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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02

A great game.Go buy it now!

This is an awesome game. It has everything it needs great graphics, nice sound, awesome gameplay, and a tight challenge. But there is trouble in paradise with the multiplayer mode.

The graphics are great. It has courses are very detailed and clear, and little effects like bits of snow getting thrown around make it look very realistic. The Only downfall are that some of the textures used are a bit dull and drab. Also on some of the courses there is noticeable slowdown. But the riders are very detailed and sometimes their jackets ripple in wind. Little touches like these are very nice.

Pretty good effort. The music is ok but not great but the sound effects are a lot better, Like when your going over some smooth snow there is a nice soft sound but when going over rock, deep snow or ice the sound changes this makes it very realistic.

Feel is the most important part of any sport game and 1080 has done it perfectly. The tricks are pretty easy to pull off but the 720's and 1080's are pretty hard to do but with some practice they'll become much easier. The Controls are responsive and they are easy to learn.

Very good. It has 5 different modes: contest, trick attack, time attack, Match race and a multiplayer option. It also has a training area to perfect your stunts. The game has 5 different rider with their own strengths and weaknesses. Plus it is very fun to play. When You pick the rider they are in a little wooden house and some are sitting by the fireplace and some are playing pool. This adds to the gameplay a lot.

Not that hard but not to easy either. but some of the later courses can really test you. Pulling off some of the tricks can be extremely hard and frustrating.

Once you finish it you could just probably play it against your friends or to beat your old times and best scores. Although it is quite hard finding all of the secrets so this game would last you quite a while before you get bored.

the multiplayer is OK but it is no goldeneye. It is just a normal race down. Would have been much better if there was a trick attack or something similar.

Rent or Buy: Definitely buy. Or possibly rent just before you buy.

1. Great courses

2. 5 riders adds more to the gameplay

3. Realistic sounds

1. Noticeable slowdown on some tracks

2. Bad Music

3. Some dull textures

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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