yourself and 
    go back to Jungle Japes to learn it. Chimpy Charge the Diddy switch and 
    four platforms will appear. Charge the four switches, with letters on, 
    in this order: K - O - N - G, and Diddy's cage will open. There's a 
    banana there too; grab it!
    2 Play the Gongs
    Difficulty: Easy
    Go to where the four gongs are, then Chimpy Charge them all. A huge 
    tower, with a banana on top, will appear. Learn the Rocketbarrel Boost 
    from Cranky, then go to the nearest Diddy barrel and fly up the tower.
    3 The Vulture's Course of Rings
    Difficulty: Medium
    Get into the Diddy barrel again and fly to the top of the temple that 
    has several doors. There is a Diddy switch, so Simian Slam it and the 
    totem pole will begin to rotate. Return to the barrel and fly through 
    the sun symbol at the top of the totem pole three times, releasing a 
    vulture. Meet him at the barrel and fly through the rings he produces. 
    Be careful as if you're too slowyou'll have to start again. If you 
    touch the ground you'll lose your jetpacks. Eventually the vulture 
    will give you a banana.
    4 The Dark Temple (2)
    Difficulty: Medium
    (N.B. I got this from MarshMallow's FAQ) Go back to the Diddy button 
    I told you about before and press it. The totem pole will begin 
    rotating again. It says "Feed Me". Stand on a tree and fire peanuts 
    into its mouth. Now, a switch will appear over all five doors in the 
    temple, which previously could not be opened. Shoot Diddy's switch 
    and go and get the banana, avoiding the enemies, then get out fast!
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    I took ages to get the blueprint and I finally found it by using 
    MarshMallow's FAQ. It was in the one place I didn't look! Go to the 
    temple where Tiny was imprisoned and climb a palm tree nearby and 
    you will find a Diddy barrel. Fly to the top of the dome on the 
    palace to find the Kasplat.
    1 Cross the Platforms in the Lava
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    After freeing the llama, go to the llama temple and open the door 
    using the feather switch. Find the Tiny barrel and shrink, then 
    run into the opening. Unshrink yourself and kill the Kremling, 
    then press the button. Use the platforms that appear to carefully  
    cross the lava to another switch. Keep crossing using the platforms 
    that appear until you reach the banana. If you fall, quickly backflip 
    out of the lava before you lose your melons or you'll have to start 
    the level again.
    2 Race the Sliding Beetle
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    After you've activated the tower as Diddy, change to Tiny and - if 
    you haven't already done so - visit Candy. Now go to the Tiny barrel 
    that's near the tower and go to the saxophone pad that appeared after 
    you got the banana on the tower. Play your instrument and the parrot 
    will fly down and carry you to the top of the tower, and then drop you 
    down the tiny gap at the top. Now beat the Sliding Beetle to the 
    bottom  of the slide and get 50 coins, but beware - if the beetle hits 
    you, you  lose three coins! Don't fall of the side either. If you 
    come to a  section where there is no barrier, slow down by pulling 
    back. Also,  make sure you overtake the beetle quickly. The path 
    will fork three  times; the first time, go right. Both other times, 
    fork left to get coins.
    3 Battle the Klaptraps
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the temple where Tiny was imprisoned, go to the Tiny barrel and 
    jump into the water. Go to the passage with purple bananas inside 
    and swim up it. Simply kill all the Klaptraps that come at you to 
    get a banana.
    4 The Dark Temple (3)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Go to the temple with the five doors and enter Tiny's door. Find 
    the banana, avoidng enemy attacks, and get out fast.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    The Kasplat you must kill for the blueprint is outside the path to 
    Cranky's lab.
    1 Sound Game
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the llama temple, find the grape switch and shoot it. In the next 
    room, hit the button and shoot all the faces. When you shoot one, it 
    will make a sound. You must now shoot one which makes the same sound 
    (which will always be the same colour). When two are matched, they'll 
    start to spin. Eventually you'll get a banana.
    2 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to Candy and then enter the Llama Temple using the grape switch. 
    Find the trombone pad and play your instrument and a bridge (well, 
    two statues) will appear. OrangStand to the top and enter the 
    bonus barrel. This is crazy! Play Teetering Turtle Trouble for a 
    3 The Dark Temple (4)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Activate the grape switch on the temple with five doors, and enter. 
    Kill or avoid the Kremlings and eventually you will find a bonus 
    barrel. Play Big Bug Bash for a banana, then quickly run out of the 
    temple before you are killed.
    4 "Donkey, I Shrunk the Vulture"
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    In the temple where Tiny was imprisoned, swim into the pool and go 
    straight ahead until you find a Lanky switch on a pedestal. Slam 
    it and a vulture will appear with a banana. Shoot the vulture and 
    it will shrink, making it harder to hit. Keep doing this until it 
    drops the banana. Collecting it will drain the  water and you can 
    now reach the Battle Arena Pad!
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Easy
    To do this, you must activate warp 2 within the Llama's temple, 
    and to do this you must go through the small tunnel as Tiny (to 
    get her first banana). Become Lanky and use this warp to get to 
    the Kasplat with your blueprint.
    For the following bananas, you will need to have visited Frantic 
    1 Fight to the Death in the Rotating Room
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to see Candy to get the triangle and then go to the temple where 
    Tiny was imprisoned. Find the triangle pad and play it. The banana's 
    right ahead of you, until it vanishes, that is. You must kill all 
    the Klaptraps that appear and the room will then rotate 90 degrees. 
    Repeat this three times and you will receive the banana.
    2 Match the Jugs
    Difficulty: Medium
    At the start of the level are two pineapple switches. Activate 
    them and then go into the room. Pick up the four jugs (kill the 
    zingers first because they are a nuisance) and place them on
    the tiles that match the markings on each jug (by pressing Z) and 
    you will receive a banana.
    3 Open the Cage
    Difficulty: Medium
    Go to the Chunky barrel in the passage connecting the two main areas, 
    then pick up the rock nearby. Carry it to the table and put down the 
    rock with Z. It will lift a cage with a bonus barrel inside. Now play 
    one of the toughest bonus games, Busy Barrel Barrage.
    4 The Dark Temple (5)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Go to the temple with five doors and find the pineapple switch. One 
    again, go in, avoiding enemies, and find the bonus game (shooting 
    Kritters in barrels,  really easy). Then exit, pursued by a gun sight.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    Before you went into the bonus game I hope you killed the Kasplat 
    inside the last temple. That's how you get Chunky's blueprint!
    When you give K. Lumsy the key, two levels will open. Go to the 
    island with the large, ugly building on and get to the door at the 
    top; you need 15 bananas to enter:
    		6.3 Frantic Factory
    So far, the best level - a maze of passages and tunnels! Chunky's 
    in the Storage area in the basement. When you first see him he says 
    he's afraid of heights - just look at how "high" up he is! This level 
    has three main areas - the Production Floor, the Packing Room and 
    "R&D" (found on the top floor). Cranky and Candy are both located at 
    the bottom floor, close to where Chunky is inprisoned, while Funky 
    is near to the testing room. Snide is close to the entrance, and can be 
    reached by entering the door to the right, climbing the pole, heading 
    left and going  down another pole. Right at the start, you should also 
    hit the blue switch, which opens up a large part of the level for you.
    Donkey Kong - Gorilla Grab (7 coins)
    Diddy Kong - Simian Spring (7 coins)
    Tiny Kong - Pony Tail Twirl (5 coins)
    Lanky Kong - Baboon Balloon (5 coins)
    Chunky Kong - Hunky Chunky (3 coins), Primate Punch (5 coins)
    Chunky Kong - Pineapple Launcher (3 coins)
    Chunky Kong - Triangle Trample (3 coins)
    1 Donkey Prepares to Sue Nintendo for Copyright...
    Difficulty: Hard
    Go to the storage area and find Cranky (climb up onto some 
    crates and  run down a corridor). Learn the Gorilla Grab and 
    then go back to the  storage room and complete the bonus course 
    using the Donkey pad. A  switch will appear by an arcade 
    machine. Now run down the corridor  to the Kasplat (ignore 
    him; he's the wrong one). Climb the pole and  run along the 
    corridor; go left and use your new move on the lever  by the 
    arcade machine. It's the original 1981 version of Donkey Kong. 
    He must be surprised.
    DK plays as Mario and he must save Princess Toadstool (a.k.a. 
    Peach),  who has been captured by DK. Simply climb the ladders 
    to get her and  win a banana.
    Okay, here's a walkthrough for the game:
    Level 1: Get up the tower, avoiding the barrels and stuff DK 
    throws at  you. I recommend you go fast, climbing up the 
    ladders as you go, and you  should avoid all of the barrels. 
    When you're near the top there is a  tricky ladder, as DK is 
    rolling barrels at you, and some will go past and others will 
    fall down the ladder. Getting up is risky, so I suggest you 
    keep jumping over barrels until DK drops one straight down, then 
    climb up the ladder fast and jump over the next barrel. Then 
    climb the final ladder.
    Level 2: Slightly easier, but hampered by the flames that 
    move randomly,  and generally get in your way. Head to the 
    right as there are more  bonuses that way, but watch the 
    final ladders as they keep retracting  and it is possible 
    to get caught out by the flames. Also be careful on the long 
    platforms as they are conveyor belts, and carry custard - pie 
    like objects that you mustn't touch.
    Level 3: Horrid! Climb up and get the umbrella bonus, then 
    climb down and cross to the moving platforms. Be careful not 
    to fall, as you will  lose a life instantly, and this means 
    game over unless you've exceeded 10000 points (this gives you 
    an extra chance). Get past the next set of platforms, avoiding 
    the flame, and get up a long series of platforms, avoiding 
    the missiles that come flying past (and a flame that gets in 
    your way). At the top, pause, then wait for a missile to bounce 
    over your head. Run left until you're just left of the ladder 
    leading to Princess Toadstool and the next one will miss you. 
    Climb up quickly before another one comes.
    Level 4: Make all the loose tiles (yellow) fall out, but make 
    sure you don't fall down the gaps they leave. Running or 
    jumping over them makes them vanish. Also avoid the flames. 
    If you collect one of the mallets (two), you can kill the 
    flames, but cannot climb ladders. When all the loose tiles 
    are gone, the platforms will collapse and DK will crash to 
    the ground, and Princess Toadstool and the banana are yours. 
    But there's more to come - see section 12.
    2 The Machine Starts
    Difficulty: Easy
    Go up to R&D and climb one of the ladders. Go through the door 
    that leads to a large hole and this will take you to the Storage 
    Room. Enter  the building which says "High Voltage" on and pull 
    the switch, starting  up the machine and earning you a banana.
    3 Numbers Game
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Find the numbers board that's close to the testing area and press 
    the  Donkey switch. Simply stomp the numbers 1 to 16 in the correct 
    order  in the time given to receive a banana.
    4 Inside the Machine
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    After turning on the power, enter the large machine in the 
    production  room and get into the Donkey barrel. This is the only 
    way you can run  through the 10 - ton weights and flame throwers 
    and get to the banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    The blueprint's hard to find this time! After operating warp 4, 
    find  the Kasplat that's near the top of the production room. 
    It's on a tiny platform, so snipe at it and then go to get 
    the blueprint once it is dead.
    1 Coded Battles
    Difficulty: Medium
    Go to the R&D level (top floor), and find the guitar pad and play 
    the guitar.You will enter a room with three doors in, each with a 
    different number combination. Like what you did when you saved Tiny, 
    Chimpy Charge the buttons in the combinations shown on one of the 
    doors, and the relevant one will open, revealing some bad guys. 
    Kill them all, then do another combination. When you've killed all 
    the baddies you will receive a banana.
    2 My Most Hated Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Outside the hut where you activated the machine is a Diddy switch. 
    Slam it and some vines will appear, leading to a bonus barrel. 
    You only have 20 seconds to reach it though and if you fall you'll 
    have to make your way back up to R&D. In the barrel, play Beaver 
    3 Climb the ABC Blocks
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Learn the Simian Spring and find the Diddy pad in the testing area. 
