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    Challenge Guide by Manocheese

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                          Donkey Kong 64 Uber Challenge Guide
                                     By Manocheese
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    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. Rules
    4. Complete Playthrough Video
    5. Walkthrough
    5.1. Freeing Diddy--Jungle Japes
    5.2. Freeing Lanky--Angry Aztec
    5.3. Freeing Chunky--Frantic Factory
    5.4. Freeing Tiny--Fungi Forest and Creepy Castle
    5.5. The Endgame--Hideout Helm
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Version History
    8. Credits
    Section #1
    Welcome to my Donkey Kong 64 Uber Challenge guide. The DK64 Uber Challenge
    consists of a set of rules to follow that make Donkey Kong 64 more difficult
    and rewarding. This guide will present those rules, then walk you through the
    game using them. You may be familiar with my Ocarina of Time Uber Challenge;
    the idea behind this one is the same.
    As DK64 glitching has evolved, some terminology has appeared. If you aren't
    sure about a term I use in the guide or if you just want to learn more about
    DK64, check out the Speed Demos Archive Strategy Wiki:
    A few other people and I have spent a lot of time writing this wiki and making
    videos for most of the tricks on it. So, rather than typing out new
    explanations for everything, I will often refer you to the wiki. Because it's a
    wiki, it may change, so if I tell you to read a certain part, you may have to
    look around a bit to find it. I recommend keeping the wiki bookmarked while you
    do this challenge.
    If you need help, check the guide and the full playthrough video first, but
    then feel free to e-mail me (with a meaningful subject line). Good luck!
    Section #2
    Legal Stuff
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. The only sites where
    this guide can be hosted are:
    Section #3
    The goal is to beat the game under these restrictions:
    -No more than 1 Golden Banana
    -No more than 3 keys
    -Until every kong is freed, only Chunky can buy upgrades
    -No Cranky upgrades with DK or Lanky
    -No Candy upgrades except Trombone Tremor
    -No Monkeyport
    -Diddy cannot be used in Angry Aztec
    -You cannot fight Mad Jack with Tiny
    -You must shut down the Blast-O-Matic
    -No cheats
    -No Gameshark, Action Replay, etc.
    -No crooked cartridge (touching the cartridge while playing)
    If this sounds impossible, don't worry; this guide will show you the way. I
    recommend that you follow it closely to avoid getting Golden Bananas and keys
    you don't want.
    Section #4
    Complete Playthrough Video
    In order to accompany this guide, I have recorded a video of the whole
    If you are stuck at any point, remember that you can refer to the video.
    Section #5
    This section is the meat and bones of the guide. I assume that you've at least
    beaten the game if you're undertaking this challenge, so I won't go into detail
    in some places. If you need more info, either refer to the complete playthrough
    video or look at one of the regular FAQs on GameFAQs.
    Section #5.1
    Freeing Diddy--Jungle Japes
    Perform the Funky Weapons Glitch
    Complete the training barrels
    Get the camera
    Enter Jungle Japes
    Free Diddy
    The first order of business is to perform the Funky Weapons Glitch, which gives
    you all the guns, Homing Ammo, Sniper Sight, and Simian Slam. The glitch is
    described on the Strategy Wiki:
    Note that you need two controllers to do this glitch. If you only have one, you
    don't have to do the glitch, but you will need to buy some guns later on.
    You'll need to buy DK's gun in Jungle Japes (for the purpose of which you may
    temporarily disregard the rule that says "Until every kong is freed, only
    Chunky can buy upgrades") and you'll need Diddy's and Chunky's guns before you
    go to Hideout Helm. After doing the glitch (or not) and starting your file,
    talk to Cranky to make the training barrels appear. Complete them and leave the
    training area.
    You will need to buy some upgrades throughout the run, and rainbow coins help
    greatly. They give five coins to each kong, including the ones you haven't
    freed yet. Two rainbow coins will be enough to buy everything you need. To get
    rainbow coins, you need the camera, which you get inside Banana Fairy Isle.
