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    Blueprints FAQ by Gold Mage

    Version: Final | Updated: 12/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For Donkey Kong 64
    By Gold Mage
    Email: tjhunt@gmail.com
    Created on: 23/12/02
    Version: Final
    This document is the hard work of me. This document cannot be changed or altered
    in any way, You are welcome to ask my permission if you would like this 
    guide posted on your website. This document is for private use only. If you wish
    to contact me about this guide please check the Contact Me section at the
    bottom of the guide on details for emailing me.
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                    _____|             CONTENTS            |_____
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       I. Author's Note
      II. Version History
     III. Blueprints FAQ
      IV. Blueprints Guide
       V. Credits
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                    _____|        I. AURTHOR'S NOTE        |_____
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    Donkey Kong 64 is a massive and very fun game to play. Donkey and his friends
    have to once again face off against the evil King K.Rool in a battle to save
    D.K Isles. But before he can do that, Donkey and his friends must find the 40
    Blueprints to find out K.Rool's plan. The Blueprints are scattered around the
    worlds the D.K Crew must explore. The FAQ is especially for the location of the
    Blueprints because sometimes this game can get frustrating in finding things.
    If you have any form of question about the Blueprint FAQ or if you have found
    a mistake in the FAQ and would like to correct me, please feel free to email me
    at the address at the top of the FAQ. I will add your name in the credits
    because you helped me out.
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                    _____|       II. VERSION HISTORY       |_____
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    Version 0.10: 23/12/02     +Completed the Blueprint FAQ section.
    Version 0.30: 24/12/02     +Started the Blueprint Guide section and completed
                                up to Frantic Factory. Updated the Blueprint FAQ
    Version 0.45: 25/12/02     +Updated Angry Aztec Blueprints.
    Version 0.70: 27/12/02     +Continued Blueprints guide up to Fungi Forest.
    Version 1.0 : 31/12/02     +Finished Blueprints Guide and updated FAQ section.
    Version 1.05:  9/ 2/03     +Fixed spelling errors I found.
    Final Version: 19/3/03     +Added my trademark ribbons and section breaks.
                               +Found a site that gives you ASCII art titles. So I
                                made a title for the FAQ.
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                    _____|       III. BLUEPRINTS FAQ       |_____
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    "What are the Blueprints for?"
    The Blueprints are your key into stopping King K.Rool. When you have all of
    the Blueprints you have a better chance of defeating King K.Rool. The last
    world of the game (Hideout Helm) has a timer that counts down on how long you
    have to complete the challenges inside. The more Blueprints you have the more
    time you get.
    "How many Blueprints are there?"
    There are 40 Blueprints in the game. That's 5 for each world.
    "Where do I find Blueprints?"
    In each of the 9 worlds, there are 8 in which you can find the Blueprints. To
    find the Blueprint you must find a Kersplat. A Kersplat is an enemy that wears
    a black leather jacket, sunglasses and has blue skin. When you defeat one of
    these they drop the Blueprint. But not just any Kong can pick up any Blueprint.
    Each Kong has his or her own colour. The colour determines which things that
    Kong can pick up. This rule applies for Bananas, Blueprints, Banana Balloons
    and Banana Coins. The colours for each Kong are.
    Donkey Kong: Yellow
    Diddy Kong: Red
    Tiny Kong: Purple
    Lanky Kong: Blue
    Chunky Kong: Green
    To know which Kersplat belongs to which Kong, match the Kong's colour with the
    Kersplat's hair colour.
    "I have a Blueprint, now what do I do with it?"
    When you have acquired a Blueprint you now have to take it to Snide's HQ. There
    is a Snide HQ in each level excluding Hideout Helm. When you give the Blueprint
    to Snide and he will give you a Golden Banana.
    "What happens when I give all 40 Blueprints to Snide?"
    When you give all the Blueprints to Snide, two things will happen. The first
    thing is that when you enter Hideout Helm you will have the maximum time to
    complete the level, which is 50 minutes. So that makes the last world easier.
    The second thing is Snide's lets you play mini-games at his HQ. So if you are
    bored you can have so gaming fun at Snide's HQ.