    Use it to launch yourself onto the ABC blocks. Get to the top to 
    find a bonus game, Peril Path Panic.
    4 Climb the Machine
    Difficulty: Medium
    Press the Diddy switch and get to the banana that appears (use warp 4 
    if it is activated) and cross the moving platforms). If warp 4 hasn't 
    been activated, do so before trying to get any of the bananas in this 
    area (the timed ones, anyway).
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat on the floor of the production room.
    1 Secret Passage
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go to the room with the Donkey Kong arcade machine and enter the Tiny 
    barrel. Climb the crates to the desk and enter the pipe to get the 
    2 Race the Toy Car
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near the R&D room is a tunnel leading to a racetrack where you must 
    beat a racing car in two laps and collect 10 coins; avoid the TNT 
    carts or you will lose three coins per hit.
    3 Shoot the Wheel
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    By the testing room is a Tiny barrel; jump in and run through the 
    passage. Press the switch and a wheel will appear with pictures of 
    items on. Shoot the one shown on the board, and the wheel will 
    gradually begin to move faster. If you hit the wrong thing, you'll 
    have to start again  though. When you get this banana, a banana 
    fairy will appear outside Funky's hut.
    4 Climb the Machine (2)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Hit Tiny's switch in the production room and a bonus barrel will 
    appear. Hopefully you will already have activated warp 4, and if 
    you haven't you'll have to go up the hard way. Cross the platforms 
    near to warp 4 and climb up some conveyor belts. The bonus barrel 
    can only be reached using the Pony Tail Twirl. It's Krazy Kong 
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    This can be got from the Kasplat closest to the arcade machine.
    1 Free Chunky
    Diffiulty: Very Easy
    In the storage room is a steep pipe with blue bananas on. OrangStand 
    up it and hit the Lanky switch. Chunky's cage will crash to the floor 
    and he will give you a banana as a reward.
    2 Play the Same
    Difficulty: Easy
    On the R&D level, find the trombone pad and play your instruments. 
    You will have to play a memory game. Watch the sequence of crocodiles 
    as they pop out of their barrels and pound the musical keys 
    corresponding to each barrel (i.e. red, yellow, etc.) in the order 
    that you saw the crocodiles appear (I hope you understood that). 
    Each time the sequence will get longer, and eventually you will 
    receive a banana.
    3 Climb the Machine (3)
    Difficulty: Medium
    After activating warp 4, hit the Lanky switch and get to the banana 
    that appears near the top of the room, across some rotating platforms.
    4 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the room with the ABC blocks, go to the Lanky pad and float up 
    to the bonus barrel to play Batty Barrel Bandit.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat on the R&D level for a blueprint.
    1 Activate the Platforms
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the room where Chunky was imprisoned is a gate which you must 
    knock down with the Primate Punch. Behind is a box with ?s on it; 
    simian slam this and a banana will appear. To get it, primate punch 
    the Chunky switch and then get up there using the platforms that 
    temporarily appear.
    2 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go to the corridor outside the Donkey Kong arcade machine and 
    Primate Punch the door ahead. Enter the bonus game, Stash Snatch, 
    which is really easy!
    3 Toy Monster
    Difficulty: Medium
    Use the triangle pad in the R&D level and primate punch the switch 
    on the toy box. Toys will appear to attack you. Kill them, then a 
    load will come out and form into a massive monster. Quickly get 
    into the Chunky barrel to become big and punch the monster to death
    (Primate Punch helps a lot).
    4 Climb the Machine (4) 
    Difficulty: Medium
    Hit the Chunky switch in the production room and get to the banana 
    that's on top of the machine, but watch out - it's under a massive
    10 ton weight that tries to crush you! You have ninety seconds 
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat in the testing room.
    You don't need top wait until you defeat the boss to go to the next 
    stage, so jump off the side of the factory and find the hole in the 
    side (underwater). Swim in to find the next level, which requires 
    30 bananas:
    		6.4 Gloomy Galleon
    Note that the switches for raising and lowering the water are at the 
    base of the lighthouse, under water. They are activated by touch, 
    and any Kong can activate them. Some areas cannot be reached with the 
    water down, while some music pads cannot be used with it up. There are 
    two main underwater areas - the lighthouse area and the sunken ship 
    area (the latter is named because of the sunken ship).
    None, though at this point you will probably have 15 banana medals 
    and can try his Jetpack game.
    All Kongs - Instrument Upgrade; strength goes up to 15 (5 coins)
    1 In the Sunken Ship (1)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Near to Funky's hut (in the Sunken Ship Area) is a bongo pad. Use it 
    and quickly  swim to the door that opens in the ship, labelled "1" 
    (you have only a minute). Swim in and find the bonus barrel, where 
    you must play Krazy Kong Klamour again.
    2 Turn on the Lighthouse
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Open the door that leads to the lighthouse and find the switch that 
    raises thewater level. Press the Donkey switch and enter the 
    lighthouse. Now simply get to the top, using the moving platforms 
    and gorilla grab the level. The lighthouse will come on and you 
    will receive a banana. Note that a Kremling ship will also appear.
    3 Free Clapper
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    By the lighthouse is a Donkey pad to take you to the bonus game. 
    Complete it as usual and Clapper the Seal will appear out of a cage 
    nearby, and swim to a platform near Candy's hut. Swim to him for 
    a banana.
    4 Clapper's Race
    Difficulty: Medium
    You can also get a banana by racing against Clapper. Enter the 
    tunnel behind him (being stupid, I didn't notice  it at first), 
    and play a mini game similar to the race against the toy car in 
    Frantic Factory (actually it's very like Diddy Kong Racing). Get 10 
    coins, but try and go through as many gates as you can; miss five 
    and you're disqualified (but you can miss a few to help you to get 
    ahead of Clapper). Don't hit a crate, or you'll lose three coins.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Easy
    The Kasplat with your blueprint is way up in the "treasure room", 
    which you open by  jumping through the star as Enguarde. You have 
    to use warp 4, which appears after you've completed Diddy's bonus 
    game and starts in the lake nearby.
    1 Board the Boat
    Difficulty: Easy
    Outside the lighthouse is a Diddy barrel. After the Kremling boat 
    appears (this is after Donkey activates the lighthouse), use this 
    to get on board (you can probably jump, but using the barrel is 
    easier) and hit the Diddy switch and a banana will be fired from 
    the cannon for you to take.
    2 Inside the Robot Fish
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Using the Diddy barrel again, fly to the top of the lighthouse and 
    slam the switch. Get to the robot fish that appears (in the sunken 
    ship area) and swim inside. 
    This is probably the hardest banana on the level; you must shoot all 
    three lights behind the fan three times before they break, but you 
    can only do  so when the fan stops. It will alternately block the 
    top two lights and the bottom light. The best method is to kill 
    the zinger first, then jump on a crate as the water will rise each 
    time the fish opens its mouth, then shoot one of the top lights. 
    The fan will spin and a 100 second times will start. Alternate between 
    one of the top lights and the bottom one; as soon as you get a hit, 
    the fan will start, so make sure you hit quickly or you will waste 
    time (this is hard, as your gun sight will become shaky as the water 
    rises and falls). There is barely enough time to do it in, but if 
    you are down to one hit to go and the timer runs out, it is still 
    possible to win, as there is a gap between the "time out" music 
    and being ejected from the fish, and if you keep firing at the 
    remaining light, you should break it and you will be given the banana 
    anyway! If the zinger respawns, qucikly take it out while 
    the fan is spinning.
    3 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Open the treasure cave as Lanky (see below) and get to the top of 
    the treasure pile with the Diddy pads on (for this, the water must 
    be up). Play the bonus game; it's Stealthy Snoop, only its harder 
    this time :(
    4 Inside the Sunken Ship (2)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Play the guitar on the pad near Funky's hut (you need the water 
    down for this) and the door labelled "2" on the shipwreck will open. 
    Play Splish Splash Salvage again (like Tiny on Jungle Japes, only 
    harder). To get the coin that's unreachable above the water, you 
    must first get all the coins in the water, then the water will rise 
    so Diddy can reach the vines above. Hurry!
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat near the lighthouse (the water must be down).
    1 Inside the Underwater House
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    By the Kosha is a Tiny switch. Hit it and get to the door that opens 
    in the underwater house. Find the bonus barrel and complete Kremling 
    Kosh again.
    2 Find the Pearls
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Near the lighthouse is an underwater Tiny barrel; use it to enter 
    the mermaid's cave and talk to her. She has lost her pearls. Open 
    the tunnel by jumping through the star as Lanky/Enguarde and swim 
    in as Tiny, with the water down. Get in the Tiny barrel, then enter 
    the keyhole on the chest. Swim into all the oysters and get their 
    pearls (when their mouths are open). Take them to the mermaid.
    3 Inside the Sunken Ship (3)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Play the saxophone on the music pad near Funky's hut and the door 
    on the sunken ship, labelled "5" will open. Simply swim in and 
    collect the banana.
    4 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Dive down near Funky's Hut and find the large tower - like object. 
    Use the Tiny barrel to enter and play the bonus, Big Bug Bash.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Use the cannon near to the treasure chests and cross to the wooden 
    platforms using the vines, then carefully going over the planks to 
    the Kasplat. Try shooting the Kasplat from a distance.
    1 Open the Treasure Cave
    Difficulty: Medium
    Become Enguarde from the box above the shipwreck, then jump through 
    the star three times and a door will open to another section of the 
    level. If you raised the water (by the lighthouse), the two piles of 
    gold are now accessible. Get onto the one with the Lanky pad and 
    float up to the bonus barrel. Play Searchlight Seek.
    2 Inside the Underwater House (2)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Press the Lanky switch that's near to the club Ñ wielding Kosha and 
    swim to the door that opens in the underwater house. Become Enguarde 
    and break open all the treasure chests (with B), and one reveals a 
    passage to the banana.
    3 Inside the Sunken Ship (4)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to the music pads by Funky's hut; play the trombone on the right 
    pad and the door in the sunken ship labelled "4" will open. Swim to 
    it and get in, then grab the banana from on the bed inside.
    4 Open the Chests
    Difficulty: Easy
    Become Enguarde in the lighthouse area and smash open the chest 
    outside the mermaid's cave using B, for a banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Easy
    With the water up, go down the tunnel nearest to the entrance/exit 
    to the level and find the Kasplat; kill him for the blueprint.
    1 Open More Chests
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go straight ahead until you come to a wooden tunnel. Enter it to 
    find three chests; Primate Punch them and one contains a banana 
    (another has a Banana Fairy).
    2 Inside the Sunken Ship (5)
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Play the triangle on the music pad near the lighthouse (do this with 
    the waterlevel down), then get to the door that opens in the ship 
    and swim to the bonus barrel. It's Batty Barrel Bandit again.
    3 Shoot the Targets
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    With the water up, go into the first cave near the entrance and 
    kill the Kasplat - he gets in the way. Pick up the rock and drop 
    it in the cannon. Aim the cannon and keep shooting the target, but 
    you only get six shots. If you miss you'll have to start again. Press 
    Z to shoot. When you hit it, it will appear again somewhere else. 
    Hit it three times for a banana.
    4 Inside the Kremling Ship
    Difficulty: Medium
    Board the Kremling ship (best done with the water down and then using 
    Warp 1 to get to the lighthouse platform) by the lighthouse and slam 
    the trapdoor at one end, then get past the missiles. Primate punch 
    the door, then keep doing the same to the Chunky picture on each 
    section of the rotating pillar. Each time it gets faster, but you'll 
    get a banana eventually. Now, the controls will become reversed. This 
    makes it harder to get back (although you can always exit the level 
    and go back in).
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat near to Funky's hut (by the music pads).
    After killing the boss, give the key to K. Lumsy and one of the rocks 
    near the island will explode, revealing a cannon. It will fire you up 
    		6.5 Fungi Forest
    You need 50 bananas to enter this level, which contains one of the 
    best features in the game - a magic cuckoo clock that can change day 
    to night and back again; I'm not cuckoo! Climb it and shoot the switch 
    with the moon on to make it night and the sun to make it day again. 