    Swim there and perform the swim through shores glitch to get in:
    Talk to the fairy to get the camera. On your way out, DK's head may get stuck;
    try crouching and sliding through the exit if so. Head over to K. Lumsy's
    island and talk to him to open up Jungle Japes. Go outside and swim over to the
    Japes lobby, but remember that you aren't allowed to collect any Golden Bananas
    in the Uber Challenge. That brings me to something that's important enough to
    be said in all caps:
    If you do, you'll collect the Golden Banana. Once you're inside, the safe way
    to get out is to quit the game and load your file again. First, though, you
    need to get into Jungle Japes. This can be done with a trick called the DK
    trick, which is explained on the Strategy Wiki:
    It happens that the Japes lobby is the hardest one to do the trick in. But you
    wanted a challenge, right? Once you get inside Japes, hit the switch and go
    through the tunnel. If you didn't do the Funky Weapons Glitch, buy the Coconut
    Gun. Climb up to Diddy's cage and get the Golden Banana there. This is the one
    and only Golden Banana you will get. Picking it up will make three switches
    appear; aim at them and fire in spurts to free Diddy. You're done here, but
    remember: DO NOT WALK OUT OF THE JUNGLE JAPES LOBBY! You'll get the Golden
    Banana if you do. Instead, quit the game and reload.
    Section #5.2
    Freeing Lanky--Angry Aztec
    Enter Angry Aztec
    Bypass the large door
    Enter the llama temple
    Free Lanky
    With Diddy, head up the path leading to the Angry Aztec lobby, getting a
    rainbow coin along the way. Activate warp 2 just outside the lobby. To get
    inside, you'll have to perform a difficult glitch with several parts. A video
    of the glitch is here, starting at 0:34:
    First, you'll use what's called a moontail to get on top of the door frame. You
    can read about the moontail here:
    Next, you'll need to clip inside the left side of the door frame with the C-up
    glitch, described here:
    Aim at the door frame (away from the solid ground around you), then use a
    standing attack and move forward at the same time. If you did it right, Diddy
    will fall while performing the attack. Let Diddy fall a little bit, then jump
    and move to the side of the loading zone. Use an aerial attack to get in. It
    will take some work to get the timing and positioning correct. I will now make
    further use of all caps:
    If you do, the game will freeze. Once you're inside, you'll have to do the DK
    trick to get past B. Locker, but it'll be much easier than it was in the Jungle
    Japes lobby.
    In Aztec, head through the tunnel and get the rainbow coin on the island. Go
    behind the temple and perform the guitar skip, as described in the first bullet
    point on the Angry Aztec page of the Strategy Wiki:
    Once you're out of bounds, stay close to the wall; if you go too far out of
    bounds, you'll be sent back to the beginning of the level. Go back in bounds
    behind the large stone wall and go through the tunnel. At this point, it
    wouldn't be a bad idea to activate warp 2 so you can get back to this area
    without doing the guitar skip again. Go to your right and you'll see the llama
    temple. Because you aren't allowed to buy any Cranky upgrades with DK, you
    can't do the Baboon Blast course to open the door. However, the C-up glitch--
    the same glitch you used to get into the door frame outside the Aztec lobby--
    works on the ledges above the steps of the temple. See clip 1 in this video:
    The C-up glitch is fairly difficult to do here, so keep trying and make sure
    you're copying the video as closely as possible.
    Inside the temple, you can't clean the water because you don't have the bongos.
    You don't need to, though--you just need to shoot the switch in Lanky's room.
