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"A great game with a couple minor problems"


Excellent graphics. The controls suffer a bit in response time, still it's very playable. However this is the most realistic snowboarding game I've ever played. If you have the proper angle you can ski just about anything. The tracks are outstanding and let you pick and choose your run down the mountain. There are enough modes in one player to keep the game intresting for awhile, but either I'm too good or the game just gets too easy after awhile. The number of tracks is a bit dissapointing. Two player mode is nothing to brag about and becomes boring since you can only race you're buddy, but it's always fun to talk trash when you smoke you buddy down the hill.

Graphics - 9.1

Outstanding graphics. Players look real. Snowboarding conditions change, from clear and sunny to blizzard like weather. The lens flare effects are good. Draw in is definately noticible, however it doesn't hinder visability.

Control - 7.5

On some tracks the is a very noticible slowdown in the frame rates, but I can live with them (Not nearly as bad as Turok 2). The snowboarders control well, with very realistic physics. When you jump the player must position the snowboards weight using the analog stick so that the snowboarder lands with his back foot first. The jumping/landing system in this game is BY FAR the best of any snowbard game I have played. The trick system is a little bit dull and unresponsive. I found my self executing 5 button sequences for 5 tricks before the snowboarder landed, however the trick system is slow and unresponsive. Often times my player would on execute 3 tricks and crash while trying to pull off the 4th trick. My only only only complaint with controls is the poor frame rates in some areas of certain tracks, and the sluggish unresponsive trick system.

Gameplay - 8.1

The number of tracks is discouraging, but the tracks are executed brilliantly. If you see it you can pretty much ski it. Tracks are confined to a restrictive path, and players will find themselves jumping over logs and off cliffs to take a short cut. However ther are a few "invisible walls". For instance in Mountain Village there is a highway guard rail that you can not jump over. In one player there is 5 modes of play: time attack, trick attack, training, match, and contest. Time attack lets you compete by yourself to make it down the mountain as fast as possible. Trick attack awards you points based on the tricks you pull off. Trick attacks suffers from the fact you are on a timer and must go thru the gates to obtain more time. Hitting all the gates, means you can exactly choose any path you please down the mountain. I would have been happier with only the damage meter and no timer in trick attack. Training is just that. Match race lets you compete against the computer to see who can make it down the mountain first. Beat the match race on easy, medium, and the hard and you get more tracks. Contest is a refreshing break once you have beaten the game 100 times. Contest requires you to salaom down the mountain preforming tricks, then compete in a one jump trick contest, the another salaom and finally a halp pipe. Overall I wish the Match Race was harder and the game had a few more tracks.

Two Player Mode - 5

Two player mode pretty much sucks. No trick attacks..etc. Just who is first down the mountain? After playing this game for nobody I know will play me anymore. It too easy too smoke a em' down the hill. Even with my cheat (catches up the losing player) turned off and picking the slowest character and board, I still smoke everyone I've ever played down the mountain. It would have been nice to see a trick attack in two player.

Music - 8.5

The soundtrack kicks @ss. The metal music gets my adreline pumping on the run, but there aren't many sound effects. The player taunts are a repetitive. This is one of the few games I don't turn the music off in when I play it. Instead I pump up the stereo!!!!!!!!

OVERALL - I recommend this game. If you are really into snowboarding then YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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