    Note that some areas can only be accessed at day and others at night. 
    (They will have a picture of a moon blocking them in the day, or a sun 
    blocking them at night). There are several main areas: The clock area, 
    the rainy area, the barn area, the toadstool area and the autumn area 
    (so called because it looks like autumn; accessed off the mushroom area 
    and directly accessible from the clock area by warp #4). Cranky is 
    located  in the Toadstool area, Funky in the rainy area, and Snide in 
    the Barn Area  (but can only be accessed during the daytime). Candy 
    isn't on this level at all.
    Also, to make your ascent up the giant toadstool easier (before you 
    activate the warp at the top), have each Kong shoot their own button 
    on the ground level, and a series of cannons will appear, allowing you 
    automatic access to the top! But you can't use them to reach any 
    intermediate points in the mushroom. You'll need to use the ladders 
    for that. Note that if you quit and don't save after activating the 
    cannons and getting Donkey's banana in the mushroom, you may lose the 
    cannons and not get them back. If you're going for a speedrun, complete 
    all of the tasks you can during the day before changing the time to 
    All Kongs - Super Simian Slam (5 coins)
    All Kongs - Homing Ammo (5 coins)
    Haha; she's not even on this level
    1 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    As you climb the giant mushroom, you will find a Donkey pad. Play the 
    secret level to find the bonus barrel. It's Peril Path Panic again 
    (see Diddy on Frantic Factory).
    2 Use the Cannons
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    In the giant mushroom is a Donkey switch. After learning the Super 
    Simian Slam and activating the cannons (see above), press it and use 
    the cannons to get to the banana in time.
    3 Levers in the Barn
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    In the barn, which you must enter by day, are some "?" boxes, which 
    you must simian slam. One contains a Donkey switch. Press it and 
    enter the door that opens. There are three levers, with 1, 2 and 3 
    marks by them. Pull them in this combination: 21132; if you get one 
    wrong, you'll be electrocuted and lose energy. After you've done it 
    right, the conveyor belt will carry the banana outside, but you must 
    go to the clock and make it night to actually get at it.
    4 Enter the Stables
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    At night, go to the stables (in the barn area) and get in the Donkey
    barrel. Make sure you don't touch the walls when you're not invincible 
    as they're covered in thorns! Hit the Donkey switch (which is in the 
    middle of the thorns) and the stable will open. Go in and slam the box 
    to reveal a Donkey switch. Press it for the bonus barrel to appear 
    and climb the ladder, then swing to it on the vines. Oh dear! It's 
    Minecar Mayhem again (like with Chunky on Jungle Japes) and there 
    are now TWO TNT carts to avoid.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    At night, head for the stables, but run around the back to find a 
    well-hidden Kasplat. Note that you cannot go to Snide during the 
    night (well, he has to sleep sometime I guess...)
    1 Across the Rafters
    Difficulty: Medium
    At night, enter the other building in the Barn Area and use the 
    music pad. Squawks will appear with the torch and you will be able to 
    make your way along the rafters  to the banana without falling. 
    Getting the banana will make a banana fairy appear.
    2 Bonus Barrel
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near the giant toadstool is a mushroom spring that takes you to a 
    Diddy barrel. Fly to the top of the toadstool and enter the bonus 
    barrel. Do Teetering Turtle Trouble for a banana.
    3 Caged Banana
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    At night again, climb up the pulley on the side of the barn in the 
    mill and press the Diddy Switch (this can only be done at night). A 
    door nearby will open, so go in and shoot the high up button that 
    says "ON". Now, chimpy charge the green (up) arrow to raise the banana 
    in a cage. A guitar pad will appear in the gates of the churchyard. 
    Play the guitar and the cage will vanish; you can now get the banana.
    4 The Owl's Course of Rings
    Difficulty: Hard
    At night, play the guitar by the tree in the Autumn Area and an owl 
    will come out,  but he'll tell you to come back when you have wings.  
    Use the Diddy barrel. He will tell you to fly through the rings he 
    makes. Make sure you do not lose your rockets or you'll have to wake 
    him up again. Be careful not to miss a ring, or you will have to 
    start over, and although you get infinite crystal coconuts, there is a 
    point at the beginning (while you talk to the owl) where you can lose 
    them. If you keep having to restart, the counter will hit zero and 
    you'll come crashing to the ground. When you've flown through every 
    ring (and you have to make two circuits of the tree to do so), the 
    owl will present you with a bonus barrel! Fly to the top of the tree 
    and get inside to play Busy Barrel Barrage.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Easy
    Kill the Kasplat about halfway up the inside of the giant mushroom, 
    for the blueprint.
    1 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    After learning the super simian slam, use it on the Tiny switch that 
    is inside the toadstool and get to the bonus barrel. Get all the 
    coins using the vines and also the pony tail twirl, and be quick; you 
    don't have much time!
    2 Inside the Tree Stump
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Enter a passage from the area with the giant toadstool and find the 
    Tiny barrel by the large tree stump. Enter it and go to the saxophone 
    pad and play it. The parrot will carry you up the tree stump, so drop 
    into the top and kill all four purple klaptraps and a banana will 
    appear. Also grab the pink bean that appears before leaving.
    3 Tiny and the Beanstalk
    Difficulty: Easy
    You will probably have been puzzled by the area near Funky's hut, where 
    ALL the Kongs start to wonder if hey can find anything to plant (like 
    you do...). If you go thereafter getting the bean, Tiny will plant 
    it and it will become a beanstalk. Use the Tiny barrel and use the 
    music pad to get a lift up to the banana, courtesy of Squawks.
    4 Giant Spider
    Difficulty: Hard
    As Chunky, find the closed door to the barn (during the day) and 
    Primate Punch it, opening it. Punch all the "?" boxes and you will 
    reveal a tunnel which Tiny can enter and exit through. Turn it to 
    night and become Tiny, and enter via this hole after using the Tiny 
    barrel (you can't enter through the main door at night). Unshrink 
    and find the door with the moon over it (this is covered by a spider's 
    web in the day). Enter and prepare to face the mini - boss, the giant
    spider. See section 4 for tips.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat on the side of the giant toadstool (as you go up) for 
    the blueprint.
    1 Five Toadstools
    Difficulty: Medium
    At the top of the giant mushroom, OrangStand to the blue switch after 
    learning the super simian slam. Press the switch and you will open two 
    doors at the side of the toadstool. Quickly run inside one and you 
    will  find five toadstools. Slam the yellow one first, then red, 
    purple, green,  blue, in that order, for the bonus barrel to appear. 
    Play Krazy Kong Klamour again.
    2 More Mushrooms
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Go into the other door that opens from the switch I mentioned before 
    and kill the Zingers; use one of the mushroom springs to reach an 
    easy banana.
    3 The Hare and the Orang-Utan
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near to the owl's tree during the day is a trombone pad, with a 
    hare sleeping by it. Play your instrument and beat the hare through 
    all the flags to win a prize - the Kasplat will get in the hare's 
    way, so overtake him now. The prize is three blue coins. For the 
    next bit, you will have to unlock and visit Crystal Caves and learn 
    the OrangStand Sprint before attempting the race again, as the hare 
    will speed up, but a Lanky barrel will appear at the start of the
    course; beat him again and wipe the smile off his face for good.
    4 Fight Some Bats
    Difficulty: Easy
    At night, go to the barn and float up using the Lanky pad (well, 
    you could also climb up the rope on the other side and OrangStand 
    on the roof, but the Lanky pad is more fun). Enter the opening 
    in the roof and shoot all the bats that appear, for a banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Lanky's Kasplat is under the owl's tree.
    1 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near the entrance is a door that you must open with Tiny (using the 
    bow). Run along the corridor as chunky and open the next door by 
    shooting the switches, to access the Rainy Area. Now enter the 
    Chunky barrel and simian slam the four killer tomatoes. Now, pick 
    up the apple with the maggot in and carry it to the  area around 
    the cuckoo clock and find the picture of an apple, and put it down 
    there. Be warned, however, that if you run out of crystal coconuts, 
    you'll shrink and drop the apple. If you put it in the wrong place 
    it will vanish and you'll have to go back and get it.
    2 Chunky's Minecart Ride
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Find the well and simian slam the grating on top to reach a bonus 
    level similar to Diddy's minecart ride - only harder! It's more 
    interesting though; you also have to slow down to open gates by 
    jumping up when you see a green bell and jump over falling pillars 
    (among other things). Note that if you lean left and grab the first 
    lever you will kill the first Kremling who attacks you by dropping 
    a ton of rocks on his head. At one point you will see a red bell;
    don't hit this - it lowers a gate.
    3 Picture Game
    Difficulty: Medium
    At the top of the mushroom is a blue Chunky switch. Press it to 
    open a door. Inside, kill the bees then press the switch and the 
    picture of Chunky will turn into a mixture of all five Kongs. Shoot 
    each square until it bears part of Chunky's picture and eventually 
    you will get a picture of Chunky, and a banana. You must do this 
    within a minute, though.
    4 Milk Churns
    Difficulty: Easy
    In the back room of the barn (primate punch the door to enter), 
    punch the ? box covering the triangle pad, and use it to start 
    the mill going. Now take the milk churn you find there and put 
    it on the conveyor belt (after Donkey has activated it) and it 
    will hit the grinder and be destroyed. Do the same for the
    two churns that are in the room with the grinder. A banana will 
    5  Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    This can be got from a Kasplat on the side of the giant toadstool. 
    This is accessed via some vines from the inside, but only at night.
    After you have the key from Fungi Forest, two levels will open. The 
    one you should head for next is tough to reach, as you need to get 
    to it from the Fungi Forest entrance. Jump towards the island from 
    this platform and you should hopefully land in the entrance, but 
    if this is too hard I suggest you use the Diddy barrel and fly there, 
    or use Tiny's Pony Tail Twirl. You need 65 bananas to enter:
    		6.6 Crystal Caves
    This is probably the hardest bit so far; be especially because 
    every few minutes stalactites will begin to fall from the ceiling. 
    This is caused by a giant Kosha that only Tiny can reach. To get 
    to it, use the Tiny pad in the area where Chunky's banana no.2 
    (listed below) is found (this is only accessible after Chunky 
    has used the button to break the ice that encases it) and once it is 
    dead, it will be gone for good (even after you quit). None that when 
    you  are on this platform, you should not fall off, or you will die. 
    There are  two notable areas; the cabin area (down the river to the 
    left  of where you enter), and  the igloo area (to  the right of 
    where  you enter). Cranky is close  to the igloo area, and is 
    easiest to  access using Lanky up the slope next to him (there is 
    a Kong Barrel  next to his lab); Funky is across the river from 
    where you enter; Snide is close by, behind an ice wall that Chunky 
    can break using  Primate Punch, while Candy returns, and can be 
    found in the Cabin Area.
    Tiny Kong - Monkeyport (7 coins)
    Lanky Kong - OrangStand Sprint (7 coins)
    Chunky Kong - Gorilla Gone (7 coins)
    All Kongs - Second Ammo Belt, increases your maximum ammo to 200 
    (7 coins)
    All kongs - Instrument upgrade, up to 20, plus third melon (7 coins)
    1 Battle the Bees
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near Candy's shop are some cabins; go in the one by the slope and 
    play the bongos using the music pad. Inside, shoot all the bees 
    (collect some homing missiles) to receive a banana, and watch out 
    for the trapdoors.
    2 Matching Game
    Difficulty: Medium
    In another cabin nearby is a matching game. Get in using the 
    bongo pad again and match the picture by slamming a question mark 
    then finding the identical one; you will have to rotate the room 
    with the blue switches at either side. Any two matching pictures 
    are the same colour, so it shouldn't be too much problem in the 
    time limit. I recommend you start by rotating one way, then
    gettting both Tinys or both Donkeys as they're on the same wall 
    as each other, then going for another one.
    3 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    On the bridge by Cranky's lab is a Donkey pad. Play the barrel 
    blast game until you reach the special stage, Busy Barrel Barrage.
