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    Banana Coin FAQ by avengah

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/29/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Donkey Kong 64 100% COMPLETE Banana Coins FAQ!
    Version 1.0 by Matt Davis (avengah)
    Started: 29th May 2008
    Last updated: 29th May 2008
    Version History:
    v1.0 - Original version
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Things to Buy and Costs
    Section 3: Complete Banana Coin List
    Section 4: And Finally...
    Section 5: Copyright (the boring bit)
    Note to people wanting to SEARCH through this document: All section titles
    appear EXACTLY as above, except in CAPITAL LETTERS, so you have two options!
    Either copy part or all of the Section Title into your search bar, and click
    twice (once for when it appears in the contents, and once for the actual
    section), OR select "Match case" and type it in ALL CAPS. Then it should find
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    (case sensitive, replace # with the number you are looking for).
                             SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION
    This FAQ is dedicated to all those 100% completists out there, who simply MUST
    collect absolutely everything there is to collect in Donkey Kong 64. As my
    first FAQ was for the Mumbo Tokens, or Uggum Juggums, in Banjo-Kazooie - which
    are the same sort of thing as the Banana Coins in Donkey Kong 64 - because
    there is no way of knowing how many there are left in a level as there is no
    "14/15" style counter on the Pause Screen; the only information you are given
    is how many you've got at the time for each character. In Banjo-Kazooie, for a
    true 100% completion, you have to collect all 115 Uggum Juggums in the game
    along with everything else (all Jiggies, Notes and Nuts / Empty Honeycombs, and
    Click Clock Wood Caterpillars too).
    Hence it follows that in Donkey Kong 64, if you want to feel you have really
    earnt your 101% completion, you have to collect every single Banana Coin in the
    game - a truly daunting task, due to the colossal size of the game, but for me
    it was a great challenge, and immensely fun. Personally, I love collecting
    everything there is to collect, as do many people, and Donkey Kong 64 certainly
    provides a fulfilling experience there, with a massive total of 949 Banana
    Coins to collect during the game - overkill, since only 160 are required to buy
    I have found all these Banana Coins by myself by comparing two files side by
    side, and I have ended up with the exact same coin counts after FOUR separate
    files, so I am certain that I have found every single Banana Coin in the game.
    Please feel free to correct me, though - if you can! This FAQ is entirely my
    own work, and I had no help at all compiling this FAQ and list.
    Since I am only listing the Banana Coins, I am going to assume that you know
    how to get everything else in the game. Knowledge of each area is essential so
    that you can find the places I have described in this FAQ. I have included all
    fifteen Dirt Mounds in the game, since they add to your Banana Coin total.
    It is also recommended that you do NOT use the "COINS" or "ALL" cheats if you
    want to maintain your Banana Coin count. They can, and most probably will,
    corrupt your total number of coins if you use them.
    Here is the total number of Banana Coins to collect for each character in the
    game, not including the Dirt Mounds:
    Donkey:  99
     Diddy: 103
     Lanky: 110
      Tiny: 118
    Chunky: 144
     Total: 574
    Here is the total, including all fifteen Dirt Mounds in the game:
    Donkey: 174
     Diddy: 178
     Lanky: 185
      Tiny: 193
    Chunky: 219
     Total: 949
    Finally, here is the total number of coins you should have left at the end of
    the game, assuming Donkey pays for all shared upgrades:
    Donkey:  98
     Diddy: 157
     Lanky: 164
      Tiny: 172
    Chunky: 198
     Total: 789
                             SECTION 2: THINGS TO BUY AND COSTS
    Note that the level listed is not necessarily the level you have to be in in
    order to buy the item in question (with the exception of Donkey's DK Arcade).
    However, you must have visited that level at least once - all upgrades from
    that level will automatically become available, and you can then buy them from
    ANY level's shops. For example, when you have completed Fungi Forest, both
    Crystal Caves and Creepy Castle open. If you enter Creepy Castle and then leave
    again, you can buy all the upgrades from BOTH levels (as Creepy Castle is the
    higher level) at ANY shops in the game, which means you can re-enter Creepy
    Castle with ALL the upgrades available at the start of the level!
    Since the shared upgrades can be bought by any Kong, it is recommended that you
    use the same Kong to buy all the shared upgrades in the game, to better keep
    track of your Banana Coin totals for each Kong. For the purposes of this FAQ, I
    am going to assume that Donkey pays for all the shared upgrades in the game.