    There are two ways to get in, of which I'll describe one. When you enter the
    temple, DK will be facing the camera. Go to the left (DK's right) and use the
    C-up glitch on the steps, then walk to Lanky's room, as shown in this video:
    Inside Lanky's room, shoot the switch to free him. Ignore the Golden Banana. If
    you walk out of the Aztec lobby, the game will freeze, so quit the game and
    Section #5.3
    Freeing Chunky--Frantic Factory
    Moontail to the Factory walkway
    Enter Frantic Factory
    Free Chunky
    Get the key
    Buy some upgrades
    Because you didn't get the Angry Aztec key, you'll have to use a moontail to
    get to the Frantic Factory lobby. Stand on the platform that you'd ordinarily
    raise by turning in the key, then do a moontail, a jump, and an aerial attack
    to reach the walkway. Once you're there, go up it and you'll find that the
    metal door to the lobby is not solid--you can walk right through it. Inside,
    the DK trick will not suffice to get you past B. Locker; the metal columns on
    his side are in the way. Tag Lanky and use the trick described under "Getting
    past B. Locker" here:
    Once you're in Factory, hit the switch directly in front of you and proceed to
    the Storage Room (the one where Chunky is held captive). Because you aren't
    allowed to buy any of Lanky's upgrades, you can't use Orangstand to get up the
    pipe and free Chunky. There are other ways, though:
    I recommend Method 3, but Method 2 also works here. Use whatever method you
    like, then hit the switch at the top of the pipe. Ignore the Golden Banana and
    head into the boss portal. You're not allowed to fight Mad Jack with Tiny, but
    with the C-up glitch, you can use any kong, as shown in this video:
    Although the video glitches into the top step, I find it easier to glitch into
    the bottom step. Now that you're able to get in, you must decide which kong to
    use. I recommend DK. Be aware that if you dip below a certain height during the
    battle, Mad Jack will think you fell down and "reset" the round. You'll have to
    find the correct timing for your kickjumps to avoid dipping too low.
    After getting the key, head up to the shops, tag Chunky, and talk to Cranky. He
    will give you Simian Slam even though you already have it. Afterward, buy Hunky
    Chunky and Primate Punch, then exit the level.
    Section #5.4
    Freeing Tiny--Fungi Forest and Creepy Castle
    Get to the Fungi Forest lobby
    Enter Fungi Forest and get the key
    Turn in the key and enter Creepy Castle
    Unlock Tiny
    Buy some upgrades
    If you've been wondering how (or if) you were going to free Tiny, you're about
    to find out. The Creepy Castle boss fight involves all the kongs. If you lose
    one, the next one will come out, even if you haven't freed him or her yet. You
    can then exit the battle and jump in a tag barrel and the kong will be
    permanently freed. To get to Creepy Castle, though, you have to turn in the
    Fungi Forest key. To get the key, you must reach Fungi Forest, and you'll use
    one of the coolest tricks in the game to do it.
    With Chunky, pick up the boulders near the Angry Aztec lobby with relative ease
    and stack them in front of the lobby. Warp down, tag DK, and warp back up.
    Follow the instructions on the wiki to get to the Forest lobby:
    Jumping onto the slippery slope and from there to the ledge with Diddy's Golden
    Banana can be difficult, so keep at it. Remember that you should let yourself
    slide off the slippery slope, then jump in midair; this will give you more
    control over your jump than if you jump while you're still on the slope. Once
    you get to the lobby, there are two ways to get inside. The first is to use the
    DK trick; the camera is awkward, but in terms of how close you can get to B.
    Locker, it's about the same as the Aztec lobby. The second way is to tag Lanky,
    stand as close as possible to the portal, and press B to stretch his arms out
    just for you. Go through the blue passage and look for a boss portal on your
    right. Go inside, tag Chunky, get the key, and exit the level.
    After giving the Fungi Forest key to K. Lumsy, you'll be able to reach the
    Creepy Castle lobby. Go there and use Lanky's standing combo to get past B.
    Go across the bridge and up the stairs, then climb the first ladder and head up
    the spiral walkway. Eventually, you'll see a boss portal. Enter it and start
    the fight. Remember: You aren't trying to win this fight. Shoot kongs away
    until you get to Tiny, then pause and select Exit Level to get back to the boss
    lobby. Jump in the tag barrel and Tiny will be free permanently. Don't leave
    the level yet, though. Walk out of the boss lobby, then continue up the spiral
    walkway to get to Cranky. Buy Mini Monkey and Pony Tail Twirl, but remember
    that you're not allowed to buy Monkeyport. At this point, you'll want to
    activate warp 3, go down the walkway until you see the area with five warps,
    jump down, tag Diddy, and warp back to Cranky. Buy Chimpy Charge and
    Rocketbarrel Boost, then use warp 3 again. On the other side of the moat is a
    tunnel; enter it and you'll soon see Candy on your right. Tag Lanky, buy
    Trombone Tremor, and exit the level.