    4 Moving Maze of Spikes
    Difficulty: Hard
    Become Diddy and get into the Diddy barrel by Cranky's lab. Fly 
    to the igloo that's down a tunnel nearby and you'll see a star 
    above it; fly into this and five music pads will appear around the 
    igloo (one for each Kong). Become Donkey again and play the bongos 
    on the relevant pad. Inside you must negotiate a maze to get the 
    banana. This would be simple enough if it wasn't for the fact that 
    the maze is constantly rotating back and forth. To top that, the 
    walls are lined with spikes, which take an ENTIRE melon. Ouch! 
    Fortunately, if you went to see Candy, she'll give you a third melon.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    The blueprint is from the Kasplat who is near the ice castle.
    1 Battle in the Cabin
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Find the lowest cabin (near Candy) with a guitar pad outside and 
    use it. Inside, get in the Diddy barrel and fly up to one of the 
    high platforms, and kill all the Kremlings in sight. This is tough 
    as you have just 50 seconds. I recommend you get one of the Kritters 
    first (the only baddies that don't require oranges to kill), then 
    stand on his platform and go to first person (or rather first ape) 
    view, and throw oranges at the TNT kremlings that are in line with 
    you (i.e. at the corner nearest to you and the one opposite this.
    Then, get the other Kritter and repeat. Quickly, get to the platform 
    where the TNT kremlings were (using the jetpacks is easiest) and take 
    out the Klumps  on the far platforms. Whatever you do, don't run 
    out of oranges as you'll have to go searching for more. If you fail, 
    leave fast (you get 10 seconds)  or you'll get shot. This is quite 
    possibly the hardest banana in the ENTIRE game.
    2 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Difficulty: Medium
    Near Candy's hut is a Diddy barrel. Use this to fly to the waterfall
     with a bonus barrel in and play Mad Maze Maul. (you can also access 
    this from the other side of the waterfall).
    3 Barrels Inside the Igloo
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Play the guitar on the pad outside the igloo, and enter. Pick up 
    and throw the barrels in the correct order. They are arranged as 
     		4 6
    	       1   3 Door
    		2 5
    Try not to screw up as you will not have enough time to get out 
    before you are shot dead!
    4 Light a Candle For Me
    Difficulty: Medium
    There is another cabin near Candy's hut you can enter, above the 
    previous one (use the music pad again). Kill both the Koshas and 
    a Diddy pad will appear; use it to reach the barrel and fly to 
    all the candles. They will be automatically lit and a banana will 
    appear. When you grab this, a Banana Fairy will also show up.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    The blueprint is hard to get to this time; find Tiny's barrel near 
    Funky's hut (as Tiny, of course) and run through the tiny door. 
    This leads to a monkeyport pad, warp 4 and the red Kasplat. 
    Activate the warp, as it is the only way Diddy can get in. The 
    only problem is, warp 4 is up on a high platform near the igloo, 
    which Diddy can only reach with his jetpack (and that's pretty 
    hard as you have to land exactly on the warp, and more often 
    than not you'll accidentally jump off.
    1 Kill Some More Klaptraps
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near Candy's shop is a building with several music pads in front of 
    it; use the saxophone pad and enter the door that opens. Kill all 
    the purple Klaptraps and you'll receive a banana.
    2 Moving Target
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    After you've opened the music pads by the igloo (using Diddy), 
    use the saxophone switch and open Tiny's door. Inside, avoid or 
    kill the Kosha, then slam the mat in the middle. It will begin to 
    move. Before time runs out, slam it repeatedly until it shrinks to 
    nothing. The only problem is the Kosha, which keeps returning even 
    after you've killed it, after what seems like five seconds (the reason 
    I listed this one as "fairly hard"). :(. If time runs out, you will 
    need to run out of the igloo before you are shot.
    3 Monkeyport
    Difficulty: Easy
    Near Funky's hut is a Tiny barrel (access it using Pony Tail Twirl). 
    Use  it to  get through the tiny opening to the Monkeyport pad. This 
    will  transport you to  a dome, containing a banana.
    4 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Easy
    Go into the small opening near the entrance (using the tiny barrel) 
    and play Krazy Kong Klamour again.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Kill the Kasplat above Candy's shop and get the blueprint. The only 
    problem is the Zinger nearby that shoots you when you are trying to 
    reach the Kasplat.
    1 Race in the Cabin
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Go to the cabins near Candy's shop and find the Lanky pad, which 
    will take you to a Trombone pad. Play your instrument and enter 
    the door that opens. This would be simple if it weren't for the 
    Koshas! Kill them both, then use the Lanky pad to reach the barrel 
    and OrangStand Sprint to the blue button then QUICKLY get the banana 
    that appears (you have a mere three seconds to do so).
    2 Picture Game in the Ice Castle
    Difficulty: Medium
    Near to Funky's hut is a castle made of ice. Outside are two 
    Lanky switches. Press the one outside the door and it will open. 
    Play the game with - whatever it is (looks like a pumpkin made of 
    ice or something). You have to turn over (simian slam) as many tiles 
    as you can so "DK" is showing, but your opponent will be trying to 
    turn them over to reveal K.Rool's face. Make sure you keep moving at
    all times and don't let your opponent get the upper hand.
    3 Race the Sliding Beetle Again
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    Press the other switch by the ice castle and use the Lanky pad to 
    get into the top of the castle. Race against the Sliding Beetle 
    again (I recommend you use the Lanky barrel that is provided.) 
    Do not try and beat him on the slides, as you'll most likely lose 
    rings, but stay close behind him, then sprint past him on the final 
    run; unlike Tiny, you will be much faster at running than he is.
    Towards the end, there is no barrier, so don't go too fast as 
    there are a lot of turns.
    4 Kill the Bad Guys in the Igloo
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    By the igloo is a trombone pad. Use it and enter the door. Kill 
    all the beavers, and then the Kritters that appear and use the 
    Lanky pads that appear to float to the banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    This is tough to find, but use the Diddy barrel near Funky's hut 
    (as Diddy, of course) and fly really high, and you should see an 
    ice stack with a Kasplat on. Use Diddy's popguns to kill the Kasplat 
    before landing, then activate warp 5. This will take you to the 
    cabins near Candy. Hop in the tag barrel and choose Lanky, then 
    go back to warp 5. Wait for the Kasplat to reappear and kill him
    again. Get the blueprint, and about 20 bananas, then take it to 
    1 Invisible Banana
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Near the entrance is a panel of ice; primate punch this and go to 
    the Chunky pad. Become invisible and a banana will appear.
    2 Banana Encased in Ice
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Near the ice castle is a rock. Carry it and put it down (with Z) 
    on the blue switch. A larger rock, previously covered up by a dome, 
    will now be accessible. Find it (it is behind a glass wall across 
    the bridge from Cranky's Lab, which you must Primate Punch) and get 
    in the Chunky barrel. Put the rock down on the blue switch that 
    keeps moving about, and a dome near the igloo will explode, 
    revealing a banana.
    3 Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Difficulty: Medium
    Go into the igloo, using the Triangle pad and find the Hare 
    guarding a TNT barrel. Kill all of the flames that appear during 
    the time; if one hits the barrel, the Hare will be killed. 
    He'll give you a banana if he survives.
    4 Searchlights in the Cabin
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    This is a nightmare, until you know what to do. I got the 
    solution by reading MashMallow's FAQ (because I'm lame). Play 
    the triangle near to Candy's hut, and enter the cabin. You must 
    slam all three targets, but you must avoid being hit by the three 
    searchlights or you'll be killed and have to begin again (a bit
    like Stealthy Snoop). Two of them move back and forth and the other
    moves around in circles. Chunky seems to get all the nasty ones, 
    doesn't he? Anyway, when you've hit the switches and Chunky pad 
    will appear. You can now sneak past the lights and get into the 
    barrel (also collect 20 bananas!) Play Searchlight Seek again.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Kill the Kasplat on top of the igloo for a blueprint.
    When you returned the fifth key, K. Lumsy will also have broken the 
    big rock near his island, which reveals a massive cannon. This fires 
    you up to a spooky place high up in the sky. I hope you have the 
    80 bananas it takes to enter:
    		6.7 Creepy Castle
    Not surprisingly, this is a spooky level. I hope your balance is 
    good, because you'll need to cross a narrow plank at the start and 
    there are no warps to bypass it. It is best to go up to the top 
    of the castle as Tiny, activating all the warps as you go - her 
    pony tail twirl is bast for passing the wide gaps with the moving 
    platforms. Cranky is about halfway up the castle, while Snide is right 
    at the top. Funky can be found in the spooky corridor right at the 
    bottom of the castle, while Candy can be found half way along the 
    main corridor of the castle.
    Cranky Kong:
    All Kongs - Super Duper Simian Slam, allows you to hit the red 
    buttons (7 coins)
    Funky Kong:
    All Kongs - Homing Sight (7 coins)
    Candy Kong:
    All Kongs - Final Instrument Upgrade, up to 25 strength (9 coins)
    1 Another Picture Game
    Difficulty: Easy
    Find Cranky, on the way up to the top of the castle and he'll 
    teach you the Super Duper Simian Slam. Go to the basement of the 
    castle and find the red Donkey switch. Inside is a board with 
    a mixture of Kong faces on. Slam each tile until it shows 
    part of Donkey's face, for a banana. There is no time limit to 
    2 Haunted Library
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Going up the side of the castle, to the top, you will find a 
    Donkey switch. Press it to open the library door, then get 
    there before it shuts. You can use the cloud to get across to 
    it. Go left and kill the baddies, causing a Donkey switch to 
    appear; press it. Go the other way and get into the Donkey barrel 
    to pass the flying books safely and get to the banana. 
    Also, you can save a few crystal coconuts by stopping the 
    Strong Kong move when you're past the books, then shooting the
    coconut switch on the wall; a secret door will open and you can 
    exit via the door by the Donkey switch.
    3 Shoot More Targets
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Near the start of the level is a Donkey pad. Complete the 
    mini game and open the tree. Don't enter yet; go to Funky at 
    the sub -- basement level of the castle (accessed from the 
    graveyard) and get the homing sights. Enter the tree now and 
    fire a coconut at the switch, opening another door. Kill the 
    Kasplat (collect the blueprint) and jump down the pit inside, 
    swimming along the underground river. Shoot the target, using 
    the homing sights and the water will rise. Keep shooting it 
    until you are high enough to reach the banana. To exit,
    swim towards the white light - you will exit via a drainpipe.
    4 Donkey's Ghost Train Ride
    Difficulty: Fairly Hard
    In the sub - basement, go to the scary door and open it with 
    the coconut switch. Fin the next coconut switch (head left, 
    and go right at the next  junction, or use warp #2) and open 
    the door. There are six levers. Pull them in the order 
    (X means don't pull).
                    | Door to Ghost Train|
    1 2
    X X
    3 X
    The door will open and you will go on a ghost train ride; 
    Luckily, you only need 25 coins, but its harder still, especially 
    with the presence of the skeletal demon that hovers over the 
    track and constantly swipes its fists at you - jump or change 
    tracks to avoid this; you will get plenty of warning if you 
    watch what the demon is doing and get ready to move when it moves
    its hands. When the  camera cuts to a reverse shot, speed up
    as you'll have a ton of fiery skulls chasing you; keep switching
    lanes when one is about to hit you. Also watch out for the
    gravestones that pop up from nowhere.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    When you went into the tree, you killed a Kasplat. He has your 
    1 Yes, Diddy; You May go to the Ball
    Difficulty: Hard
    As you ascend to the top of the castle, notice the Diddy switch by 
    a door. Go in to find the ballroom. Kill all the baddies and a 
    Diddy barrel will appear; now fly to the top of every candle to l
    ight it, making the bonus barrel appear. Its ... AAAGH! the minecart 
    game again that Chunky played on Jungle Japes. The game makers sure 
    have a nasty sense of humour!