    "What are the mini-games Snide lets you play?"
    The mini-games that Snide lets you are the following.
    Kremling Kosh
    Bonkers Barrel Bandit
    Beaver Bother
    Searchlight Seek
    Krazy Kong Klamour
    Peril Path Panic
    Big Bug Bash
    Teetering Turtle Trouble
    You should know these games and how to play them by the time you collect all of
    the Blueprints.
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                    _____|       IV. BLUEPRINTS GUIDE      |_____
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    Now that we have gone over the basics of Blueprint information let's start with
    the guide itself. The guide is split up into the different worlds for your
    ~~ D.K ISLE ~~
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    Donkey's Blueprint is in the entrance room to Hideout Helm. By using the
    Coconut Gun shoot the switch over the other side of the lava, now you be able
    to get across the lava to the other side. Once on the other side of the lava
    defeat the Kersplat on the landing to receive the Blueprint.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    Diddy's Blueprint in the entrance lobby for Creepy Castle. Use Donkey Kong and
    walk around the central chamber. There is a Coconut Switch on the bars on the
    side with the entrance to Creepy Castle. Shoot the switch then change back to
    Diddy. Run back to the cage and jump over the acid, to find the red Kersplat
    in the cage.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    In the entrance area to Frantic Factory there is a big crate on the right of
    entering with a '?' on it. Use Chunky Kong to use Primate Punch to bust open
    the giant crate and then change back to Tiny to kick the Kersplat's but to pick
    up your next Blueprint.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    Once again you will need Chunky to help out in collecting this Blueprint. In
    the entrance area to Crystal Caves there are walls that are see-through, so
    what are you going to do about these wall? Smash 'em! Get Chunky to Primate
    Punch the see-through ice, then change back to Lanky and look inside the new
    chamber, there should be a Kersplat waiting for a beating.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    This is pretty easy to get. Swim to the entrance to Gloomy Galleon and there is
    the Kersplat on the higher wall, just simply jump up there and defeat him.
    ~~ JUNGLE JAPES ~~
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    The Kersplat with the yellow hair is in the tunnel with the number 3 Banana Pad
    outside of it. But which one of the two tunnels you ask? The tunnel on the west
    side of the world. The tunnel is next to area with the big 'X' on it.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    As you enter Jungle Japes and have made your way to the central area with the
    river. Go right and jump over the water. There should be some beavers here and
    a number 3 Banana Pad in front of a different tunnel. Go in the tunnel and not
    too far from the entrance is the Red Blueprint Kersplat.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    This Kersplat is only steps away from the Donkey Kong Kersplat. Just follow the
    way to the tunnel but continue to go further in. There he is, just waiting to
    go get some plaster from the beating he will get.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint
    Swim to the tunnel that is across the little lake and make your way through.
    As you turn left there should be a room with an angry Kersplat inside. Slap him
    around to collect your next Blueprint.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    There is a little field in the central area with a big 'X' on it. Once you have
    got the Golden Banana by throwing the rock at the 'X' start stomping on the
    'X'. Three stomps with Simian Slam will cause the ground to break, making you
    fall inside. Now you're in the hidden cave. Slowly make your way across the
    ledge waiting for the fire to light your way until you reach the center
    platform. Now shoot the Pineapple Switch in the large statue's eyes so vines
    appear. Swing on the vines to a platform with the Kersplat. Be careful or you
    might fall off.
    ~~ ANGRY AZTEC ~~
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    You will have needed to have taught Strong Kong to get this Blueprint. At the
    entrance there is a door that needs to be opened by some coconuts. Jump into
    the Strong Kong Barrel and run over the quicksand and defeat the Kersplat on
    the bridge. Make him suffer.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    There is a area where there is a Llama in a cage and a building on the other
    side. Climb up the trees on the island in the center surrounded by quicksand
    and you should find a Jetpack Barrel on top of the trees. Use it fly over 
    to the Domed Temple and on top of it is red-head that somehow got stuck up 
    there. Beat him and steal his Blueprint.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    When  you reach the area with the Domed Temple continue to go through the next
    tunnel, which leads the second main area. On the way through the tunnel the
    Kersplat is guarding a switch. Beat this Purple-haired weirdo for another
    Blueprint for Snide.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    Lanky's Blueprint is in the Llama's Temple. You will need to have activate the
    number 2 Banana Pad's with Tiny before you can get this Blueprint. Just use the
    pads and spring onto the Kersplat in the lava area.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    In the Maze Temple, open up Chunky's Door and make your way through the
    passages to find the lost Kersplat in a tunnel. If you don't know how to open
    the Maze Temple, once you have beaten the vulture in the flying race with
    Diddy you have to feed the big statue with Peanuts. Then when he's full he will
    activate the switches on the outside of the temple.
