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"Watch Out! Don't Run Into That *CRASH* Tree....."

1080 Snowboarding is a game that had HUGE potential. Being one of the only Snowboarding games on the Nintendo 64, all the paths were open for it to be a huge success! While it probably was the most successful game on the Nintendo 64 it shows this game didn't have much competition at all. While this isn't a bad game, it certainly isn't a good game either. It fits right it the middle and is slightly better than average. I did have enjoyable moments in this game, but that came in the first few days. I have actually never snowboarded, and after playing this I have more reasons not to any time soon.


Hey, these are mighty good. Reminds me of being in a mountain up in Colorado. It has a very cold feeling to it when playing with all the snow around. Very chilly! I recommend not playing the game when it's cold in the house. The snowboarders are also very well constructed. They should be warm with all those close they wear, so not many facial features are noticeable. I have to say while the graphics were good, they're could have been improvements to make them better. Sometimes the game seems like it does need better graphics. Maybe the characters needed to be a little bit better in detail? Still, they are good and are most likely the games second brightest spot.


The sound is this game is pretty good as well. Many catchy songs are in this game. At first I wasn't sure what to expect with sound but it is very good. When snowboading you can hear the board buzzing through the snow. When you hit objects you hear many great sound effects sounding like you are there in the game. I could praise the sound and music in this game for a long time but I don't think you would want me to blabber like an idiot. I really enjoyed the sound in this game and looks like it took awhile to get everything to where it was needed for it. Defiantly the best thing included in this game for sure.


This is where the game falls apart a little bit. The gameplay is very tedious and I could never get the hang of it. This game takes a very long time to get the hang of and I think that might turn off a lot of people in the process. This game will most likely drive most everyone nuts because it seems like you never progress any because this game is very hard. I know I didn't get very far in a rental of this game. I'm guessing this game is harder than actual snowboarding. To perform tricks in this game you actually have to press many button at once causing many uncomfortable blisters and such on your hands. It's not something you will enjoy nursing your wounds. I think the gameplay would have been much better if it wasn't so hard but that is not the case. Learning moves is going to take you some time, and if you don't have time don't bother with this game. The best part of this game is multi-player. Playing against a friend can be fun. I recommend trying it a few times and I think you will like that more than a 1 player game.


I guess a bunch of boarders go up to a cabin for awhile to go and race against each other. At least that is the way I perceive it. Most sport games don't go into much story detail so I thought I would make it up for you. Did you like it? Thanks!


Oi! This game is bloody hard it is! I to this day cannot get the hang of it for love or money. Trying to do those snowboarding tricks drive me crazy. 1 player games are hard too because you have to score points and win to progress. The easiest way to get points is to do tricks *sigh*. Get this game expecting a very high challenge and a very frustrating time. I hope you don't blow an artery, or a lung, or..we won't go there.


If it isn't 1 player, you might play this game a lot when people are over for some multi-player enjoyment. If no one is over this game might grow a collection of dust on it. If you can get through this game on 1 player pat yourself on the back and never play this game again. If you don't beat this game on 1 player, never play this game again. It's really a lose-lose situation unless you have someone else to tackle the game with you.


This is a good rental game. I suggest you rent it, but surely don't buy it unless you are a fan a hard challenge and many unnecessary blisters on your hands. Also if you do buy this game, make sure you have at least one friend that will play the game with you. It isn't worth it if you never play multi-player. But like I said, do rent this game because you will get some good time out of it for awhile and will keep you entertained for a few days until the blisters form.


The main reason I give this game a 6 instead of a 7 or 8 is because this game didn't live up to what it could have. It did have a lot more potential than it gave out and didn't deliver as well as I would have liked it too. Alas, it still is the best snowboarding game available for the Nintendo 64 and you should give this game a try to see if it is right for you. Oh and make sure with the rental you get band-aid's for your hands.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/01/02, Updated 01/01/02

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