    2 Tales from the Crypt
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    By the door to the basement is a ladder, leading to a graveyard, 
    and a door leading to the, well, sub - basement. Kill the Kasplat 
    (he has your blueprint, BTW), and find the scary looking door 
    with some switches around it. Hit the peanut switch to enter 
    and head left to the peanut switch. Press it and then simply 
    Chimpy Charge the numbered buttons in order (1 to 4), and the coffin
    will open. Ooh, its getting scary. Out comes ... A banana! I bet you 
    thought I'd say a vampire, didn't you? (Well, that's what I expected).
    3 Swing on the Chains
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    In the basement is a Diddy button, which opens a door. Behind is 
    a room with a Kosha (kill it) and a banana on the far wall. The 
    only problem is that if you come too close the wall spins round 
    and the banana is gone :( If you haven't done so already, go to Funky 
    (in the sub - basement) and get the power up. You can now press C 
    right to zoom in on your target. This allows you to hit the peanut 
    switch. The chains in the ceiling will be lowered and you can swing 
    on them (like vines) to the banana without touching the floor.
    4 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    Rocketbarrel up to the very top tower and get in the bonus barrel. 
    Play Big Bug Bash again.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat in the sub - basement (accessed via the  graveyard).
    1 Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the basement is a gap which only Tiny can cross, leading to a 
    bonus barrel. Play Teetering Turtle Trouble again for an easy 
    2 What Has Handles and Flies?
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    On the way up the tower is a bin with a springy mushroom by it, 
    and a Tiny barrel. Shrink as usual and spring into the hole at 
    the top of the building. Inside, shoot all of the flies and a 
    banana will be your reward.
    3 If You Want to Get a Banana, Get a Hand (or seven!)
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the sub - basement, get to the Tiny switch and open the door. 
    Go down the steps, then turn right; pony tail twirl over the 
    deadly slime and press the Tiny switch. You must use the Pony Tail 
    Twirl again, crossing the hands that appear, but they keep rising 
    and sinking (very nasty). The banana is on the far side.
    4 Return to Frantic Factory
    Difficulty: Medium
    Open the ballroom as Diddy and become Tiny. There's a Tiny pad 
    inside, so use it to enter the museum. Get in the Tiny barrel 
    and enter the small door inside, to return to Frantic Factory 
    and race around the testing room with the racing car you met 
    before. Get all of the coins, while driving through as many pairs
    of flags as you can. if you miss five, you will be disqualified.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    Kill the Kasplat near the graveyard (its best to shoot it from a 
    distance rather than get up all close and personal or you risk 
    being pushed into oblivion).
    1 Greenhouse Maze
    Difficulty: Medium
    On the way up the castle, you will see a greenhouse. Press the 
    Lanky switch to get in and get into the Lanky barrel to give 
    yourself a chance of making it through the maze.
    2 Your Worst Nightmare Returns - Beaver Bother
    Difficulty: Hard
    At the very top of the tower is a turret with a Lanky switch by 
    it. Open it using the switch and kill the baddies. A lanky pad 
    will appear. Now, use your gun's aiming sights (you get these 
    from Funky) to pull in on the grape switches and shoot all four. 
    The grate in the floor will open and a jet of air will appear. 
    Use the lanky pad and float into it and it lifts you up to the 
    bonus barrel. Once again, play Beaver Bother for a banana.
    3 Float to the Bonus Stage
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the basement, press the Lanky switch and play the trombone on 
    the pad through the door. A number of Lanky pads will appear, and 
    a bonus barrel. It is possible to cross the deadly slime using 
    only one pad, and easier than trying to land on another pad. 
    Play Kremling Kosh again.
    4 Race in the Sub - Basement
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the sub - basement, hit the grape switch and enter the door 
    that opens. Stand under the Lanky Barrel and shoot the grape 
    switch ahead, then immediately jump into the barrel to give 
    yourself a head start and run to the door that opened (down the 
    passage to the left). Now play the trombone on the instrument
    pad provied and use the vines that appear to cross the slime.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    As you go up the side of the tower, past the area with all 
    the warps in, make sure you kill the Kasplat - then carry on up 
    and give the blueprint to Snide at the top.
    1 Enter the Museum
    Difficulty: Easy
    On the way up the tower (near to Cranky's lab) is a door labelled 
    "Museum". Press the Chunky switch by it and go in. There are 
    three shields on the wall, which you must primate punch in order, 
    left to right. One of the cases nearby will open, revealing a 
    rock (and some bananas). Pick it up and put it on the table. The 
    other case will open, revealing a banana.
    2 Bonus Stage in the Crypt
    Difficulty: Medium
    In the sub - basement, shoot the pineapple switch and enter the 
    door that opens. Head right (or use warp #3 if it is activated) 
    and shoot the pineapple switch at the dead end, opening a door. 
    Primate punch all the coffins; some  contain bananas and coins, 
    the other has a bonus barrel, which takes you to Searchlight Seek. 
    Performing a Simian  Spring on the coffin will unleash a bunch of 
    ghosts and skeletons, which you can kill; only do this if you are
    in need of extra melons.
    3 AAAGH!!!
    Difficulty: Hard
    In the tree that Donkey opened, Primate Punch the wall with the 
    green bananas in front of it. Use the homing sights that Chunky 
    gave you to shoot the pineapple switch from long range (it vanishes 
    if you get too close). Open the gate for a bonus barrel. AAGH! 
    It's Beaver Bother again; twice on the same level! So much for 
    4 Bats in the Shed
    Difficulty: Medium
    By Lanky's maze is an annexe, with a door that Chunky can 
    Primate Punch open. Inside, collect all the homing ammo and 
    punch the box, revealing a Chunky pad. The bats only hit you when 
    you're invisible, so quickly kill them all for a banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Kill the Kasplat in the basement (near to Candy's shop).
    After completing the level, become Tiny and use the Monkeyport pad 
    on the side of K.Rool's tower. Get to the mouth that has opened and 
    jump in. To get to Blocker, become Chunky and use the Chunky pad to 
    become invisible. Several vines will appear, so cross the lava and 
    if you have at least 100 bananas, Blocker will vanish. Activate the 
    warp too and the other Kongs can cross. As Donkey, shoot the coconut 
    switch for a bridge to appear. Make sure you kill the Kasplat first, 
    using Donkey Kong, and take the blueprint to Snide; now, check to see 
    how many blueprints you've given Snide and if there are any missing,
    check your totals and give Snide any others you are holding - or check 
    which you are missing and go to find them. After Snide has all the 
    blueprints, enter the final level...
    		6.8 Hideout Helm
    This is where Snide's blueprints come into play; after K. Rool 
    activates the machine, Snide will use his blueprints to delay the 
    machine for up to 50 minutes (it depends how many blueprints you 
    have, which is why you should give him all of the blueprints before 
    entering the level to save backtracking too much). You must locate 
    the machine to stop Kong Isles being destroyed. Note that the timer 
    will ONLY count down when you are inside the level, so you can leave 
    and collect extra blueprints for extra time!
    Enter as Lanky (or become him in the first Kong barrel), then use 
    his OrangStand to climb the slopes. Next switch for Chunky and hit 
    the pineapple switch to open the wall, then use the vines to cross 
    the lava. In the next room, select Tiny and enter the Tiny barrel. 
    Run through the pipe and enter the generator room. Become Donkey now 
    and Gorilla Grab the lever, causing several stars to appear in the air. 
    You have a minute to get Diddy and use the Diddy barrel to fly though 
    them. They will begin to rotate when you have flown through. Five 
    doors (labelled 1 to 5 in roman numerals) will appear. Become Chunky 
    and Primate Punch the grating that covers each of them. One hides a
    Bongo pad, so get Donkey to play it and enter the room that opens up.
    You will be faced with a banana medal, which you cannot get because 
    it is guarded by a forcefield. The only way is by playing both bonus 
    games (these are in K. Rool barrels). (TIP: Press B when the 
    instructions come up to skip them; you'll waste less time).
    1) Jump in the blast barrel and fire at all three targets. 
    Hurry; you've not got long.
    2) You are Rambi! Charge all the Kremlings (you don't need B for 
    this), but don't hit a pylon or you'll have to restart.
    When you have done this, the banana medal will be collectable and a 
    triangle pad will appear on the other entrance accessible from the 
    ground. Note that you must collect the medals immediately, as if you 
    wait until you've left the level and come back, you will not be able 
    to take them. Become Chunky and enter. You must repeat the process 
    for each Kong.
    1) Get in the Chunky barrel and primate punch all the boxes until 
    you find the Kritter inside (it's tiny!). Kill it.
    2) Use the Sniper mode (from Creepy Castle) on your gun, and shoot 
    all the Kritters! Easy!
    A Saxophone pad appears in the entrance at the top of the steps in 
    the main room; get Tiny and use it.
    1) Fly though the stars, but don't touch the ground (stand on the 
    crates). Use the Pony Tail Twirl. Then hit the switch.
    2) Fly though three out of four stars, but to reach them you must 
    use the mushrooms, then Twirl towards them.
    Enter a Trombone pad in the next nearest door.
    1) Shoot all the Zingers (fairly easy).
    2) Run through the maze using the Lanky barrel, and take the first 
    right, then left and hit the switch. Come back the way you came and 
    follow the path to the chequered flag (watch out for the Kremlings).
    Now, become Diddy and rocketbarrel up to a door on Diddy can reach 
    and play your guitar.
    1) Kill Kritters until you find the one that activated the switch 
    (you'll know when because the switch will go solid and you can press 
    2) Fly up in the air and shoot all the up switches to raise the cage. 
    Land, dodge the Kosha and slam the switch.
    You will now stop the machine!!! The timer will stop!!!
    The door with K. Rool's face on will open and you may progress to a 
    room with the other end of the Warp on (this takes you right to here 
    from the level entrance point).
    You need four battle crowns to progress through the next door. It 
    leads to K. Rool's room, only the coward has scarpered. The next 
    door requires both the Nintendo and Rareware coins, in order to 
    collect the final boss key.
    Before we go on any further, lets look more closely at the:
    		6.9 Kong Isles
    There are also several bananas found in the main area (i.e. outside 
    the levels). There are five for each Kong. Snide can also be found 
    on the Kong Isles, located in a room halfway up K.Rool's fortress 
    (on the way to Frantic Factory). Cranky can be found close to DK's 
    1 At the Start...
    Difficulty: Outrageously Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: None
    The one you get just as you enter the first level (to show B. Locker).
    2 Play the Bongos
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory
    Learn the Gorilla Grab, then use it on the lever outside Frantic 
    Factory, to activate the lift. At the top, use the bongo pad and 
    Squawks will appear to give you a banana.
    3 Caged Banana
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec (and given K. Lumsy 
    the second key)
    There's a hard - to - reach coconut switch a the side of the 
    tower leading to Frantic Factory - I suggest you drop down from 
    outside the area containing Snide's HQ.
    4 Good Old-Fashioned Lava, Boy!
    Difficulty: Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory, 
    Fungi Forest (and given K. Lumsy the fifth key)
    Outside Crystal Caves are two ice walls which you must Primate 
    Punch as Chunky to break. As Donkey, enter the one that doesn't lead 
    to a deadly pool of lava to get the Donkey barrel. You can now 
    cross the lava to get the banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Crystal Caves, Creepy Castle (and 
    unlocked Hideout Helm)
    Kill the Kasplat outside Hideout Helm and take the blueprint for 
    1 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec (and given the second 
    key to K Lumsy)
    In a hidden - away corner of the tower leading to Frantic Factory 
    (cross over with some vines) is a room containing Snide's hut and 
    also a Diddy pad, which takes you to a bonus game. It's a slot 
    machine, like with Chunky in Gloomy Galleon. Simply beat it again 
    for a banana.
    2 Caged Banana (2)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Frantic Factory, Gloomy Galleon 
    (and opened the way to Fungi Forest)
    Near Fungi Forest is a peanut switch; shoot it to get to a banana. 
    In order to reach it, however, become Chunky and pick up and break 
    both rocks outside Angry Aztec. One has a trombone pad underneath, 
    so become Lanky and a Diddy Barrel will appear outside Fungi Forest 
    after you use the music pad. Now you can get at the banana!