    Donkey: 3 - Coconut Shooter (Funky, Jungle Japes)
            3 - Baboon Blast (Cranky, Jungle Japes)
            3 - Bongo Blast (Candy, Angry Aztec)
            5 - Strong Kong (Cranky, Angry Aztec)
            7 - Gorilla Grab (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            2 - DK Arcade (Frantic Factory)
    Total: 23
     Diddy: 3 - Peanut Popguns (Funky, Jungle Japes)
            3 - Chimpy Charge (Cranky, Jungle Japes)
            3 - Guitar Gazump (Candy, Angry Aztec)
            5 - Rocketbarrel Boost (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            7 - Simian Spring (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
    Total: 21
     Lanky: 3 - Orangstand (Cranky, Angry Aztec)
            3 - Grape Shooter (Funky, Angry Aztec)
            3 - Trombone Tremor (Candy, Angry Aztec)
            5 - Baboon Balloon (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            7 - Orangstand Sprint (Cranky, Crystal Caves)
    Total: 21
      Tiny: 3 - Mini Monkey (Cranky, Angry Aztec)
            3 - Feather Bow (Funky, Angry Aztec)
            3 - Saxophone Slam (Candy, Angry Aztec)
            5 - Pony Tail Twirl (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            7 - Monkeyport (Cranky, Crystal Caves)
    Total: 21
    Chunky: 3 - Pineapple Launcher (Funky, Frantic Factory)
            3 - Hunky Chunky (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            5 - Primate Punch (Cranky, Frantic Factory)
            3 - Triangle Trample (Candy, Frantic Factory)
            7 - Gorilla Gone (Cranky, Crystal Caves)
    Total: 21
    Shared: 3 - All Kongs - Ammo Belt 1 (Funky, Frantic Factory)
            5 - All Kongs - Upgrade 1 (Candy, Gloomy Galleon)
            5 - Super Simian Slam (Cranky, Fungi Forest)
            5 - All Kongs - Homing Ammo (Funky, Fungi Forest)
            5 - All Kongs - Ammo Belt 2 (Funky, Crystal Caves)
            7 - 3rd Melon (Candy, Crystal Caves)
            7 - Super Duper Simian Slam (Cranky, Creepy Castle)
            9 - All Kongs - Upgrade 2 (Candy, Creepy Castle)
            7 - All Kongs - Sniper (Funky, Creepy Castle)
    Total: 53
                             SECTION 3: COMPLETE BANANA COIN LIST
                   DK Isles:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Training area, at end of tunnel opposite way out
    Training area, in Banana Hoard cave behind waterfall
    In K. Lumsy's prison, behind the cage
    At the bottom of the hill leading up to Angry Aztec
    In front of the Fungi Forest lobby entrance
    On the roof of the Angry Aztec lobby
    Creepy Castle lobby, on top of the central structure
    3 - Training area, at end of tunnel opposite way out
                   Jungle Japes:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Main area, outside Lanky's cave with the Zingers
    3 - Just inside the first tunnel
    3 - By the Blast Barrel pad
    3 - In the left tunnel, by the yellow Kasplat
    1 - In the right tunnel, over the pit by the red Kasplat
    3 - Behind the Rambi crate near Cranky's Cabin
    2 - On the Blast Barrel course
    3 - In the water, at the far left
    3 - In the first tunnel, behind the Peanut gate
    3 - In the right tunnel, by the red Kasplat
    2 - Use the cannon leading up to Diddy's cage
    1 - In the mine area, cross the timed bridge
    1 - In the mine area, on a pile of coal at the back
    1 - In the mine area, to the left of the HI / LO machine
    1 - In the mine area, on a box under the conveyor
    3 - In the first tunnel, in front of the Grape gate
    2 - In Lanky's Zinger cave, on the stumps
    2 - In the water, at the far left
    3 - In the left tunnel, near the blue Kasplat
    5 - To the left of Snide's HQ
    3 - Under Chunky's X, behind the exit cannon
    3 - In the left tunnel, by the purple Kasplat
    5 - Top of the level, around Bananaporter 5
    2 - In the beehive, straight on, behind the grey arch
    5 - Behind the Rambi barrier, in the water by the Fairy
    3 - On the left as you face the exit
    3 - In the water, at the far right
    3 - Under Chunky's X, at the end behind the Golden Banana
    3 - In the beehive area, behind the tree stump
                   Angry Aztec:
         Dirt Mounds:
    First open area, on the island in the middle
    5-door temple, Chunky's area, back of second section
    2 - In front of the llama's cage
    3 - Around the Hunky Chunky boulder in the second tunnel
    5 - Llama's temple, around the Bongo Blast pad
    3 - First tunnel, back left of Strong Kong area
    3 - Around the tag barrel near Snide's HQ
    2 - Inside the 5-door temple, by the second Coconut switch
    5 - In front of the ice temple, around Bananaporter 2
    1 - High in the ice temple, on the Guitar Gazump pad