    Section #5.5
    The Endgame--Hideout Helm
    Play the trombone to make the Rocketbarrel appear
    Get to the Fungi Forest lobby ledge
    Use the Rocketbarrel to get to the upper part of K. Rool's island
    Enter the Hideout Helm lobby
    Enter Hideout Helm
    Glitch past the door in the Blast-O-Matic room
    Get to Diddy's minigame room
    Shut down the power
    Get the key
    Defeat K. Rool
    The final section of the challenge requires you to do a number of difficult
    glitches in succession. Failing later ones may require you to start the
    sequence over. I recommend using a completed file to practice the glitches I
    describe before trying to put them all together. You have been warned.
    To begin with, you have to get to Hideout Helm, a task normally performed with
    Tiny. On this occasion, though, if you choose her, you'll choose wrong. You
    don't have Monkeyport, so you'll need to get the Rocketbarrel and charge at K.
    Rool's island from the correct angle to land on the upper level, as shown in
    this video and the completed playthrough video:
    Move the rock near the Aztec lobby and play the trombone to make the
    Rocketbarrel appear. Inconveniently, it appears on the Forest lobby ledge, so
    you'll need to do the trick described in the last section again to get up
    there. But you've mastered that trick, right? Good. Do the trick, tag Diddy,
    and use the trick in the video above to get to the upper section of K. Rool's
    island. From there, you'll need to get on top of K. Rool's mouth. Go to K.
    Rool's left side (i.e. closer to Banana Fairy Isle than the Creepy Castle
    cannon) and climb on top of the mouth as described on the wiki:
    The video should be helpful. Check the playthrough video as well if you're
    having trouble. Once you're on top of the mouth, find K. Rool's left eye and
    jump through it (see the video) to get to the Hideout Helm lobby. It's time for
    more capital letters:
    You'll fall down if you do, which will force you to start over from stacking
    the rocks outside the Aztec lobby. Tag Tiny and use the trick under "Getting
    past B. Locker" in the link above to get into Helm.
    10 minutes isn't a lot of time if you don't know what you're doing, but it's
    quite generous once you get the hang of things. I'll again recommend that you
    practice the tricks coming up before trying to do them for real.
    First, make sure you activate the warp; you'll need it later. Your first
    obstacle is a slippery slope to climb up with Tiny. You'll want to use method 1
    from the wiki to climb it:
    Do a roll from the base, then do a kick when the roll ends. This will take you
    most of the way up the slope. Jump, use Pony Tail Twirl to get back to the
    slope, and use Tiny's standing combo or another kick to gain some distance.
    Repeat if necessary. See the playthrough video if you're having trouble. The
    second slope is not slippery, so just run right up it. Tag Chunky, shoot the
    switch, and swing over the lava.
    On your right is a computer that you'll need to glitch through. The idea is to
    jump and roll, then grab the edge and pull yourself through. You can use either
    the right side (with the broken monitor) or the left side (with the monitor
    showing static), though I find the left easier. Here's a video (clip 2):
    Once you're out of bounds, you need to carefully move counterclockwise around
    the level. If you go in bounds in the wrong room, you will be stuck. Your only
    option is to use enemies or oranges to kill yourself so that you'll respawn at
    the beginning of the level. Also, don't go too far out of bounds; you'll
    respawn at the beginning of the level if you do. Once you make it beneath the
    door that opens when you shut down the power, use a backflip to get behind it.
    Use the warp, tag Diddy, and use the other warp.
    You'll now have to glitch out of bounds again, but this time it will be easy.
    Find the computer to the left of the Crown door and jump into the small gap
    between it and the raised floor. If you did it right, you'll be able to walk
    out of bounds. You can't go straight to Diddy's room, though, because it's too
    high up. If you jump up to some higher ground without going back in bounds,
    you'll raise the height of the out-of-bounds floor. You'll need to do this
    twice to get high enough to reach Diddy's room. The first time, backflip up
    behind K. Rool's "TV". The second time, go behind the room with the key. Don't
    be tempted to run inside and grab the key; you still need to shut down the
    power. Face one of the corners, then backflip repeatedly and inch forward. You
    want to land on the metal post without going back in bounds. If you succeed,
    you'll be high enough to reach Diddy's minigame room. The trip there is tricky.