    3 Play the Guitar
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest (and 
    given K Lumsy the fifth key)
    Use the Diddy pad in the entrance to Crystal Caves to reach 
    Diddy's Wrinkly door (to access the Wrinkly doors, get Chunky to 
    put a rock down on the blue switch), and play the guitar on the 
    music pad for a banana.
    4 Summit of the Kong Island
    Difficulty: Medium
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory, 
    Gloomy Galleon 
    Use the Diddy barrel by Fungi Forest again and fly up over the 
    top of Kong Isles and you will find a bonus barrel, containing 
    Peril Path Panic.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Medium
    Worlds you need to have visited: Fungi Forest (and given K Lumsy 
    the fifth key)
    In the entrance to Creepy Castle is a door with a coconut switch 
    on. Shoot it as Donkey, revealing a Kasplat. Its best to shoot it 
    as Diddy, then carefully cross the deadly slime to retrieve the 
    1 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Medium
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec
    Outside the entrance to Angry Aztec are two gongs. As Diddy, charge 
    them and a bonus barrel will appear that you can only reach as 
    Tiny. Inside swat eight flies for a banana. It's very tough as they 
    move around a lot.
    2 Through the Pipe
    Difficulty: Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Fungi Forest
    Outside Gloomy Galleon is a Chunky blue switch. As Chunky, Super 
    Simian Slam it and a passage will appear Change to Tiny and enter 
    the Tiny barrel. Through the passage is a banana.
    3 Play the Saxophone
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Crystal Caves
    At the base of the tower that leads to Frantic Factory is a 
    monkeyport pad. After learning this move (in Crystal Caves), 
    use this and you will be warped to a music pad. Play is and 
    Squawks will give you a banana.
    4 Caged Banana (3)
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec (but just to 
    rescue Tiny)
    On Banana Fairy's island is a feather switch. Shoot it 
    for a banana.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Frantic Factory
    As Chunky, Primate Punch the box outside Frantic Factory,
    revealing a Kasplat. Change to Tiny and kill the Kasplat for 
    the blueprint.
    6 Banana Fairy's Hidden, Rare, Banana
    Difficulty: Hard (taking into account the difficulty in 
    accessing the new worlds, defeating all the bosses etc.)
    Worlds you need to have visited: All except Hideout Helm
    Tiny has SIX bananas! After you've retrieved every banana fairy, 
    a door will open in Banana Fairy's cave revealing another banana. 
    This is different as it has the Rare logo on instead of the Nintendo
    1 Play the Trombone
    Difficulty: Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Frantic Factory
    After you've rescued Chunky, take him to the area outside Jungle 
    Japes and pick up - and throw away - the rock. It's on a trombone 
    pad, so change back to Lanky and play the trombone. The parrot will 
    appear with a banana.
    2 Caged Banana (4)
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec (in order to free 
    At the side of K. Lumsy's island is a grape switch. Shoot it to 
    reveal a banana.
    3 Race through K. Lumsy's Room
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Crystal Caves
    Get to the Lanky barrel in K. Lumsy's cave and run to the blue 
    switch. Now quickly get the banana in the door that just opened.
    Warning: There is a glitch in this game that can mess this up - 
    if you don't go to visit K. Lumsy right after collecting the keys 
    from Frantic Factory or Crystal Caves, then the cinemas of K Lumsy 
    receiving the key may appear randomly, sometimes in place of other 
    ones. If this happens while you're attempting this banana, you will 
    have to sit through the cinema while your time runs out. The best 
    way to avoid this is to go to K Lumsy as soon as you get each new 
    4 Bonus Game
    Difficulty: Medium
    Worlds you need to have visited: Fungi Forest (and given K Lumsy 
    the fifth key)
    Pick up and throw the rock outside Creepy Castle (as Chunky) to 
    reveal a Lanky pad. Become Lanky and float up to the bonus barrel.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Fungi Forest (and given K Lumsy 
    the fifth key)
    Behind one of the ice walls that you break as Chunky, outside 
    Crystal Caves, is a Kasplat. He has Lanky's blueprint.
    1 Caged Banana (5)
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Frantic Factory (in order to 
    rescue Chunky)
    On the main island you cannot miss the pineapple switch. Shoot 
    it for a banana.
    2 Play the Triangle
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Frantic Factory (in order to 
    rescue Chunky)
    Outside Angry Aztec are two rock; throw ithem, revealing a 
    triangle pad under one. Use this to play the triangle and 
    Squawks will retrieve a banana for you.
    3 X Marks the Spot - Again
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Crystal Caves
    I'm sure you will all have noticed the big X that is close 
    to the shore of Kong island. When you used the Tiny pad on the 
    side of K. Rool's tower, using the saxophone pad will also have 
    made a Chunky barrel appear on the small island near Banana 
    Fairy's island. Get this as Chunky and swim to the X, then slam 
    it. A nearby rock will shatter, revealing a banana.
    4 Invisible Bonus Barrel
    Difficulty: Medium
    Worlds you need to have visited: Crystal Caves, Creepy Castle 
    (and unlocked Hideout Helm)
    Use the Chunky pad outside Hideout Helm to find a bonus barrel, 
    accessible via some vines. Play Kremling Kosh again.
    5 Get the Blueprint
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Worlds you need to have visited: Angry Aztec (and given K Lumsy 
    the second key)
    This is from the Kasplat outside Gloomy Galleon.
    		6.10 The Grand Finale
    Once you've got all the bananas, take the final key to K. Lumsy, 
    and he will be free. K. Rool conveniently emerges from his tower at 
    this point, riding some sort of craft, which K. Lumsy will chase 
    until he crashes into a conveniently - placed rock (we can see how 
    he got his name), and he will knock K. Rool out of the sky.
    But it's not over yet; find the location of K. Rool's ship and jump 
    in. The final battle is about to commence. See "Bosses".
    					7 Bosses
    Army Dillo (Jungle Japes)
    Play as Donkey
    Bananas needed: 60
    Run back and forth to avoid the flames this boss shoots at you; when 
    he stops, quickly run forward and pick up the TNT barrel and throw it 
    at the boss, before he curls up. When he curls up, run. He will then 
    start firing bullets at you again. Dodge these and go in and hit him 
    once more. He takes three hits to defeat.
    Hell Hath No Fury Like A Dogadon Scorned (Angry Aztec)
    Play as Diddy
    Bananas needed: 120
    Don't kill the tiny dragon, what ever you do ... oh, too late, you 
    just did; the game forced you to. Bad idea, because one of its 
    parents is watching (his name's Dogadon, by the way). Like the last 
    boss, this one will shoot fireballs at you, but this time you're on 
    a small platform above lava. Throw the barrel at the dragon before it 
    rises up, and knock it into the lava. After each hit, you will get a 
    greater barrage of missiles shot at you! This boss takes three
    hits to beat.
    Mad Jack (Frantic Factory)
    Play as Tiny
    Bananas needed: 200
    Jump onto the white pad and the pillars will rise up. Next, a 
    jack - in - the - box/Donald Duck/ monster will appear and chase 
    you from block to block. Jump across quickly (use the pony tail 
    twirl) until the boss stops and pops out of the box and begins 
    shooting fireballs at you. Quickly find the blue switch and simian 
    slam it and you'll hit the boss. After three hits he changes tack and
    speeds up, and will also fire lasers at you. Also, two switches will 
    appear. Hit the one on a pillar the same colour as the one the boss 
    is on or you'll be hit. After the fourth hit he will become 
    invisible and you can only tell where he is by the stars when he 
    jumps. Hit him again and it's all over. Don't worry if you fall off, 
    BTW, as you will be carried back up with no loss of energy.
    Pufftoss (Gloomy Galleon)
    Play as Lanky
    Bananas needed: 250
    You don't appear to have any weapons. As soon as the massive puffer 
    fish appears, press Z and begin to sail round in circles to avoid 
    the fire it breathes. Jump through the star and an electrode will 
    appear. You have thirty seconds to get to the next star. Do this 
    five times and the puffer fish will receive a nasty shock, but miss 
    a star and you'll have to start again. Repeat the entire sequence 
    five times, but be warned Ñ each time the allotted time to reach 
    the next star will be five seconds less, and also the puffer fish 
    will step up its attacks, with shock waves and mines being just a
    few of them.
    Dogadon II: Judgement Day (Fungi Forest)
    Play as Chunky
    Bananas needed: 300
    Remember Dogadon from Angry Aztec? Well, he's back! Play the same way 
    you did before for the first four hits, but be aware of his new 
    moves - involving sending shockwaves across the platform. Also, 
    after hit number 2, he will send a tidal wave of flame across the 
    arena (very nasty)! After three hits, he will stomp the floor, 
    which will begin to sink into the lava in a style reminiscent of 
    the T-1000 in Terminator 2. Avoid his attacks and throw the TNT at 
    him again and get in the Chunky barrel that appears, and repeatedly 
    punch Dogadon before you shrink again. Keep doing this, and don't 
    miss once and you should manage to defeat him just before the floor 
    sinks into the lava.
    Army Dillo's Back! (Crystal Caves)
    Play as Donkey
    Bananas needed: 350
    You thought you'd seen the last of him, but no ... he's back for 
    revenge on Donkey, but he is no harder than last time! His new 
    tricks include slamming the ground to produce a shockwave, but 
    this is more feeble than any of his old moves, as you can avoid it 
    easily by jumping over it. After three hits, his cannons will fall 
    off, but he's not finished yet. He'll produce a new cannon, which 
    fires flames at you, which you must avoid, followed by a homing missile
    (very nasty). Hit him the same way as before;after another hit, he'll 
    lose his shell and you've won.
    A K.Rool Trick (Creepy Castle)
    Bananas needed: 400
    Enter the door as Lanky and you will find yourself in an arena with 
    water round you and a tag barrel. A gang of Kritters will stick a model 
    of K.Rool over the castle walls and you must fire Lanky at it using one 
    of the cannons (use the one facing the wall). As long as the cut out is 
    still there when you fire yourself, you will hit it and land in the 
    water. After three hits, one arm will fall off and the Kritters will 
    step up their attack. First of all, one of them will enter the arena 
    wearing a ghost costume (kill him each time he comes back). Also, they 
    will sometimes fire missiles at you. If this happens, don't fire yourself 
    as the model doesn't stay out very long. Also, look out for the purple 
    (rather than green) K.Rool. Don't fire yourself at this as it isn't really 
    there! Another three hits will see off the other arm. Now the Kritters will 
    send off two waves of bullets, then the cut out will pop out briefly from
    each wall, successively. To hit it, stand by a cannon and enter it just as 
    it is about to appear at the nearest wall to be sure of hitting it. Another 
    three hits will win the battle. If Lanky runs out of energy, or fires 
    himself over the castle walls, Tiny will pop out of the bonus barrel and 
    you will have to use her. Following this, you will play as Chunky, Donkey 
    and finally Diddy. If you lose Diddy you must start the fight again. Note
    that even if you do get a different kong, your energy will not be
    King K. Rool (Hideout Helm)
    You will be taken to a boxing ring where all five kongs must fight K. 
    Rool, one by one, in the time provided. If you run out of time, you must 
    go into a second round, and start again, but you will only have the energy 
    that you finished the last round with. If you lose all your energy, you 
    must start the whole thing again. There will be a maximum of 12 rounds, 
    after which you can also automatically lose if you have failed to beat 
    K. Rool.
    Jump over the shockwaves that K. Rool throws at you, and after three of 
    these, four blast barrels will appear. Jump onto the corner post and 
    press up and jump to enter a barrel. Wait until K. Rool moves his fists, 
    then fire at him. He takes four hits to beat this time.
    This is pretty tough; K. Rool will rush at you (just get out of his way, 
    then throw his right glove at you twice. Avoid it. A Diddy barrel appears; 
    get in it quickly, while trying not to be hit by K. Rool's glove, and fly 
    up. One of the lights has targets on either side, so shoot both with your 
    guns (this is pretty tough as K. Rool is still throwing his glove at you, 
    and one hit can knock you off course). Do NOT let you feet hit the top 
    of the lights or you will stop flying and have to get in the barrel 
    again (and you will probably lose energy in the fall). Once both targets 
    are hit the light will crash down on K. Rool's head. Targets will appear 
    on the next light anti - clockwise, so repeat with all four lights.