    5 - In the ice temple, by Tiny's cage
    4 - Second tunnel, around the cage containing Chunky's bonus barrel
    1 - Inside the 5-door temple, end of the left path
    1 - Inside the 5-door temple, right then right, end of path
    5 - In front of Funky's, around Bananaporter 4
    4 - Next to Cranky's Lab, by the Troff 'n' Scoff door
    3 - In the ice temple, on the left facing the exit
    2 - In the llama's temple, right of the pairs game (kill enemies)
    3 - Behind the 5-door temple, in the alcoves (both floors)
    4 - First open area, on the island in the middle
    3 - Second tunnel, around the Chunky barrel
    3 - Llama's temple, above and behind the llama, by the tag barrel
    5 - Near Snide's HQ, around Bananaporter 5
    4 - In the ice temple, around the pillar with the Lanky switch
    1 - Just inside the 5-door temple, under the Feather switch
    1 - In the 5-door temple, under the second Feather switch
    1 - In the 5-door temple, end of the right path at the back
    4 - Outside the ice temple, round the sides
    3 - In the ice temple, on the right facing the exit
    4 - In Donkey's quicksand cave, behind Bananaporter 5
    1 - In the 5-door temple, start of second section
    1 - In the 5-door temple, under the second Pineapple switch
    1 - In the 5-door temple, under the third Pineapple switch
    1 - In the 5-door temple, right from the second Pineapple switch
    4 - Climb tree near Snide's HQ and swing across to bird's cage
                   Frantic Factory:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Behind Chunky's gate in the Storage Room
    3 - Left tunnel from entrance, bottom of first pipe by window
    3 - On steps in Testing Room
    3 - Behind Donkey's 1-16 stomping puzzle
    3 - Outside entrance to Tiny's slot car race
    1 - Inside Power Hut, above entrance
    3 - Use Diddy pad on boxes in Storage Room
    5 - Around top of pipe leading to Snide's HQ
    5 - Around bottom of pipe leading to R&D Room
    5 - R&D Room, around hole leading to Storage Room
    3 - On boxes in Storage Room
    4 - Behind boxes in Testing Room
    5 - Around top of pipe leading to R&D Room
    3 - Just inside machine in Production Room
    3 - On lifts half way up Production Room
    5 - Around pole next to Storage Room, by purple Kasplat
    5 - Right tunnel from entrance, behind gate
    5 - In Production Room, around upper Bananaporter 4
    3 - High in Production Room, just after Bonus Barrel
    5 - Left tunnel from entrance, around top of first pipe
    5 - Around Bananaporter 1 in Storage Room
    3 - Behind Chunky's gate near DK Arcade game
    3 - Around Bananaporter 3, by Snide's HQ
    4 - In Testing Room, in holes in the wall
    4 - In R&D Room after Donkey pulls lever by Tiny's slot car race
    4 - Half way up machine in Production Room, around centre
                   Gloomy Galleon:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Inside the lighthouse, round the back
    2 - On the Blast Barrel course
    4 - Main water area, on piece of wood near Bananaporter 5
    3 - In the main sunken ship, back right
    3 - In a chest by the main sunken ship
    5 - Around Cranky's Lab
    4 - Main water area, swim round the base of the "cactus"
    3 - Fly on top of the seal's cage near the lighthouse
    3 - In a chest under Candy's Shop
    3 - Main water area, in the central sunken ship
    3 - Near the lighthouse, under the Enguarde crate
    3 - Near the lighthouse, behind the Enguarde barrier and left
    3 - In the small sunken ship, destroy chests with Enguarde
    1 - In the small sunken ship, go through tunnel behind back left chest
    3 - In a chest by the main sunken ship
    3 - Through the Pineapple gate near the start, turn right
    5 - Under the lighthouse, in front of the mermaid's place
    3 - Inside the mermaid's place
    2 - In the main sunken ship, in a cabin opposite exit
    3 - In a chest by the main sunken ship
    4 - Inside the giant chest, round the central pile of gold
    3 - Just behind the Pineapple gate near the start
    3 - In an alcove just before you reach the chests near Cranky's Lab
    3 - Main water area, in the central sunken ship
    5 - Main water area, on top of the "cactus" with the green Kasplat
    3 - On the lighthouse, around Bananaporter 1
    3 - In the ship by the lighthouse, on the barrels
    5 - Under the tag barrel near the mermaid
    3 - At the bottom under the lighthouse, in the round hole
                   Fungi Forest:
         Dirt Mounds:
    In front of where Tiny plants the seed
    3 - Starting area, behind the big clock in the tree
    3 - Round the Blast Barrel pad
    3 - Barn area, on hedge behind Donkey's night barn (use Strong Kong)
    3 - In Donkey's night barn, in bathtub at back
    3 - Barn area, on mushroom facing Chunky's door in barn