    Here's a video of what I consider the easiest route:
    Be very careful when you're out of bounds. Rooms are often invisible until
    you're right next to them, so if you go too fast, you may end up back in
    bounds. Remember that you can kill yourself with enemies or oranges and try
    again if that happens. Once you find Diddy's minigame room, backflip into it
    and complete the minigames to shut down the power. Make sure to backflip into
    the part of the room with the minigame barrels, behind the glass. Since you
    don't have the guitar, Diddy is unable to play his tune. If you backflip up in
    front of the glass, you'll be trapped, and you won't be smiling if you run out
    of time.
    After you shut down the power, you're not quite out of the woods. Exit the
    level and reenter, then use the warp and get out of bounds again with the
    computer. Go underneath the observation room and locate the coin door. Walk
    directly underneath it; it is believed that this tricks the game into thinking
    that you have the coins. Backflip into the room and grab the key. Sometimes,
    the key doesn't count when you pick it up, so check your inventory and make
    sure you have 3 keys. If you do, you can leave. If not, exit the level,
    reenter, and try again until the key counts.
    Turn in your keys. Although the cutscene showing K. Rool's ship crashing won't
    play, K. Rool's ship will appear. Don't worry about missing Super Simian Slam
    and Gorilla Gone; you don't need them in the battle. If you've made it this
    far, you should have no trouble beating the old lizard. Do so and give yourself
    a pat on the back; you've just completed a difficult challenge.
    Section #6
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Are there any other good challenges for DK64?
    A: Yes. Try beating Hideout Helm without out-of-bounds glitches (i.e. shutting
    down the power by beating all the minigames) in under 11 minutes. If that's too
    easy, try doing it in 10:30. You can also try beating the game with 0 Golden
    Bananas or 0% completion (though you can't do both in the same playthrough with
    currently known glitches). The Strategy Wiki contains all the information you
    need; I'll leave the details to you.
    Q: Is there an Uber Challenge for [insert game here]?
    A: I made one for Ocarina of Time; you can find it here:
    Dark_Link_Rawks made one for Majora's Mask; you can find it here:
    Another group of people made one for Super Mario 64, which you can find here:
    Other than that, there are no "Uber Challenges" for other games, but there are
    plenty of challenges that go by other names. Here are some that I like:
    * Locate all five references to the DK Rap in this document.
    * Cave Story (PC): Low% game. Get the best ending with as few items as
    possible. For an easier challenge (and one that I recommend trying first), get
    the best ending with three hearts, but pick up any other items you like.
    * Chrono Trigger DS: Low-level challenge. Use the Arena to get a Workman's
    Wallet at the beginning of the game (you need the DS version because it's the
    only one with the Arena). Having it equipped to someone will prevent the party
    from gaining experience, allowing you to finish the game without ever leveling
    up. Make sure you beat all the sidequests too.
    For a tougher challenge, try doing a low-level game without using any capsules
    (tabs). I've never tried this, but I've heard about it on the CTDS GameFAQs
    * GoldenEye 64: License to Kill (LTK) challenge. In 007 mode, set enemy health
    to 0% and maximize everything else. Enemies die in one hit and usually kill you
    in one hit. They react very quickly and rarely miss, even from far away.
    The Dark License to Kill (DLTK) challenge is harder. In 007 mode, maximize all
    enemy statistics. Under these settings, enemies usually take about 10 headshots
    to kill. I'm still working on this challenge.
    For an easier challenge, turn on Enemy Rockets and try to beat the game on 00
    Q: Are you going to update your Uber Challenge for Ocarina of Time to reflect
    developments of the last few years?
    A: No. However, I've heard that a low% game is a good challenge; check
    zeldaspeedruns.com for more information.
    Section #7
    Version History
    Version 1.00 (6/19/11): The first version of the guide. Never released because
    leftysheroes suggested a substantial rule change after it was done, but before
    it was published.
    Version 1.10 (6/27/11): Changed the guide to reflect the rule change mentioned
    Version 1.11 (7/10/11): Added something to the Frequently Asked Questions that
    I forgot the first time.
    Version 1.12 (9/27/12): Fixed an error.
    Section #8
    This challenge wouldn't have been possible without the DK64 discoveries made by
    the following people:
    Thanks to leftysheroes for working on the rules with me.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    Thanks to Archive.org for hosting the playthrough video.
    Thanks to you for reading this guide!

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