    This is probably the funniest boss fight so far; K. Rool will still have 
    the light fitting stuck over his head (and the ring will be completely 
    in the dark). Run around avoiding him until four switches (1 - 4) appear 
    at the side of the ring. When you have some room to manoeuvre, stand at 
    the side and hold B so Lanky reaches out and presses the switch. A barrel 
    will appear next to you. Tap B to grab it and let go, or you'll throw it 
    out of the ring. Four music pads will appear. Throw the barrel so it 
    lands near one, then stand on the pad. A banana skin will appear from 
    the barrel. Wait until it is between K. Rool and yourself and play your 
    trombone, but don't take too long or the banana skin will vanish. When you 
    play, K. Rool will charge you and - if the banana skin was in the way
    - slip up. Warning: If he doesn't, you will be unable to move and he will 
    hit you! Once you have used a music pad it will vanish (and so will a 
    button). Repeat (I don't think you need do it in numerical order) three 
    After a hilarious sequence where the referee/snake/microphone ignores 
    the bell (inducing one of the Kritters to dance on top of it wildly), 
    the Kritters will now pull the light off K. Rool's head (resulting in 
    them getting squashed flat under K. Rool and the light).
    Now, Tiny faces the King. Pony Tail twirl over his shock waves (try 
    not to glide towards K. Rool, as he might hit you as he charges across 
    the ring. Eventually, he will start yelling in pain (I think he's trodden 
    on his tail - or something). at this point, get in the Tiny barrel 
    that appears (backflip, but be quick). One of his shoes has a hole in 
    one end, so run in (weird or what?) and you will find yourself looking 
    at - HIS TOES!!! Tiny will also whip out her feather bow. You must keep 
    shooting them (this is meant to tickle them, by the way), but watch out as 
    they will keep attacking you by lunging forward (you can see which are about 
    to as they will jiggle; eventually, he'll raise his left hand toe; shoot 
    this and you will be warped out. Repeat this (K. Rool's attacks get more 
    vicious each time, but in the foot its generally the same and this time you 
    must hit the toe second from the left when it is raised - twice. Repeat 
    basically with the next to on the right each time, and you must hit it 
    one more time too, so the last time, you will hit his right toe four times 
    when it is raised. K. Rool will finally lose his balance and the Kritters
    will also break the bell.
    This is tough! K. Rool will start to spring himself against the ropes, 
    until he becomes invisible (except for his shadow). A blue Chunky switch 
    will appear (just for those of you who didn't learn the Super Duper Simian 
    Slam), so press it and four Chunky pads will appear. Once you're invisible, 
    K. Rool will be visible, and a Chunky barrel will appear. Jump inside 
    (this is harder than it looks) and you will be placed at a corner, facing 
    K. Rool, who will charge you. Simian Slam him, but time it right so you hit 
    him - otherwise he will hit you! Four hits and he's finally out for the 
    count. This gets harder as on the third time, K. Rool will become 
    invisible, and he'll be faster. The last time, he'll also weave about. 
    After Chunky knocks him out, he'll get up again, but he'll be distracted 
    by the appearance of Candy. This will give Funky the chance to try out a 
    new shooter on him (a large boot), which sends K. Rool flying into the air 
    and away from Kong Isles. You will now see the end sequence. If you got 
    all 201 bananas and all the fairies and banana medals (and all the boss keys 
    and special coins, which you need to fight K. Rool anyway), then you
    will get an amusing animation at the end showing Cranky directing the other
    Kongs and trying to teach them moves (for some reason, Lanky doesn't appear
    here; I guess he wasn't popular enough).
    					8 Battle Arenas
    Each level has a battle arena; press Z on the pad to enter it. The 
    enemies  will always get tougher as you progress, with the easiest 
    ones being in the early arenas. Kritters are easier to kill and will 
    drop watermelon slices; be careful when dealing with Kasplats as 
    they don't leave anything behind when killed.
    Beaver Brawl (Jungle Japes)
    Play as: Any Kong
    Location: Outside Funky's hut.
    Simply fight all the beavers, that come in trios in the time 
    allotted. Make sure you don't fall off the platform though.
    Kritter Karnage (Angry Aztec)
    Play as: Diddy, Tiny, Lanky or Chunky
    Location: Get Lanky's banana by shooting the vulture and draining 
    the water. There it is!
    Kill the three Kritters that keep appearing. Really easy again.
    Arena Ambush (Frantic Factory)
    Play as: Any Kong
    Location: On the R&D level, as Donkey, find the lever and pull 
    it (Gorilla Grab) and a trapdoor will open in the floor, revealing 
    the Battle Arena Pad.
    This involves fighting two Kritters and a Kasplat, but they're 
    just as easy! An extra Kritter will enter the arena towards the end.
    More Kritter Karnage (Gloomy Galleon)
    Play as: Any Kong
    Location: In a room under Cranky's lab; use Chunky's primate punch 
    to get in.
    Three Kritters again; easy!
    Kamikaze Kremlings (Fungi Forest)
    Play as: Any Kong
    Location: At night, get to the top of the giant mushroom and there 
    is a hatch leading down to the battle arena pad.
    There's a Kritter and two Kasplats this time.
    Plinth Panic (Crystal Caves)
    Play as: Donkey
    Location: In the cabin where you play Donkey's matching game, press 
    the blue switch that is on the left as you enter. You will end up 
    on the wall/floor with the battle arena pad.
    Exactly the same as above; just slightly tougher.
    Pinnacle Pallaver (Creepy Castle)
    Play as: Lanky
    Location: After you've traversed the maze as Lanky, the Battle 
    Arena Pad will appear nearby.
    Four enemies this time; two Kasplats and two Skeleton Kritters. 
    Are you up to it?
    Shockwave Showdown (Hideout Helm)
    Play as: Diddy
    Location: Use the Diddy barrel to fly to the top of the machine!
    I recommend you don't play this until you have shut down the 
    generator. Keep your head for 100 seconds while fighting two Kasplats 
    and a Kritter. Note that a third Kasplat will join you during the last 
    15 seconds.
    Bish Bash Bother (Kong Isles)
    Play as: Any Kong
    Location: Outside Snide's HQ is a rock. Throw it as Chunky and you 
    will reveal a battle arena pad!
    Fight a Kritter, a Kasplat and a skeleton to win the crown.
    Forest Fracas (Kong Isles)
    Play as: Chunky
    Location: This is hard to find; go to the area outside the Fungi 
    Forest entrance and become Diddy. See the red mushroom floating 
    around? Well, shoot it and it will turn yellow, so become Donkey 
    and shoot it. Carry on, shooting the each colour with the right 
    Kong, i.e.:
    Blue - Lanky
    Green - Chunky
    Purple - Tiny
    A hatch will open revealing a Chunky pad. Become Chunky and make 
    yourself invisible, and a battle arena pad will appear.
    					9 Banana Fairies
    You will notice that at first all the Banana Fairy films cannot be 
    collected. You don't have the camera. To get it, learn Tiny's Mini 
    Monkey move and go to the island with the sort of palm - tree like 
    structure on and enter the barrel (as Tiny, or course). You can now 
    enter the passage and speak to Banana Fairy, who will give you the 
    camera. To take a photograph, press Z and C down to go into camera 
    view mode, then press B, but ONLY when the green, smiley face appears. 
    Capturing fairies will increase your Crystal Coconut capacity and
    also max out your ammunition. The locations of the fairies are as 
    9.1 Jungle Japes
    1) (ANY KONG) Go through the door you battered down as Rambi and 
    you'll see a banana
    2) (LANKY) Go to the room where you slammed the pegs and there's 
    a fairy!
    9.2 Angry Aztec
    3) (ANY KONG) By Tiny's barrel in the Llama's temple.
    4) (TINY) Enter the Dark Temple and find the two small holes
    near the Tiny barrels; one leads to a fairy (you can even hear her 
    giggling from the other side).
    9.3 Frantic Factory
    5) (ANY KONG) In a passage off the testing room.
    6) (ANY KONG) When you get Tiny's banana from the wheel game, a 
    fairy appears outside
    Funky's hut.
    9.4 Gloomy Galleon
    7) (ANY KONG) Inside one of the chests that Chunky breaks.
    8) (TINY) When you enter the ship as Tiny, there's a fairy behind 
    some bars.
    9.5 Fungi Forest
    9) (DIDDY) One appears when you get Diddy's banana in the old building 
    near to the barn.
    10) (DONKEY) In the stables, slam the crate on the upper level for a 
    9.6 Crystal Caves
    11) (DIDDY) After lighting the candles in one of the cabins, a fairy 
    will appear.
    12) (TINY) After you've collected Tiny's banana in the igloo, a fairy 
    will appear. But while trying to photograph it you'll have to contend 
    with that @%£$&! Kosha, which  respawns way too quickly).
    9.7 Creepy Castle
    13) (TINY OR CHUNKY) When you enter the museum as Chunky, you will go 
    past two glass panels with a Tiny pad on either side. You can just 
    about see the fairy, and it is possible to take the photo from here, 
    although its probably easier as Tiny.
    14) (DONKEY) Enter the tree as Donkey and go down to the underground 
    river, and there's a fairy there.
    9.8 Hideout Helm
    15 and 16) (ANY KONG) They're in the room with he last key, but you 
    don't need the Rareware or Nintendo coin to get a picture of them; 
    simply aim the camera at them and say cheese!
    9.9 Kong Isles
    17) (ANY KONG) Close to Banana Fairy's island is a small island, 
    with a fairy on.
    18) (ANY KONG) Outside Frantic Factory is a large crate. As Chunky, 
    Primate Punch it and it will reveal a fairy.
    19) (ANY KONG) Outside Fungi Forest is a feather switch; shoot it 
    as Tiny for a fairy!
    20) (TINY) Use the Monkeyport pad as Tiny (on the side of K.Rool's 
    tower) and you will be warped to a fairy (as well as a music pad).
    9.10 Prizes
    These are what you get for getting certain amounts of Banana Fairies:
    Two: DK Theater (i.e. the intro, the DK rap and all the other animations - 
    but only after you've seen them in the game).
    Six: Go to a series of arenas where you can play as all the animal 
    characters (for fun). You can also play Cranky's Jetpack game and the 
    DK arcade game (see secrets).
    Ten: Go to any of the bosses.
    Fifteen: You get to activate Krusha for the Kong Battle mode.
    Twenty: You get to activate cheats!!!
    					10 Warp Locations
    These are the locations of the warps found on each level (numbered 
    1 to 5); using each warp will take you to the other one of the same 
    10.1 Kong Isles
    All warps start outside the passage to DK's hut.
    1 - To K. Lumsy's island.
    2 - To outside Angry Aztec
    3 - To halfway around the island (by the cannon leading to Fungi 
    Forest/ Crystal Caves and where K. Rool's ship crashes.
    4 - To outside Frantic Factory
    5 - To Banana Fairy Island
    Plus an extra set of warps outside Hideout Helm to help reach the 
    entrance quickly after it is first accessed.
    10.2 Jungle Japes
    1 - The start of the level to the lake
    2 - The edge of the lake to near Snide's hut
    3 - Pretty redundant - warps you from one end of the lake to the 
    4 - The passage by the lake to Cranky's lab
    5 - The area near where Tiny's barrels are to the top of the hill 
    where Diddy's mine car ride starts; the second warp appears after 
    you get the banana that appears there.
    10.3 Angry Aztec
    10.3.1 Main Area
    1 - The start (practically) to near Candy's hut.
    2 - The first temple to the second main area
    3 - The second main area to Cranky's lab (saving a dangerous trek 
    along a narrow path in the hot sand)
    4 - Through the second main area, as a shortcut to Funky's hut
    5 - Near Snide's hut to the area where DK plays Stealthy Snoop 
    (only opens after this game is completed). This allows Diddy to grab 
    a banana balloon.