    2 - Main barn roof, Diddy's room, right of machine
    3 - Main barn roof, Lanky's room, behind a box
    3 - Top of giant mushroom, round Battle Arena pad
    4 - At night, fly into left hole in autumn tree
    3 - Starting area, top of the well (swing from nearby mushroom)
    3 - Barn area, on mushroom facing main barn door
    3 - In main barn, in corner by conveyor belt
    3 - Behind the giant mushroom, by a tag barrel
    3 - Under the centre of the autumn tree, by the blue Kasplat
    3 - Win the first race against the rabbit by the autumn tree
    3 - Starting area, on the pink arch
    3 - Right of where Tiny plants the seed, by the Tiny barrel
    3 - Main barn, by Tiny's hole next to Donkey's lever area
    5 - Half way up the giant mushroom, outside by the purple Kasplat
    3 - Starting area, just back left of the well
    3 - Barn area, on mushroom in front of well
    3 - Punch into main barn, on boxes in corner by exit
    3 - At top of giant mushroom, on Chunky switch
    3 - Near Funky's shop, behind the night gate behind the tag barrel
                   Crystal Caves:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Under the giant Kosha causing the stalactites
    3 - Round the Chunky pad, behind the ice wall near the entrance
    3 - Back of the cave opposite Cranky's, behind the Chunky barrel
    3 - On the Blast Barrel course
    2 - In the hut near Candy's with the opening trapdoors
    4 - On the roof of the ice castle
    4 - In the lower hut near Candy's, on the corner platforms
    3 - Near the igloo, in the water behind a pillar
    2 - In the ice castle, on the game board
    3 - In the water below Funky's, behind a pillar
    3 - Near Candy's Shop, below and right of Lanky's cabin
    3 - Behind the Tiny pad near the giant Kosha
    3 - Near the igloo, in the water behind Bananaporter 1
    2 - Jump from behind the ice castle to a pillar
    3 - In front of Tiny's cave opposite Funky's Shop
    3 - On the steep slope next to Cranky's Lab
    3 - To the left of Snide's HQ
    5 - In Tiny's cave near Cranky's, behind Bananaporter 3
    3 - Near the igloo, in the water behind the tag barrel
    3 - In an alcove behind the Diddy barrel near Candy's Shop
                   Creepy Castle:
         Dirt Mounds:
    Top of the castle, behind Snide's HQ
    5 - On the Blast Barrel course
    3 - Far left outside lower basement, by the purple Kasplat
    4 - Upper basement, second area, round Donkey switch
    3 - Part way up the castle, behind upper Bananaporter 2
    3 - In lower basement, turn left, opposite door
    3 - Lower basement, Diddy's room, right coffin (hit wrong button)
    3 - Upper basement, outside door to second area
    4 - Fly above posts of main bridge near the five Bananaporters
    2 - Fly above windows between upper Bananaporters 2 and 3
    2 - Climb the small tree on the far right, outside lower basement
    4 - In lower basement, turn right, round centre of room
    3 - Lower basement, Lanky's room, round Golden Banana
    3 - Upper basement, Lanky's room, above Lanky pads
    3 - In greenhouse near upper Bananaporter 4, turn right twice
    2 - Climb the small tree near Donkey's Blast Barrel course
    3 - Behind a gravestone, just left of the lower basement
    2 - Lower basement, Tiny's room, behind Tiny switch
    3 - Upper basement, over pit leading to Bonus Barrel
    2 - In trash can near upper Bananaporter 4, next to cheese
    3 - In the Ballroom, round the Monkeyport pad
    3 - Behind the punchable wall in the big tree
    3 - Hang off the edge just after the big tree
    3 - Behind a gravestone, just right of the lower basement
    3 - Lower basement, Chunky's room, punch back right coffin
    3 - Upper basement, just left of Candy's Shop
    3 - Upper basement, second area, punch gate left of Diddy switch
    3 - In the Museum, on left wall in front of shields
    4 - In centre of shed near upper Bananaporter 4, round box
                             SECTION 4: AND FINALLY...
    Thank you for reading this, my second In-Depth FAQ, and I hope to see you again
    soon! Feel free to email me if you want, but bear in mind I may not have time
    to answer everyone.
    If you would like this FAQ on your website, please email me to ask permission,
    and I will send you the current version - for example, this version has much
    more information than the previous version! You don't want an out-of-date FAQ
    on your website now, do you!
    Matt Davis (avengah)
    avengah6 <AT> googlemail <DOT> com
                             SECTION 5: COPYRIGHT (THE BORING BIT)
    This document is Copyright (C) Matt Davis, 2008. Any unauthorised reproduction
    is not permitted, and will be met by legal action.

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