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    Use the number 4 Banana Pads and make your way up the outside of the machine in
    the Production Room. Slowly make you way over the moving platforms and when
    you make it to the rolling pipes, run across the carefully when they start to
    slow down to a stop. be careful when you fight the Kersplat because one knock
    from him will send you down to the ground below and you have to climb back up
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    Not a hard one to find because you probably have already seen him but just to
    refresh your memory he is on the ground floor of the Production Room.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    Go to the R&D Room to find this one. Make your way to the higher level, there
    is an entrance to a room with a single pole in the middle. Climb down the pole
    and enter the room below. The Kersplat will be right below you as you enter the
    lower room. Beat him for the next Blueprint.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    Once you are controlling Lanky make you way back to the higher level of the R&D
    where our blue-haired buddy can receive his beating so we can steal his special
    little Blueprint off of him.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    Go to the Testing Area to find the Kersplat guarding the toys, he's not hard
    to find in the central room. Beat him up and get your next green Blueprint.
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    This is a little long this one. Okay, first you have to be Lanky and go to the
    second main area, which is the one without a lighthouse in the middle. Then
    swim underwater and use the Animal Crate on top of the shipwreck and transform
    into the Engard the Swordfish. Now break open the wood on the wall in this area
    with the picture of Engard's face on it. Now make sure the water level is up
    by checking the underwater switches the island the lighthouse is on. Now
    change into Diddy. Go back to the area with the ship wreck and swim on the
    surface. On the surface near the entrance you just opened to the Treasure
    Chamber there are floating planks of wood with the number 4 Banana Pad on it.
    Activate this pad if you haven't done so already then swim into the Treasure
    Chamber still as Diddy. Jump up the giant coin piles and find the second
    number 4 Banana Pad. Swim out the chamber and change into Donkey Kong. Now use
    the number 4 Banana Pad on the planks of wood on the surface to arrive on the
    coins of the Treasure Chamber. The Kersplat is not too far away from hear. Now
    Beat the snot out of him for causing so much trouble.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    In the area with the lighthouse there is a little cave sort-of thing on the far
    wall. The Kersplat is pacing inside it, you will have to lower the water level
    with the switches under the lighthouse island before you can get to him. Once
    you have beaten him raise the water level again and then go to Snide.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    When you enter Gloomy Galleon follow the tunnel to find a room with broken ship
    parts and ship hulls. Use the cannon to make you way to the crows nest of the
    ship there. Swing on the vines that are there and make your way over the planks
    to find the Kersplat on the other side. Defeat him collect your Blueprint for
    your collection
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    First off make sure you are Chunky. As Chunky go to the entrance to Gloomy
    Galleon and there is a tunnel to the right from the entrance that needs to be
    opened with pineapples. Once you have opened it make sure the water is on the
    higher level and then come back as Lanky Kong. Swim over to the platforms and
    then hop to the middle platform and slap the Kersplat around for your next
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    In the second main area with the shipwreck make your way down the river to
    Funky's Store. At the end of the river near Funky's Store that is a giant
    cactus that you can climb on. Jump to the top of it to find the green-haired
    ~~ FUNGI FOREST ~~
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    In the area with the mill there a building surrounded by prickly thorns. The
    Kersplat is wait for you in the hedges of thorns. Beat him for your prize.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    This Blueprint is inside the Giant Mushroom. Here's how to get it. Go inside
    the Giant Mushroom from the bottom entrance and make your way up the inside of
    it. After a little bit of climbing you will be able to see him on vines that
    somehow he can walk on and so can you. Jump on the vine platform and lunge in
    for the kill and defeat him for your next Blueprint.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    Go inside the Giant Mushroom as Tiny and climb your way up. Out one of the
    exits is the Blueprint man with his cool purple hair. Bash him up for yet again
    another Blueprint. 