    10.3.2 Llama Temple
    1 - By the pool to the Tag Barrel behind the llama
    2 - By the pool to Lanky's kasplat (otherwise only accessible to 
    10.4 Frantic Factory
    1 - The entrance to the store room
    2 - The entrance to the top floor
    3 - The entrance to Snide's HQ
    4 - The floor of the production room to a point half - way up
    5 - Outside Funky's hut to the Donkey Kong arcade machine
    10.5 Gloomy Galleon
    1 - The area around Cranky's lab to the lighthouse
    2 - The main lake (with the sunken ship) to the room where Cranky's 
    lab is
    3 - The platform near Tiny's Kasplat to Snide's HQ
    4 - The main lake to Donkey's Kasplat (only accessible after 
    Diddy has completed Stealthy Snoop)
    5 - The Sunken Ship Area to the lighthouse
    10.6 Fungi Forest
    1 - By the clock to the Barn Area
    2 - By the clock to Funky's hut
    3 - By the clock to the foot of the toadstool
    4 - By the clock to the Autumn Area
    5 - Near the toadstool to the top of the toadstool
    10.7 Crystal Caves
    1 - Near the entrance to the igloo area
    2 - Near the entrance to near Candy's hut (and the cabins)
    3 - the igloo to another cave that only Tiny can enter; it only 
    appears after Tiny has completed her bonus game.
    4 - A pinnacle between Cranky's lab and the igloo (which can only 
    be accessed as Diddy, using his jetpack) to Diddy's Kasplat 
    (otherwise only accessible to Tiny)
    5 - The Cabin Area, near to Diddy's cabins, to Lanky's kasplat 
    (otherwise only  accessible with Diddy)
    10.8 Creepy Castle
    10.8.1 Main Area
    All warps start by the lake at the front of the castle
    1 - The door at the back of the castle basement
    2 - A Diddy barrel a little way up the castle
    3 - Cranky's lab
    4 - The ballroom
    5 - The top of the tower
    It is best to have Tiny go all the way up the castle, activating 
    the warps as her Pony Tail Twirl is ideal for passing the tricky 
    jumps involving the moving platforms.
    10.8.2 Crypt
    All three warps in this area start from the entrace:
    1 - Leads to the coffin that Diddy opens
    2 - Leads to Donkey's Ghost Train ride
    3 - Leads to the coffins where Chunky plays Searchlight Seek
    					11 Dirt Pad Locations
    All dirt pads contain a multicolour coin which adds five coins to 
    each Kong's total. Access them with the move the Banana Fairy gives 
    11.1 DK Isles
    1) (ANY KONG) In a passage near DK's house
    2) (ANY KONG) In the "banana hoard"
    3) (ANY KONG) In K. Lumsy's room
    4) (ANY KONG) On the way to Angry Aztec
    5) (ANY KONG) Outside the room containing the Fungi Forest entrance
    6) (DIDDY) Above Angry Aztec
    7) (LANKY) Under Lanky's bonus barrel outside Creepy Castle
    11.2 Jungle Japes
    8) (LANKY) At the top of the slope leading to the room with the map 
    11.3 Angry Aztec
    9) (ANY KONG) Under the tag barrel near to Candy's shop
    10) (CHUNKY) In Chunky's section of the Dark Temple 
    11.4 Frantic Factory
    11) (ANY KONG) In the room where Chunky uses the moving platforms to 
    reach a banana
    11.5 Gloomy Galleon
    12) (DONKEY) Inside the lighthouse
    11.6 Fungi Forest
    13) (ANY KONG) By the area where the beanstalk appears
    11.7 Crystal Caves
    14) (TINY) Use the monkeyport pad that leads to the giant Kosha who 
    is knocking down the stalactites and the dirt pad is there.
    11.8  Creepy Castle
    15) (ANY KONG) **I had this wrong before; thanks to all of you who 
    wrote and told me - NOT! It's by Snide's hut, at the top of the castle.
    				12 Rareware and Nintendo Coins
    Rareware Coin
    After getting 15 banana medals, go and see Cranky. To get the coin, 
    you must score over on his Jetpack game, which involves shooting down 
    aliens. Shooting one increases your score by 25. Also,you must 
    assemble your rocket by getting the pieces hold jump to get them 
    while avoiding the aliens, then collecting enough fuel for the 
    rocket. You must run onto them then carry them to the rocket (you 
    pick them up automatically) to go to the next level. You start off with 
    three lives. The best way to do this is to get 5000 points on the first
    level, then finish fuelling the rocket. Get the bonus items that appear to
    increase your score. If you reach level 2 with over 5000 points, the 
    Rareware coin will appear so get it!
    Nintendo Coin
    After beating four levels on Donkey Kong (in the arcade machine in 
    Frantic Factory), do it again!!! This time, you are playing Level Two, 
    so it is slightly harder.
    					13 Glitches
    These are from the website http://davidwonn.turokcave.com/
    Note: I am only using the ones I have managed to do myself.
    Secret Room under Kong Isles
    After you've learned the monkeyport and used it to get to Tiny's 
    music pad on K. Rool's tower, and made the Chunky Barrel appear, 
    become Chunky and use the barrel. This is best done when you have 
    all the fairies and can activate the cheats; go to the steps that 
    lead to Angry Aztec and jump at the first one and - if done right - 
    Chunky will fall under the island. He can walk around here, and swim 
    out to sea (but if he surfaces, you'll have to do it again. This may
    take some practise, but go to the waterfall and Chunky will start to 
    swim in mid - air; turn round and swim towards the island, stay 
    swimming under the island and Chunky should vanish. Now, change the 
    camera angle with the C buttons and you will find Chunky swimming 
    in the room with K. Rool's monitors and stuff. As soon as you jump 
    onto the keyboards, the water will vanish. To leave, jump behind 
    the monitors. Be careful when doing this move as it is possible to 
    get trapped in the cage where Chunky's banana is (of course you
    could try not getting Chunky's shooter, then trying to get the banana 
    this way!)
    Turn Chunky into Rambi
    On Jungle Japes, go into the Chunky barrel (once again, best done 
    when you can get infinite crystal coconuts) and jump towards the 
    beehive - thing which Tiny enters. If done right (you will take a 
    few goes), you will fall into the area where Lanky's Kasplat is. You 
    can also roam across the level as Hunky Chunky (it seems the slashed 
    "you can't do that past here" circle will only appear in the regular 
    passage from Chunky's barrel, as the programmers didn't anticipate 
    this ;). You can also jump towards the wall just left of the alcove 
    with the Rambi crate in and you'll go through the wall! You can become 
    Rambi, because - unlike Enguarde's crates - this crate is solid for all
    Kongs, as it didn't look possible for the other Kongs to get here. 
    Thus, you can become Rambi (you can even pass through the bars!) 
    When you change back, Chunky will be normal size, but still act like 
    Hunky Chunky; you'll hear the ground crashing as he walks, even though 
    the Hunky Chunky music isn't used. Also, all the warps on the level will 
    vanish until you enter a tag barrel (at which point everything goes back
    to normal).
    Tiny Goes To Visit Wrinkly
    Outside Angry Aztec, activate Chunky's Wrinkly door (open the back cave 
    with Tiny's bow, then kill the zingers inside for a Chunky barrel. As 
    Hunky Chunky, stand on the table (sounds like a chimps tea party...) 
    and a door will appear in the lobby.) Become Tiny and stand over the 
    door, then drop in front of it, making Wrinkly appear. When she retreats, 
    run forward and Tiny will enter the door. It's all black behind. To 
    leave you must listen to Wrinky's advice again.
    Carry (almost) Anything As Normal Chunky
    If you go to almost any rock that can be carried only as Hunky Chunky, 
    then carry it (as Hunky Chunky) to an area where you are forced to shrink, 
    you will drop it. Return to the Chunky barrel, then go to where the rock 
    is it will still be where the slashed circle appeared) and pick it up as 
    you shrink, you will be able to carry it even though you are to small 
    (note: this will not work with the apple in Fungi Forest as it will 
    vanish and warp back to the starting point if you drop it in the wrong 
    Milk Churns Glitch
    Go into the main section of the barn, and carry (as Chunky) either 
    of the churns outside, the carry it back in. Another has appeared in 
    its place!
    				14 Freqently Asked Questions
    Q: Where's Candy Kong on Jungle Japes/Fungi Forest?
    A: She's not there; get over it
    Q: Where's Diddy/Tiny/Lanky/Chunky?
    A: See the walkthrough for how to rescue them
    Q: So, are Rambi and Engaurde the only animals you can transform into? 
    How about squitter?
    A: Sorry, those really are the only animals you can become. Squawks 
    is in the game, but you can't turn into him. Hmm - and in one game 
    you become a Klaptrap...
    Q: What about poor Winky and Expresso?
    A: Nope, sorry?
    Q: What's this "Great Girder Grapple" that Cranky talks about in 
    the manual?
    A: It's a joke, as far as I'm aware. It doesn't exist.
    Q: How do I get the Nintendo/Rareware coins?
    A: Read chapter 12.
    Q: I went into the building labelled "Snide's HQ" and some weasel 
    yelled at me for not having any blueprints. What do I do?
    A: Kill the Kasplat with one of your Kong's blueprints and then 
    take them to Snide.
    Q: What do I do with those pictures of musical instruments?
    A: Try speaking to Candy Kong.
    Q: I found a rock that Chunky can't pick up? How do I pick it up?
    A: Try becoming Hunky Chunky...
    Q: How do I open the boss doors?
    A: Get enough normal bananas from the level and feed them to Scoff 
    (the hippo).
    Q: Isn't Candy a bit ... suggestive?
    A: Well, this game was made by the people behind Banjo Tooie (full 
    of hidden dirty jokes) and Conker's Bad Fur Day, so not really a 
    surprise there.
    Q: I keep falling during the boss battle with Mad Jack? What's 
    A: Presumably you never visited Cranky Kong with Tiny after unlocking 
    Frantic Factory and hence don't have her Pony Tail Twirl; try 
    visiting Cranky first.
    Q: How do I control the boat during the Pufftoss fight?
    A: Hold down Z to accelerate - the rest should be self explanatory.
    Q: How do I kill the purple Kasplats/Klumps?
    A: Try throwing oranges.
    Q: How do I kill the Koshas? They keep batting my oranges away!
    A: Visit the Banana Fairy and learn her special move; this works 
    on them.
    Q: How many lives do I have?
    A: Infinite; how nice of Rare.
    Q: The Troff and Scoff doors all vanished after I beat the boss! 
    How do I replay the boss fights?
    A: You can replay them after getting ten banana fairies on a 
    single file.
    Q: What's "Krusha", and how do I play as him?
    A: You need to be in Multiplayer. The bad news is - you need 
    more than one human  player to play this mode.
    Q: So, I can't play multiplayer on my own against the computer?
    A: Sorry, no. I feel your pain.
    Q: How do I get past those doors in Fungi Forest with moons on 
    A: Climb the cuckoo clock and shoot the picture of the moon, 
    to turn it to night.
    Q: I'm having trouble getting this game to work! What's up?
    A: Remember, you need to memory expansion pack. The game should 
    come with a  special tool to remove the old one so you can insert 
    the new one.
    Q: I read there was a picture of Banjo and Kazooie in DK's 
    shower. Where is it?
    A: From what I can tell, it's nonexistant, false, pseudologous.
    Q: How do I kill that fish that keeps following me around in 
    the dark rooms in Gloomy Galleon?
    A: You can't; that's Glimmer, and he's lighting your way.
    Q: So - sob - how did Wrinkly die?
    A: No idea...
    Q: How do I stop those stalactites falling in Crystal Caves?
    A: See the section on Crystal Caves; there's a Monkeyport pad 
    that you can use to reach and kill the Kosha that is 
    perpetrating this.
    End of FAQ. If you have any comments, complaints or hints, 
    please e-mail GavLuvsGA@aol.com (so long as its nothing 
    patronising like pointing out a speeling mistace!)

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