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    In the area with the giant tree log and the rabbit's house is where our next
    target is. Just simply go inside the giant tree log and beat the Kersplat
    trying to distract you from the race.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    Go into the Giant Mushroom (Ugh again...) and make your way to near the top
    there are vines that take you to the other side of the mushroom where
    ironically our green Blueprint awaits. Beat up the green-haired Kersplat then
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    When you first enter the Crystal Caves go across the river and there are
    platforms you can climb up to a higher level of ground. Follow the paths of the
    higher platforms until you find one that has two choices in direction. One
    choice will lead down a slope and the other will lead to another platform with
    the yellow Blueprint Kersplat on it.
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    If you have activated both of the number 4 Banana Pads, use the pad near the
    Igloo and you will find the Kersplat as you appear. If you haven't activated
    the number 4 Banana Pads, the first is on a pillar near the Igloo (You will
    need to have used the Jet Pack to get to it) and the second is in a tunnel that
    only Tiny can fit in. So turn into Tiny and go further up the river and past
    the platforms Donkey Kong used (see above) and you will find some more
    platforms that you can climb. Use these to get to another high platform area
    and follow the path to the end. Use the Tiny Barrel so you can fit in the
    little tunnel. Now when inside activate the number 4 Banana Pad then exit.
    Change into Diddy and use the number 4 Banana Pad near the Igloo to enter the
    room with the red Kersplat.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    As in the above Blueprint for Diddy continue up the river but only this time go
    right to the very end, which is past Candy's Store. There are yet again more
    platforms you can reach the higher levels where the Kersplat is wait for you
    to take his Blueprint off him.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    First off change into Diddy and use the Jetpack Barrel to make your way to the
    high platform between the platforms you used for Donkey and Diddy's Blueprints.
    There is a number 5 Banana Pad on the very top, so you should activate it. Now
    to find the other pad. the other number 5 Banana Pad is on the higher platforms
    left of Candy's Store. So go up there as Lanky and warp yourself to the high
    pillar. Be careful or you might fall off.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    Now to get the last Blueprint of the Caves. As Chunky make your way downstream
    and reach the Igloo. Jump on top of one of the doorways and then jump on to the
    top of the Igloo and battle your Kersplat gladiator style for you Blueprint.
    Donkey Kong's Blueprint:
    Enter the tree close to the entrance and shoot the Coconut Switches with your
    gun. Fight him in the newly opened passage to receive your prize. The final
    Yellow Blueprint
    Diddy Kong's Blueprint:
    Diddy's Kersplat is in the tunnels near Funky's Store. by going around the
    river at the start, (Heading left) and jumping over the two platforms to find
    two entrances on opposite side of each other. The one on the other side of the
    castle wall is the one with the Blueprint.
    Tiny Kong's Blueprint:
    Near the entrance there is a narrow edge that you can walk across to reach a
    platform and there is a another platform further ahead. Use the Pony Tail Twirl
    to make you way over to the platform with the Kersplat and beat him to a pulp.
    Lanky Kong's Blueprint:
    As you make your way up the outside of the castle there will be two moving
    platforms that you have to get past. Once you do get past them you can fight
    the Kersplat on the next lading and take away his Blueprint.
    Chunky Kong's Blueprint:
    Chunky's Blueprint is across the river near the entrance to the level. Go over
    the river and enter the door. There should be green bananas hear and the final
    Kersplat in the hallway.
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                    _____|           V. CREDITS            |_____
                    \    | _______________________________ |    /
                     \   |/ |                           | \|   /
                     /    \ |                           | /    \
                    /______/                             \______\
    Thanks to my English teacher who pushes me into writing things.
    Daryl Dwyer for some information on some Blueprints.
       The Donkey Kong 64 "Blueprints FAQ" Is Copyright of Gold Mage 2002-2003

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